☆ Original Character Nail Art – A Girl From Space ☆

Hello! It’s Minnie! Today, in this video I’ll be making these shooting stars, a butterfly and my second original character I hope you enjoy! I’m going to start with a peel off base coat First, I’m going to create this glitter sugar nail I’m going to apply two coats of teal colour nail polish Once it’s dry, I apply a layer of gel topcoat And then apply this blue glitter on top Tap the finger to remove the excess,
then cure under a LED lamp Now I can brush off the loose glitter Wash the hands to complete! Next, I’m going to create this shooting star design
with a gradient background First, I’ll make a masking tape for the negative space by drawing a half crescent Moon onto a sticky tape I’m going to cut out the shape and then
place it onto the nail For the gradient, I’m going to apply blue and teal
nail polishes onto a makeup sponge then I dab onto the nail Apply more polish and dab again to make it darker Remove the tape and clean up the skin
using nail polish remover Next, I’m going to cut this aurora foil
into a thin strip and then, cut it into tiny pieces Apply a topcoat, then place the pieces Gently press down to stick Apply a top coat to smooth out the surface Now I’m going to outline the negative space
using white acrylic paint Draw a small star, and some stardust around
the negative space to complete Next up is this shiny butterfly design I’m going to apply two coats of light grey polish For the shiny butterfly wings I simply cut this blue aurora foil into the shapes Apply a topcoat, then place the foil pieces Using black acrylic paint,
I’m going to outline the top wing Then draw some details For the bottom wing, you can add this little pointy tail
to make it look more realistic Add the body and antennas Add some white dots to complete The last design is this space girl named Yaqoue I have created her with a huge amount of help
from a super kind girl, Crackee She told me how Yaqoue should look, where she is from, her favourites and everything And I just put them all together! So, as always, I started off with a rough outline Then, I filled the head using a pinkish purple colour Apply a few layers to make it opaque Add a little bit of red to the skin colour,
then sponge it onto the cheeks I’m going to start drawing the facial parts Paint the hair in dark grey first and then, draw some grey lines to create the shines Mix aqua and blue to create dark aqua then paint the tips of her hair Add some dark grey to the dark aqua and paint between the tips and the base hair colour This will create the gradient base for the galaxy hair Using a pale grey, I’m going to intensify the shine
by adding some lines on top Moving on to her butterfly bow Paint with aqua first, And then add blue around the edges
to create a gradation Draw some details to complete For the eyes, I start with white Light blue then blue Add the shadow and pupils with dark blue Some white sparkles to complete Using the same white acrylic paint,
I’m going to add some stars to her galaxy hair Her favourite food is galaxy pizza,
so I used a yellow aurora foil for the pizza base Paint some tomatoes and basil on top Apply a topcoat and all done! I hope you enjoy this video And thank you guys so much for always giving me AWESOME ideas for my original characters!! My goal is to create lots and lots more characters So if you have any suggestions you don’t mind sharing with me, please let me know in the comments below Thank you so much for watching
and I’ll see you in the next video

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