미국 대학새내기 뷰티템 – College Beauty Essentials, What to Bring to College

미국 대학새내기 뷰티템 – College Beauty Essentials, What to Bring to College

[Music] and yeah there it is myself and uh hello it’s Olivia so when are you going to school when in like a month it’s gonna be a September 9th in temp that we’re going up to this UC Santa Cruz and yeah most of your friends are gone right all of them are gone the last one that left it’s less like five days ago so this week she’s home all day with us Ashley I mean so we’re gonna go through her beauty stuff that she’s gonna take to college and if she needs something yellow stash you need to refill that she’s gonna ask me on the spot make sure to LIKE this video and subscribe if you aren’t already and click the little notification bell okay let’s begin so in the morning and in the night time every single time I wash my face I use this proactive deep cleaning face wash I like it because it just makes me feel like I am doing something to my face and like making it clean I’ve been using it for about a month now and I have found it to be helpful so far my skin has been pretty clear so yeah I’m excited to keep using this I got this to review the product but one of my family member when they fall in love with it and keep using it that’s a good sign right the next thing I swear by is this more Pacific treatment enzyme peel it’s kind of like I don’t know how to describe the consistency but it’s like sand almost but not lying rather yeah and you just dab a little bit on your hands and you rub it across your face and this is supposed to eliminate dry doing service cells and toxins responsible for irregularities in texture and tone so I use this especially when there’s like a lot of bumps on my head that I don’t want and yeah it helps with exfoliating my skin and also the skin specialist recommended to use enzyme peel daily because it is gonna clear the dead skin and because she really loves it and then she’s gonna take it America cific send me another one to kit at home so you can take that one I’ll take the new Honda this multi X Repair Cream vial up for you I’ve been using for two years now and I use it every morning and every night um it’s helped me like clear my skin and just like give my skin a break also when it’s had like really bad breakouts so this is my last bottle unfortunately but hopefully this is not the end it’s supposed to go to the giveaway winner but that giveaway winner never claimed this so you get to use the last bottles so since I got a new home our hair sweat hair and glow sweet glow my nails are growing really long and strong I recommend it to her but out of my home box she picked these two so I have the home skin heroes pre probiotic um and it’s supposed to nurture the gut and skin and then also the OMG Omega the grey and it’s supposed to support even skin tone and healthy heart and body so I’ve been having these for like a week and a half now probably and I haven’t seen any changes yet but hopefully they will come as I continue to take them and bring them to college I’m a bit worried though because I feel like they’re gonna get empty soon mcj to everyday use it of each y’all so have one no you take two so yeah this is fresh sugar rose there’s just a lot of words on your Rose a fresh is a brand name sugar is the lip treatment name and Rose a is the color name I love this product I especially like the color because it is not like super young but yeah and it something light and it feels like very buttery so like it moisturizes my lip at the same time it also has SPF 15 which is nice so yeah I really like using this fresh was generous enough to send me another one of their sugar lip treatment the Rose a is her favorite now is going with her to college okay so this in here is my makeup collection this is everything I use on a day-to-day basis or just like anything that I would use for going out so I’m just gonna go through what’s in here I always am looking for like different moisturizers or chopsticks for something smaller and on the go I have this Burt’s Bees pink grapefruit that my friend recommended to me and I’ve been liking it so far um yeah pink grapefruit moisturizing lip balm got from Target for like three dollars smells like a pink grapefruit okay this has no particular order this is just what I’m grabbing but the next thing is my Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter I use this every time I’m using highlighter and I haven’t hit the pan yet which is good because I have the entirety of college to use it but I love this stuff this is my blush this is the butter blush and it’s five Physicians Formula plum rose I originally like never use blush because I always found my face like already get read a lot but later in my life I figured that my face got really flat when I put on all the powder and everything like that so I used blush a lot now to you know add some dimension to my face why’d you do that so I testified hugger the next thing I use is this hoola bronzer oh you’re using bronzer right now you know I was out in the Sun for a really long time like a couple days ago and I got really tan and now the shade just blends into my regular skin tone so as of right now I do not need bronzer but I have hit pan I like it it’s good it works in my show up I tried but yeah so the next product is my mascara and I have been using bad girl bang for a while now just like this year but it’s like one of the bus mascaras I’ve ever tried just because it has the thickness and it has the length and volume that I want my eyes have this okay from benefit yeah um so I’ve already gone through like a bottle of this and this is my second one so this is a small show I was telling that fifty this worth is this was the first thing I use but it cosmetics it’s superhero um this kind of reminded me of like what Batgirl paying had um but I think of my bottle just got like really old tonight like over usage fees that you use it up yeah it was I’m Yvonne she was finished with one bottle of those superhero masks oh I have used up all of these little bottles of CC cream and I just have like four in my value that are just empty that I’d like try to squeeze out as much as possible but like nothing’s coming out this is like a travel size in the budget but has a good amount of I turn ounces for like a week and a half or two weeks and right now in my drawer there’s like a 3/4 empty bottles of a cosmetic CC cream because they just give me the OVA and get the new one so what worried why is it in my hand well okay so after this right now I asked my mother if she had anything like alt and she didn’t have it in shade so she ordered some but in the meantime I’ve been using the CC cream foundation the CC foundation merges the newer version don’t you think about that I’m almost exactly the same yeah for some reason I feel like almost better about using like this because I know it’s lighter this is a original version and like fundation like if I do want more coverage like I will use that I said forest somewhere safe ended a few days ago yeah that was a summer safe they call next summer said but anyways it ended a few days ago and she ordered to me two things one is that it cosmetics is a cream I didn’t gave it to her yet friend right now she’s snatching out of my pen let me do an unboxing for how long do you use like that ah I should take me like a half here maybe yeah possibly I think John’s collagen like out a lot I’m not just like in the comfort of my own home so you’re gonna be doing makeup all day okay I hope not I hope my skin is like really nice to me right now you’re not wearing any oh no foundation no I’m wearing concealer though oh yeah oh yeah here yeah can you see it no I can’t look here like Anthony it’s supposed to give you like a dewy look so this is a dewy yeah yeah I’m thinking but some people say it’s dry but my physically noticeable so reapply at least every two hours because of the sunscreen think they should mark it down like that another heuristic cream torn that’s it I mean this is the reality you know we’ve been using up 15 bottles of it it cost me existed cream that’s what I said last time in my video so here has a new one so the next thing was or is this point is white multi sculpting concealer multi-use sculpting concealer in the shade golden beige eye if you can see I uh so much is it focusing I use this to like its maximum I would scrape out the sides of it I never seen a concealer that was used up totally from besides like foundation or like CC cream bottles like I’ve never used up a product that much um she was exposed under the Sun with no sunscreen for how many hours like 7 hours 8 hours she was just on the strip so Scherzer to me right when she came home her mate oh it was so bad I include all my cheeks all right here and there like my chin is round like for headers so the first thing I said was that oh your concealer and your foundation would not match your skin tone so we went to Sephora this is the golden beige we tried out the next several a few shades on her face but somehow this matched better than any other darker shade so she’s keeping this I use this Loreal brow stylist definer in dark brunette this is what I’m using like all the time and then I went to glossier the other day and I want to try something so I got boy brow and that’s what I’m using right now it has color like a little bit it like definitely like I can like ah stop voila research by double jeopardy goodness so it’s like a wax really what did you do that got your shot so she’s using like a mascara instead well I I might have something you know in my drawer but that la ca I don’t know there’s something about glossier that it’s just like everyone uses it and all says why is what why and so then I went and I just got this and bought it yes Oh so broke now um this is like with 12 dollars I like it because it pulls down my eyebrow shape and I don’t have to like go in with the pen because like with this I would like to mark on my face and then I would like try to blend it in but it would usually just be kind of like one line that I was drawing and this is like more gradual and like it doesn’t leave any like marks of like the line it’s just like sets down my eyebrows after we’re all done I might find something similar so you can take it and try it my eyelash curler from and there’s a lot of mascara on it and I mean it so gross but I use this every day when I’m putting on mascara so yeah I like this one do you do it every day what I’m putting on makeup yeah sometimes when I don’t want mascara don’t do it because her lashes a very long but there I have tried putting on mascara without this curler though and like it’s not bad like it doesn’t like look devastatingly horrible and like it doesn’t actually go down still but it’s nice to have a little lift with your legs this is such a reverse order or like this is not going in any order but this is my Lancome color corrector I use this a lot and there’s still a lot left in the bottle so that’s like why you made a color corrector so and where’s a cat it’s in my room so I use this when I’m doing like I didn’t know why she wanted the color corrector and she get her blush because I do hi well I do have like some spots that I like to put on first where where exactly I use this and you can’t see them now green concealer cancels out the pink so she’s been using it on the spot that’s it my sister took my blush brush so I feel the blush brush you can give me I use this one for I use this home for bronzer like powder and I use this for my highlighter my cheeks and my nose this is my my sunscreen this is smart solution not finished on gel SPF 50 from from Korea it’s in I’m just like running out of this it’s super old I guess too so it doesn’t feel like very valuable to me I don’t swear by anything but what was the judgment before this that you’ve been using that’s it you’ve been using this entire well then I’m like oh SPF 50 plus CC cream no I just don’t use you have to have those let’s go on to your wishlist I would like a blush brush is this a prize you’re gonna take this entire thing to the college because um you can put your makeups and like Beauty Blender and we’re here track K / KS it’s your company investing my beauty and there are more affordable line okay and this is what you are gonna use it with so you were worried about oh I think my brush is gonna get your dirty then you’re gonna get acne P is a dirty brush over and over again they said that was back-to-school special and well I kept the until today so you’re gonna take these or I’ll change it to something that you can use practically from my collection but anyways entire this is going with you you like it yes I just don’t know what all these brushes are for I don’t poopourri poopourri so this is basically before you take a poop you squirt this in there and then it’s supposed to like basically hide the smell of your poo so until today I didn’t give it to her so I’m gonna do what so many I was like oh I’m taking your cycle and all your hand wait what’s this one so we’re gonna check that the said how do you sir is that you in your toilet on the water you’re on the water surface of the wives seeing the videos not on the toilet bowl on the water and it’s gonna hold a scent which went on it’s not gross and I’m smelling it we’d never use it okay let’s check the scent this is original citrus original citrus vanilla mint this is wrong this is a royal flush it’s a similar to the original citrus but lighter this is lavender vanilla not indifferent they besides like the vanilla mint they all come and smell the same yeah I found it at the CVS but now she has four so maybe you can take like two to start I don’t know why you were not using sense I don’t wanna listen stick huh but I would like milk milky turn does this have this chicken secret was that with you and me we are tested it at Misha okay nice and thin and it doesn’t leave like a whitener no I cast it is very light I think you’ll like it so take that with you thank you so last time I went to orally warehouse sale they said they do it once a year which is really close from my home so only is nail polish that runs about 950 in a bottle but you feel it or Walmart or I don’t know the cheaper version is like five dollars but anyways I got this you know like a container all you can you shove it in and it’s for like $25 I think I in the container I could put in like 30 more than 30 of them so it cost me less than $1 I’m wearing this which is like coffee cafe latte yeah sort of it’s and she spiked it on me I’ve been playing with her or nails with a different thing so you want to take them you know I would also like a kind of light ish night natural eye shadow color that I can just one shade and that’s it [Music] so this is pixi by petra and lashade stick it’s an eyeshadow stick and it’s in the color pink quartz I just pulled this from right over here so I’m gonna try it and we’ll see what happens you color and only smudge in this side to kind of blend it out cover it and nicely just rub this part first huh don’t go down here then your colors gonna get no blah like this good does that have color my only concern is not like I can barely see any color it’s a very shimmery like I will take this no you don’t have to take it no I like the mess but no like I water ah let me let me try it no that’s already known it’s already know it’s you like extra this is Laura Mercier amethyst Selena I won’t like more the pinky shade by Terry getting more expensive more expensive why would you do on the same shot because you want to test it up that’s chipping oh you’re doing one greater kitten karma glitter so glittery hmm I mean I think it’s funny honestly I’m happy with this color she’s happy with Pixie endless shades thick pink quartz so the thing that I really liked from pixie this is all gone but you can’t go take it and finish it these are the another ones that um yeah you would like it though it’s more just Sparkle so I think if I did put this underneath then I could make it like sparkly if that’s what I wanted which I enjoy she was taking on all the rows and pink bullets go school have more stuff what was the shape I might have to fill it up I really like it it’s not to show you how because no it is did it crystalline super fun can I put this all over my let’s do the other thing you can do that okay so after a lot of deliberation I decided that I’m going to take three pixie products which I did not see coming so this is pixi by petra this is the rose gold here and this is the what is this again crystalline crystalline person this is a liquid very light that I talked about it all the time that I use this all the time under my eyes inner corner and then this is an eyeshadow stick and this is in pink quartz so pretty so that wraps up everything I’ve taken to college and my makeup and skincare area I still have a lot stuff to pack subscribe to my channel this one and only ahjumma because I’m gonna vlog when we’re moving into her college we’ll see you at the vlog if you didn’t like this video in the beginning because you didn’t listen to me like this video now and subscribe for more videos two videos a week you go ahead you did


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