$1 Dollar Tree Makeup vs High End MAKEUP CHALLENGE!! | IAMKARENO

$1 Dollar Tree Makeup vs High End MAKEUP CHALLENGE!!  | IAMKARENO

What’s up guys? I am back and today I’m doing a high end vs.
$1 Dollar Tree makeup challenge. I asked you guys on Snapchat and also on Twitter,
and this is what you guys told me to do. So without further ado, I hope you guys enjoy
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me throughout the week. Let’s just hop right in. For my high end side, I’m going to start off
with foundation and it’s the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation which I’ve been using
forever. We’re going to put this side as the high end side. Pump the goods! Pump the goods. Just one pump since we’re doing one side of my face right
now. Okay, so there goes the high end. And then for the Dollar Tree makeup, I found
this one by LA Colors. It’s their Liquid Makeup in color Natural. Shake it up a little bit. This is the closest in color that I can find
to what I own, so let’s see how it goes. Whoa, the consistency, it’s very sticky. Goopy, yeah goopy. Goopy’s a really good word. Smells like baby powder too. I don’t know how much coverage I’m getting. But I do know the Dollar Tree side is a little
bit darker than my regular foundation, which I don’t mind. It’s blending in pretty nicely. It’s not bad actually, for a dollar. So now I got my foundations done. Now I’m gonna do my concealer. For the high end side, I’m using the Makeup
Forever Ultra HD Concealer. I’m gonna use my Beauty Blender and just blend
it in. And then for the Dollar Tree side, this is
the LA Colors concealer in the color Nude as well. So I’m gonna go ahead and go like this. Looks like the color’s not right for me but we’ll see once I blend it out. We’ll find out. I have pimples on this side of my face, more of it at least. This concealer will have to do better. Alright, now we got that part done. Next we’re going to do brows. For the high end brows, I’m going to be using
the Goof Proof   Brow Pencil. This is the closest brow pencil thing that
I have that I haven’t misplaced. How I started this quote-unquote challenge
was: Leo was having an interview and right across the street was a dollar store
and I had time to kill. So I walked into, actually, the Goodwill first. Then after Goodwill, I couldn’t find anything
that was cute- I walked over to the dollar store and then-I
literally walked through the entire store. And I saw all the makeup and I was like, “Guys,
what a great idea. I should probably just make a challenge with all this Dollar
Tree makeup because honestly, when I was staring at it, I was like, “Hey,
this is not bad. They do have a pretty wide variety of products that, let’s say, you could probably
do a full face makeup with Dollar Tree products. Well we’re going to try that today and see. Alright, here is my high end brow. And now the Dollar Tree eyebrows. This is from LA Colors as well. I guess this Dollar Tree carries everything LA Colors, and there were
two of these brow pencils in the package, including a sharpener. Not bad. Let’s see how they perform now. Okay, it’s definitely very, very waxy. It’s not as smooth. Like look at the application between the high
end and then this one. Do you see? It’s like this side is a lot smoother. Leo can’t tell. He’s still trying to figure it out. But just from applying, this is really waxy and it’s not as blendable, I want to say. So you kind of have to have pretty even hands. But I think the color is pretty on point. Well knowing that it’s waxy, which probably means it’ll be quite hard for
it to come off. So you don’t have to worry about your brows disappearing in the middle of the
day. This guy doesn’t come with a spoolie. I’m just gonna use my fingers because I don’t
want to cheat it. We’re talking about Dollar Tree, right? We’re going to use all Dollar Tree. No outside tools, just kidding. For brushes and beauty blenders, I’m just
going to use outside tools just because. Yeah, looks pretty bad. Aw I really want to blend it out. Okay, I can’t blend my brows out. They look really bad. Gotta use my fingers. Or a fork maybe? So there goes my brows. Next we’re going to do eyeshadow. Now for high end, I’m going to go into my
Naked palette. And then for the Dollar Tree, I actually picked
up two palettes. Each one of these were $1. And let me open this guy here. The colors on this one is very equivalent to the Naked palette. So they’re pretty similar. I want to say these two combined create one Naked palette
for $2. So now we’re going to try and see if they
give you the same results. Since I don’t have primer from the dollar
store, I’m just going to skip primer for the high end high too, just so we’re fair. I prefer using a powder base, even if I don’t have primer so that it’s easier
for the eyeshadows to blend later on. For all over my lids, I’m going to be using
the color Smog right here. Going to use the Smith 235 brush and I’m patting
it all on my lids. Alright, so now we got that down. Next I’m going to go into my Luxie 229 Tapered Blending brush and I’m gonna go into
the color Buck, this color right here. So this is an everyday makeup look, basically
what I use my Naked palette for anyway. So all you gotta do is buff it in a circular
motion. Gotta be pretty patient with it too. Now using the color Naked from the Naked palette,
I’m gonna use my blending brush in E40, Sigma E40. I’m gonna feather out the ends here and kind
of reach for my brow bone. All we’re doing is softening the colors on
our eyes in this nice circular motion. Now I’m gonna go into the Sigma E25 Blending
brush. It’s a tiny little guy like this. And then I’m gonna go into the color-let’s
see. I’m trying to find a dupe. There’s no dupe for the color from the LA
Colors, so I’m going to be using my Kat Von D palette because it does have
a dupe in there. I’m gonna be going into this color, this brown color right here. Just lightly tapping it. Now I’m going to dramatize the corner of my eyes. I’m just using high end makeup on this side,
two palettes that I normally use. I’m just tapping this product into the outer
corner of my eyes. Okay so I created a really basic smoky eye
on this side. Now time for the dollar store side. I’m actually really excited about this because
I swatched the colors on Snapchat with you guys and they were pretty decent. Now the hard part is to be able to blend all of this stuff with the brushes that I
bought from Dollar Tree. Like I said, this is a dollar store challenge. I’m not using anything outside of the Dollar
Tree. So I got these two Wet n Wild brushes, eyeshadow
brushes from the dollar store. And the palettes also came with a smudger
brush. I think that’s what these are called. So I’m going to be using these three brushes,
and trying my best to create- recreate this look from these baby palettes. This is a flat shader brush so I’m gonna go ahead and go into this bold
color from the LA Colors palette, and this is their smoky warm palette. I’m gonna dig my brush in there. There is no fallout. That is crazy. I don’t know if it’s the brush or if it’s
the product, like the eyeshadow, but there’s no fallout. Let’s see how it looks. Not bad, right? And you know what’s crazy? This brush is not that bad either. It has a little divot for your fingers so I am appreciating that a lot. It’s an ergonomic brush. Oh I forgot to lay white all over my lids. I’m gonna go ahead and do that because I didn’t
do that right now. And there is a white color in the LA Colors
palette so I’m gonna go into this one actually. It’s not as white-white. And I’m just gonna place it on my brow bone just so the rest of the surface I’m working
with is not so sticky. Alright, so the next color that I’m gonna
use is this one right here and this is the closest of a blending brush
that I could find. It’s actually called a large eyeshadow brush. I’m gonna go into this color right here, I
don’t know what it’s called but it looks like the color Buck from the
Naked palette. Now, in a circular buffing motion, I’m gonna blend the eyeshadow out. This is a challenge for a reason. It’s actually turning out pretty good. It does take a little bit more time. Actually it doesn’t. It doesn’t take that much more time to blend. Weirdly enough, I kind of prefer the Dollar
Tree side right now. I don’t know why. I’m gonna darken the corner of my eyes as
I did with the high end side with this color right here. I’m gonna clean up this brush a little bit
because I only have one. And then I’m gonna go into this color right
here. I’m kinda scared because it’s not a blending brush and I’m
really-this is a shader brush so it’s gonna darken it by a lot. I’m gonna be really gentle. I’m focusing the product onto the outer corner of my eyes. I’m actually going to be using this smudger
brush to pick up this product. I feel like the darker colors are not coming
off as strongly as- oh, there it is. There are the colors. There’s the pigment. Then I’m gonna take this wide, big fluffy brush and blend the product
out. And then I’m gonna go into this color. It’s like a beige-y color. I’m gonna bring this color up towards my brow
bone just to blend everything out more. I like it. It’s not bad. Okay I’m done with the eyeshadow for now. I’m gonna go into eyeliner. This is going to be interesting. We’re doing high end eyeliner. So we know that this eyeliner works like magic
because I’ve been raving about it for as long as I can remember since I went
to Japan. And I noticed a lot of you guys have gotten it too, so I’m really happy that
this has entered your home. It’s definitely high end because it’s about
$20 to buy it so it’s about the price of Kat Von D eyeliner from Sephora. And if you haven’t heard me rave about it, now is the time. This is, in my opinion, better than the Kat
Von D because it’s more precise and the line is equally as black. You’re not losing any blackness. Great. Oh my god. I messed up real quick because I was talking
too much. And we fixed it. Alright so we got this eye down. Now I’m going to do the other eye with a Dollar
Tree eyeliner. This is the LA Colors Liquid Eyeliner. Sounds like I’m doing an LA Colors video, but I’m not. It just so happens that it’s all at Dollar
Tree. The applicator is a little bit different. It looks like the Nyx applicator. I’m gonna go ahead and-I’m not really good with these applicators so I’m gonna try my
best. The line is so black. It’s really good. Whoa, it’s really, really black. Honestly, I have nothing to complain about
this. I mean, given that I haven’t used this for
a full day, so I’ll report back on Snapchat. You guys will probably get an update on Snapchat
when this video goes live and you’ll find out how well this eyeliner
lasted. But so far so good. You can even get really thin lines on the bottoms of your eyes. Oh my gosh, this is so good. I love it so far. And the eyeshadows are really good too. I think the only thing that’s been bad is probably the concealer because I don’t
feel like it’s doing much for me. And also the eyebrows. But if I had a spoolie, if I had a spoolie,
I’d be better. Okay now it’s time for the cheekers. For the high end blush, I’m going to be using Tarte’s Exposed. Just applying it right here on my cheeks. The apples of my cheeks. Okay, that looks pretty good. The next color is called Sunkissed Tan from
Colormates, and it came with this really crappy brush. I’m gonna try using it anyway. Okay this brush is terrible. I’m gonna use my fingers because it’s probably
better to use my fingers. Whoo, I went a little too ham with the blush! Actually, I fixed it. I feel like if I just use the right brush
then it’d look good. I’m gonna give it an equal opportunity. I feel like it’s not fair to judge a blush
by using a shitty brush like this. So I’m gonna give this one an equal opportunity
for dollar store and use the right brush. Okay I’m using the right brush and I’m gonna-whoa,
it’s so pigmented. It’s actually not bad. It’s a little-it’s a little pink, like I didn’t
expect-I mean, granted, this is two layers. Maybe I should put another layer on that side so it matches. So back to Tarte. I want to make sure it matches. Two layers. Both sides of the face are looking pretty
good right now. Now it’s time for the lips. On the high end side, I’m going to be using
the color Mocha by Mac. This is going to be interesting because I’m
only going to be painting half my lips. And then on the Dollar Tree side, I have Colormates. Brand’s Colormates, lip crayon in the color Spice. They look very similar in person. I’m gonna show Leo. He’s right next to me and have him judge the
colors based on the tube. Leo: Definitely similar. The high end one looks more consistent. Here are the colors. They look pretty similar so we’ll see how
they are on my lips. It’s still really pretty. The color is different though. The Mac one is matte and then the one from Dollar Tree in the color
Spice has a little bit of shine to it. Yeah, it has a little bit of shimmer to it. But we’re going to fix that. I actually bought a lip gloss too. On the high end side, I have the Estee Edit
Lip Gloss. It’s their Flash Photo Gloss in White, meaning
it’s just clear. Then this one is from Dollar Tree. Okay this is the high end side. And here is the drugstore- or not drugstore, this is Dollar Tree side. Should look pretty much the same. Looks exactly the same, right? That’s crazy. That’s crazy. This was $2. This? I don’t even know, probably like 30, 40 bucks? Looks exactly the same. I’m really, really shocked right now. Finally, now I’m pretty sure the high end
side is gotta win on this one, but: mascara. I am going to prep my lashes with this tool
that is neither high end or low end drugstore. Let’s just agree that this tool is an exception. So for the high end side, I’m going to be using the Benefit Roller Lash. I have little to no eyelashes, so not going to make too much of a difference
I think. Everyone makes this ugly face. For the Dollar Tree one, it’s called Colormates
Classic Mascara. This is my first time opening it up, actually. Feels a little dry but let’s see. It’s not bad either. Wow. It’s not the best mascara I’ve used, but it’s
not bad. It’s definitely doing the job as a mascara. Not bad, Dollar Tree. You got dollar people covered, meaning high
school students or middle school students covered. I just drooled. I just drooled, Leo. When I was going like this, I don’t know if
it went on camera but I hella drooled. Ta da! I’m done! This is your full face. Oh wait, no I’m not. The final step is to powder and set everything, and then you will have
your full face makeup, minus the contouring and the highlighting but you can’t expect
too much at a dollar store, right? I mean, I didn’t at least. This looks pretty good to me. Right now, I’m just gonna go into my Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Pressed
Finishing Powder. That is a mouthful. I’m gonna use my beauty blender. I’m just gonna go ahead and apply that product underneath my eyes,
on my nose, on my forehead because that part tends to get pretty shiny
for me. Right below my nose and also on my mouth and my chin. I’m gonna skip my cheeks altogether. Just really focusing on my undereyes and also
my nose and my forehead. Now I’m gonna be-oh hey, look. There’s a little sponge thing. I’m gonna toss this because it’s not even a sponge thing. It’s like styrofoam. It does come with a mirror. I am genuinely shocked by that. This is actually not a translucent powder. This is LA Colors in the color Nude, so at
least we’re very consistent all across. I’m gonna use my Beauty Blender again, tap
it into this product right here. Oh hey, not bad. It’s setting it really well actually, so I’m
gonna set my forehead too. Set my nose, undereyes, this area. I am done! Now I’m gonna pop my earrings back on because
Karen will not be Karen without my hoops. Always have my hoops on. And there you have it! This is the completed look. This is crazy to me, even, because this is my first time using all of
these Dollar Tree makeup. Honestly, there really is not much of a difference, especially when Leo’s
staring at me right now. Come here. Leo: It’s not much of a difference. Karen: That’s it? Leo: No, I mean- Karen: Come stare at my face. Look, look, look. Leo: Alright, I’m looking at your face right
now and I mean, yeah. Right now it looks the same but you know, you have to consider also a
couple hours from now, throughout the day, usage, maybe the high end stuff will last
longer? Dollar Tree stuff would need reapplication? You don’t really know that but- Karen: That’s true. I don’t know that. Leo: At least for the initial application,
it’s pretty similar. It’s say it’s like 85-90% the same. Karen: I could walk out like this right now. Leo: Yeah, you totally could. Karen: And it wouldn’t be like a thing. Okay, so I’m gonna come close so you guys
can see some closeups and compare the difference. If you guys want to recreate this look, pop
by a dollar store. It’s really easy to recreate this look. You can even use all their brushes, apparently. I did it, so can you. So I’m gonna come close and you can see my
eyes. So here is a close-up. This is the drug-this is the high end side. This is the Dollar Tree side. Let’s look at the lips. Pretty similar. The high end side cheeks, and then this is
the Dollar Tree cheeks. Eyebrows. Dollar Tree eyebrow is on the right, high
end eyebrow is on the left. Thank you so much for watching, everyone. You guys know the drill. If you guys like this video, please thumbs
it up. If you guys want me to do more of these X vs. X challenge videos, it seems like you
guys like them so far. Leave them in the comment section down below,
like if you want me to compare one vs. the other, I will. Just leave the comment section down below,
thumbs up that one that you like, and that way I can respond to you guys. Alright I’ll see you guys back on Snapchat, back on Instagram, back on Twitter, and peace
for now. Bye, love you!


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