hi guys welcome back to graceful beauty
my name is sheri and today I wanted to film for you a really quick video just
showing you how you can get ready in 10 minutes and under if you have mature
skin now I’m 46 years old and that’s why I say because I have mature skin but
even if you’re someone in your 20s or 30s and you’re starting to notice fine
lines wrinkles maybe large pores and things that we mature women go through
this is also a video that could be beneficial for you and showing you how
you two can just accentuate the important features of your face so that
you feel like you have a nice little pulled together look when you walk out
the door and you do it really really fast you’ll see a few edits but it’s not
because I needed an extra 5 or 10 minutes to do my makeup I truly did this
in under 10 minutes and if I’m not talking honestly I could just do all of
this in 5 minutes but you know it’s like my dad used to say I can’t chew gum and
walk at the same time and when I was in my 20s I actually could now I literally
need to do one thing at a time to concentrate because if I’m talking and
doing my makeup I can’t remember what I’m doing is anyone else out there the
same way also before we get started if you’ve not already subscribed to my
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also tap that little bell so let’s get started and I’ll show you how you can
get this really quick look in under 10 minutes so the first step I like to do
to just kind of make my face or the canvas look a little more flawless as
much as it can get when you have mature skin pigmentation acne scarring things
like that I like to apply a foundation and today I’m gonna mix two foundations
I’m gonna mix my it cosmetics the CC cream the original and this one is in
the shade medium tan and I’m going to mix the new at cosmetics CC oil-free
matte in the shade medium I just do one pump of each on the back of my hand I
mix them together and then I’m just going to quickly apply it to my face now
of course on days where I have a lot more time I don’t apply my makeup this
fast I like to take a little bit more time to apply it but since this is
showing you how you can do your makeup in 10 minutes and under that’s what
we’re gonna do and definitely if I’m doing my makeup
really fast I need a close-up mirror so I can
quickly see what I’m doing and all I’m doing is just patting this on I’m not
rubbing it at all I’m just patting it and I also you know I’ve let my
sunscreen soak in but you know some days I don’t really have time to let it soak
in so I want to make sure I don’t rub I want to just Pat my products on so that
I don’t disturb the sunscreen now usually my foundation and concealer
step is the one that takes the longest actually my sunscreen step is the one
that takes the longest because I like to layer some screens and then I like to
let them soak in for at least 20 minutes before I put on makeup but that’s not
gonna happen today all right now if you’re in a hurry you
don’t have to do concealer but that’s something that I like to do so I just
use my good old reliable Maybelline age rewind and this does the one I think
it’s the shape neutralizer then I just put a few drops underneath my eyes and
then I just blend it I never do a huge triangle it’s just a nice sheer coat
right under my eyes and sometimes I’ll tap a little bit extra right where that
fold is where the bag starts just to help disguise it a little bit better all
right so the next thing I want to do is I want to add a little bit of color to
my face and what I’m in a hurry I just slap on a bronzer really quick
so today the bronzer I’m gonna use I think you can only get it on like Amazon
and eBay my friend on YouTube she has a YouTube channel
lovely I’ll link her down below so you can see her channel but this is one of
her favorite bronzer so I wanted to try it and only tried it a few times so but
this is what we’re going to use today so I’m just gonna put in areas where I want
to accentuate my cheekbones but then I also bring a little bit up on the apples
of my cheeks up high not down low up high so that I can just make it look
like I’m just not so pale and then of course I’ll put a little bit on my
forehead and this is a step that you absolutely could skip if you want you
don’t have to bronze up your face if you don’t want to this is just you know
something I like to do when I’m getting ready quickly
you know just quickly bring it down my neck the other thing I like to do when
I’m gonna hurry I’m not gonna put on eye shadows and you know do a transition
color in an outer V and do all that and blend I might just take a little bit of
bronzer sometimes I use this brush and just slap it all over or I’ll just take
this eyeshadow brush right here rub it in there and I’ll just accentuate where
my crease would be and just kind of shade areas that I want to have a little
more definition so my eyes look just a little bit better I don’t know if you
can see the difference between this eye and this eye and you know I’m just doing
this superfast I’m not even looking in my close-up right here right now I’m
just kind of looking in the viewfinder on the camera so you know can’t really
see that law what I’m doing but the nice thing is is I’m not using super dark
colors so really doesn’t matter then I’m just going to take the other end and
this will be my eyeliner for under my eyes too so you know you can use your
makeup products your bronzer for eyeshadow for blush and for a bunch of
other things if I wanted to I could even bring it on the lash line here but I’m
just gonna kind of blend it all out real quick okay I’m just gonna do my brows
really quickly this is a brow pencil that I talked about in another video
that I did not like when I got it and then I was like well I’ll just try it
out since I have it no I just thought well I’ll just try it out a few times
and see what it does and it’s actually like one of my favorite brow pencils now
it’s by Rimmel I’ll link it down below and I won’t talk do I’m not gonna do a
whole review on it right now obviously because I’m trying to do my makeup in 10
minutes okay good enough okay then I always like to do little
mascara when I’m in a hurry I’m not even gonna curl my lashes so I just use my
trusty Maybelline this is the full and soft mascara and this one is a little
dried up I need to go ahead and throw this one out and get out a new one I
already have a backup of it cuz I really like it it’s so inexpensive but I mean
it curls my lashes it keeps them nice and soft and it just I really really
like this mascara but I mean look at the difference just in doing one eye this
eye versus this side normally when I’m doing my makeup I
speed up through a lot of the makeup application but for this video I just
don’t really want to do that because I want you to see that you know even with
blending and all of that you really can do your makeup in 10 minutes or less and
I got a little bit on my eyelid but that’s okay because we just clean that
off in the end with a q-tip mm-hm my lashes are done so to finish
this look off when I’m in a hurry I just like to slap on a tinted lip gloss this
one is by city lips I love it so not only are my lips going to get plump but
I’m also getting a nice bit of color on my lips so let me not talk so I can do
this real quick okay and honestly you could be out the
door just with this look just with these few products but I want to put on just a
smidge of pink blush simple love this color and then I just put a smidge E on
my cheeks and that’s it I hope you enjoyed today’s video if you did like
this video I hope you’ll give it a thumbs up and if you’re not already
subscribed don’t forget to click the subscribe button down below thanks so
much for watching and I book you guys a great day


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