10 Plastic Surgery Horror Stories

10 Plastic Surgery Horror Stories 10) Vaseline Penis Injection 24-year-old Szilveszter [sil-vest-er] was
left unable to have sex after he injected his penis with Vaseline in an attempt to enhance
its size. A few months after the injection, Szilveszter’s
penis became lumpy and misshapen, as his body formed scar tissue around the Vaseline. Meanwhile, his foreskin swelled to more than
15 times its normal size and began splitting away from his penis. Luckily, Szilveszter’s penis was able to
regain normal function after he underwent a corrective operation. This involved skinning
his penis and removing the lumps, before stitching it back up again. Source: Mirror 9) Cooking Oil Injection Former Korean model Hang Mioku [mee-oh-koo]
was left permanently disfigured after she injected her face with cooking oil in a bid
for soft skin. As she was addicted to plastic surgery, doctors
had refused to give Mioku any more silicone injections in her face, as it had become noticeably
puffy. So, Mioku resorted to the black market, and
after self-injecting an entire bottle of silicone into her face, she began to inject cooking
oil. Her DIY beauty treatment left her face so
lumpy and swollen that not even her own parents could recognize her. Source: Mail Online 8) Cement Face Transgender woman Rajee Narinesingh [na-rinna-sing]
was ‘made into a monster’ after an unlicensed surgeon injected her face with cement and
tire sealant. In an attempt to achieve a feminine body and
face, Narinesingh had injections in her cheeks, chin and lips. But the cocktail of toxic substances left
her face misshapen, with rock hard lumps bulging under her skin and a large boil, which grew
until it exploded green pus and blood onto her bathroom mirror. The botched procedure left Narinesingh too
embarrassed to leave the house, until years later when the mixture was removed by a licensed
surgeon. Source: Mail Online 7) Flesh Eating Infection Rodrigo Alves [al-vez] was left with a gaping
hole in his nose after contracting a flesh eating infection following a nose job. The ‘human Ken doll’ had undergone his
seventh nose job, but his body rejected the new cartilage, leading to the infection. As the hole in Alves’ nose grew, he struggled
to breathe, and doctors warned that the infection could eat through his nose and spread across
his face. Due to the risk of the infection turning gangrenous,
Alves’ nose had to be rebuilt using cartilage from his rib area. Source: Mail Online 6) Arse Amputation Hair stylist Apryl Michelle Brown underwent
a quadruple limb and buttock amputation after having a butt implant injected on the black
market. Instead of the enhancing silicone Brown was
expecting, the unlicensed practitioner injected Brown’s buttocks with bathroom sealant. The botched implants caused Brown agony and
quickly became infected. Doctors were forced to induce Brown into a
coma and carry out 27 operations in order to stop the infection. When Brown awoke 2 months later she found
that her legs, arms and butt had been amputated. Source: Mail Online 5) Sucked Skin Tabatha Barrett risked her life for her dream
body after seeing a cosmetic surgery package on the internet. Barrett paid $15,000 to undergo liposuction
on her waist and thighs, as well as breast augmentation, at a cosmetic surgery in Thailand. But during the liposuction, complications
arose, and Barrett had to be saved with blood transfusions. She awoke to find bags of her fat at the end
of her bed, while her legs were covered in bruises and open wounds. It turned out that the doctors had removed
11 liters of fat from her body in one go, more than double the recommended amount during
a single procedure. Source: That’s Life 4) Beauty Queen 19-year-old medical student Catherine Cando
tragically died while undergoing liposuction, after winning the procedure at a beauty pageant. Although Cando said in an interview that she
was happy with her weight and didn’t want cosmetic surgery, she was pestered into undergoing
the procedure by Dr. Gustavo, who sat on the judging panel. Cando eventually underwent liposuction with
the aim of shrinking her waist by 3cm, but sadly complications occurred during the surgery
and she died after fluid accumulated in her brain. Source: NY Post 3) Eyes Wide Open After losing weight from gastric bypass surgery,
a woman named Dawn underwent upper and lower eyelid surgery to tighten up the excess skin
near her eyes. However, after the surgery, Dawn realized
that something was wrong as she was unable to control her tears. As well as crying involuntarily, Dawn’s
surgery means that she also sleeps with her eyes open. She attempted to sue the surgeon who carried
out the procedure, but the doctor claimed bankruptcy and denied botching her procedure. Source: Good House Keeping 2) Puncture Wounds April Jenkins tragically died while undergoing
a botched liposuction. According to the police report, during the
procedure Jenkins complained of feeling tearing and burning sensations, so the medical staff
stuffed a propofol-soaked rag into her mouth to shut her up. When the fat transfer procedure was complete,
Jenkins began making odd moaning noises, before having a seizure and falling into respiratory
arrest due to fluid build up. Jenkins died shortly after the operation and
medical examiners found that she had endured multiple puncture wounds to her diaphragm
and liver. Source: Court House News, CBS 46 1) Latent TB Kerry Elia suffered years of ill health after
her breast enlargement surgery triggered previously inactive tuberculosis bacteria in her body. A few years after her operation, her breast
implants exploded, as the tuberculosis had eaten away at the scar tissue that held the
implants in place. Elia had the implants taken out, but became
infected with the bacteria MRSA while in hospital. The scar tissue from her multiple breast operations
turned septic, leading to Elia needing a double mastectomy. But the nightmare didn’t end there and the
tuberculosis returned, leaving doctors no choice but to remove part of her lung. Sadly Elia didn’t recover and she died soon
after her lung operation. Source: Mail Online

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