13 Best Gothic Makeup Brands | Cruelty-free with Vegan Options @phyrra

13 Best Gothic Makeup Brands | Cruelty-free with Vegan Options @phyrra

– Hey friends, welcome back,
it’s so good to see you. In case you don’t know me, I’m Courtney, and I’ve got Phaedra and Nyx
hanging out in here with me, so you may see them pop into the video. They’re my two standard poodles. Before I jump into this video, I want to remind you that
I just published a book. I’m so excited about this book. This is my Hooded Eyes Makeup Manual. It is great for makeup enthusiasts, makeup beginners, people with hooded eyes. Basically I think anybody who loves makeup will enjoy this book. I’ve got a great tutorial
section, a brush guide section, I have a shop your makeup stash sections to encourage you to use up
the makeup you already own rather than running out to buy the next palette that’s released. So yeah, I think this
is a really great book with a wealth of knowledge,
so be sure to check it out, I wrote it just for you. For today’s video, I’m
going to talk to you about my favorite gothic makeup brands. These are makeup brands
that I will turn to if I’m looking to create a gothic look, or brands that I feel
have a gothic aesthetic. So, both of those things. So, the first brand that I
want to talk to you about is Saucebox Cosmetics. You’ve probably seen me use their Secret Garden palette recently, which I really do love. It’s got a lot of awesome colors in it, but especially these purples. These purples are badass. They are probably, so,
Saucebox is probably best known for their
Black Widow eyeshadow, which is literally the
blackest black eyeshadow I’ve ever seen, and they’re
also really well known for their Etude palette. Their Etude palette is an
amazing neutrals palette that has been in so many different makeup artist kits that I know because everybody loves it. It’s got a good balance of neutrals that are slightly warm and slightly cool, as well as true neutral,
instead of just being a warm tone palette, it’s amazing. One of the other things
that Saucebox is known for is their big pan size. Their something is interchangeable with Sugarpill’s big pan size, so people really find that appealing. So, Saucebox is a cruelty-free brand and I believe they’re 100% vegan. They just launched blushes, they make one of my favorite highlighters, which is called Saucebox Champagne Bomb, and Champagne Bomb is a dupe for Wet n’ Wild’s Moon Tears, although I think Champagne Bomb came out before Moon Tears ever came out. I’m pretty sure that’s the case, but I know Moon Tears was really popular because it was part of the
Gothic Graphic collection and everybody wanted it
and then it sold out, so this color is a dupe for it. Okay, the next gothic brand I
want to talk to you about is, oh, I’m going to butcher
the name, and I apologize. It’s like, Rituel de Fille? I’ll put the name, I’m going
to put the name up here. But they are a luxury organic
cream, like, makeup brand, so all of their products are cream-based. They have these Ashen Eye Soots, which come in these little jars that are really easy
to apply and blend out. I feel like a lot of their colors are very, very warm toned, though. They have very pretty lipsticks too, and they have foundations. I actually just bought
their foundation, Nix, because, you know, it’s
the same name as my dog, even if it isn’t spelled the same. I was like, might as well give it a try, and I bought some of their highlighters to try and everything. When I tried their
Ghostlighter highlighter a couple of years ago, it didn’t even show up on my skin tone. I think it’s just because I’m so pale, it just didn’t look like anything, it blended into my skin, and like, to get it to show
up at all was a lot of work, so I was really sad about that. But when I’ve tried their Alchemist, which is like a, it’s like
a highlighter enhancer, it’s supposed to make your
highlight more blingy, that worked, that really helped a lot. Oh, and I love their packaging. I will insert a picture
of the packaging up here, but basically their packaging is like black with stars on it, so it feels very witchy to me, and so yeah, I love it, I think their whole aesthetic is great and their products are pretty good. I can’t wear their products
without primer because, if I do, the eyeshadow’s
gone in less than 20 minutes because of my hooded eyes. It just doesn’t work for me. Next up is a company
called My Pretty Zombie. I love My Pretty Zombie,
they make really awesome, like, macabre and dark
DuoChrome eyeshadows, and they have a lot of
things that have, like, horror flick names, or like the proper drug names for things, so like, they have a whole
line of DuoChrome blushes, like, seriously gothic colors, like they have gray and blurple, like deep blue blushes
and stuff like that, so you can really find a lot of cool stuff for very extreme gothic
looks at My Pretty Zombie, and I believe some of
their products are vegan, but not all of them. The next company on my list
is Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, and oh my god. So, Lunatick Cosmetic Labs is 100% vegan and all of their packaging is dope. It’s super goth, so like,
there’s an Elvira palette which is coffin shaped, if you look at their contour palette, it’s basically like a Book of the Damned with this eye peeking out, and it’s like, you know, like a fake skin looking thing like it was bound in human skin. So, they’ve really got, oh, and their setting powder comes in this ouija board, planchette-shaped thing, and it’s just, like,
they nailed packaging. Their packaging is right up my alley, I think it’s awesome. Their lipsticks are even
shaped like bullets. I really like their
traditional bullet lipstick, their eyeshadows are pretty nice, the setting powder is excellent, their contour powders are great, so they definitely have the quality, and I really, really love
their funky packaging. Next on my list is Black Moon Cosmetics, and I believe they’re
another 100% vegan brand, and they make just really, really beautiful liquid lipsticks and liquid eyeshadows. They did come out with
the Orb of Light palette, which I really, I did like, but I didn’t feel like it was that gothic. Like, they said it’s a gothic palette, and to me, it just looks
like a neutral palette. It didn’t feel that gothic, but whatever. The rest of their
products are really nice. In particular, oh, and their highlighters, their highlighters, Catshark highlighter is my all-time favorite
highlighter, it’s so beautiful. It’s like this white base with an iridescent violet shift. So cool. But I think, in particular, that if you are looking for really, really dark, vampy, gothic liquid lipsticks, you’re going to want
to check Black Moon out because they have this whole line that’s all really dark, and I just ordered one of their new colors called, like, Mermaider, so it’s like this deep black and teal. I can’t wait to put it on my lips. So, next on my list is Silk Naturals, and they don’t have gothic packaging, but they make a lot of great products that are indie beauty products. They’re mostly vegan. They’re not like 100% vegan, but I think most of
their products are vegan, and they make really
awesome organic lipsticks. I had somebody reach out to me recently asking for organic,
vegan, gothic lipsticks and this is the company
that I recommended because they have a whole line of lipsticks that are organic and vegan, in addition to their velvet
matte lipsticks that I love. They have some really
great shades like Pea Plum, which is like a dark purple, they have a black shade called Bam, which is a rich, creamy
black with no shimmer, they have a sheer black called Swank, which is meant for layering. I think they have a color
called Cherry Black, which is like a black and plum. And they also have colors like Ruby, which is a deep, cool-toned red, they have Merlot, which
is a deep burgundy red, and I think they have Underground, which is like a deep taupe, kind of like a 90s brown type color. So, they’ve got plenty of colors that I think are great if you’re going for a gothic aesthetic. Their eyeshadows are excellent quality. They have a bunch of vegan dupes for the Urban Decay Naked palettes. I think they’ve also duped some of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar, they’ve duped one of the, let’s see, they’ve duped an Anastasia palette, I think it was, I’m drawing
a blank on the name, but like, they do lots of vegan and organic dupes of products for people who can’t wear things like bismuth, oxychloride, and stuff like that. So, next on my list is the
100% vegan brand Fyrinnae. I love Fyrinnae, they’re like probably one of the oldest indie
makeup brands around. They are 100% vegan, and their packaging really isn’t much to look at, but their products are amazing. So, they have this stuff
called Pixie Epoxy, which is like a mixing
medium that you can use with loose eyeshadow
that’s really glittery, or even pressed eyeshadow
that’s really glittery like the Urban Decay Moon Dust, and it will hold all the glitter in place. They have awesome
DuoChrome liquid lipsticks and liquid eyeshadows,
and liquid eyeliners, all of this stuff. I really love their
color called Dark Angel, that’s my favorite,
it’s like a deep, vampy blackened burgundy with
blue sparkles and stuff. They also have some of the most complex MultiChrome eyeshadows I’ve ever seen in their Exquisites, and
they are starting to offer some of their eyeshadows in pressed format as well as loose, so you should
definitely check them out for really creative and multi, like, DuoChrome, MultiChrome gothic looks. Next up is Aromaleigh. Again, Aromaleigh doesn’t
have gothic packaging, but they make some
really awesome products. They have this whole Insectarium line, which is like different contour powders that are all in different, like, drab, gothic type of shades, they’re like muted colors. They have a lot of great mattes and they have a lot of pretty DuoChromes. They have some really awesome blushes, like I love the fact that
they have these blushes that aren’t high shine, they’re
like very low shimmer blush, just so it has a DuoChrome
shift to it, like Ishtar. Ishtar is like a berry
pink with a blue shift, and then they have Pharmakon, which is like a purple with a green shift. They just have some
beautiful, unusual colors that I think are perfect
for the gothic aesthetic. Next up is Sugarpill. I touched on Sugarpill briefly before, but Sugarpill makes a
lot of really awesome eyeshadows and lipsticks. I highly recommend checking
out their bullet lipsticks or their liquid lipsticks if you want some really nice dark shades. Like, they have a whole dark line that’s like Antisocialite, and Darksided, and Euphoria, so they have beautiful colors that you might love. Next on my list is Melt Cosmetics. I love Melt Cosmetics,
I love their stacks. I’ve bought, I think, almost every single eyeshadow stack they’ve release. I especially love the
She’s In Parties stack, which is really great, and most recently, I fell in love with their
Smoke Sessions palette, which is like all greens, so it’s like got golden
greens, and cool tone greens, and just, ugh, it’s amazing, it’s perfect. It’s what I’m wearing on my eyes today, along with the Saucebox eyeshadow, so I highly recommend
checking out Melt Cosmetics. I feel like they have,
like, their packaging is not really gothic, but it is darker, so if you like black packaging, most of their stuff is black. Next on my list is Darling Girl Cosmetics. Darling Girl is an indie brand, and Darling Girl has done all kinds of really cool and funky releases. Several years ago, I
collaborated with Darling Girl to make a Ghoul School collection which was based off of
the Monster High dolls, which is a lot of fun, so there’s lots of gothic colors in there. She also has a whole collection that’s based off of,
like, is it serial killer? But it’s like a bunch of horror movies, it’s like a horror movies
collection that came out. And I think they’ve even done stuff inspired from, like,
Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice, so there’s a lot of, like, really fun, spooky eyeshadow stuff that she has, and she has some lip products that are pretty cool too. Next is Manic Panic, and
Manic Panic has been around longer than I’ve been alive. Got to love Tish and Snookie. They have a lot of what I, I think what I would call, like, classic goth makeup, so I feel like, when I first got into makeup and my husband turned me onto goth, like, he was like, yeah, you can buy this Manic Panic powder, it’s white, and they have black, and
red, and purple eyeshadows that you couldn’t necessarily, like, easily find, but now it’s
easier to find those colors, and I feel like the quality of products are going to be better if
you go to the indie brands than maybe Manic Panic,
although I haven’t tried Manic Panic makeup in a couple years, so maybe it’s gotten better, but like, I still want to include them ’cause I think of them as one of the classic gothic makeup brands. Oh, and the last brand
on my list is Lime Crime, and while their packaging is
not goth in the slightest, I do think that they have some products that are great for gothic makeup looks. Again, you can look at
their liquid lipsticks. I particularly like
their liquid lipsticks, their Diamond Crusher liquid lipsticks, the Diamond Do liquid eyeshadows, and I like their eyeshadows. So like, if you look at,
let’s say this palette, this is the Venus XL palette, you could create gothic looks with this. I like to use the color Botticelli, which is like the deepest, vampiest burgundy wine color down
here to create looks. So, I think they would
be a good choice as well. I didn’t include Kat Von D. because, you know, I love Kat Von D’s aesthetic and I have loved the makeup products that I’ve bought from her in the past, but basically, in 2018,
when it came out that she was marrying that guy Prayers, I just started looking
to try to figure out if she was really anti-Semitic or not, and when I started
looking, I just gave up. After I saw, I think they were, like, after I saw like 35 different incidents, I just decided, well, you know what, where there’s smoke, I guess there’s fire. There’s been all of these incidents over, and over, and over
again with Kat Von D. I’m just not going to buy her anymore. So, even though I love her brand, like the products and the aesthetic and I think they’re very gothic, and they work for me, and I love them, I’m not going to buy them, so that’s why I’m not including them in this video. All right, so those are the top brands that I would check out
if you’re looking for either gothic aesthetic
products like packaging, or if you want to find great products to make gothic looks, these are the products I would recommend. Let me know your thoughts
in the comments below. If you like this video and
you want to see more like it, please give it a thumbs up and share. I love it when you share my videos. It really helps me out
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Facebook and I’m like, I’m sorry, I can’t fix YouTube because YouTube is being stupid, so yeah. Anyway, thanks so much for watching, guys.


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