18 Cruelty-free Alternatives to Kat Von D Beauty | For when you love the goth aesthetic

18 Cruelty-free Alternatives to Kat Von D Beauty | For when you love the goth aesthetic

– Hey friends. Welcome back. It’s great to see you. I’m Courtney and I’ve got Nyx and Phaedra hanging out
in the room with me, and today we’re gonna be talking about different cruelty-free
alternatives to Kat Von D Beauty. So when you love the
romantic goth aesthetic, but you don’t necessarily
want to have it with a side of antisemitism
and anti-vax (laughs). So let me just get this out of the way, while I know that Kat Von
D Beauty is cruelty-free and vegan, and that is something
that has always been, and cruelty-free beauty
has been important to me, since I went cruelty-free in 2012. I have a big, big
problem with antisemitism because I am Jewish and for years I have blown off what was said about Kat Von D because I thought, oh no, it’s
just people who are haters or jealous or whatever. Last year around when my grandmother died, was when the anti-vax stuff
with Kat Von D happened and so I wasn’t really
paying attention then because I was really
wrapped up in my family and what was going on with me, but afterwards people
said, “You really should “look into this because you’re Jewish.” And I’m like, okay, so I’ll
start looking into this, and I started looking into
the different instances of antisemitism that were brought up about Kat Von D, and after looking it up, after incident after
incident after incident, I just felt like I couldn’t
write it off anymore. So I really had to write off her brand. For me, what that was
all about was the fact that she’d dated multiple
guys that were Neo-Nazis or had like a Nazi fetish or something. The most recent guy that she married obviously has the big ol’
swastika tattoo on his neck and all of this, and he’s claiming he’s
trying to bring it back and reclaim it for it’s
more eastern meaning and that’s great or whatever, but the majority of people
when you see a swastika they automatically think,
“Oh, well you’re a Nazi.” “You’re a Neo-Nazi.” “You’re a white supremacist.” Something like that. It’s not a positive thing. I know Kat Von D came out with a video and she said, “I’m not antisemitic, “and I’m not an anti-vaxer, whatever.” But, my problem with her video is, she didn’t actually say, “I support the Jewish people.” And, I’m sorry, but just
because she is Latina that does not mean that
she cannot be racist. I think it’s crazy that she has said that. To me that’s like a white person going, “Yeah, but I have black friends.” So, it’s not enough, and some of the things that
really stand out to me, that really bothered me, aside from the, you know, there was a whole letter
that she had with “Miami Ink” where she told her boss,
supposedly, “Burn in hell Jew-bag.” That’s pretty offensive in my opinion. You know, she dated Jesse James. Then current husband, Prayers, and then not that long ago, I think it was last year, Kat Von D Beauty put up an
ad holding her concealer that looked pretty racist. It was talking about how, “Let the concealer do the work for you.” Behind a field of cotton, and it seemed like it was
implying black slaves. I don’t know. There’s been just a lot
of problematic things from her brand, and I decided that, if it’s been problematic
over and over again and I just haven’t seen
any evidence otherwise, and then when she made her video she didn’t really say, in my opinion, she didn’t really address a lot of those issues that are the reasons why people thought she was antisemitic. It’s just, it’s too problematic for me. So, even though I love
her brands aesthetics. I love their products. You’ve heard me review them. I’m just, I haven’t been buying her, and I think for me personally, because I’m Jewish, she not somebody I’m gonna be comfortable buying from again unless she
were to come out and say, “Of course I love Jewish people.” “I am not antisemitic.” Like, there’s gotta be something, there has to be something
really big and public and I just don’t feel
like the video she made addressed any of the
elephants in the room. She only talked about a couple things and not really what people
wanted to ask her about. So, yeah. Anyway, because of that, and people ask me about this a lot, I thought I would bring
to you some of my favorite gothic brands that are
alternatives to Kat Von D that don’t have problematic issues. Yeah, I guess people have
asked me this before, what would it take for
me to support her again? I really guess I would
need her to say, publicly, “I stand with the Jewish people.” “I am not antisemitic.” “I am against antisemitism.” “The Holocaust is real.” You know, I want something
that acknowledges that, but that probably won’t
happen, so whatever. I move on. At least I have somebody
like Avelina De Moray to look at if you like that
aesthetic, because I do. So yeah, onto my favorite
gothic makeup brands that have, well I’ll talk
about each one individually. So, the fist brand I wanna talk about is Black Moon Cosmetics. They have all black packaging, which doesn’t necessarily
mean that they’re goth, but I do like their all black packaging. They have a lot of really
awesome, cool colors. I’m wearing lipstick from them today. They just came out with their
new Black Metals palette. I bought it. As soon as I get it, I’ll be reviewing it. I may even do a giveaway
with one of those palettes because it looks so freaking awesome. It was basically everything I wanted Kat Von D’s Serpentina to be but wasn’t, and so I didn’t actually buy Serpentina because I just wasn’t
that impressed with it, but Black Metals palette, hell yeah. It looks amazing. Black Moon Cosmetics is 100% vegan. They’re also Leaping Bunny certified, and Leaping Bunny is the
gold standard of cruelty-free for me. So that’s one of the
reasons that I’m like, “Yes, Black Moon, you are amazing.” “Thank you so much.” Number two, we have Rituel de Fille. I love Rituel de Fille. They are a luxury, gothic,
indie makeup brand. So Black Moon Cosmetics
is indie and gothic. Rituel de Fille labels
themselves as indie, luxury and gothic and they
make all cream products. They’re not all vegan. They are all cruelty-free, and I believe they are also
Leaping Bunny certified, which I love. Their packaging is so cool
because it’s like sleek and black and it has sort of like,
witchy star type stuff, symbolism on it, in my opinion. So I think it’s beautiful
to pull out of your purse. I’m never embarrassed when
I pull out something from Black Moon Cosmetics or Rituel
de Fille from my makeup bag ’cause I just feel like they look nice. Number three is Lunatick Cosmetic Labs. They have some of the
coolest packaging ever. I have a couple eyeshadow
palettes from them that are coffin shaped. I have a setting powder from them, a setting powder from them
that’s like a Ouija board, planchette shape. It’s just really cute packaging. High quality products. They’re 100% vegan. They aren’t Leaping Bunny certified, I don’t know why. Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, consider
looking at Leaping Bunny. I love Leaping Bunny, they’re awesome. Number four is Fyrinnae. Fyrinnae is 100% vegan, indie brand. Their packaging is not much to look at because really they focus
on high-quality products. If you were to buy Fyrinnae at Sephora, I think the price range would probably be in the 40s or above because the ingredient
quality is just very high. They’re very beautiful products. They make a lot of really
interesting liquid lipsticks and liquid eyeliners that
are unusual and duochrome, and they have some awesome
pressed eyeshadows now for those of you who don’t like dealing with loose eyeshadows. They also make eco-friendly,
biodegradable glitters. So, if you’re looking for
that, check out Fyrinnae. Number five on my list is Melt Cosmetics. Melt Cosmetics is a
cruelty-free, indie beauty brand. I also feel like they’re gothic. Their packaging is all black. They are also Leaping Bunny certified. My favorite palette from
them is Smoke Sessions. I also love their eyeshadow stacks. I really love their lip pencils. Their eye pencils are great too. Their liquid lipsticks I like. I did not like their original
bullet lipstick formula because it was super drying, but I have heard that
they have re-formulated it and it’s great. I do like their blushes and highlighters. They have a lot of great products. Number six, My Pretty Zombie. My Pretty Zombie is 100%
vegan, indie company, and they have a horror theme. It’s really cool when you order from them, you can get like a little
severed finger in your package, or they’ll send you a cat if
you don’t like severed fingers. I love that the owner knows me so well. She always sends me cats, rather than the severed fingers ’cause I’m really not into zombies, but their eye shadows are beautiful. They just released two limited edition multi-chrome eye shadows today. I bought both of them. Once they’re here, I will get swatches or looks up with ’em, but they’re amazing. One’s a blue and one is a green. They are not Leaping Bunny certified, maybe one day they will be, but they are just awesome. They have so many great colors. One of their colors is
called Goth Mary Poppins. Their names crack me up. Their colors are beautiful. The formula is excellent, and they make a lot of
really unusual, cool blushes for editorial shoots. So, you can find like blue-violet and gray and green blush there. Oh, and their blush names crack me up ’cause their all named after drugs, like MDMA, THC, Oxycodone,
etc, stuff like that. Then we have Aromaleigh. Aromaleigh has a lot
of different packaging, but in particular, their Insectarium
collection is really cool because it has a bunch of creepy insects and contour powders. They have great matte eye shadows, contour multi-purpose
products, stuff like that. Their highlighters and
blushes are beautiful too, and they really don’t get
talked about that much, but they also have beautiful jewel chrome. So, you should definitely
check out their products. All right, so Sugarpill
is also on that list. Sugarpill has made tons and tons of really cute pressed
and loose eye shadows. They also have great lipsticks. Sugarpill’s liquid lipstick formula is one of my favorites. They have amazing colors and it’s not so drying on my lips, so I feel my skin is gonna peel off. So, they’re definitely
worthy of being on this list. Their packaging is sort of cutesy. I would put it like on
a Kawaii cutesy side ’cause it’s usually like white and pink. So, it’s not gonna look,
have the goth aesthetic look, but it is going to perform beautifully and the color range is going to amaze you, especially if you like to
wear black with teal sparkles or like a deep vampy purple. They have great colors like that. Next on my list is Lime Crime. Lime Crime is 100%
cruelty-free and 100% vegan and they are Leaping Bunny certified. For the longest time, I didn’t have anything
to do with Lime Crime because of all the drama with
the owner of the company, Xenia Vorotova. I think that’s how you say it. I apologize if I butcher it. She’s better known as Doe Deere, but because she stepped
back from the company, I felt comfortable enough
to purchase from them and I love the products that I tried. Their liquid lipsticks,
the packaging is cool, but for the rest of their products, it’s not really goth or anything. It’s very cutesy and girly, but I really love the products and how they perform. Their Venus 3 palette is amazing. There’s a color in there that’s, it’s like this perfect sort
of mauve, reddish brown color that if I had to wear brown eyeshadow because I worked in conservative office, that’s the color I would wear everyday. It just somehow makes
my eyes look more blue and makes them pop. It’s very flattering, but all of their products are great. You can create some really
cool vampy, gothic looks with their stuff. So I think you will be impressed, and now that they’re at Ulta, you don’t have to worry
about shopping their site, and I think, like I mentioned, their Leaping Bunny certified, which is very important to me. Next, we have Manic Panic. I like to think of Manic Panic as the original gothic
makeup and hair brand because for as long as I can remember, if you wanted to have purple
lipstick or eyeshadow, like when I was first coming into makeup, Manic Panic was the place you went for it. If you wanted black lipstick,
you went to Manic Panic. I’m not saying that their quality of their product is the best. I’m just saying that they were
one of the first out there, and they’ve been around for I think longer than I’ve been alive. So, they’re excellent. They’re an excellent choice if you’re looking for
something that’s affordable and I think relatively
easy to get your hands on. Next up is Darling Girl Cosmetics. I love Darling Girl. It’s ran by Susan. Susan now lives in Indiana, and her company, it’s like
a small, indie company, but they’re so good. They’re obviously cruelty-free. They have a lot of vegan options. I collaborated with her years ago to create a Ghoul School collection, which was inspired by
the Monster High dolls because I’m obsessed with
Monster High and I loved it. So, there’s lots of really
cool purples and duochromes in that collection. If you happen to love purple like I do, they’re definitely worth checking out, and Darling Girl is one of
those cool, indie brands that they put a lot of time into designing the label art for their labels. So, even though it’s loose eyeshadow, and I know a lot of people
prefer pressed eyeshadow, you’ll still get some really
cool, unique packaging, even if it’s not strictly
gothic in aesthetic. Gothic in aesthetic, there we go. Next on my list is Saucebox Cosmetics. I love Saucebox so much. They’re 100% cruelty-free
and they’re vegan and I think they’re
Leaping Bunny certified, actually, are they, I forget if they are or not. I’ll have to check. I’ll put it up here if they are, but they’re one of my favorite brands. I first learned about
Saucebox Cosmetics in 2013, and I think it was at IMATS in LA, and they have these big pans of eyeshadows that are the same size of Sugarpill. I’m really really in love with
the Secret Garden palette, and the Etude palette was
one of my long time favorites and the Mermaid palette is great, which it’s got this
ridiculously huge packaging that’s hilarious and cute, but they have a lot of
really great products and I think they’re
worthwhile to check out, and I’m looking forward to the fact that they’re coming out with
some liquid lipsticks and oh, they make one of
my favorite highlighters. If I’m ever going for
just that wet skin look, for a highlighter I use
Saucebox Champagne Bomb because it does a perfect job of giving me that wet skin look and it’s amazing for my pale skin, so beautiful. Next on the list is Necromancy Cosmetica, and I believe that they’re in Puerto Rico, but they make some really
awesome vampy, gothy lipsticks. It comes in black packaging. It’s very cool. The color names are very gothic in feel. So, they really have that aesthetic down, and I believe they’re 100% vegan. Then we have Cryptic Cosmetics, which is by Depeche Girl. I follow her on Instagram. She does beautiful makeup and lip art, and she has liquid lipsticks and they’re all cruelty-free and vegan. I also want to mention Notoriously Morbid. They’re a big gothic
brand that people love. They make a lot of
really pretty eyeshadows and they have some really nice lipsticks and I know in the past, they did this awesome, gothic
women eyeshadow collection that I bought. I think it had Elvira, Vampira and I’m blanking on who
the other ones were, but I just love the
fact that they did that. There’s a brand called Pretty Zombie, not to be confused with My Pretty Zombie, and Pretty Zombie, I believe is in Florida and they make liquid lipsticks. Their liquid lipstick
formula is interesting because it doesn’t quite
dry down all the way, but it’s kind of moisturizing and they have a really cool color range, and the packaging is really
neat and kind of gory. They usually have zombie stuff on it, so it’s pretty cool looking. Then we have Strobe Cosmetics and I would consider their
aesthetic basically Kawaii-cute, so kinda goth, kinda cute, and the have a couple
palettes that I really like. I have Creepy Cute, which was basically, it’s basically, if you like
Kat Von D’s Pastel Goth, you should buy the Strobe
Cosmetics’ Creepy Cute ’cause it’s similar shades, and then they also have another palette that I’m drawin’ a blank on the name, but it had like goddess
names for the colors. So, I think you’ll be
happy with Strobe Cosmetics because they definitely have
more of a goth aesthetic to it and the colors are really cool. And last, but not least,
on my list is Urban Decay. While their packaging is not black, they still have a very wide color range. They make my favorite black lipstick, which is Perversion. They make my favorite black
lip pencil, Perversion. So, they have a lot of good classics. Ooo, I also love Urban
Decay’s Voodoo lipstick, which is black with pink sparkles. Urban Decay’s bullet lipstick formula is my absolute all time
favorite bullet lipstick formula and I highly recommend them. So, you should definitely check them out. All right, so, those are my alternatives to Kat Von D Beauty. I feel like there are at
least 18 choices there, so there’s plenty of options at all different price points. Let me know your thoughts
in the comments below. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video.


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  • PolishGalore says:

    I appreciate this video … it's hard because I wore her Saint perfume for YEARS but now I can't bring myself to buy it.

  • Southeast by Midwest says:

    When the anti-vaxxing stuff came out you were actually the first person I thought of. I know that you use to really love her products and were a huge supporter of her brand so I wondered how this would effect you and YOUR brand because she is a very large cruelty free brand and it could hurt to not review her products. As usual you show why everyone should be subscribed to you and watching your videos. You care way more about what is right, not putting people at risk, etc. then a review for your channel and I couldn't respect that more. 💜

  • Jennifer Tesauro says:

    I've never purchased KVD products and have no intention to. you complied a great list of brands, some I'm familiar with and others I'm not. I'll be checking them out!

  • Model City Polish says:

    I really didn't know all this was going on with Kat Von D!!! Thanks for the heads up, certainly one brand I will avoid now.

  • spectral black says:

    What would take me to support KVD again? Like you said, a more clear and concise statement about her support and respect for Jewish people, her support in vaccinating and the importance of doing so, and covering-up her husband's neck tattoo. He is in no position to "reclaim" it because he's not Buddhist, he's a self proclaimed Luciferian. I really love this video of yours. I'm looking to start my switch to cruelty free and this gives me options (and should remove excuses from people)!

  • Miss Koumori says:

    Thank you for this video! I used to be a huge fan of KVD products until I learned about her history. Needed some dupes! Also I love your dog a lot

  • Tali says:

    I have the same view, like EXACTLY with Kat Von D and anti-semitism.

    Also I really love your poodles, especially that Nyx just stared into the camera for a minute there

  • bcgrote says:

    But she DIDN'T say she was ok with vaccinations. She said she would "listen to her pediatrician, and decide for herself", so her kid could still give me an illness that may kill me because her mother is an idiot.

  • bcgrote says:

    As far as her supposed "Latina", well, her grandfather is a GERMAN immigrant to Argentina, which is where she gets the "Von D" name, as homage to her German grandparents. What were they doing during WWII in Germany? Hmmm..

  • Jess in king says:

    i didn't know you were jewish..is that hand tattoo new?

  • Jess in king says:

    omg the baby drool is longggg

  • MakeupJunkieandFangirl says:

    I have never been a fan of Kat Von D. Thanks for alternatives to her brand. I will have to check them out. 💙💜💚🖤

  • exx0tic.magic says:

    Awesome! Thank you 🖤

  • Rebekah Hurst says:

    Not being able to support her brand anymore honestly hurts me, because her stuff is right up my alley. But considering her anti semitic past and her anti vaxx standards I just CANNOT give her money anymore. I sadly don't think her brand is going to keep doing well considering everything.
    Oh and BlackMoon Cosmetics is one of my new favs

  • honey&company says:

    I have just recently become aware (woke) to needing to do my research as a consumer when it comes to morals/behaviors/practices (beyond being cruelty free) of companies & their owners/reps in the beauty industry. I really appreciate these videos you make!

    While my budget doesn’t allow me to just throw out all my products, I can definitely not repurchase and am slowly replacing them as I can afford to. It is so upsetting about Kat because not only are some of her products my holy grails, I always admired her as a woman succeeding in a male dominated industry like the tattoo world.

    I wish she would take a step back and really reevaluate her actions & choices because it is such a waste that her talents and potential for contributing good to the world is negated when she chooses hate and ignorance instead.

  • Rachel Runyan says:

    I did the same. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, and thought for a while she was getting her act together. But it is really looking like she's a racist, and I just can't with her anti-vax stance (and then her whining about how it was her business…yet she's the one who posted it on social media). I really loved her makeup, so it sucks. I gave up J*, too, before that.

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