3 Minute Makeup Using 3 Products

3 Minute Makeup Using 3 Products

hey guys and welcome back to my channel
in today’s video I’m really excited to be sharing with you my 3 minute makeup
routine I don’t even know if you can really consider this a makeup tutorial
but sometimes I just need to go run errands at the grocery store or
sometimes my husband and I want to go out to lunch and I want to look a little
bit more presentable but I don’t have tons of time to like get full-on ready
nor do I want to I just want to look a little bit more polished a little bit
more naturally flawless and so I have three steps that I do in 3 minutes
probably actually less than 3 minutes this video is obviously gonna be a
little longer than 3 minutes because I’m gonna kind of explain to you what I do
and why and I’m gonna give you some tips on how it may be you can make this 3
minute makeup routine fit your lifestyle and fit you a while back I took a poll
on Twitter literally my phone is about to die it’s at 1% but the 3-minute
on-the-go makeup is what 1 so that is what caused me to film this today let’s
just get right into it so my philosophy behind this type of makeup look is I
choose three things my top 3 things that I want to take care of every day so for
me to feel beautiful and more confident I personally really like a nice even or
more even skin tone it doesn’t have to be flawless or completely you know one
color as long as it’s just a little bit more even I feel a little better to go
out and go to Target or to lunch or whatever it is the next thing for me is
my eyebrows however when I’m in a rush because I don’t have that big of I
browse and they’re not naturally very full I don’t fill them in because it
will take me way more than three minutes and well probably more around 30 minutes
to fill my brows that’s why a lot of times I actually do my brows off-camera
when I’m filming tutorials even just because it takes me a long time I’m
really particular so with this tutorial I know it that my brows take too long so
instead my little hack the thing I do first is I throw on a baseball hat and
even though other people can probably see my eyebrows it makes me feel better
and I feel like there’s kind of a shadow cast on my brows boom brows check done
so now after I’ve done that and the reason I do this is because I can kind
of see depending on what hat I’m wearing how far I need to blend up the
foundation I don’t even always take it up here
but now I’m just gonna even out the skin tone the foundations that I like to use
for this one that I really really love for a situation like this is the Make Up
For Ever Ultra HD foundation this is gonna give you like a light to medium
coverage but it’s gonna still kind of look like skin so I just really want to
look like I’m naturally a little bit more flawless and so this is a great
foundation for that another option that is more affordable is from NYX this is
their BB cream really really great and a lot of
coverage out of this right here so I really like that one too sometimes I
will also use the it cosmetics CC cream this is kind of in that same family of
just kind of a lightweight but it still gives you a nice natural more full
coverage look so I’m gonna go with the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation
because that is the one that I tend to use the most it’s just easy and it looks
really nice foolproof and really quick so the shade I have is why two to five
and I just put one pump on the back of my hand and when I’m in a rush I don’t
have time to do a sponge so I’m just gonna go ahead and take a brush and I
work so fast when I’m in a rush I worked so fast but obviously I’m talking with
you guys so I’m gonna kind of move through this quickly but I could do it
faster if I’m not chatting to you and basically I just blend it out all over
the skin sometimes I’ll kind of prop my hat up a little bit like this
so I can get in between the brows and then like kind of in this inner corner
here and I’ll take it all the way up to underneath the eyes because I don’t have
time to do concealer and I don’t have like major major dark circles most of
the time some days I do so I skip concealer altogether if you don’t have a
brush you can totally use your hands that works just as well so there you
have it a little bit more of an even tone complexion it’s not perfect but
this is all I need to feel like a little bit more confident when I go out I don’t
care if there’s a little bit of blemishes showing through just as long
as like the front of my face looks a little bit more fresh that’s all I need
and that’s what I really like so since complexion is a priority for me if you
guys have really great skin you can totally skip this step and maybe your
top three things might be like to brush up your brows and fill those in a little
bit if you have more full brows maybe you don’t like to leave the house
without mascara that could be something that you might want to throw on maybe
you like highlight I don’t know it just depends on you guys and your complexion
and your personal preferences so the next thing since we’ve evened everything
out I like to add a little bit more color you guys know how much I love
blush and bronzer and things like that this has been my go-to for these quick
kind of makeup looks this is from benefit it’s the rocket or blush and the
reason why I choose this is because it’s a little bit of a deeper tone it’s not
gonna be super bright and like to attention-grabbing
but it’s like deep enough to kind of be a bronzer and blush and highlight and
one it’s kind of like a one in done situation and I just use the brush that
comes with it ain’t nobody got time to go fishing around add a little bit of
blush to my cheeks and it just kind of makes me look like I went for like a
little jog or something I don’t know just brings a little bit more color back
to the face but doesn’t look unnatural brings a little radiance back as well
and it’s just really pretty boom they’re on a roll so after that I really can’t
leave the house without something on my lips and since we did apply foundation
on the lips sometimes it kind of like lightens them and I feel like since you
know we’ve got a shadow going down on the brows and the eyes I don’t worry
about that the complexion is showing but it looks a little bit better than before
so I’m happy with that who’s out there the whole time oh dear
so for lips I love to use a tinted lip balm I was trying to find it might be
one of my purses I love the Burt’s Bees original like pomegranate chapstick it
has the slightest like pink tint to it and it just works really well for
situations like this so if you want something from like the
drugstore that’s an amazing option I’ve been using that for years it’s one of my
favorites but recently a fresh scent over this new sugar advanced therapy
dream tinted moisturizer or tinted lip balm sorry and it’s just the prettiest
pink I’ve never used this for a three minute tutorial like in real life yet
but this was definitely what I have been using on a daily basis was just my
normal makeup so now I just apply a little bit of this to the lips and you
guys that is it that completes my three-minute makeup look honestly you
guys when I’m headed out the door I can do this in three minutes or less because
it’s only three products just like boop boop put a hat on and I’m good to go and
I just feel like it just adds a little bit more it just adds a little something
and it mostly is just for me like it mostly just makes me feel like a little
bit more polished and like cute to go out so anyways I hope you guys found
this helpful again this is just inspiration and figure out what works
for you if you’re rush like figure out what you want to
kind of play up and what you have naturally that you can kind of let be
natural and then the other things that like really matter to you like for me
the complexion working on evening out the skin or maybe putting on some
mascara or a lip color just whatever works for you so I hope you guys enjoyed
this tutorial I definitely had a lot of fun sharing with you my tips and tricks
that I genuinely do use when I’m in a rush or want to get out the door quick
so if you haven’t already joined the family please join it by hitting the
subscribe button and if you guys want to be notified every time I post a video
since I post three times a week just click on the little bell after you
subscribe and you’ll be notified every time I post thanks again for watching
you guys share in the comments below if you guys have any quick tips for getting
out the door what you like to do in the morning I
know some of you might not even wear makeup but if you do if you if there’s
just something that you always have to do before you leave the door let me know
what it is in the comments below have a fabulous weekend and I will see you in
my next video love you


  • Allyson Gottlieb says:

    My speedy routine (for mornings when I have to be at work at 7 AM) takes probably like 7-10 minutes, but I do all the steps in between racing around my kitchen drinking coffee and grabbing my stuff, so it counts. Brows (I have fuller natural brows so I just fill in a little on the ends), concealer (*and lately I've been adding my Becca corrector that I picked up because of you–I do have pretty bad dark circles and that stuff is amazing!), white eyeliner in the lower waterline to look more awake, mascara, and a lip product–usually it's a liquid lipstick that will last my whole shift, but lately it's just been tinted lip balm because my lips are so chapped and dry

  • mieza irdina says:

    Love your video so very much. Keep making this kind of video

  • amanda Chapa says:

    I love your videos! Please do more videos like this. I am always limited on time for work. I will have to try the products you mentioned. I usually do foundation, bronzer and mascara when I am in a hurry. And i just have to say you have such beautiful skin your completion is amazing.

  • C C says:

    Mascara, blush and chapstick or a tinted one 🤗

  • maria remedios tomas says:

    Very helpful and nice! For me it’s brows (Essence Make me brow or Benefit Give me brow), BB/CC cream & tinted lip balm too! I’ve been loving the Bare Minerals BB with SPF 30 because it controls oils, blurs pores, lines & actually doubles as a primer, too.

  • jjleb85 says:

    I thought i was the only one with a 3 min makeup routine! Creme to powder foundation (in a compact), some powder (maybe), lipstick and gloss (or just colored gloss).

  • Mrs.Appleton says:

    I would do foundation, powder, mascara if I had 3 products.

  • Sierra Rutherford says:

    Are you from WA? I live in Olympia 😊

  • Janee Lytch says:


  • sarah kate wilson says:

    you are so pretty it’s not fair

  • Alessa G says:

    Love this! Sometimes I don’t feel putting too much makeup on so this is so helpful.

  • Hollie sayshello says:

    I usually go for the hat or headband some BB cream, and dark circle concealer for days when I'm in a rush or lazy! haha

  • Clair Yee says:

    Even skin tone, eyebrows and bronzer. ❤️❤️

  • Savannah Pyle says:

    girl I feel the same!! it's the brows and foundation!

  • Danna Ann says:

    You have such gorgeous eyes 🤩🤩

  • DominosAndHearts says:

    Love it

  • Katie La Polla says:

    Brows, mascara and concealer for me. I have very dark under eye circles…I get concerned questions/comments without concealer on; "You look tired" and "Are you feeling okay?" being the top two! Very annoying!

  • Fatima Javaid says:

    Can you try following a Jeffree Star "extra" makeup tutorial? Or anyone whose makeup is not your style❤

  • Sydney Rios says:

    My must-haves are concealer (I have the WORST genetic under eye darkness), mascara, and a neutral blush! I use tinted eyebrow gel if I have time, then I throw on a nude lipstick in the car!

  • Michell Mcintosh says:

    I’m from Washington!!! Great video Allie. For me when I walk out the door is just green eyeliner. It just gives my face a little dimension! Love you 😘

  • Twin Peaks says:

    i dont look good in hats, so i do beanies

  • Daniya Ali says:

    she was in the gardiner sisters right?

  • BeautyGlamByAdriana says:

    I apply a primer to minimize my redness and my pores then I apply concealer under my eyes, on my nose and just blend outwards. I need to put on some mascara because I have small eyelashes! 🙁 Oh and some lipliner! That is it. I got 4 items! 🙂

  • MaddiedeVillada says:

    If I am in a hurry I prfer a BB cram because I use them with my hands.

  • Katelynn Boyd says:

    Hey guys if your looking for a great pair of lashes. I highly recommend dodo lashes and use the code “xkatelynnxo “ for $$ off your purchase!

  • Fani Triantafyllou says:

    Brows, lashes and lips…my top 3 😁😍❤

  • Nery Arjona says:

    Thank you Allie! Love it 😍 easy and good way to look 👀 good!

  • liliana flores says:

    This is so incredible 😍

  • Lucia Hall says:

    Tinted brow gel, mascara 2 kinds, cream blush, and red crayon matte lipstick. That's my ideal "look like you care" look, new mom, and I literally do this in the office before people start coming in, and the red lip always looks like you tried👌

  • Lynn Adams says:

    If I was only picking 3 it would be It cosmetics No 50 Serum, powder, mascara

  • tiffanyy_n says:

    If I had to choose only 3 products it would most def be mascara, brow gel & lip balm. My skin is nowhere near perfect but covering up all my imperfections & dark circles just takes too much time. I’ll just be like screw it, the world can have a nice look at my pimples & idgaf 😂

  • Kory Carsolowy says:

    I'm on a high end make up strike
    Only drugstore makeup
    What would you recommend for 3 product drugstore makeup?

  • Natalie M says:

    I totally do the hat/eyebrow hack when I'm in a hurry! Glad I'm not the only one lol 😉

  • Emelia Kate says:

    My three products I need for fast makeup are concealer, brow pencil and mascara…and if I have an extra 10 seconds I'll throw on some highlight 😊

  • Elletay says:

    I definitely found this very helpful, thank you. I think my only issue with videos like these is that you don’t show the skin prep, do you prep your skin beforehand? I can’t start my face until I’ve washed, toned and moisturized my face. I’d like to see an on the go tutorial with skin prep included! Also maybe an on the go tutorial for work? I work as a secretary so I can’t get away with wearing a hat, haha!

  • Genevieve Ferguson-Peña says:

    Pretty nail color

  • Kelley Devoe says:

    I saw your profile says Utah but your hat says Gig Harbor, was that a vacation? I live in Tacoma so I got super excited about the Gig Harbor.

  • Mrs. EMC says:

    off topic from beauty but I love the tone of your voice. I find it quite relaxing! I just found your channel about a week ago and have been binge watching your videos!

  • Justine Cunningham says:

    My three are brows, lashes and lips. Even though my skin isn't great, those are the three that I feel most comfortable doing the bare minimum with. #browslasheslips hahaha. I wish I had straight hair so I could do the baseball cap thing, but with all these curls, that would lead to frizz city lol.

  • javiebean says:

    Mascara and lip balm!!! Then I’m good to go! 🙂

  • Autumn Redman says:

    Lately I have been loving only doing concealer, eyebrows, and mascara. Concealer helps me spot conceal as well as take care of my under-eye circles, without feeling heavy on my skin! Plus who doesn’t love a good eyebrow? And mascara just pulls everything together!

  • Mona Kohlhaas says:

    It's not Make-Up, but I always use perfume. Even if I don't leave the house.

  • Anna Rose Fisher says:

    I feel u

  • DiAnna Burgess says:

    I LOVE THIS!! I put on mascara instead of blush and put my hair in a ponytail/bun and I'm good to go. But my full daily routine for work only takes about 20 minutes so I'm not a huge makeup user anyways.

  • Bryanda Ruiz says:


  • MissAine says:

    That’s so funny because my rush makeup is mascara, brows and concealer ahah

  • miss sunny says:


  • Kelsey Wardell says:

    I don’t wear makeup except on the weekends. I like sleep too much lol. I wish I could wear a hat to work because I could do that look, plus I found a dupe for your blush. W7 Africa. It’s 7 bucks on amazon.

  • Kait Rude says:

    It was by accident that I saw your Video it was your latest kathleen video! I love your personality… going to binge watch your videos now!!:)

  • Kristian Maiorca says:

    Mascara, lip balm, and a braid. I cheat slightly and use a peel off brow tint every other day at night. I know. A lot of people don't like them. I like them.

  • Kaylin Hernandez says:

    i have one of these 3 min makeup looks too! i do my eyebrows, put blush on my cheeks and nose (i just love how it looks idk why) and then use burts bees tinted chapstick! i pretty much do that everyday unless im feeling more boujee then i might do mascara too or a full face

  • Maria Irles says:

    I watched three of your videos and I'm totally subscribing! You're great!

  • Kelly Jo says:

    I love your hat!! I live in Gig Harbor and it’s where I grew up! Ahh so cool!!! 😄 would you mind letting me know where you got it? Plus I’m def gonna try this 3 min routine. I don’t have time like I used to w my little one so I think it’d be great! Thanks so much! Take care ☺️

  • Cas S. says:

    i cannot go anywhere without having chapstick. it doesn't even need to be tinted, i just need some moisturized lips

  • LipglossAndLemonade says:

    So glad I discovered your channel! New subbie here! 🙂

  • Malinova Magda says:

    Oh, you are so lucky your undereyes are so nice and lashes so beautiful! For me concealer is the must. Then mascara and something on my lips 💋

  • Robbie says:

    I love simple, natural makeup & I think you look just as beautiful with simple looks in contrast to complicated makeup that takes a lot of time. I do realize makeup gurus on YouTube are trying to create a business whereas I just need my makeup to last through a 12 hr. nursing shift. I think it would be great if a makeup guru offered mainly simple routines.

  • Pituca Beauty says:

    I love doing concealer, lashes and brows.

  • Jessica Atkinson says:

    I'm from Washington State!! Love your hat!

  • Kelly-Ann Rousseau-Bédard says:

    Half the time I don't really care so I won't do anything at all, but if I want a little something it'll be a tinted primer (I loooove the elf Beauty Shield one because it has SPF), a bronzer that has spots of highlight and blush mixed in (I took a tip from your videos by defining my crease with it also!), mascara, brow gel, and a bit of gloss. Takes me about 5 minutes.

  • Samantha Garceau says:

    My stepbrothers live in gig harbor!

  • Lisa Klopfer says:

    You look great! I do this sometimes but I like using Tarte B.B. cream,and I usually set it bc I’m combo n get shiny,but like some mascara n sometimes neutral swipe of color on my eye lids

  • Alyssa Lynne says:

    I love this 3 focus point idea! I never wear makeup to work because I'm always in such a rush, but this makes me feel like I can accomplish a natural look quickly! I think I'll try light foundation, mascara, and some blush 🙂

  • Carly Robbins says:

    I dont live far from Gig Harbor, WA!. #northwestblessed

  • Stephie V. says:

    Since I’ve been sick I don’t really bother with makeup anymore. For work, I will spot conceal with some concealer, powder to set it, curl my lashes and add some mascara. But Lately all I do is just curl my lashes and add mascara for daily. I used to love makeup but these days I hardly wear anything 🤷‍♀️


    How crazy! I’m from the PNW!!!! I love your hat and love Gig Harbor!! Are you from here?!

  • No Beauty Guru says:

    Wait… Gig Harbor? Where do you live?? I'm in Washington too.

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    Mines maybelline age rewind concealer benefit roller lash and maybelline fit-me powder

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    You are so beautiful!!! And your voice is hypnotic))) love your videos!

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    Great ideas!!!!

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    Where do I find that ball cap? Very cute!

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    u look gorgeous!! i can totally picture myself doing this for school

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    I'm new to makeup and my kinda school makeup routine is basically primer (I have a hairy face so it kinda makes my hairs slicked down) , a bit of concealer, eyebrow spooly, eyelash curler, and thats basically it 😂

  • Victoria Johnson says:

    This made me think about my top three things! Thanks Allie!

  • 6 # says:

    I hide my brows with a pair of darkd bot dpecificsllyn specifically for the purpose.

  • Xoxomaryxoxo -_-depression says:

    I am lucky I have, not thick eyebrows but not thin I have a normal type and this makeup should help me to go fast somewhere I with some good makeup so I watch it.


    I used pressed powder and lipstick only. Then let down my hair brush a little. And im good to go lol

  • Ara Z says:

    can I just say how surprising of a difference the baseball cap made? blimey I wasn't expecting that much of a wow!!!!!!! you really are talented!!!!!!

  • the gurl says:

    Who else is watching this because they have no makeup

  • Janvier Balser says:

    foundation and concealer

  • Sheetal Dubey says:

    You are best

  • AC Maeve says:

    On "minute makeup" mornings I'll use a thin layer of the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer in fair under my eyes and all over my lids with my finger. Then set it all with the Wet n Wild single eye shadow shade in creme brulee as if it was a setting powder to help my concealer last and it works brilliantly with my skin tone! 🙂 Add some of the e.l.f. prime and stay finishing powder in the medium/dark shade in my crease and also with the same medium sized face brush I'll use the e.l.f. powder to bronze up my face. If I have an extra minute to spare because I always want a little pop I'll add some of the wet n wild megaglo highlight stick, in the shade 800 when the nude strikes, to my inner corners and/or all over my lid, cheak bones, bridge of my nose and cupids bow with my finger. Finishing my eyes off with some of the physicians formula mascara in the brown shade – of the dual ended black on one side and brown on the other – in the custom eye enhancing mascara duo I have from them to only my top lashes. And the tinted lippie from Burt's Bees in Rhubarb. Then I'm out the door and actually feel confident with the few drugstore products I used in a quick pinch to help "wake up" my face and feel a bit put together with very little effort and only two brushes. Gives me the illusion of a full face of makeup without the fuss. And they wear perfectly for me all day long too. 🙂 I keep a wet n wild setting spray in my center console in my Jeep to spritz on whenever I have a second to spare like when Im sitting at a traffic light for days like this or whenever I need a "refresher" throughout the day. Lol. I have been using the new Rose one at my vanity on mornings I have more time to put into my makeup look and just have the older phoyo focus all day wear setting spray in my Jeep. I want to buy a Rose one for in there and a couple extras to have on hand because I'm afraid they will stop selling it and i love it so much more than the original ones they had.

  • Gladys Serna says:

    I know I´m late for this video jajaj but I really liked the baseball cap tip. For everyday or when I'm in a rush, I literally can not go out without brows, blush, highlighter and AT LEAST my lashes curled up, if I have a bit more time I will wear mascara hahah

  • Shazoo Ea says:

    i really like it lol

  • Lesley Singletary says:

    I LOVED this video! This is more of the makeup I do on an every day basis when I’m in a rush.

  • Lily Bosnick says:

    3 minute 3 products LOVE THIS and wish you'd do a new one. For me it's IT CC cream with SPF, Nars Orgasm blush, and Maybelinnes long-lasting superstar matte lip in Lover. I can always add a tinted balm while I'm where I'm going, since I carry that (and concealer sample) in my bag. Loved reading other people's must have 3 as well!

  • Random Shuffle says:

    I like this. Thanks. I personally can't leave the house without concealer under my eyes, some blush, mascara, powder and at least some lipstick.

  • Suyo’s Life says:

    My three minute makeup:
    Tinted lip balm

    And sometimes I sleep with kajal the night before and it becomes eyeshadow in the morning

  • amy jo says:

    concealor  I have dark circles and foundation even blended to neck

  • Robespierrey says:

    When I am in a rush, I usually stick to two products: for relaxed occasions, I just pop on a lot of blush and some highlighter; for more glam-y occasions, I pop my liquid eyeliner and a red lipstick on. Boom! Out of the door.

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