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– Hey everybody. My name is Alex and I am a lifestyle and a beauty YouTuber over on my channel. I share all of my favorite things, things that I’m loving, what I’m doing, just my daily life. But I’m really excited to be here today at the Nordstrom Rack channel to share with you guys my five favorite accessories for Fall, and thanks to Nordstrom
Rack for sponsoring and collaborating with me on this video. So I would describe my style as boho and feminine kinda mix, that’s what I’m loving for Fall. And if you wanna check out my channel, I did a video where I kinda
did like a get ready with me. I shared my hair, my makeup, and a really cute outfit for Fall, and I also share kinda
how to transition it from a daytime to a nighttime look. So, go ahead and check out
that video on my channel. So let’s get started with
accessory number one. I love hats especially for Fall. I love this wide-brim fedora look. I think it’s really cool, it’s really edgy and it pulls
your whole look together. You can throw on a hat on a bad hair day, with just jeans and a t-shirt and it instantly elevates any outfit. I love this gray color but I also think this warm tone brown is just like a total classic staple for Fall. Super cute, I’ll show you
guys what it looks like on, I’ll insert some clips here so you can see how I styled it. So it gives your whole outfit kind of like that boho vibe and I just love them, especially if it’s rainy
or not so nice out too. Accessory number two is a good bucket bag. I think bucket bags are
going to be huge for Fall. Everybody’s wearing them. I like to keep mine in
a small or medium size and Nordstrom Rack has a
great variety right now. They have tons of colors
and options to choose from, so this one is really cool. Again it’s in that really pretty brown, it just reminds me of Fall. It’s really soft and smooth, and what you do is you can kind of like cinch it up to give it that really cool, kind of laid-back look. So, like I said, I like mine to be a small or medium size where I
could wear it cross-body, I could wear it shoulder. You have a ton of different options. They fit everything you
need and it’s hands-free and super easy. So I think a bucket bag would really go with any outfit, but I paired it with a
really pretty feminine top and ripped up jeans, and I think the bucket bag really pulls the look together. It polishes it off and
makes it look really cool and fresh for Fall. Essential number three are a
good pair of round sunnies. I wore round sunglasses all Summer long and I don’t think the trend
is stopping any time soon. They just suit like a bunch of different face shapes, hair colors, everything. So I love them. I love a good warm like gold pair, I think it just looks really
pretty and fun for Fall, and of course like sunglasses
if it’s super bright out, you need’em so I love these. I can just throw them in my bucket bag, have them whenever I need them. So I actually love pairing
mine with a fedora. I think it gives you a super glam look and you didn’t even have to try. You can have a bad hair day, you don’t even need any makeup on and you look super glam. So essential number four might come as a little bit of a surprise, because I think when you
think of shoes for Fall, you immediately think of booties and don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of booties, but this Fall I’m really
loving lace-up flats. I think they’re really cool, they’re edgy and they bring
in together any outfit and you can wear them all day long. They won’t hurt your feet
because they’re flat, they lace up, they’re really cool. So I found these snakeskin-inspired ones at Nordstrom Rack. They have a black lace and
kind of like gold details. They’re just really edgy. Throw them on with a good
pair of black ripped jeans, a t-shirt, you’re good to go. It makes your whole outfit and the flat makes it super
comfy for all-day wear, but they’re cute at night too. You can even pair it with a little skirt and dress it up. And our last essential,
essential number five, for Fall is a good denim jacket. I have mine on, and not just for Fall
but really year round. I think a good denim jacket is a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. It’s the perfect transition piece to go from Summer to Fall. It’s lightweight, it’s classic, it goes with everything,
they’ll never go out of style. So I love a good medium-wash one and you can do a little bit oversized if you kinda like to wear
it over your shoulders. But I like a little bit
more of a fitted vibe to also go with like my tighter pants or boots and stuff. I think it’s really cute. So today I paired the
jacket with this really cute kind of lacy, feminine
top and then I think, adding on the denim jacket
gives a little more edge and gives it a little
bit more of a Fall vibe. So that is essential number five. And those are my five
favorite accessories for Fall. I hope that you guys enjoyed this video and thanks again to Nordstrom Rack for supporting and collaborating
with me on this video. Don’t forget to subscribe to their channel and don’t forget to check out my video on my channel. It’s a get ready with me. If you love hair, makeup, and
clothes, you will love it. Thank you guys so much for watching. Again, all the details will be down below in the description box and I’ll see over at my channel. Bye.

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