5 Favorite Cleansing Balms and Sephora Sale Double-Cleanse Balm Recommendations!

Welcome back to my channel wanted to come on here today and talk to you guys a little bit about my favorite cleansing balms and Basically, what these are if you don’t know. They are a balm to oil and typically from there to a milk Cleanser that you usually use as a first cleansing step before you go on and cleanse a second time I do this all the time in the treatment room with my facials, and I love doing it at home for The ritual of it and just how it leaves my skin feeling so if you want to hear about my five favorite Cleansing moms and since the Sephora sale is coming I have a few suggestions for the Sephora sale in Cleansing balms that you might want to consider picking up so we are gonna start with my absolute number one Favorite and that is the high Mich This is the high mesh all clean balm I mean first of all just take in that packaging isn’t it just I don’t know I just think it’s a really beautiful packaging and what I find very cool about it is it opens in a flip top and inside there oh And inside there is a spatula Which is just fantastic for? Getting the bomb out of the container highest cleanser is really neat because it actually uses the fatty acid from palm oil as The emulsifying oil for your face it also uses shea butter And it has a whole slew of fruit acids in there as well It is fragrance free and it is good for around your eyes, which I love they aren’t all great around your eyes But this one is you can definitely work and get rid of all Kinds of makeup I mean if you’ve got long wear eyeliner Everything it will just dissolve it now the deal with doing a first cleanse is oil dissolves oil So when you go in with the first cleanse you put this bomb on dry skin? And you massage it in until it literally turns into an oil on your skin And at that time it is attaching itself to the sebum and the oils that are on your skin And then you go ahead and you put some water on it it turns into kind of a white Milky residue and you’re able to rinse it away. I always Follow with a second cleanse in the treatment room and at home I find that doing the first cleanse because they’re such good slip It’s a great opportunity to do some facial massage and some lymphatic drainage this crime ish all clean bomb is 1825 and you get 120 mil so you actually get a decent amount of product because you don’t need a lot I made the mistake early on of using way too much of these bombs you just don’t need that much that solid turns into a nice oil quickly and The heat of your skin just really takes it down which brings me to one little tip be very careful Leaving these like if you travel And they’re in your car because heat will cause them to melt and they will leak so be really really aware of Where you store these? And you do not want them exposed to too much heat my next favorite is actually by Dermalogica And it is their pre cleanse balm And I loved this since they came out with it Dermalogica actually has a pre cleanse oil that is a cult classic it’s been out for a very long time and what they did was they took their pre cleanse oil and they put it into a Balm form so when this comes in contact with your skin it transforms into that free cleanse balm or pre cleanse oil The only thing is this is a lot easier to deal with and then the original oil in my opinion a lot So people still love that oil. I love this so much this is vegan It is cruelty free it is paraben free. It is fragrance free It does use lavender oil and so you do get that kind of spa lavender scent it is Expensive it is $45 and you get 3 ounces and you know so that’s a little bit more considering my high mannish is $18.25 and I get it on Amazon Prime You know it’s a little bit expensive, but if you like the aromatherapy factor this does have the lavender in it And it is the natural oil and it’s really really pleasant to use I talked about this one in my last video and that is the Botanics hot cloth cleansing balm this one is 97% organic ingredients and it is I’m going to read these to you phthalate free butyl paraben free propyl paraben free and Overall paraben free and it uses shea butter and olive oil to emulsify all of the oil and grime on your face now this one is definitely different than the last two that I talked to you about this one goes on more like the consistency of honey and it does not turn into a milky substance you do need to remove this with a very warm cloth and then definitely go on with a second cleanse I Find this absolutely Amazing for dry skin. I am extra dry right now using retin-a and all that kind of stuff, and I find that this is extremely Pampering to my skin right now think about this that is super cool This is actually fantastic as well for people who are acne prone. It dissolves and carries away the Sebum and excess oil and because you go in with a second cleanse And you could use the salicylic acid or something like that this actually makes your skin cleaner then Just doing one cleanse which is really great for people who have acne I know That it doesn’t seem it seems counterintuitive to put an oil on your skin if you have Oil problems, but it actually does a fantastic job for oily or skin types And it leaves you really really comfortable because your skin is not stripped I love this one and like I said before this one I bought it at Walgreens for about $11 But I found it at Target for under 7 and you do get 2 ounces and again You don’t need a lot of it but it’s important to know the difference in the consistency and that you do need to use a cloth with it and Do get a cloth in the box with this one, so that’s kind of cool, too Another one from the drugstore is the yes to coconut and this one is a really fun find Because it is at Ulta, and it was $9.99 and it is wonderful this one is so fantastic it uses rice bran oil coconut oil and Moringa seed oils to do the work of emulsifying and getting rid of that excess oil and sebum on your skin and it smells divine now you can use this one a couple different ways if you could put this one right in the palm of your hand and add a little bit of water and actually make it a creamy cleanser or You can do like all the others and apply it to a dry face Work it in until you feel the slip And you can tell your skin and spank lean add some water, and it becomes that milky cleanser You rinse it away, and then you do your second cleanse it is absolutely beautiful And you get four ounces for ten dollars really really great product. I really like it a lot The last one that I’m going to share with you guys is the vanilla Co that clean it zero Purity for sensitive and skin this one actually does not have Mineral oil in it the pink version does I do not have a problem with mineral oil But if you do this version is great now this one is $22 on Amazon Prime, and you get a hundred mil. This is another one of them that is a balm and turns into a nice really great slip on your skin perfect for facial massage and I really enjoy this one because it also has Pyatt extract. So not only are you? Able to emulsify and really get rid of oil and sebum But that papaya extract that enzyme actually will help even more with blackheads This is a fantastic one if you suffer from congestion and blackheads now with the Sephora sale coming There are a few that you could pick up there if you want to try something out while there’s a sale The it cosmetics buy my makeup is absolutely fantastic as is the Clinique take the day off if you want to go super bougie you could get the evil ohm and Is the esthetician who started it all her bomb cleanser was the one that launched the crazies I? Believe it’s $80. So it is a serious Penny to pick up that cleanser But if you’ve wanted to try it this would be a great time to do that and they do carry Eve them at Sephora So you can get it during the sale I? Also wanted to recommend just a couple of my second cleanse options number one I love my Obagi gentle cleanser under I also love this hydro Peptide exfoliating cleanser this one is really fantastic it has beads in it, and it’s just a really gentle exfoliating cleanser I like this one very very much I have been testing out a brand called new do from New Zealand And I’m really enjoying their cleanser as a second cleanse and I also Absolutely love the hada labo Cleanser and I will list all of those down below, but they’re all fantastic second cleanses I think double cleansing has a lot to do with balance we’re trying to Clear our skin of excess oil and sebum and that kind of stuff, but leave it Comfortable so there’s no reason to strip our skin in order to get it clean I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you would like a video all about facial massage techniques that you could follow along with I would be happy to film that I Find great pleasure in a facial massage and lymphatic drainage And really just working fluid away from my face. I get we all carry a lot of fluid around our eyes and Really knowing how to move the fluid out of especially the center of your face And your eyes is just a really great tool in your arsenal for Making yourself feel and look your best, and I’d be happy to do a video So that we could follow along because once you’ve done it a couple times You know exactly what you’re doing and you know what to feel for you know Exactly where your lymph nodes are and it’s just an amazing Procedure to perform on yourself at home with a cleansing balm so anyway I hope you guys have a wonderful day, and I will talk to you again very very soon

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