5 New Makeup Releases I’m Excited For | Cruelty-free Makeup

5 New Makeup Releases I’m Excited For | Cruelty-free Makeup

– Hey friends, welcome back. It’s great to see you. I’m Courtney, and I have Phaedra and Nyx hanging out in the room with me. They’re my two Standard
Poodles, I love them to bits. Today, I’m bringing you my top five makeup releases to be excited for. So, these are the makeup
releases that I’m going to buy. Number one, I’m really, really, really excited about SauceBox relaunching. They’re completely
rebranding and relaunching their entire line on,
I think like, May 31st. That sounds right. Right now you can score,
I think, up to 70% off on their products because
they’re cleaning out all of their existing stock to
make room for the new stock. And I have to tell you, if
you don’t already own it, you need the Secret Garden
palette and you need Etude. Secret Garden is beautiful. I’ve done plenty of
looks with it on my blog, you can check it out. And also, Etude is like, their top seller. It’s like, the perfect
balanced neutrals palette that has cool tones,
neutral tones and warm tones for a complete neutral palette. I’ve gifted that palette to many friends and makeup artists and they love it because, they say, it’s
perfect for their kit because it works on all skin tones. So, number two. I’m really, really excited for the Melt Cosmetics Smoke
Session palette relaunch. Now, I already bought this palette when it first came out,
I’ve gifted it to a friend, and it sold out like, immediately. It’s coming back this weekend, on 4/20, so if you’re interested in having a green eyeshadow palette that has beautiful cool tones
and beautiful warm tones and an amazing eyeshadow
formula that’s got good pigmentation, but is
extremely blendable, this is it. I love this palette. It is amazing. You absolutely need it if
you love to wear greens. Number three. I cannot wait to get my hands on the Black Moon Cosmetics
Black Metals palette. Holy shit. It is everything that I wanted the Black Moon Cosmetics
Orb of Light palette to be. It is so beautiful. I’m going to go ahead and read
you the color descriptions. We have Emperor, which is an olive gold, Eternal, which is a rose gold, Myth, which is an emerald green, Immortal, which is a purple
with arctic blue reflects, Sorrow, which is a sapphire
blue with arctic blue reflects, Armageddon, red with copper reflects, Castle, which is a gunmetal, Abracadabra, which is a sheer,
iridescent pink/blue/purple. All I know about this palette, aside from the beautiful pictures you see up here and what I just read, is that it’s coming soon. I will be buying this
as soon as I absolutely, possibly can because yes,
this is what I am looking for. It’s fucking gorgeous. I love Black Moon Cosmetics. If you haven’t heard me rave about them, you should go ahead and
check out my video over here, which is a lip swatch video of 21 of the Black Moon
Cosmetics liquid lipsticks. Love, love, love them. Number four on my list, Rituel de Fille. So tomorrow, Rituel de Fille is launching an entire highlighter collection. It’s going to be limited
edition, which I hate. You know I fucking hate
limited edition stuff. But, I love the brand Rituel de Fille and I might buy a couple of these. I think they’re releasing
four different shades. The two in particular
that I really liked are, let me see what they’re called, the Enchantress, which is an aqua, and the High Priestess, which is a lilac. Now, my only hesitation with buying these is that, whenever I got PR samples of Ghost Light a couple years ago and I felt like I really,
really had to pile it on to get it to show up on my pale skin, so I was disappointed with that, but the other colored
highlighters that I have tried from Rituel de Fille, ’cause
I got samples of them, have been beautiful, so I’m
probably going to grab some of these, ’cause I just think
they look freaking amazing. So last, but not least,
on my list is Sugarpill. Sugarpill has been
teasing us fucking forever with these new eyeshadows and
so I’ve forgotten about them, remembered them, forgotten
about them, remembered them. I think they’ve been teased since like, last October or something. I think they were first
teased in like, a Riley Rose. So, regardless, I just want
these fucking eyeshadows to come out and I saw that Sugarpill is also releasing some gloss. I might try one of the glosses. I am not a gloss person, but
I’m pretty much intrigued by anything Sugarpill does and I’m really, really excited for new eyeshadows. Alright, so those are my
top five makeup releases to get excited for. Let me know what you’re
excited about, makeup-wise, because I feel like
it’s been almost a year since I’ve been this excited about makeup. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video.


  • Sarah Boutwell says:

    I am excited about the black moon pallet speaking of pallet did you see the notoriously morbid ritual of moons pallet

  • Sinndy Morr says:

    The Black Moon Palette is stunning!!!!!

  • Della classysassydiva617 says:

    Omg I’m going to send my items to my sister house and just say it’s a gift lol

  • JackOllie4 says:

    I saw your amazing long hair on IG. Stunning!!! You're definitely "youthing!" I'd swear you're in your 20's!
    Now, I will have a problem with perhaps wanting one or more of these great palettes!

  • Marinela Ortiz says:

    A friend of mine got me into Black Moon Cosmetics by getting me and our other friends liquid lipsticks two years ago and she got me Eternal. What I love about them is that they stay on and I love using Eternal while going to anime conventions so I won't have to reapply my lipstick since there are times where it's hard to take that lipstick break. lol I definitely want their new pallet from what you described and would look great with my Shroom Highlighter from their brand as well.

  • Marianne Pendleton says:

    I just love how articulate you are!

  • Tom Jones says:

    I'm excited for Sugar Pill. I'd love it if you kept your swearing to once or twice a video. When overused they take the place of more creative descriptions and videos get more boring. Its comes off the same as people who say everything is "amazing" 10 times a video. I start to switch off cause it feels empty and insincere. I want more of what you think and feel rather than empty modifiers. But I know you just gotta swear sometimes.

  • Erin Guerra says:

    The Melt Cosmetics Smoke Sessions is the one I feel I have to get…the colors just look perfect!

  • jo_ v80 says:

    πŸ‘Œ exciting!

  • Christina Walker says:

    Awesome video! The black moon palette looks gorgeous!

  • blythea35 says:

    That Black Moon palette is stunning. I may need to pick up one since I haven’t tried anything from the brand yet. I did finally order Safari Raine. It was too beautiful to pass up.

  • Liz Torres says:

    I love that sugar pill promo. Gonna be checking that out.

  • Bridget Delany says:

    The Black Moon palette reminds me of the KVD Serpentina palette.

  • KrazyKat Lady11 says:

    I dont remember you being someone who swears so much!….

  • DeOndrea Walker says:


  • BeautyAnya76 says:

    I am looking forward new black moon cosmetics palette and smoke melt cosmetics palette are coming up soon! By the way, I noticed you have a long hair it looks great on you! <3 <3

  • Carleen Pruess C. says:

    I'm loving your hair!!!

  • valkolakk says:

    I'm freaking out about Smoke Sessions (which I'm afraid I still won't score) and the Black Metals!

  • RinaReviews says:

    Three of yours are the releases I am most excited about! You know I love and adore Black Moon and Sugarpill and pretty much love everything they do. I'm intrigued by the Sugarpill glosses. I've recently gotten back into gloss and am interested in the "stain" aspect they claim to have. I'm also super interested in the Black Moon palette and will 100% be getting it. It looks so lush! And I'm buying two of the Rituel de Fille highlighters when they release in 30 minutes, haha!

  • Chelsea Olivia says:

    Okay 1) you are freaking STUNNING. 2) loving that Smoke Sessions palette- so gorgeous!

  • Michelle J says:

    I just picked up Devinah's Eternal Night. I tried it for the first time today, the shadows are really nice. The only greys in my collection were shimmers, and throughout winter, I wanted some grey mattes. I liked the look I did today…grey shadows, topped with their bright/white rainbow highlighter that I picked up with it. I can see myself getting a lot out of this palette…maybe you have the greys you need, but if not, you may like it, too. Both cool and warm greys.

  • Claudia Materdomini says:

    The Black Moon Cosmetics palette looks super fun! I'd have no idea how to use it well, lol, but looks really nice!

  • Marcia Friedman says:

    These amazing colors are so perfect for you. I can't wait to see them on you. The Black Moon is incredibly striking.

  • BeginNails Kristi V says:

    I totally took notes while watching this! Going to check out some of these brands!

  • Kathryne says:

    Would love to have some Saucebox! Thanks for sharing your code

  • Amber Kane says:

    Do you like Colour Pop or is that too commerical. I am not really goth, but I like you so I started watching your videos. I like different takes on makeup.

  • PolishGalore says:

    I'll be honest – it's been a LONG time since I've been excited for a makeup release. I don't know if it's just because there's been SO MUCH in the past 10 years or what! I used to go nuts for the Urban Decay palettes and once they started the Naked craze, I got bored. I like watching your excitement though and can't wait to see you review some if not all of those releases in the future.

  • Martha Villagomez says:

    I was finally able to order the Smoke Sessions palette!!!!!!!!! Snoopy dance Super stoked to finally be able to try it out. I haven't tried Black Moon Cosmetics yet, but after you review this new one, I'll probably crack.

  • 25 Sweetpeas says:

    OOO all of those look really exciting!

  • Polish and Paws says:

    I really want to try No Thnx and Next from the Sugarpill Glosses

  • Model City Polish says:

    I am in love with the packaging for Saucebox!!! I am a sucker for cute packaging!

  • Gabrielle L says:

    I am so upset that I missed out on that gorgeous blue Rituel de Fille highlighter!!!!

  • Glo Patterson says:

    Love all these colors but it is always hard to pick out just one

  • Sandy Weinstein says:

    i have never heard of any of these. i do get the leaping bunny emails. but then i dont shop much for make up like i used to, i am retired and only wear the basics except for special occasions, dated, parties, etc. you are so funny when you do videos. so natural

  • 1AlwaysNYC 1 says:

    I first heard about Melt from you. I love those greens!

  • jo_ v80 says:

    Yes I need to try Saucebox!

  • Jenn Warschauer says:

    I want to try all of these. Keeping my eye out for deals.

  • Chelsea Menscer says:

    Always excited for melt palettes. These are great.

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