5 tips to find a great dentist! – For cosmetic dentistry, invisalign, and implants.

5 tips to find a great dentist! – For cosmetic dentistry, invisalign, and implants.

what’s up guys this is dr. o for
innovative dental today I am super excited to share with you something I
think it’s gonna really help you out in trying to find a dentist and I’m gonna
share with you the five things you should consider as you seek out your
next dentist I’m hopeful that a lot of you already have an awesome dentist and
if you do fantastic obviously you’re a step ahead as far as
some of you trust and can really value to help you maintain your oral health
but there’s a ton of people according to the questions that we’ve been getting
the emails and we’ve been getting in our practice that they’re wanting me to help
them seek out and find a dentist in their community and I wanted to give
some basically five tips that will help you do this I feel that will will give
you a good dentist that you can trust I understand the anxiety that that people
are going through when they’re trying to pick a dentist I mean you’re definitely
trusting a complete stranger with something as intimate as your mouth and
trying to decide is it going to be a good scenario or am I gonna know they’re
gonna listen to me are they going to give me the best care you know maybe
you’re seeking some cosmetic dentistry and that’s even another step of trust
right because you’re not just asking for somebody to do a few fillings you’re
asking somebody to hey don’t mess up my grille you know and that’s that’s even
another level of trust that I think is a difficult hurdle for people to get over
when they go to a dental practice or a new office and a new facility with
today’s discussion I’m hopefully gonna help you navigate that obviously I wish
I could help everybody make that decision heck I wish everybody would
come to innovative dental I mean we’re a great practice here we hopefully
practice what we preach so the five tips hopefully we’re nailing those and
delivering that type of five-star customer service and value to our
patients I really feel like we do but these things are really going to be
important to consider as you find your next dentist or your first dentist
maybe it’s your first one first one number one on the list is got to be
reviews and reputation thank God we live in this market where we can go online
and something I mean I won’t even go to a
restaurant typically if I’m not familiar with what their online reviews are maybe
what a friend is said about them and so first thing you want to do before you go
to a dental practice is get online you have a tool right in your hand probably
or your smartphone and you can see what their reputation is are the reviews
online I would not go to much just by the overall score so like for example
Google has a five-star scoring system and I I think that’s great but more
important than that is quantity of reviews and the number of detailed
comments that are specific to maybe some procedures or care that you’re seeking
so that’s important to me when you’re trying to decide if you’re gonna trust a
place with maybe maybe it’s aligning teeth their braces or Invisalign care or
maybe it’s an implant you know search through the comments find somebody who’s
gotten an implant there who raves about the way that they do implants and then
so do your research first and foremost don’t go to practice that you haven’t
found out what their reputation is online and you feel good about it and
then reputation in the community so ask your friends your coworkers are a great
source right so somebody’s sitting next to you or that’s something that you work
alongside all day they probably have it in us and if they don’t maybe you guys
helped find one together that you trust so that’s my first first tip definitely
reviews and reputation now on to our second tip on how to find an awesome
dentist and that would be photos and video you know I you wouldn’t even think
about touring a home that you want to buy or buying a car with some other
things you might look at photos of you know clothing I mean if you’re gonna
shop online you want to see good quality clothing and all of that’s important
because photos document what that company is delivering to their client we
take photos of everything matter of fact they have a little joke in our practice
if yet didn’t take a quality photo and never happen and so what that means for
us is that we want to capture what we do for people because we’re always a trying
to prove it and B want to show other people
how we might be able to help them so photos are really important it should
be on their website social media I mean how do I help you find somebody and not
mess around and find some offices that you might go dang it this was not what I
was looking for and I think ruling out the fact that they have quality photos
that document the care they give whether it’s a smile photo whether it’s
lifestyle photos of the people that their patients we try to and all of our
marketing be extremely genuine and clear that these are our patients they’re
people we have helped smile these are actual treatments we do and so our
videos and our photos hopefully do that it’s one reason this channel is created
I mean my goal in this channel is to reach out and help people see what
innovative dental really is all about how that we’re really interested in
helping people even if you can’t come to our practice or you have an awesome
practice that you go to whether you live in Springfield or not
we just want to be a helper and educator a leader in trying to help people make
good decisions when it comes to their oral health and that’s our passion not
just providing smiles but helping people get the best for their for their smile
and that’s really what the min this video is about so hopefully this is
helping you tip number two make sure that you go to a practice or rule out
practices that don’t document the care that they provide and choose practices
that could give you a very confident level of hey this is what it looks like
before we saw this patient and it looked like look at what we were able to do for
them and hopefully if you had a similar condition we should be able to do
something similar for you right so now you’re gaining some confidence that hey
they’ve just they’ve done this before this isn’t their first time that should
be able to give you the confidence to walk in the door and trust them with
something as important and as precious as your smile I got 23 people are gonna
shout amen to this one the third tip and deciding which practice to go to would
be the team every dentist is going to hopefully be
able to confidently deliver you this is what I can do I can show you how I want
to help you and hopefully they can diagnose and provide care they’re going
to talk well about hopefully what they can deliver I mean shoot it would be
kind of a bad deal if you came in here and I’m like yeah I don’t I don’t know
if I’m gonna do very good at what you’re asking me to do right now what you
cannot and what’s very difficult to fake is the team’s enthusiasm and
understanding for the care that people are getting and what I mean by that is
generally people are good they don’t want to promote something they don’t
feel is good and the team is going to know if the care that is being provided
is good so if you are calling up and they don’t seem super excited about what
they’re doing at that practice that would be a big concern or if they’re not
very confident on how to explain what they’re doing if you call their practice
and you ask about dental implants all of our team is going to be able to give you
a pretty decent understanding of our process and how we can help people do
that same thing with cosmetic veneers you call up a practice and you’re
thinking hey I want to change my smile and they’re like you know yeah I’m not
quite sure how we do that the doctor will maybe have to go over all of that
and I get that there’s some the doctor should be giving you like the treatment
plan but the team should be able to give you some sort of understanding if you
ask questions in detail about a procedure that you’re wanting to go
forward with so hopefully that helps you understand the team is such an integral
part of providing excellent care and they are gonna find it difficult to fake
or mislead the the patients there with enthusiasm or with an understanding of
what they do and so I would say you know you call up and ask a few questions
about what you want they should feel it confidently enthusiastically and
hopefully and you can even sense a smile I know that our team laughs on the phone
I love it I walk by the phone and I’ve got some of these girls that work for
innovative tunnel they’re just so amazing they laugh they’re engaging with
patients they never met and they’re excited about just the opportunity to
meet them you want to call a practice that does
that and when you get there you want to get that same vibe so the team doesn’t
just start with the phone call right so you come into the practice and you’re in
our office or any other office if that front desk is it smiling I walk out you
know I’m just being real if you walk into a practice and that front office is
not smiling to see you and excited that you came you’re looking at something
that’s probably you’re probably anxious about and you’re probably nervous right
and you’ve maybe taken a lot of courage to even get in your car that morning and
drive to the dental practice and you satin let the the parking lot I’ve heard
all the stories all right patients get here and they sit in the parking lot and
they’re just anxious about going in and I can totally sympathize with you guys
and I get that is a huge trust thing to do that and then finally muster up
enough courage to trust somebody and you go in their front door and then
everybody’s distracted nobody cares about you being there and they’re not
smiling so I would get out first thing now they’re smiling and they’re happy to
see you and they’re were prepared for you now that’s a totally different
feeling and trust me our team spends a ton of time preparing for each one of
our patients so that we know who you are the best we can by sending out surveys
that we are going to engage you as a person first and a patient second and
that’s really important so the team is going to be the ones doing that that is
not me right I’m not going to be at the front door greeting you when you come in
but team’s going to do that and they need
doing that with enthusiasm and passion for the fact that they know why they
went to work that day and that’s to change people’s lives with the power of
a smile hopefully that helps you understand why a team is super valuable
and really needs to be an integral part of a decision to trust a dental practice
with your smile that hopefully I gets us now through point number three point
number four is technology while I believe technology is awesome and it
definitely changes lives it’s not everything but if a practice doesn’t
want to invest in technology I would be a little concerned about where their
heart is in providing the best for their patients because technology allows us to
do that and the way I think about investing at innovative dental or our
whole team thinks about it is can we impact patients lives if we invest in
this technology can we improve the care can we change their experience can we
drastically improve the quality the health and the overall pain experience
and just the whole whole deal with our patients can we make something
drastically unique and different than that they’ve not experienced or are
expecting and if that answer is yes then we are onboard technology should be
invested and for the purpose of improving people’s lives not purely
because it’s a thought of how can I make money and what’s my return on investment
and I can tell you you can you can get the sense of that with an office that
spends a lot of money on newer technology because I can tell you
they’re not gonna make it all back immediately they’re gonna have to do it
for years and years maybe decades to get it back and so in the meantime the
enjoyment and the passion for providing the best is what drove that decision to
invest in that technology and I truly feel like if you want to pick an office
that is going to give you the latest in dentistry make sure you check out their
technology on their website and ask about it when they
it should be a prevalent part of what they do for their patients where’s your
fourth point technology the last one is my favorite because I just had a patient
today said I just got a bad gut feeling about this the last office I went to and
just like I didn’t feel good my gut hurt I just was like I got to trust my god
I’m not gonna go there she drives from a couple hours away to
get care here because she trusted her gut that she needed to leave the
practice and the care that she was getting wasn’t the best and that’s what
I say in the last one is number five tip number five is trust the vibe or the gut
so listen to your internal voice right if you walk in and your whole experience
you are feeling good confident the team is energetic
the environment is positive people are smiling you know that what you’re
getting is gonna be the best then you’re you’re gonna kind of get the vibe that
you know these people are legit and they’re gonna be awesome and I can trust
them and they’re not in it just to see me as a number and get me in and out the
door but they’re gonna invest their time and and make something unique for me
that’s a totally different vibe that you get and you wouldn’t buy a car from a
car salesman if you didn’t get a good vibe from them why would you trust your
smile veneer work implants how would you trust anybody that you don’t get a good
vibe from so recap tip number one is reviews and reputation two would be
photos three would be team four would be technology and the final one is trust
the vibe well my hope is that this video really helps a bunch of people find the
right dentist for their oral health and that they’re gonna find somebody who’s
gonna have a good connection with them take good care of their teeth give them
the best help them smile for the rest of their life and if it did if this video
was helpful and you find a dentist based off this video please leave something in
the comments give a thumbs up let me know that this is working because I want
to you helped more people but man it’s nice to
hear that it’s making a difference for some people and you know if you’re
seeking a dentist the maybe for cosmetic ministry
don’t let distance keep you from coming to innovative dental we have a program
called smiles than reach that helps relieve that challenge of distance and
get you here to our practice and gives you a smile in a single visit and allows
you to return home with considerable cost savings especially in many markets
so check us out it’s called smiles and rage if you’re interested definitely
give us a call it’s eight eight nine four seven four six you can also go to
our website ID Springfield com please give this a like you know smash
the thumbs up button if that’s something you’re into comment below I’d love to
hear your thoughts and maybe some of their ideas about videos that you would
want me to make and until next time keep smiling


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