6 British Makeup Brands to buy in London and UK

6 British Makeup Brands to buy in London and UK

Hello there! So I’m gonna talk about 6 british makeup brands that you can buy in London and UK. So, let’s jump to the video. My name is Manu Luize, let’s say I’m kind of half brazilian, half italian, so I’m sorry if my English is not that good. But, I hope I can help you. So, let’s talk about 6 British makeup brands that you can buy in London or United Kingdom. I’m gonna talk about drugstores makeup brands that you can buy, that are less expensive and high end brands that you can buy like Burberry makeup. So, let’s talk about them! The first band I’m gonna talk is called Makeup Academy ( MUA ), it’s a drugstore makeup brand that you can buy at Superdrug. It’s a very famous drugstore in UK. I have two products from Makeup Academy, this palette was £4 with 12 shades. I think the pigmentation is pretty good. I really like this MUA palette, actually, I’m wearing 3 eye shadows from this palette today. I wear them every day, let me show you the colors of this eye shadow palette from MUA. It’s alive! Let me show you the colors from this MUA palette, I really really like this colours. The eye shadows from this palette are more of a neutral kind of colours. This Makeup Academy palette is called Heaven and Earth. I’ve been using since I bought it quite a long time ago, it’s actually already broken. I also have an eyeliner from MUA, it was one pound only, this british makeup brand, they have the single eyeshadow which are also £1. So, you can find a lot of makeup products to buy for £1 from this brand. And you can find MUA at Superdrug, that’s the pink drugstore in UK. Another british makeup brand that you can buy in drugstores in UK is called Collection, actually it was called Collection 2000, but, well, we’re in 2015 so they already changed the name of the brand for just Collection. But the first time I’ve bought in 2011, it was called Collection. I’m actually holding the only makeup from the brand that I still own. It’s a velvet lip cream it’s called Cream Puff From Collection, it was created long before this liquid lipstick fever. I’ve first bought it in 2011. I think I’ve paid £1 for this liquid lipstick. Today it cost £2.99, which still a good price for this product. It stays very long on your lips and I don’t think is drying. And I really liked this colour. They also have a lot of products, I tried their eye mascara too, The price range for Collection mascaras are about £ 2.99 to £ 3.99. They also have a concealer which
is very famous I’ve never tried the concealer, but I would love to. The thing I was going to tell you about the mascaras from Collection is that I think they dry really fast inside of the packaging . I have bought 3 of them, but I used the first packaging and when I was going to use the second one it
was already dry You will find Collection makeup at at Boots, another drugstore that’s pretty amazing in UK. I really love Boots! You can find many drugstore products at Boots, but also high end makeup and fragrances like from Dior. Parfums form other brands. The third British makeup brand that you can buy in London or UK is Rimmel. I believe it’s one of the most famous Rimmel a british brand that’s very known. It’s a little more expensive than Collection and Makeup Academy, but it’s still a drugstore brand. The mono eyeshadows are about £4.50, the mascaras are £5 to £7. I really like this eye shadow. It’s called Colour Mousse from Rimmel, in a colour that I really like. It’s a mousse eye shadow, it’s like a cream eye shadow actually. And I really like this neutral colour. So, this is the 3rd british makeup brand you can buy in London and UK and you’ll find Rimmel at Boots. About the drugstores, I wanted to say something: you can always find good offers at Superdrug and Boots, they always have those kind of promotions like pay 3 pay 2, like 3 for 2 or buy 3 makeup products and win a little makeup brush. They all have nice offers, so you can actually enjoy this too. So remember that! Now, going a little up with the prices. This is Liz Earle, it’s also a British makeup brand and I
actually found this quite recently, it was on a press kit at London Fashion Week last year, so this was how I’ve met this british makeup brand. And I really like this blush, it’s called Coral n˚ 5, it’s a beautiful colour for spring and summer. Liz Earle was a skincare brand and then, later, they created the makeup brand the makeup line, inside of the brand. With the same idea, that was to create products with natural active ingredients. Liz Earle lipsticks are £ 14. You can find Liz Earle available at Boots and also at John Lewis that’s a department store at Oxford Street. This is Illamasqua, it’s a very known british makeup brand that I think is becoming very famous all over the world, at least for people that love makeup. They have a huge range of makeup products and accessories, like brushes. And I really like this brand, of course, it’s a little more expensive than the other ones I showed you before. but let me tell you about the prices. This is their foundation, it’s called Skinbase, it was very famous when I bought, it’s £32 so you can see. it’s a little more expensive than the drugstore brands, but I really like Illamasqua. For lipsticks from Illamasqua, this one is called Plunge, it’s a baby pink lipstick that I actually don’t think it looks good on me. Illamasqua lipsticks are £ 18.50. Illamasqua lip gloss are about £ 17 to £ 18. I really love this lip liner, it’s called Titivate, it’s a lovely hot pink lip liner. Like a hot almost neon pink lipstick. And the lip liner cost £ 15. You can buy Illamasqua makeup at their own stores, tey have many stores in London and you can also buy it Selfridges the department store, also in Oxford Street. So, for everybody that loves makeup I think Illamasqua is a very nice british makeup brand to try. when in London. And now, last, but not least Burberry makeup brand! The packaging is so beautiful, it’s just lovely! Here’s the eye mascara, and I think it’s the most beautiful eye mascara packaging that I own. It’s just so lovely with the check at the top and everywhere else. The lipsticks are pretty, pretty lovely. the also have the Burberry check on the lipsticks. I think I really like Burberry for more neutral colors for lips. I own 3 of the neutral lipsticks. This one is called English Rose. It’s a very neutral lip colour that I love! So Burberry is what I would call a high end makeup brand. and it’s more expensive than all the other brands I showed you before. The Burberry mascara is £22 , Burberry lipsticks are £23 and Burberry foundation costs £35. So, it’s not that much more expensive than Illamasqua, for instance. But Burberry is a british makeup brand that I also liked. By the way, I have these two little lipsticks, like miniatures, it’s so cute! But the thing I wanted to tell you, you not only can find offers at Boots and Superdrug, but you can also find them at more high end corners at department stores. So these 2 lipsticks, it was an offer, something like buy £90 at Burberry makeup corner and win 2 miniatures lipsticks and a makeup bag. And that was it. So always take a look, because you also may find this kind of offers on departments stores. So, here are six british makeup brands that you can buy when in London or UK if you like makeup. So, just saying it again: The first british makeup brand was Makeup Academy, the second one was Collection, the third one: Rimmel. The fourth Liz Earle, the fifth was Illamasqua and the sixth british makeup brand to try in London was Burberry makeup. I’m sorry about my English, I hope this video was helpful to you. Thumbs up if you liked, please subscribe and let’s hope there’s a new video coming soon. Bye! So, here six British makeup bands, oops


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