A Day Out With Our Little Lesbian Family

A Day Out With Our Little Lesbian Family


  • victoria grant says:

    Loving your videos!!!!

  • TheMurderShow says:


  • toff358 says:

    Think you mean peek… 🙂  I clip Lexie myself every fortnight, as I resent the prospect of shelling out to a typically overpricing groomer – but then she`s also a less substantial Bichon than Walter. The results are never noticeably professional, but she never looks a mess either! I wonder whether the bald or paired down look you`re referring to is a result of the skin problems that Bichons typically develop. Lexie has had her share of those & they`re damnably difficult to defeat. Fortunately, her 14 year old King Charles Cavalier companion has no such problem.. I greatly enjoyed this ladies, and Walter dear boy, I see clearly that you`re a gentleman of great restraint, charm, exemplary manners and natural sagacity…   (^_^)  Rodger

  • Jenna Morris says:

    This is the first video of yours that i have watched and i really liked it! Glad to subscribe and watch more 🙂 xox

  • Nathalia Araujo says:

    Walter is so cute!

  • IslandSunsetEyes253 says:

    They didn’t blend the back of walter’s head down! What the heck?

  • Grayson J. says:

    I’m rewatching all your old videos and I’m loving them!

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