A French Holiday & Summer Vacation Lookbook

A French Holiday & Summer Vacation Lookbook

All info is on screen, no voice. Enjoy!


  • Jessica Kellgren-Fozard says:

    I was a silly billy and completely missed some shots with privacy issues in the first edit (heavy facepalming) so here's the much better version 😅

  • Beverley Butterfly says:

    Wow looks so pretty there! Your editing skills are so good I'm just learning you should do some tutorials

  • Jamie zhuang says:

    looks very very nice!

  • toff358 says:

    This is certainly worth a revisit Billy, both for it`s visual charm and general delights, the excellence of the editing, and for the footage that didn`t make it into the first one. Am I right in thinking that, as with the first one, that is the crooner Jean Sablon warbling away beneath the snap crackle and pop of that 78 rpm record? Rodger (^_^)

  • Laura Lettsome says:

    Great editing Jessica, just as nice as the first one. Beautiful all around and appreciated seeing the oleander plant. They are so rear now unlike when I was younger. Nice footage. 😉

  • Smurph says:

    Fabulous … thank you 💗

  • Marianne Aarseth says:


  • faitharooo_ says:

    I love all your clothes! So beautiful, and that one shot of the bee made me so happy ^_^

  • StrawberryLil says:

    I cannot tell you how often this video made me sigh. So beautiful! Which book were you reading in the pool? Hach, so perfect! Except for your injury, of course. 😀 I'm glad you had a good time in France <3

  • Hayley Beth says:

    Such a lovely video! Dreamy. I went to France while I was in American High School (waited tables for a year to save the money). It was wonderful, but we went through everything at such speed, and I was too young (16) to even know what I was seeing half the time. This video makes me want to go back so much! (And to wear some lovely vintage dresses.😉) Great job!

  • Barbara Rieck says:

    The shots are awesome! I'd love to eat those meals 😍 your holiday looks like so much fun. Both you and Claudia are very very gorgeous and beautiful. Since today I haven't got the courage to write a proper comment because I am from Germany and my last english lessons are a few years in the past. But I watched more than half of your videos and they are really entertaining, fun to watch and you are really empowering and I just wanted to tell you finally. Both of you are truely goals and I aspire to have such a healthy and loving relationship someday. Your videos give me motivation to do something, to work for your goals, to be pretty and content with myself. You have so much Ladypower! You showed me I can reach my goals even if I feel sick, I just have to stay focused. Thank you! I really wish for you to reach the 200.000 till New Year 😊💕 Thank you so so much!

  • Clara Busseuil says:

    loving this ❤️

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