A History of MAC Cosmetics x Cirque du Soleil – Makeup Artist Fun Facts | #CirqueMakeup 🎨💄🎪

A History of MAC Cosmetics x Cirque du Soleil – Makeup Artist Fun Facts | #CirqueMakeup  🎨💄🎪

Caitlin is a senior artist
on the MAC Pro Team, did I get that right?
[GLOBAL SENIOR ARTIST] – That was awesome.
– Ok good, all right. – You nailed it.
– Yes, awesome. – You are good at this. – Tell me a little bit about why MAC and
Cirque du Soleil work so well together, I mean other than they’re both
amazing Canadian companies. – Yes, yes so we have
Canada in common. – Yeah.
– And we also started the same year, 1984. – I did not know that.
– Isn’t that crazy? – That’s really special.
– I know so it was kind of meant to be. – Talk about makeup in a show, why is
it so important, it adds such a layer. – Because the makeup is
part of your character so makeup gives you a great deal
of emotion because it’s your face. – Yes, there’s nothing
more emotive than that. – No. – And it brings it to another level,
right, just that level of color and art. – You don’t need much to make
a statement with makeup, you don’t need much and it just
gives you that little “zhuzh”. – It does, I mean I feel
like I’m a different person. – Right?
– Tell me about, you went to go see O. – Yes. – I’m sure do you pay
attention to the makeup when you’re a watching a show?
– You must. – It kind of changed my life.
– Yeah. – Because the theatre, the
art, the drama, the costumes, everything, I was just blown away. – It is one of those things
you want to take everybody – Yes.
– to see it because you’re not gonna believe – cause you want to share
– this Cirque show, you’re not gonna, visually the makeup, the costumes,
the tricks that they can do, it’s beyond any show
that you normally see. – No, and like it’s a circus, no. – No, it’s not,
there’s no elephants. – It’s an experience, it’s
an experience together – It’s an emotional experience,
you don’t understand. – And it’s so hard to explain.
– I want to take you to a show. – Let’s go. Ok.
– Let’s do it, all right. Awesome. Thanks for coming on. – Bye, we’re going on a show.
– Bye, we’re going on a show. [FUN FACTS] I’m here with Patrizia who has
been a makeup artist here at Cirque du Soleil for 8 years? – That’s right. [MAKEUP ARTIST] – So you’ve beat a lot
of faces up in here. – Yes, yes I did yeah. So 8 years and it’s been
quite a ride actually. So mainly our job here at
Cirque we’re a makeup artist. A lot of people don’t know this but we
have to teach the artists their makeup because everyone has to
do their own makeup. – That’s got to be really hard
because these artists are, you know, they’re training in the gym,
they want to be gymnasts and they want to do all
of these amazing tricks but they don’t necessarily
go to school to say makeup – No that’s right.
– So you have to teach that all to them. – Absolutely. Actually some of
them have never actually held a brush in their hands before. But you know what,
after a few sessions we give them about 4 to 6 sessions 2-hour sessions and they eventually
learn how to do their makeup as complex as it can be, as
many steps as it can take, they will eventually learn it and we
all have our different techniques for teaching them as well so we’re about
6 or 8 makeup artists on our team and we all have our different techniques
and they all eventually learn it. GET TICKETS / WATCH MORE VIDEOS


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