A Hoax? Cosmetics Company Wants To Brighten The Moon

A Hoax? Cosmetics Company Wants To Brighten The Moon

You might think twice about walking around
in the dark after the sun goes down, but a Swedish cosmetics company is here to help.
The solution — brightening the moon. Yep, we know it sounds ridiculous and probably
like a hoax. To start, the light the moon creates is actually
the sun reflected off the moon’s surface. And the moon only reflects about 12 percent
of the light that hits it because it’s surface is so rocky and darkly-colored. (Via National
Geographic) Okay, so we can maybe see why a cosmetics
company would want a brighter moon to reflect its makeup better at night. Well, wrong. FOREO
apparently wants to brighten the moon to use less electricity and save on carbon emissions. “Expenditures on powering street lights can
cost nations up to 40 percent of their total electricity bill. … In one year a single
street light generates 120 killigrams of CO2. And with 30 million street lights in the U.S.
alone: 3.6 million tons of CO2.” (Via YouTube / FOREO) Despite not revealing how it plans to go about
brightening the moon, on its website, FOREO explains why it believes the most expensive
solution is the best solution. Because only one side of the moon faces Earth,
FOREO would only have to brighten that one side, it would use sustainable resources,
the brightening results would be seen worldwide, and it would require no extra effort from
people in their daily lives. But Mashable reminds us of the consequences
of this somewhat insane idea, noting a brighter moon would mean no visible stars, sleep patterns
could be disrupted, and there’s also “the question of how messing with something as
basic as night would affect our collective human psyche.” The writer goes on to speculate that this
whole moon brightening project might just be a way to create some buzz for new toothbrush
FOREO is currently crowd-funding. (Via FOREO) FOREO already has more than $52 million set
aside for research into this project, but there is a less-expensive way cities can go
about lowering their electricity bill. A writer for Live Science notes that LED lights
use 75 percent less energy than a regular incandescent bulb. A writer for Gizmodo is clearly skeptical
of the moon brightening project in its entirety, saying, “While we’re at it, let’s not just
brighten the moon but add mass to it: change tides in the oceans, throw off menstrual cycles,
maybe even slow the earth’s rotation down by a millisecond and gain a bit more breathing
room every day.” While we are more than ready to chuck this
moon brightening idea in a bin that’s already occupied by space elevators and colonies on
Mars, FOREO insists it will be launching its first mission to the moon in 2020.


  • Protonova says:

    Orbital Elevators aren't exactly on the same level as this… Making the moon "whiter" is just plain stupid. Orbital Elevators are not… Not to sound cliched but what about the animals and other things that rely on that fixed level of luminosity.

  • moneypit1997 says:

    this is stupid, it would only work if the moon was full or near full. and what about cloudy nights.save your money FOREO,.

  • RRRooooDDDD says:

    worst news in a good while…

  • Michael G says:

    so basically anyone with 50million can go to planets or moons and brighten them, without global permission not just governments like UN i mean everyone

  • Amandaajt1 says:

    what wrong with solar energy powering glowing roads? 

  • Monty says:

    Why are you reporting this??

  • Justwantahover says:

    What a load of crap. IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!

  • Jeroen says:

    What's wrong with just putting all those night lights out and remove/recycle them and let everyone just enjoy the starfields you'll be able to see at night!

  • danthemanzizle says:

    haha this should not even be remotely considered by anyone.

  • KevinHarper3DArtist says:

    Did all countries in the world agree to having a brighter moon or can one company just turn up the light for everyone b/c it thinks its the thing to do.

  • Qdot543 says:

    if this I'll have insomnia for the rest of my life

  • John Klebitz says:

    Leave the poor thing alone…

  • Paul Middleton says:

    why not just stop charging us for electricity. something we been promised for decades, you know after you ripped off tesla's technologies. you could give us free electric, you have the technologies beyond teslas work, but you will never allow it.  the only time you will talk about giving us free stuff is when you are trying out dangerous technologies in which you promise us something we will never get. most of us seen your bullshit many times. but you are too greedy. this is some kind of scam. and simply shouldnt be allowed anyway. its simply a stupid expensive idea. that will cost everybody something. from bedroom tax to moon tax. coming soon to a planet near you.

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