A Week In The Lake District [CC]

A Week In The Lake District [CC]


  • thunderstrike2525 odinson says:

    sounds so lovely to have that I live near a lot green which I love,,,, id ont  like built up reaes ,,,,,, I hate that kind thing but give me green anytime I love the lake district,,,,,, love your outfits,,,,, and allways so enjoyable seeing you all having a ncie time x

  • susma khadka says:

    The length of this video has me overjoyed. Thank you Jessica. Thank you Obama. Thank you universe. 🙏🏽

  • jokerandcharlie says:

    lovely holiday video, lovely couple ! It´s been a real pleasure to watch this, well done ladies.

  • Mabs CRNL says:

    Sweetness overload 🙂

  • Beverley Butterfly says:

    I love going to the lakes it's so pretty there! I love the music you use too where do you find it? Please do a vintage make over on your lady I would love to see that!

  • that-nerdy-hufflepuff says:

    awww Rydal Hall!!!!!!!!
    I remember going for a family walk around Rydal Water while it was completely flooded so for much of the "walk", we were up to our ankles in cold water. At least the hall had very luxurious showers for when we got back!

  • Dr Toerag says:

    I'd recommend that you go to some Landmark Trust houses for holidays. They're old houses that are still cosy and fun to live in for a week!

  • The #1 Kill Joy says:

    You guys are my fave this is adorable

  • Katherine says:

    Lovely video!

  • Mackenzie N says:

    I love the music 💘

  • toff358 says:

    So enjoyed, in a vicarious kind of way, this journey around some of my old 1970`s LD stamping grounds… What a glorious area it is, rain or shine! As wonderful a time for Walter and Tilly as for you two… Another excellent choice of vintage, 1920`s, music recordings – the recurring tune of "April Showers" was clearly very appropriate at times, but I`m very envious! (^_^) Rodger

  • Viootoku says:

    It looks absolutely beautiful out there. You both look so happy. I hope your arm is feeling better Jessica and that despite the rain, you had a joyous time with your family 🙂

  • Smudgie33 says:

    Totally my wife and my kind of holiday except we go a little higher up to the Scottish Highlands and take our Bichon with us! For me the best part of Windermere is the flagship Lakeland shop… is that sad? lol

  • Laura Lettsome says:

    Lovely vacation, enjoyable video🎶💕😊

  • Lara Niamh says:

    Thank you Jessica, this was beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us <3 I went to Lake District a few years ago, it was stunning 🙂

  • Mad4U2Love says:

    Thanks for letting us enjoy some of your holiday with you. Looks like you both had a lovely time.

  • Nicole Duckery says:

    It's a beautiful place…stocked with FREE food. Woowhoo! Thank you for sharing.

  • Shell Therrien says:

    nice video, so awesome that you got to go there so often! my girlfriend and I went there years ago and stayed in a little B&B in Kendal it was sooo lovely!!

  • Autumn Rose says:

    What a wonderful trip… you two look so happy together, and rightfully so💕 Your perfect together

  • Sadie0777 says:

    I like my eggs with mustard and curry powder… Ever since I was little. No matter how the eggs are cooked… And honey toast!

  • Lily Redman says:

    Loved this so much! You are such an adorable family and I love how much you smile and laugh together. 💗

  • Teaveezed123 says:

    How absolutely gorgeous, thanks for letting us have a little peek.

  • Roz Jones says:

    Jessica – where did you get your splint from?

  • gracie perkins says:

    this video was amazing ❤️👏👏 I love the little family you have 😆 GOALS 😃👍

  • Breezy Skyz says:

    I kept rewinding but still could not tell what the beautiful flower was at the very beginning. would you mind telling me what it was? I dearly love flowers. 😀

  • Breezy Skyz says:

    oh yes… it was quite a memory flash back for me when I heard that version of the peanut sitting on the railroad track ! My Mother used to sing a version of it to me and my siblings when we were young siblings. I have never heard of anyone else even having knowledge of the song besides us. would you share what you know of the song with me? I would love to share it with my Sister. You have no idea how much I appreciate anything you are willing to share. 😀

  • GoldenFebruary says:

    This blog is so cute! Can't wait for more in the future <3

  • faitharooo_ says:

    even if you had a video that was 3 hours long, I would make time for it ^_^

  • Evie Sharp says:

    This is absolutely lovely! Hope you had a really nice holiday and the lakes wasn't too wet for you haha.Sending you love ❤️

  • Keeley Woodruff says:

    oh my the views are so pretty! Also your family is wonderful and your dogs are so cute!

  • Elizabeth Bulfer says:

    It's gorgeous there! But it seems there are less lakes than I expected for "The Lake District" … or did you just not put many in the video?

    I feel the same way about houses. That castle was really disappointing… That's not what a castle should look like! (I come from the land of zero real castles, so seeing a castle that doesn't look like a castle inside is kinda dream crushing!)
    And that ping pong room was VERY Whovian… I was kinda afraid the people were going to move!

    The area is GORGEOUS though, so I'm totally going to have to put it on my "places to visit" list, for when I someday make it to England!

  • joyful journey says:

    Lovely vid 💕💕
    Did you guys educate/train the children so they won't stray while walking with you? How was it? They're such calm and polite dogs!

  • MsSophieAwesome says:

    Now I really want to visit there some day! And it's so cute how you call each other 'wife' 🙂

  • StrawberryLil says:

    What a beautiful video! All that nature made so happy <3 I'm glad you had such a great time (despite the rain) and could go to your grandparents' property. I also really liked the music you used and I was wondering if you have a spotify playlist that you could share? That would be awesome. Have a great day <3

  • Andy W says:

    Great video of one of my favorite places, lovely style. Keep up the good work.

  • Katie Morris says:

    Your doggies are the best!

  • Giles S says:

    That guilty shot made me laugh out loud

  • thisisjustaflashback says:

    I was just eating fruit with scrambled eggs when Jessica asked!!! Amazing <3

  • Bethany Larkin says:

    I live quite near the lake district (blackpool area) yet i've never been and gosh I'm missing out!

  • aud2d2 says:

    I live in Oklahoma (in the US) and the weather is so crazy. It will be 70 degrees Fahrenheit one day and drop to 50 the next. It will also snow in the morning and be hot and sunny in the afternoon??

  • Issie Fayers says:

    OMG I live in the Lake District it’s so cool you’ve been 😂

  • noname justus says:

    If you found the castle disappointing- you’d LOVE the Biltmore Estate in the States. It is the most beautiful land and mansion you could imagine. Everything kept pristine and how it was originally. Seriously should consider going if you’re ever on the East Coast of the US! Beautiful mansion, gardens, winery, arboretum, and shops.

  • Sharon1990 Enton says:

    I love your videos why didn't you keep the house from your grandparents in the family and then you could have gone today whenever you want because it was your property or family's property sending hugs from York North Yorkshire.xx

  • hopeisthething says:

    So when it rains dear have no regrets, because it isn't raining rain you know it's raining violets. And when you see clouds upon the hill, you soon will see crowds of daffodils, so keep on looking for that sunbeam and smiling through those clouds whenever April showers come your way. Love that song 🙂

  • Katelyn Munro says:

    I think you beautiful ladies would enjoy some of the nature walks we have here in New Zealand

  • Grace Jackson says:

    We've just moved to a house near bowness-on-windermere, so happy you love it!

  • Maddie says:

    In America we call table tennis “ping pong” 😄😊

  • Nekoda Raphael says:

    I live in the lakes my whole life it's fun but there isent that much to do after awhile

  • detsnumber1 says:

    You are all so precious. I love the Lakes used to spend school hols there too, I must go back one day.

  • Robespierrey says:

    That's so lovely! I would love so much visiting this area, those shops, that bakery and those wonderful houses and landscapes. Really gorgeous. I always thought I wouldn't like England because I don't like London, but you showed us England isn't just London. Thank you very much!

  • Michaela Chappell-Dolby says:

    you should by a tiny house and park it on your grounds!

  • thelittlesweet says:

    I used to live in Ambleside, I miss it so much

  • Aimee Gertsch says:

    Not sure if you have access to the show Rehab Addict, but it's one of my favorites because she tries to restore the houses to original as much as possible.

  • Rag Doll Cookie says:

    Your videos just make me so happy 🙂

  • Gabriele V says:

    I have that same kind of place in my heart. It is the Claree Valley in France, not far from where I leave in Italy. Everything is always the same and it is just beautiful. I have Always liked going camping there from time to time since I was a child. And well, not to mention that that is where I brought my back then date and we had a super romantic night where we eventually got together and are a couple since then (5 years ago ) 🙂

  • Millie Rose says:

    Claudia's attitude to maggots in this video is very different to her reaction to them in Malaysia😂

  • Brigitta Szeitz says:

    I found your channel a week ago or so, but since then I can't stop watching your videos, I love them! I'm from Budapest and I hope you liked the city. 🙂
    In 2016 me and my boyfriend went to Lake District for a weekend and it was stunning, I fell in love with the region. Our accomodation was in Windermere and we visited Lakeside with a ship and went to Haverthwaite with a steam train (yaaay 🙂 ). We decided to visit Lake District again (as a birthday present for me like last time) this year in early July, but this time we will stay in Ambleside (in a cute Airbnb) for 4 nights. I'm so excited!
    Could you recommend me some places which are a must-see? As you spent there a lot of time while you were a child, you must have your favourite places. We don't have a car, we are coming from London with train and using public transport to everywhere.
    Thank you! x
    (p.s. sorry for the poor english)

  • belle amazona says:

    I love how mature and family focus each video is. I find very satisfying.

  • Chloe St Pier says:

    You guys are so lovely. You are fun to watch and make me want to get up and do something!

  • Radical Edward says:

    God I miss England! Thanks "Uncle Sam" for the opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks ladies for the nostalgic video…such a treat 🙂

  • Holly Large says:

    It seems so lovely to visit. But when you live here coming from a city you realise that the locals are rasist sexist and homophobic and are scared of anything new

  • ThatDutchguy says:

    So, the grandparents left you some land in the lake district ?

    Does it have a permit to build a cottage on it ?

  • Anniina Korpela says:

    This brought me back good memories of the lake district ! <3

  • Gareth Morgan says:

    Your videos always cheer me up. Thank You:-) ( Also, loved the music in this one)

  • Abelton Senna says:

    You two are really awesome and beautiful together. I enjoyed the video very much. Thank you.

  • shiroi201 says:

    How are you not freezing jessica?? It looks like quite miserable weather and you're wearing a summer skirt O.o and seeing as you're wearing a warm jacket it can't be warm

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