Adjust the ph of homemade cosmetics

Adjust the ph of homemade cosmetics

Hey there, today I will talk about the ph of handmade cosmetics and how you can use the measuring tapes to measure it The regulation of the ph it is very important You have to make sure the cosmetics you use have the correct ph so they will not cause irritations I use the ph measuring tapes (0-14) These are disposable strips, you should put one of them into your product for a few seconds to measure the ph you can find ph measuring rolls but they aren’t very precise so I don’t recommend them You can also find a ph measuring machine but it is very expensive and you don’t need to buy it I think the best way for measuring ph is to use the ph measuring tapes (0-14) You can find measuring tapes at the e-shop aroma-zone but I don’t recommend them! I get my tapes for an Italian e-shop, but they sell only to Italy You can find it at the e-shops with appliances for chemical and biological laboratories I will put a link for an e-shop (only for Greece) at the info box The price should be 12-13 euro You can find it in pharmacies but it is very expensive (30-35 euro) If anyone of you knows where to find them in your city, leave indications with a comment, so other people can find them It is a very important tool you need to have if you want to manufacture cosmetics at home you should make sure that your cosmetics will not cause irritations You must measure and balance the ph of the cosmetics because the ph of the skin is 5.5 Only inside the eyes is 7.0 but all around the eyes is 5.5 So eye creams should have a ph 5.5-6 Baby shampoo usually has a ph 6.5-7 to avoid stringing the eyes At the sensitive area is 4-4.5 At the rest of the body is 5.5 we need to know the exact ph value so we can balance it To balance it we need two materials: • To reduce the ph use lactic acid • To rise the ph use caustic soda solution
(watch my DIY video to prepare this solution) Ph neutral is 7
Ph acidic is 0-7
Ph basic or alkaline is 7-14 Ph 4-10 can be used without causing serious problems (only irritations)
Ph bellow 4 or over 10 is dangerous So for example if you use a product with a ph 9-10 for a while your skin will try to balance it, but if you go on and use it for more it can cause irritations, itch … So we absolutely need to know the exactlyph value and balance it!!! To balance ph you must proceed very slowly First put 2-3 drops and measure the ph if you don’t reach the value then put only 1 drops more and measure again and proceed slowly in this way every time you need to reduce or rise the ph I always use 3-4 or more measuring tapes for a preparation this is very important because if you put 1 drop more you may go over the correct value!!! I use this brand of ph measuring tapes (0-14) You can find more information for this brand in info box This container is a new one, you can also find them in another type of container, however, are always the same tapes This is the strip-tape with 4 colors Here you can see he numbers (ph value) 0-14 I recommend 0-14 ph measuring tapes so you can measure all values where the 4 color matches there is the value there are 100 tapes into this container I will show you how you can split it in 4 pieces so you can get 400 tapes! First cut in 2 pieces, use scissors for paper (it isn’t necessary to be perfect) Then cut in 2 pieces every one of them Be careful not to touch with your fingers the aria with the colors It seems difficult but it isn’t difficult at all
I always do it and I never ruin one of these tapes! If you don’t feel sure to make it you can just split into 2 pieces, you will always have 200 types! You will also need some droppers Watch my video about caustic soda solution to raise the ph, ciao


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    Πρεπει να κοιταμε το ph και στα λαδια που φτιαχνουμε για το προσωπο;

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    Πώς μπορούμε να φτιάξουμε κερατολυτικη λοσιόν για τις σκληρυνσεις και τις σκασμενες φτερνες?

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    Και το  έλαιο Vivese Senso Duo περιέχει γαλακτικό οξύ 🙂 τέλεια!

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    Εγω τωρα σε ανακαλυψα και εισαι τρομερη!!!!
    Βρηκα ταινιες στο με 9,90 τα 100 τεμαχια!!
    Τις εχει δοκιμασει κανεις??

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    Title English but gobble

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