Adorable New Photos Of Tonto Dikeh After Her Cosmetic Surgery|NVS News

Adorable New Photos Of Tonto Dikeh After Her Cosmetic Surgery|NVS News

Adorable New Photos Of Tonto Dikeh After Her Cosmetic Surgery Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has a new reality TV show, titled, “King Tonto”, and it’s set to air on Linda Ikeji TV. The first promo clip from the video shows that the actress went for a cosmetic surgery. In the teaser released about a week ago, they follow Tonto through her day to day activities as she mothers her son King and also undergoes cosmetic surgery, saying her body has been always something she has been ashamed of. She revealed in the promo clip that; “My body has been something that I have always been extremely ashamed of”. Well, this seemsto be the first photoshoot she’s had since undergoing the surgery, The actress posed with Vugo, and she looks absolutely gorgeous. The difference is mind-blowing – No Pimples or wrinkles, You can tell for yourself.


  • Fatou Kinteh says:


  • bolaji amodu says:

    She's a fighter. good luck

  • Leona Togbah says:

    Arab nonsense

  • Specia Person says:

    Beautiful lady i love you😘😘😘

  • Onika Henry says:

    I need her # who hv it please fa it

  • Onika Henry says:

    I love her she is my favorite actor

  • gerlindawelles Maclean says:

    God give you what is good for you but not what you wont

  • Oliver Owusu says:

    Be content with your self; God formed each and every one perfect.

  • lady f says:

    Where are the adorable photos?


    she look de sem

  • Anna Ganiyu Ganiyu says:

    I sorry for u

  • Gift Chidinma says:

    I think she have every right to do any thing she want with her money, please stop criticizing her

  • osas osaretin says:

    I don't know why she even done that because I didn't see anything different on her face

  • Babyy Shayo says:

    Oh my God

  • Elizabeth Asantewaa Asantewa says:

    What do you want from this earth, be careful my dear

  • Angel Angelchukwu says:

    my sster u look stunningly❤❤u are free to do anything you love wth ur self it can nver be a sin to make urself happy all the time💖💌

  • ogechukwu ibeh says:


  • Ramesh Seecharan says:

    African men love European looking women, that is why these women are ashamed of their natural hair and natural skin color and expose themselves to cancer with skin whitening products

  • Helen Latvakoski says:

    This is not about criticising her even my friends or blood relative if u ask my opinion about plastic surgery I will never gives u my approval it is dangerous some people are talking not because they hate her or wants to criticize her true is her body correct but they only care about her health conditions and complications for those wicked ones u will support her if is you're family members will u support now u will advice her because they know the risks we have seen many people that was not comfortable with there body they did it where are they today in bad conditions even your enemy u Will not wish him or her that cain of ending in the beginning u look great but later u start to regret it be proud of who u are god created u like that a man that loves u will never care about body or your beauty but you're good heart u have a adorable kids to take care of king and this plastic surgery when u start it u want more and more that how the dange comes u think this doctor are helping u some care but some don't at all what they are interested is the money u payer that vanity that makes them forgot about God I wish u good luck stay bless Africans one love peace all over the world may Allah answer all prayers guide us to the right part ❤😊🙏🙏🙏

  • Hortense Fray says:

    She a follow the he she

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