Advice for Brands working with Influencers with Any of Any Cosmetics

Advice for Brands working with Influencers with Any of Any Cosmetics

So my name is Any I am social-media
influencer and also founder of the Any Cosmetics brand which is vegan and
certified cruelty free and I’m doing lifestyle Beauty and also sense of humor
so it’s my content. I think like the most important tip is to try to be as most
personal as it can be you know to try to get to know the influencer get to know
his or her story with the behind not only like the numbers sometimes right
now micro influencers it’s a huge hit because they have much bigger influence
than maybe sometimes the bigger influencers so I feel like it’s really
important to get to know what they like if it fits their products to them
because sometimes okay numbers is great but it’s not matching to their content
you know so it’s important to get to know their personality and this kind of
stuff so be more personal I think this is really important
second tip get to know in a person maybe because a lot of influencers has they’re
like agencies you know and this kind of stuff but it’s the best way
get to know them like have a coffee with them and just have a small talk and then
they really realize what they can do and also with the third tip I feel like try
to be open as a brand to creativity like don’t worry about like you know the
influencer for me I have like sometimes really crazy ideas how I can do like
collaboration and it can be sometimes scary for the brand’s like oh this is
like too much like drone and sky view and this kind of stuff and drawing in it
but sometimes it’s great to be open to this kind of selves
don’t worry just try it and then they can say like no try to be like less
crazy but I’m like this so this is the third tip. So my favorite thing about
being influencer is to spread the good vibes good energy to my viewers because
I feel like this is the most important because a lot of people going to online
you know social media to relax and take a rest you know and I feel like it’s
important to focus on the good vibes and spread the good energy and not the hate
things you know because a lot of people are already tired from the work and it’s
great to have a fun online so for me this is the most important to spread
love and good vibes to everyone

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