Affordable Indie Makeup and Skin Care Brands

Affordable Indie Makeup and Skin Care Brands

– Hey, friends, welcome back and hello to you new people too, I’m Courtney. Before I jump into this video, I want to remind you
to click on the little subscribe button down below so you never miss talking about makeup with me. So, today’s video is a reader request. I was asked to talk about
affordable indie makeup brands. So, my opinion, most indie
brands are very affordable. You have some that I would
say are more on the luxury end of the price side such as Rituel de Fille, I’m sure I’m butchering
that ’cause it’s French, but, for the most part, I feel like most indie beauty brands
are extremely affordable so I’m going to focus
on the ones that I know have sales a lot or have coupon codes. First up would be Aromaleigh. Aromaleigh has weekly sales where you can save 25% off on whatever is on sale and they do a lot of beautiful duochromes. They have some excellent mattes so if you are looking for unusual colors or even staple work neutral colors I would recommend you check them out. They also make some beautiful contour colors that I really like. It’s in, like, their
Insectarium collection, so there’s like some grays
and like gray-violets and like greyed out mauves,
like, beautiful colors. So, the next brand would
be Darling Girl Cosmetics and Darling Girl Cosmetics also has a lot of really pretty duochrome colors. They have some good mattes which are in their MILF collection which
is Matte’s I’d Like to Find. I actually did a collaboration
with them years ago which is a Monster High
inspired collection, so if you look at those
colors, they’re really pretty. There are some, like, Vegan
Vampire is one of the shades and Goth Moth is another
shade, so they have some really cute stuff and
they also have a new sub box which is, like, called Glitter Grams. I recently showed them
in my Instagram stories and I’ll probably put swatches either up on my channel or on my blog. I have a coupon code for Darling Girl to give you 15% off which is PHYRRA15 and all of my, like, discount codes are in the description box down below
as well as my affiliate links so if you ever want to shop through those I would totally appreciate it
because I make a small amount of commission on whatever
links that you shop through if it’s an affiliate
link and I use that money to put back into my
blog, to buy equipment, to buy products to
review, stuff like that, so it’s up to you but I totally appreciate it when you help me out. So, next on the list of affordable
indie makeup & skincare brands would be Ishani Botanicals and this is a vegan skincare brand
that’s an indie brand so basically everything is handmade. They use biodegradable
packaging, stuff like that, and I personally really like they
have really good coconut oil. They have some interesting cleansers. I like their hair mask. Basically, if you look at their page, they all tell you, like, in detail what type of skin type is
for, and I’ve reviewed them on my blog in case you
haven’t ever heard of them but you can check them out and you can save 25% with the code phyrra25. So, next up is My Pretty Zombie. My Pretty Zombie Cosmetics makes some really badass duochromes and they have some, like, really funny, creepy names. So, some of their names are, like, the medical name for drugs,
like, MDMA or oxycodone and then, other names
are, like, on the creepy or creepy cute Side because the owner has a very morbid sense of
humor and I really like it. One of the things about ordering from them is that I think they do a bloody finger or something that comes in your box, but what I really appreciate is for me she always puts a cat in because I don’t like the bloody fingers. I like the attention to detail that she has with her
brand and if you look at their sales page, they
have, like, bundle sales where you can, like, buy four
items and get it discounted, buy five items and get them discounted and that’s how I bought a lot
of my eyeshadows from them, so that’s what I recommend you do. Additionally, I have a 15%
off code with My Pretty Zombie which is just myprettyphyrra
and I’ve done tons of, like, reviews and swatches on my blog so if you just check at my
blog, like, Phyrra dot net slash tag My Pretty Zombie
you’ll be able to see those. I’ll put it up here in the
screen so you know exactly what to look for on my blog
but you can see different looks and stuff that I’ve tagged
with My Pretty Zombie. So, the next brand on
my list is Silk Naturals and they’re a mostly vegan brand and I think that their products are always very reasonably priced. Their eyeshadows are only
like $4.50 for a jar. You can save an additional
5% with the code phyrra18 but, basically, all of the
prices on their products I think are really, really low, so I personally recommend
checking out their eyeshadows. They have a lot of, like, staple neutral, like, work course eyeshadows. They do, like, vegan versions of the Urban Decay Naked palettes, of the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette, of the Anastasia Beverly
Hills Subculture palette, stuff like that, which I
think is really helpful for people who have allergies. Their products are like
gluten free and free of, like, bismuth oxychloride which
can be itchy and an irritant. I really like their
velvet matte lipsticks. If you are somebody who
wants, like, a comfortable, comfortable matte lipstick formula, that’s a great on to check out and they have a pretty
wide range of colors. I reviewed a ton of
their stuff on my blog. So, I’ll put information up here for how you can find my reviews on their products. So, Fyrinnae is another
one of the, I think, very affordable indie makeup brands. They’re 100% vegan. Their Exquisites and Arcane
Magic eyeshadows are amazing. They also have, like, some lippies and their Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy is badass. It’s basically like this mixing medium that makes any sort of
duochrome or multichrome or glittery shade just pop, so amazing. I definitely recommend
that you check them out. They have great products. Next on my list would
be Geek Chic Cosmetics and they have sales pretty regularly. You need to keep an eye
out, like, around holidays. They’re also, I believe, 100% vegan and they have some really fun colors with their JoySticks lip colors. They have some foundations. Their foundation range is pretty limited. They have beautiful,
beautiful highlighters. Like, if you ever had wanted any of the Jeffree Star
highlighters that were in, like, the weird colors liken the mint and the pastel pink and stuff,
Geek Chic has a whole line of those kind of, like,
minty pastel colors that you might find beautiful. Their eyeshadows are great,
so they’re definitely another one that I would check out and, again, I think
they’re very affordable. So, I’m pretty sure all the
brands I’ve mentioned so far have eyeshadows that are $10 and under. I think they’re usually between, like, $4.50 and, like, $6.50 or $8. I also wanted to talk
about Makeup Geek Cosmetics because Makeup Geek’s
eyeshadows are pretty much, I think, between, like, $5 and $10. So, I think that they deserve
to be on this list as well and you know I love my Makeup
Geek, love, love, love them. They have a ton of eyeshadows but they have discontinued a bunch of colors. I’ve seen that they’re coming out with the Power Pigments, so I
can’t wait to get my hands on those ’cause those look like they’re going to be fun bright colors but the line up that they have right now, like, those colors are great too, so if you’re looking for, you know, a lot of like more neutral colors, because they have a lot of, like, what I would call neutral colors with browns and peaches and stuff, you can find them at Makeup Geek and they’re pressed which I know some people
don’t like loose eyeshadows ’cause they feel like they’re too messy, so you could always, you know. So, I think it’s always
good to give an option that has pressed shadows and Makeup
Geek is a good one for that. Another indie company that
has pressed eyeshadows that I really like would
be Sydney Grace Company and I recently featured
Sydney Grace Company in my DIY Cool Berries
Palette, so if you’re curious about how their products swatch, you can check out that blog post of mine. So, for the more expensive
side of indie eyeshadows I would look at Saucebox Cosmetics. They’re coming out with a
bunch of new eyeshadow colors and they often have really nice bundles and sales so you can check those out and I think that you won’t
be disappointed with ’em. Their quality is excellent and their eyeshadow pan size is huge,
so where a regular pan is, like, I don’t know, like, say that big, a Saucebox is that big. Saucebox is the same size as Sugarpill and I’m going to talk about Sugarpill too because I love Sugarpill
but they’re definitely on the more expensive
side of indie eyeshadow and they have sales very rarely. You pretty much have to follow their Instagram to see their sales. I mean, I share their sales in my Phyrra Nyx Facebook
group if you’re in there but they have sales
very, very infrequently. Saucebox has sales much more
frequently than Sugarpill does and I think that’s really it for brands that I love that I consider to be more on the affordable side of indie beauty. So, let me know your favorite affordable indie brands in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear
from you and if you liked this video, please give
it a thumbs up and share. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you in my next video.


  • faeriecrypt says:

    Thanks for helping us find out about these unsung heroes! I love Geek Chic for its quality and packaging.

  • SaucerJess says:


  • SaucerJess says:

    Off topic question: do you work outside of YouTube? If so, what do you do? (I'm sorry if you've answered this question a million times. I have a brain injury and my memory is definitely something I am working on) 💜

  • Binxcat4ever says:

    Nice round up! Some great brands in there!

  • Annette says:

    I adore the Naked Basics Ultimate palette, fingers crossed for a tut on this eye look!

  • Pia Loves Color says:

    Great video! Can anyone recommend European indie brands, especially skincare brands without denat. alcohol and essential oils? I'd also be interested in haircare brands without denat. alcohol.
    Makeup-wise I enjoy Lethal Cosmetics (100% vegan, too), Neve Cosmetics (all eyeshadows are vegan) and Nabla Cosmetics (all eyeshadows are vegan). Especially if you're looking for a good vegan matte purple, I'd suggest Neve Cosmetics Velvet. Lethal Cosmetics also has two matte purples, but I haven't tried them, yet. Shipping is quite expensive with both Neve Cosmetics and Nabla Cosmetics, so I'd wait for a promo or sale. I also really enjoy MUG, Sugarpill and Coloured Raine, I buy those brands from beautybay.

  • K Love says:

    I saw the your darling girl collab…but I didn't know it was you!!!😱 But I was like is that Phyrra..that I "know"😂 so cool!!! I loved the shades!!! I'm definitely gonna try them now!!!

  • Tali Beauty says:

    Awesome video! Some of the brands you mentioned are new to me, already looked them up and they’re just my alley. Thank you so much!

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    Very cool

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    Ah!!!! So excited to see this. Clicked so fast when I saw it!!!!!!!!!!

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    C'est la bonne prononciation pour Rituel de Fille 😉

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    What a great idea for a video! I love the brands you mentioned.

  • Emily Rachel Gilley says:

    Can't wait for Makeup Geek to be in Target!!

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    Notoriously Morbid is affordable too 😉

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    I seen your collaboration with Jen. Amazing! I learn soooo much!!

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    Awesome list! Great for someone like me who'd like to branch out and try some of these indy brands. Thank you!

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    Have you tried Devinah Cosmetics?? They have amazing colors and formula!

  • Denise Marie says:

    Your hair is gorgeous! I hope you are doing well. You look great!

    I enjoy using Shiro and Brija's shadows. I'm trying out some loose mineral powders from a few new companies to me while searching for mineral powder foundation: Meow Cosmetics, All Natural Face, and MAD Minerals. What I like is that these loose powders, or pigments, can be used for face, eyes, nails, and possibly lips. I can grab a pressed powder if I need to rush. But there's something special about loose powders that have me enthralled. Endless possibilities….

  • Kat Ambriz says:

    I love everyday minerals. They’re cruelty free and completely vegan as well. They always have sales and they’re very affordable. Have you ever tried them?

  • Sam Jordan says:

    Thanks for the video Courtney! Recently I discovered the brand art naturals and so far I really like them! Their prices are pretty reasonable, the usually also have some sort of discount code as well. I don’t think they sell make up but they have a lot of skin care items. I found them because I was on the hunt for a cruelty free hand sanitizer for work (I work at an animal hospital and sometimes I just need my hands to be clean ASAP 😝)

  • Sarah Kwak says:

    Landed here from Jen Luvs Reviews! <3

  • Rhandie Seas says:

    I know, it's perhaps really weird but in germany we have (I think) the most natural and strictly vegan based brands! I don't mean essence wich is curelty free but not with just natural and biological based ingredients. We have brands like lavera, logona, Dr. hauschka ect wich always curtelty free and vegan too….. So lots of german people who wants cosmetic without animal testing and ingredients are buying just from this brands. The shade side of all this is, this brands often use alcohol for preserving and essential oils! But we have a big market of "nature beauty" skincare and makeup products. Uninteresting information ok… but why not 😉

  • Paige S says:

    I love the Fyrinnae powder based products, but I was disappointed by their liquid lipsticks. They’re sold as duochromes but once they dry down, they’re just, well, I guess I’d say they’re monochromes. But I do like their face powder and their eyeshadows.

    One more name I’d throw in is Notoriously Morbid. I have a few lip products and eye products from them, and I’m enjoying all of it. Oh, and Lunatick Labs cosmetics. Their eyeshadows and their contour palettes are unbelievably high quality. For all that people rave about the Dose of Colors eyeshadows, I’d take the Lunatick Labs supernatural palette over the DoC marvelous mauves palette any day of the week.

  • Katariina A says:

    I have to try Geek Chick Cosmetics, they have so cool stuff! One of their lipstick is names after Aertih from FFVII. The Lipstick is called The Last Cetra. Seriously, how cool is that!?! I need to get that 😀

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    Thank you so much for talking about/demonstrating Idun in Jorunn. Incredible! I am thrilled to have it. How is their concealer and which did you use? Liquid? Powder?Color?

  • Aly S says:

    In addition to some of the brands already mentioned… I like Glamour Doll Eyes, Notoriously Morbid, & Life's Entropy.

  • Amy says:

    is ColourPop no longer indie?

  • Melissa Thomas says:

    I haven’t heard about at least half of these brands. Thank you!

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