All that matters is METTLE | SUGAR Cosmetics

All that matters is METTLE | SUGAR Cosmetics

Every day we face questions The questions in our heads… And the questions we see in others’ eyes So what did I want to be in 5 years? I wanted to be a fighter But what if I couldn’t put up a fight? I wanted to be a creator But what if no one liked what I created? All I wanted was to entertain What if nobody cared? I wanted to set the runway on fire What if I fell? Yes, we fall. We fail and then… We rise We prepare We practice We walk on We work on And then… we work harder Till the day the world makes way for you Your tenacity… Your belief… Your spirit… Because at the end of the day… All that matters… is METTLE


  • Swara D says:

    Wow! Mettle!!! I am really excited to try this!!! 💖

  • LETS GLOW says:

    Absolutely nice content in this add. Sugar rockzzz

  • resha jain says:


  • subhada mohanty says:

    Best liquid lipstick. I hv already tried.

  • suzata k says:

    My makeup kit is full of sugar cosmetics… nd really excited to try this…waiting for my mettle…❤

  • Anjana Gnanadurai says:

    Super duper motivating video and as always can't wait for this irresistible range ..sooooo in love with the rosegold case..

  • Reshma Jatla says:

    Such a nice intro. Loved it

  • smriti p says:

    Nice and impressive but expensive! And Sugar Cosmetics no longer give complimentary products the way they used to with purchases. Those attractive complimentary products were certainly forcing one to shop more.

  • Ramandeep Bhuttar says:

    Congratulations on the launch! 💜

  • Chanchal Khatri says:

    Congratulations on launch 👍👍

  • Nazia Kay says:

    Great 😍😍😍

  • Miye García says:

    hola me encantaría adquirir cosméticos de esta línea para hacer mis videos

  • Benazir Fatma says:

    Love sugar cosmetics but mettle range is costly

  • poonam rkrkbabu4 says:

    I have purchased 16 sugar smudge me not liquid lipstic. I have also purchased 6 hell crayon range lipstic.other sugar lipstic also.but this product is very expensive .

  • Roma K says:

    Really like your products. My first lipstick was brazen raisin from smudge me not collection and I love it

  • pallavi singh says:

    If sugar cosmetics is listening then please bring back shades from sugar plush hour range…. The shades were fabulous and 'teaker bell' was my most loved lipstick…. Please listen to us. If not that range then please bring the shades back in nothing else matters range.

  • Aarti patel says:

    Really love 💕 the concept of introducing of new mettle lipstick 💄 every woman 👩 are powerful they are born fighters God give more power than every creature in the world 🌍 I m proud to be women #AanchalMettle

  • ayushi chhabra says:

    Looks awesome. Would love to try it 😍😍

  • Manisha Koranga says:

    #aanchalmettle❤ Don't care what others think just start and work harder. It's about you and your believe. If you believe you can and wear these bold colors and get that kick everyday. Whenever I'm low I just put on my favorite shade and I'm good to go.

  • Gairika Das says:

    Very excited for this range I really love the bullet lipstick specially shade 10 and also the liquid lipstick that too in shade 10 mimosa I guess … Being a Bengali I can surely tell that I can rock these lipsticks in all upcoming festivals with my traditional saree ,bindi and kajal

  • Shreyanshi chaurasia says:

    #aanchalmettle 😍

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