Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. So today I’m filming a video that’s been going around YouTube I’m a little bit late to the game I feel like I generally am when it comes to like video trends or popular videos just because I kind of you know stick to filming what I know what I love but a lot of you guys have been asking to get to know me a little bit more whether it’s through like a Q&A or more of like a personal type video so I thought it would be fun to do like the answering your assumptions about me video if you guys haven’t seen one of these by now which I’m sure the majority of you have basically I asked you on Instagram to share what you assume about me, and I’m going to go through and tell you if they are true or false Okay so the first one is that you don’t wear makeup on a normal non filming day that is not true I wear makeup a lot. I love makeup. I think it is so much fun For me it’s really like relaxing to sit down and get the chance to do my makeup I usually listen to an audiobook or like on occasion I’ll catch like a Netflix show, but I love wearing makeup for me I’m always wearing makeup because first of all, I love it, but second of all, I’m always testing something out on the other hand I definitely think it’s important to give your skin a break So I probably go without makeup once or twice a week, but I do wear it the majority of the time I might not wear like a full-blown like colorful smoky eye but I’m always wearing something or testing something. A lot of you guys has filmed something very similar to this You are early to rise and very organized. I I don’t think I wake up super early I wake up at 7AM every morning, which is early enough but I don’t think it’s like super early like I would love to be the type of person who wakes up at like 5AM and gets a ton done in the morning I wake up at 7 and then I go to workout and then you know I get to my day so I feel like even when I wake up at 7 sometimes I don’t have enough time in the day when I’m going to bed at like 11 as for being very organized, I think I’m organized in some areas and disorganized in other areas I kind of feel like my life is like organized chaos I have like a to-do list on my phone and I just type out everything on that like my to-do list for the day my to-do list for the week my entire daily schedule and I try to stick to it, but honestly I’m not great at sticking to my to-do list There’s always something that sneaks in or something that gets moved around So I try to be organized and so I try my best to be organized I think I could be better some people said they think like I have like a color-coordinated planner and like all this stuff which I do but I don’t always stick to it A lot of you guys assume that I’m like a neat freak or I have a very very clean house and The thing about Brady and me is that we are clean like we always make sure the kitchen is clean we always do our dishes we don’t eat in the bedroom like we vacuum we mop like we keep the house clean, but it’s definitely messy We’ll come in the door and like throw our coats somewhere or all of a sudden like our kitchen counter will just be like covered in stuff that we like threw down when we ran in the house and we never put it away So even though we’re like clean in the sense that we do clean our house and we’re not like messy in that way It’s not like a perfectly organized clean house like we’re definitely not neat freaks, but we’re more so I guess clean freaks if that makes sense A lot of you guys assume that I’m very short I’m 5’4″ so I don’t know how that measures up against what you were thinking a lot of you were thinking that I was like 5’0″,’ 5’2″ – so I’m 5’4″ I’m not really tall. I’m not short. I’m just like somewhere in the middle I do buy like petite jeans because they’re always way too long on me but I think 5’4″ is like pretty average I think. This assumption is that I was a rebellious teen I was not a rebellious teen I was a pretty strict rule follower I mean, I definitely did things that I wasn’t supposed to and I got grounded and you know I definitely was a teen but I think as a whole I was a pretty strict rule follower I didn’t get in trouble that much for doing things that I wasn’t supposed to I think maybe like I skipped school once or twice or I don’t remember doing anything. That was like so rebellious or defiant I just I think I was just pretty much a rule follower even though I did tend to have like an attitude and I would push my parents a little bit but never anything too crazy A lot of you guys assumed that I’m very very conservative and I guess I could see how you would think that through my YouTube videos. I mean that’s my personality like how I am on YouTube is my personality in real life I’m a pretty like low-key person I’ve never been like a wild and crazy and like super expressive person But I guess I don’t know how to answer that one without a more specific assumption But no, I honestly wouldn’t consider myself to be super conservative maybe in some ways, but truthfully like when it comes down to it I don’t consider myself to be conservative in a lot of ways which I think would probably surprise a lot of people. Along with that a lot of people say that I seem very private and I am private and it’s not something that I necessarily love about myself for me because I film beauty videos sometimes it’s hard to share like the personal side of my life because I’m always talking about makeup or skincare and I don’t usually venture out and film too many personal type videos and it’s not because I’m necessarily nervous or hesitant it’s just because I think innately I am more of a private person and it’s not just when it comes to the internet, but even when it comes to like personal relationships, I’m not the person who really like over shares or if I run into somebody I’m usually asking questions about them rather than volunteering information about me and my life I just like for like my life and my home and my relationships to be mine, and I don’t typically like to share a whole lot about them which is something that I don’t love about myself. I wish that I was able to be more vulnerable and more open, but I don’t know I think innately it’s just it’s who I am. I’m a private person I just love to keep things to myself for the most part but it is something that I’m working on because I think when you are willing to be open and you’re willing to share a little bit more it allows you to connect further with other people So that’s something I’m working on but it’s not necessarily something that I do on purpose. I’m not trying to like keep my privacy in every single aspect of my life It’s just something that I think is innate innately me a lot of you guys assume that I’m an introvert I am definitely an introvert 100% I definitely relax and recharge by being alone and not always just alone like I love to be at home with my husband and my dogs, too but I definitely like to have like that alone time away from people away from crowds that kind of goes along with the assumption like a lot of people assume that I’m a homebody that I don’t like to leave my house that I prefer to stay home than go out I definitely prefer to stay home, but it’s not practical in my life. I do a lot of things outside the home I’m definitely not someone said like that I’m a hermit. That’s definitely not the case. I leave the house every morning at 8AM to go workout at the gym with like a group of people, which is really great and I’m really involved at my church. I do a lot of things on the weekends like there’s just a lot that goes on in my life that doesn’t happen at home, but I love to be home I love my home. We’ve created an environment that I find really relaxing really comfortable so I love to be here with my husband if I had my choice between like going out with a group of friends on a Friday night to like go hang out or being home with my husband and my dogs, I would 100% choose being home. So I got a lot of assumptions about kids surprisingly a lot of you guys assumed that we don’t want to have kids. Somebody assumed that like I even dislike kids I did get a few of the opposite assumptions like I want a bunch of kids there were just tons of assumptions about kids. This is definitely an interesting topic It’s probably one that I could film an entire video on because when you are married and you’re in your 20s or your 30s or 40s or whatever for me Brady and I got married like right after we turned 22 So we were pretty young and the second you get married people start asking when you’re having kids because we grew up in a pretty conservative background It was pretty much the norm for people to get married very young and have kids very young even younger than 22 and whatever you decide to do, whatever works for you. I mean that’s perfectly fine now for us at 22 I felt and Brady felt like we just felt like we were so young and we were in no place to have kids but at the same time I think because people are always asking and a lot of our friends had kids and a lot of people got married so young in like our circles of influence We assumed that we were going to get married and have kids like one year later we’re like we’ll give it a year to enjoy marriage and have fun and then we’ll have kids we had so much going on We were getting used to being married and at that point like we were both working a job that we hated but we kind of had just stumbled into after college and we were working it to make money and pay the bills and we just weren’t ready and then I think another year came and we weren’t ready and like we really wrestled with it from like our mid 20s like 24 25 because we just felt like so much pressure to have kids and we were like this is what we’re supposed to do We got married. We’ve been married for like two years. We’re supposed to have kids. We went home to Brady’s hometown and we had run into somebody who I guess he had known maybe from high school they were like a little bit older than us than they were like how many kids do you guys have and we were like we don’t have any kids yet I think we’re like 24 at the time and they were like, oh how long have you been married and we were like two years and they were like, oh and it was like shock to them and that’s not completely completely out of the norm for you know The again the circles of people that we grew up with So we really struggled with it for a while when we were like 24 and 25 because we just weren’t ready We didn’t really have a strong desire to want to have kids but there was like so much outside pressure to have kids to have them right away to have lots of them So anyways, long story short finally like in our mid-twenties, you know, just like a few years ago We were like, we’re just gonna wait. We’re not ready We we love our lives like we love our lives so much we get to do things we love we have so much fun with each other We’re best friends and we didn’t feel like we had this need and desire to have kids right away So I think at that point maybe we were like 25 26 We’re like, we’ll just wait until we’re 30 and then we’ll kind of revisit the idea again then and we’ve just lived the past few years like guilt-free about it and we’ve enjoyed our lives so much. We have so much fun and you know, I’m sure when we have kids we’re going to enjoy that stage of our lives in a different way but I don’t know so we are 29 and you know 30 is right around the corner and I think we’re getting to the point where we definitely see it in our near future whether it happens in like a year or two or a little bit further down the road kids I think as of right now are something that we definitely want and we are definitely considering but it’s not you know the number one priority in our lives. This person assumes I’m Latina I did get a lot of assumptions about my ethnicity my background I have said it in videos before but people are always so shocked. My dad is 100% Filipino So I am half Filipino and I think that’s what shocks people the most. My mom is half Puerto Rican So I’m a quarter Puerto Rican and I don’t know the rest of my background that well I want to do one of like the 23andme tests because I am definitely curious but people definitely don’t think that I’m half Filipino I don’t know. I guess I don’t look super Filipino when I say it some people are oh, okay I could see that but my dad is 100% Filipino. Some of you guys assumed that my husband makes lots of money My husband has a great job that he loves so much and for years and years he was working a job he hated and then eventually he got his job part-time and then You know eventually he got to go full-time and it was just it was so cool because it was something that he’s wanted to do for years and years and he loves it he loves the people he works with he loves what he gets to do and it’s so cool to get to see like your spouse and like your best friend get to do something every single day that they just love, especially because for so many years he worked a job that he hated. The type of work that he’s in isn’t necessarily the type of work that pays a ton of money. He has a good job and it pays him well enough of course, but I think a lot of people think for some reason that he’s making like tons and tons of money but he loves his job. He is so happy and you know, I’m so happy for that I think that’s amazing A lot of you guys assume that I never curse and I don’t curse on YouTube but it’s because when I started my youtube channel I I didn’t curse I didn’t curse in real life I didn’t curse on YouTube I didn’t curse no matter who I was talking to at this point in my life I’m not going to say that I never curse, but I still don’t curse on YouTube It’s just it doesn’t bother me when people curse people can say whatever they want on YouTube on TV I’m not like the type of person that gets really offended by it because you know, it doesn’t really bother me personally It’s just not something that I do on YouTube. I know that a lot of kids watch my videos I know that you know a lot of people in general watch my videos and because I don’t curse and you know most conversations in life really the majority of them I just don’t feel the need to do it on YouTube It’s not something that ever like comes to my mind and I have to like censor myself This person assumes that I’m social and have a lot of friends. I actually don’t have a lot of friends I have some close friends. I am really really close to my family A lot of you guys assumed that family is very important to me My family is my favorite like out of all of the relationships that I have I love my husband I love my family and I’m so lucky I get to live so close to my parents and my sisters Brady’s family unfortunately lives You know pretty far away. We’re in the Northeast. They’re in the Midwest so unfortunately, we don’t get to see them as often we would like to but whenever we do it’s it’s so much fun I love being around family but thankfully I do get to live near my sisters and my mom and my dad and my nieces and family is so important to me So whenever I do have time or whenever I choose to make time to spend time with other people I always choose my family. I love being with them. I love hanging out with them Family is just important to me and we’re all so close. We have such a great time We try to have family dinner every single Sunday night, which is important to all of us and I just love them I love spending time with them and my sisters are my friends So I feel like when I am social I tend to be more social with my sisters and my family but of course I have other commitments and I do have other friends, but when it comes to socialization I definitely love to be with my family. This person said your husband is your BFF and vice versa My husband is my best friend. He is my favorite person I love him more than anything and he is the person that I just love to be with we have been We were friends before we started dating we’ve been together since we were 18 and he came up and introduced himself and we were at like this awkward like mixer get to know you kind of thing and they told us to like go introduce ourselves to someone new and him and his friends came up and introduced themselves to me and my friends and We just started like hanging out randomly like we would just see each other The college we went to was very small We didn’t have any classes together, but I think like some of our friends we had like mutual friends Anyways, we were just friends for a long time and then we just spent so much time talking on instant messenger at night I don’t know if any of you guys are old enough to have experienced instant messenger He just became my best friend and he still is and it’s so weird like when I read articles on the internet that are like Why your husband shouldn’t be your best friend or like why he shouldn’t be your confidant like why you should have girlfriends I believe that is important to have other friends and other relationships outside of your spouse, but he’s 100% my best friend I would never want it any other way because he is the person that I spend the most time with and he’s the person that I want to spend the most time with we we just We share a life together and I love that we’re able to spend so much time together and have so much fun and just be able to do, you know stupid things like watching Netflix or serious things like having important conversations about our beliefs and you know, what we want for our future Yeah, he’s definitely my best friend. We have so much fun, and I love it A lot of you guys assumed that I want another pug I would love to have another pug I checked the rescue sites in my area all the time and I would love to just like rescue and adopt another pug so so much at this point in our lives I think practically we just kind of know it’s not the right time I love my pugs so much and I would love to have a third little pug running around but I just think with like the dynamic of our family like our family me and my like little fur children It just doesn’t work. Our one dog, he’s not old They’re only like a year apart, but he acts old like he’s a very grouchy dog and our other dog like our girl dog, she’s like acts super young So she’s always so excited and sometimes he gets a little bit annoyed at her and I just don’t know what it would be like having a third dog running around especially a rescue dog, because you know when I look at the rescue dogs a lot of them are older a lot of them require special care. So our house is very small There’s not a lot of area where they could like spread out and have their own space So I just feel like it would be a little bit more difficult eventually if like the right dog came around, you know I think maybe we would we would love to but Brady’s pretty happy with two dogs He was never a dog person before he met me. He never had dogs growing up So he kind of became a dog person and he loves her dogs He’s like a great dog dad but I think three might be like pushing the limit for him I got a few assumptions that I’m pretty religious. I love church, church is important, faith is important For me, I just I I have faith church is important to me Religion is not I don’t necessarily follow a strict set of guidelines and rules I just try to love as Jesus did what I choose to believe in is Jesus I believe that what he taught was important I believe that he was the type of person who shared and showed love to everybody and that’s what he calls us to do He calls us to love God and love others and that’s how I personally try to live my life I just try to love others and serve others. I am very active in my church in different ways You know they really just teach things that I think are true and important and practical and applicable and people who aren’t church people or who aren’t religious feel welcome there and I think that is so cool and so important because you know, The Jesus that I believe in and I follow was just somebody who loved others and he was somebody that people wanted to be around so to get to go to a church that exemplifies that type of love is so important to me at the same time it’s something that I’ve had to work through You know I’ve been on YouTube in my 20s in my 20s have been such a weird a formative time in my life where I’ve just tried to form my own opinions and make up my own mind on so many subjects whether it’s been kids or faith or politics or beliefs and you know sometimes it’s hard to share that on the internet because I’m not completely sure where I’m at sometimes so That’s probably why I don’t open up about a lot of personal topics as much as I would like to okay I think we’ll end it there. Thank you guys so much for sharing your assumptions I hope you guys found this video interesting or you know, you got to know me a little bit better I really appreciate you guys taking time out of your day to watch my videos and leave such kind assumptions. I’ve watched some of these videos and some of the assumptions that people get are kind of hurtful kind of mean and I just didn’t experience that at all. So I appreciate you guys so much. Thank you for watching my videos and supporting my channel. I really appreciate you guys I hope you have a great day, and I’ll see you very soon with a new video. Bye


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