Anti Haul #9 Kylie Lip Kits, Tarte, Huda Beauty, Storybook Cosmetics, LA Splash, Nails Inc, Unicorn

Anti Haul #9 Kylie Lip Kits, Tarte, Huda Beauty, Storybook Cosmetics, LA Splash, Nails Inc, Unicorn

Hey, guys. Welcome back, and hello to new people too. I’m Courtney. This is Phaedra. As you can see, she’s passed out on the floor. Today, I am bringing you my Anti-haul #9. If you do not know what an anti-haul video
is, I will link you to a previous anti-haul of mine so you can check it out. In short, I’m telling you why I’m not buying
these products. I’m not bashing the brands. I’m just giving you a different opinion other
than, “Oh my God. Buy, buy, buy. Buy all the things.” I’m really trying to promote smarter consumerism. The first product I’m not going to buy is
the Tarte Make Magic Happen palette. This is a nine-pan palette, and it looks like
it’s another warm eyeshadow palette. Warm colors, warm and shimmery, and I just
was thoroughly underwhelmed with it. It says it’s supposed to be a mix of warm
and cool tones, but I’m like, “It looks like there’s one, maybe two cool tones in the entire
palette. That’s it?” It’s just so very brown. These are not colors that I personally flattering
or easy to wear. Browns, especially chocolate browns go very
muddy on me, so I’m skipping it. Next up will be the Tarte Clay Play Face Shaping
Palette, and this is another palette that I looked at, and I went, “Why? We already have all of these colors and duplicate,
triplicate, quadruples.” I have so many palettes that have a shit ton
of warm neutrals. Why would we need this one? What makes it special? As far as I can see, there is absolutely nothing
special about this palette. It is all warm brown neutrals. I don’t think there are any cool colors in
it. If you’re somebody who wears a ton of warm
brown neutrals, this may be your palette. This may be your holy grail, but for me, it
is an easy palette to skip. The next palette that I am not going to buy
is the Storybook Cosmetics’ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory palette. I had no idea this palette was coming out
until I was looking online yesterday. Then, I was like, “Oh, that sounds like a
horrible idea,” especially after seeing, I think it was Eshani (TotalMakeupJunkie101),
review the Storybook Cosmetics’ Harry Potter palette. There is no way in hell I would buy one of
these palettes. The color pay-off from the Harry Potter palette
looked terrible, and while yes, I think that it’s a really interesting theme for a palette,
if I’m going to pay like, what was it? 50, 70 bucks, whatever it is, I’ll put the
price up here so you can check it out. If I’m going to pay that much for a palette,
I want it to be a quality palette that I can use. I want it to be something like the Kat Von
D Metal Matte. I love that palette. That was totally worth buying. The Storybook Harry Potter palette did not
look like it was worth buying at all. Next up will be the Ofra Nude lip set. Now, I love Ofra cosmetics. I love their liquid lipstick formula. They release new colors all the time. However, when I saw this nude set, I was like,
“This is not for me.” It is such a brown tone set that I don’t feel
like it would be flattering on me. One of the colors even looks, I think it’s
Dubai, even looks like it’s a yellow-toned brown. I’m like, “I don’t know who would be … I
don’t know who that would look good on.” To me, it looks like it’s a baby poop brown. I don’t think that’s a flattering color. I mean don’t get me wrong. Like I said, I love the Ofra Liquid Lipstick
formula. I actually have a bunch of nudes from them
that I can wear. They have some brighter colors that are nice
too, but those colors, definitely not for me. Not going to buy. Next, we have the Huda Beauty Pink Sands and
Golden Sands highlighter palettes. Now, to me, these palettes look like they
were rushed out without a lot of thought or care put into them. The colors all look very, very similar, and
as a pale tone girl, when I look at both these palettes, I don’t think I could wear either
of these except as eyeshadows. They’re not really a good fit for me. I feel like there are so many great highlighter
palettes out there that I’m not sure why you would choose these. Next up is the ColourPop Tie Dye Trio. These colors came out right around the ColourPop
birthday. It’s their third birthday. Yay. While I did indulge in the saucy palette and
I got a free birthday cake eyeshadow, which is like their rose gold color, when I was
looking at this trio of tie dye colors, I decided to skip it because of the fact that
while they are gorgeous in the pan and they do look pretty when swatched, I feel like
I already own several similar shades. I really just wanted to buy them because they’re
gorgeous in the pan. I decided that was not a good enough reason
to buy them, so I skipped them. Next up would be the new Kylie lip kits. The colors are grape soda, strawberry cream
and poison berry. Oh my God. Let me tell you. When I saw these colors, I went, “Finally,
there are Kylie lip kit colors that I want to wear.” Then, I looked at it a little closer and went,
“I already own these colors.” I almost bought them because I was like, “Oh
my God, pretty colors. There’s a purple. There’s a pink. There’s this deep berry color.” Colors I would absolutely wear, and then I
was like, “No, I already own those colors.” No reason to buy them. Why would you buy them if you already own
them already? You know, I have already heard of the Kylie
lipstick formula not being the greatest, and since I’m really picky about my liquid lipstick
formula, I was just like, better to skip. Next up, I almost bought this. This is the LA Splash Wickedly Divine liquid
lipsticks. These look like they are duochromes on the
lips, and the colors are so amazing. When I saw this blue with the teal shift,
I was like, “Oh my God, I have to have it.” Then, I remembered at one point, I bought
$200 worth of LA Splash liquid lipsticks, and I didn’t like the formula. Some of it smells like cat piss, so I think
they were off or something was wrong, so I ended up getting rid of all of them. I felt like I had wasted money on the formula,
and then, I read about the company. I thought maybe that they did some shady things
with some employees, so I wasn’t really happy about it, but I saw the color. I was like, “I need that color.” Then, I was like, “Wait a minute. I own that color.” To recreate the color that I desperately wanted,
which was so gorgeous and I can’t think of the name of it, but I’ll put it up here so
you could see it. All you need to do is take Urban Decay, Heroine
lipstick or Kat Von D Echo lipstick and then put a color like Makeup Geek Moon Phase highlighter
at the center of the lips or the Kat Von D Alchemist palette and the sapphire and emerald
at the center of the lips. You can completely recreate that color in
a better formula that doesn’t smell like cat piss. Totally a win for me. So glad I didn’t just pull the trigger and
buy it like I wanted to. Last but not the least is the Nails Inc Unicorn
nail polish duo. I saw this duo, and I really wanted it. Then, I was looking at swatches of the nail
polish online, and I realized how sheer the colors were. I decided no, I could probably make something
similar at home, and I did. I basically made a color like the unicorn
color, the purple blue color right here. What I did to do that is I took Vapid lacquer. The color is I’m Late, and I layered it on
top of these two purples. I basically used Orly Saturated as the base
to make it a very, very deep purple. Then, in between, I put this color, right,
Lollipop Lacquer posse, and it’s a Party For Calming All Your Nerves, but you could probably
skip this color and just use these two colors to recreate that color. Yes, glad I didn’t buy it because having sheer
polish like that would … If I didn’t know it was sheer when I bought it because it didn’t
look sheer in the swatches on Sephora, I would have been mad. Anyway, this concludes my anti-haul #9. Please be sure to let me know what you think
in the comments below. What are you not going to haul? If you like this video and found it entertaining,
please give it a thumbs up and share. Make sure you subscribe to my channel. Thanks so much for watching. I really appreciate it. Bye, bye.


  • Jen LuvsHorror says:

    I agree with everything! And I'm glad I'm aware of the eye shadow formula for Storybook Cosmetics now because I really wanted to buy some things from them. I do have to say that their packaging is very cute though. I would never buy anything from Kylie so that's that. And I was very underwhelmed with the Tarte products too. Great t-shirt btw πŸ˜€

  • Narsha Euringer says:

    i love your eyes makeup

  • Diana's Adventures says:

    I have gotten a lot better at not being sucked in by cute packaging. If I'm not going to use it, then what's the point? My first thought when I saw Ofra Dubai was "poop." I'm not going to buy any of the 10 thousand warm-toned brown palettes out there. Enough already!

  • dazzledbystarlight17 says:

    Yay! Another anti-haul. I'm not buying tbe products you mentioned and also the UD Naked Heat. They need to never make another Naked palette. I wish they'd come up with something else. Besides it's a very warm palette. I have all the colors :/

  • PinkCookie62 says:

    Whoot!… Not gonna haul all the same stuff girl. LOVE the anti-hauls! <3<3<3

  • Maggie Parmley says:

    The Tarte face palette is actually wonderful. I get it that everyone has their own opinion on products I just wanted to clarify that the formula of these powders is unlike their eye shadow. I don't know about their other contour palettes or bronzers other than Park Avenue Princess. It isn't the same as Park Avenue Princess though. There are multiple cool shades in the palette and they are very rich, creamy and pigmented. They blend so beautifully and last all day, both on my oily skin, and on my friends dry skin. I truly can use it for contouring, bronzing, eyebrows and eye shadow just as Tarte says. I realize we can do that with any powder products, but we are able to do so because of the great mix of warm and cool tones. I just wanted to put that out there because I have been using it every day for a week and a half and it's quickly becoming a favorite. It is wonderful for travel πŸ™‚

  • Allison Cohen says:

    I agree – with the exception of the unicorn inspired palette that I bought, so many of Tarte's palette look so similar to each other with only slight variations. And wow, I am shocked by the price of the Storybook palettes. What are they thinking? I agree with you about the ColourPop too similar to other stuff they already have, and tho I buy a lot of CP shadows, they are often so close together. Your comments about LA Splash were a riot

  • Sarah Halstead says:

    I always get distracted by pretty packaging.

  • Making Mrs. M says:

    That Martian color though! Oh man. I'd love that.
    I'm all for smart consumerism, though! Go you for not just purchasing willy-nilly.

  • Angela Cappetti says:

    these anti hauls are really helpful i love just marathon watching them when i want to buy something bc i know i already have something thats a dupe or very similar in my collection. love your videos!

  • thevioletrevolution says:

    Cat piss lips are never good.

  • faeriecrypt says:

    I need that shirt! Honestly, that Tarte palette looks so similar to some of their other palettes. Maybe I'm getting too cynical.

  • Erin Shoemate says:

    I'd buy anything if it could (a) keep lipstick on my lips even though I'm an unrepentant lip-licker and (b) keep polish on my nails even though I chew them like whoa. :/

  • megradiooo says:

    I bought ghoulish & og ghoulish from la splash back when they were everywhere on YouTube and they smelled like paint! didn't care for the formula either. now they're collecting dust. so sad 😣

  • faeriecrypt says:

    Oh, God, if those lip products smell like that, I am staying FAR away. I have two cats and know what that smell is like. Ugh!

  • Megan Ivanyos says:

    All the new tarte products are redundant

  • LabNYorkie says:

    The nail polish reminds me of the Scrangie one from years ago.

  • Liana says:

    I only own one Tarte Palette (the Tartelette In Bloom) and while I do love it, I feel like I don't need any of their other palettes because they all look the damn same. I don't care if the formula is good — if it's all different shades of brown, what's the point? It's boring. And I totally agree about the Storybook cosmetics palettes. I think their packaging is cute, and they're definitely trying to market off of that nostalgia factor, but the quality just doesn't look good.

  • Lena Wright says:

    Yay! I love these type of videos!

  • Emily Rachel Gilley says:

    I will not be buying Naked Heat, even if it's the name of a Richard Castle book (only funny if you watch Castle)

  • valkolakk says:

    anti hauls are always inspiring! I'm so bored with all the launches right now. I've passed on new colourpop because I don't want to deal with hit or miss stuff. I was checking out an anastasia glow palette but decided it's not worth the shades I won't use. I did splurge on the ud Basquiat collection on sale. I am honestly dying to hang the palette on my wall.

  • Jessica Musser says:

    I don't understand why Tarte keeps releasing the same palette over and over but in a variety of packaging.

  • Alice Potter says:

    I'm a polish collector and don't like sheer polish, I'd be really pissed too!!

  • Dizzyknitsandcurls says:

    so i almost bought things from la splash like 20 times but now it is Cat piss lipstick and I will never be able to buy from them, my wallet thanks you…

  • Christa Potter says:

    Love when you do these videos!

  • Shandi Messmer says:

    I don't get the hype for the Kylie kits. Can someone please explain that to me?

  • Konoha Ninja 123 says:

    I love how matter of fact and brutally honest you are. I'm glad you are not one of the sellout YouTubers who will promote a product that's nothing special. Thanks for your insight. I totally agree with you on the Tarte palettes. They really do seem to be nothing special. I do have a hard time buying their palettes because I feel like the colors all look the same or I've already bought them in other palettes. Exactly how many variations of sandy brown do I really need, especially when it's in the same palette? I really wish Tarte would break out of the low pigment neutral color slump and do something exciting and pretty. Like in their recent pro palette, that metallic teal looked so pretty, but the rest of the non metal colors looked so ho-hum.

  • maimaimaired says:


  • Giulietta Ciambotti says:

    Gotta love Kimberly Clark for introducing some sanity and realism into the influencer world😍☝️😍 THANK YOU for your excellent work, for being cruelty free and just being the YOU that you areβœŒπŸΏπŸ™πŸΎβœŒπŸΏ

  • Michelle Fitch says:

    I really need that shirt…do you remember where you got it?

  • Judy Schmidt says:

    The Huda palettes remind me of the e.l.f. Highlighter/cheek palettes. No thanks! I'm sure e.l.f. Is so much cheaper. I have the Nails Inc polishes, and the glittery one was fine at two coats but the purple needed a third, at least. I didn't bother because I used nail wraps over my mani.

  • Jess in king says:

    baby poop brown. lololol

  • Jess in king says:


  • Jess in king says:

    finally i have a pretty sheer chrome that i'm still using i hate it…………..just can't waste products. haha. i hateee finding out latter it's sheer

  • Cindy Ingalls says:

    Totes agree on both tarte palettes. I have to say I am SO sick of highlighters!!

  • Marcia Friedman says:

    The only one of these that tempted me is the Nails Inc. I'm so glad I didn't cave since sheer polish doesn't work for me. You saved me! As far as the Tarte – I have those colors from them in other palettes so why buy them again.

  • The Outsider says:

    Yeah I'm gonna skip out on Storybook cosmetics completely they have cute concepts and themes but I hear their formula is not the greatest especially for being $50+ which isn't cheap.

  • Kendra Darr says:

    I was intrigued by the Naked Heat palette, but it would probably end up like the Naked 3 palette that I never wear.

  • mirimiriela480 says:

    Wait, do you attach a swatch of the nail polish to its bottle? That's brilliant!

  • The Alternative Non-Conformist says:

    dying to know where you got this tshirt! i want it for my best friend?

  • Slashed Beauty says:

    I MUST GET YOUR SHIRT!!! OMG it's amazing! Also the lighting in this video looks so great.

  • V CR says:

    That nails inc looks like the old scrangie polish from rescue beauty lounge. One of the best colors ever!

  • Deirdre Saoirse Moen says:

    Thanks for the tip on the nail polish. I too had almost bought that Nails Inc set, and I already own Vapid Lacquer's I'm Late. Also have the Alchemist palette as well as enough lipsticks in blues that I can recreate the LA Colors lip, too.

  • H L Nielsen says:

    I love anti haul videos!!!!!!! I am absolutely not going to buy the naked heat palette. Why the heck does anyone need another neutral palette!!!!!!! Some company needs to stop trying to be like every other company with the silly neutrals for the 100th time and actually put out something that serious beauty collectors dont have in quintuplicate!!!!!!! How about a berry palette or a purple palette or a yellow orange and red palette or an actual pink palette thats not the nakes 3 that is just half brown?ABH came close with the modern ren palette but half the palette is brown !!!!!!! Sorry for the rant but its getting ridiculous.

  • Pandora Fangs says:

    I love your anti-haul videos! Seriously helps when the compulsion comes to buy: "It's such beautiful packaging" !! etc etc, my mantra is now "Wait.. don't you already own these colours?"Thanks!

  • jenny koppy says:

    Uh! It's safe to say most people love new palettes. There are very few things more exciting than getting a brand new, untouched palette!The problem is I'm already buried with palettes of every color!. The make-up world is seriously out of control. I'm just going to shop my stash!.

  • T Rose says:

    Cat piss, you killed me, but seriously Thank you we need more anti hauling instead of the bazillion haul videos that are not doing the world a bit of good! I looked at my makeup collection and I am ashamed I think I need to start donating a bunch because I have way more than I can probably use in my lifetime and it will probably expire before I get a chance to use half of it…and for what to make room for the next launch or release of something I don't need anyway. So I am not buying anything and these videos are inspiring me to just get rid of makeup I don't need and maybe I will make a video because I can think of so many things just from Tarte alone I will end this now and keep on no buying I know I will! Cheers

  • Vicki W says:

    Courtney, you look great! I love how you shop your stash to dupe the new products. Great ideas!

  • Lipgloss and Crayons says:

    Love this anti-haul!!!

  • G says:

    Ahhh love your shirt! I just bought one similar that says "look me in the eyeliner and say that".

  • Glamorable says:

    I totally agree with your anti-haul! Except maybe the Nails INC unicorn duo, I definitely don't have anything to make those colors with what I own.

  • Sissi Over40 says:

    I love Anti-hauls! Yes to no spending! πŸ˜‰

  • Ashley Myers says:

    Idk if I told you this before, but I had the exact same issue with LA Splash. I bought like $150 worth of liquid lipsticks and threw most of them out because they were already dry when I got them, or they started getting really dry within a month or 2 of use. Also, the formula crumbles so bad on me. I put one on before I went to work, went to the bathroom 30 min into my shift to pee and took one look in the mirror and the crumbles were all over my chin and had "melted" in with my foundation (I have oily skin). It was so bad that I spent 20 min in the bathroom trying to remove my face makeup, because it was completely ruined and there was no way of saving it. And the smell on most of them is like paint and ammonia. ugh. I really wanted to love them because Jessica Haze from MirrorsandHaze used to rave about them, but they are fucking terrible for me.

  • SarahJane says:

    I feel like Tarte does so many browns because all their shadows look muddy and blend into one color on the eyes. (I don't know about their new formula though, I hear it's better.)
    I recently had to toss a bunch of color pop. I love their pressed shadows, but won't be buying anything supershock anymore.
    I really wish brands would concentrate on good permanent products. I'm really staying away from anything limited edition anymore. (The only limited edition thing I've purchased in the last few years is the KVD Metal Matte.)
    I love the little nail swatch things on your nail polishes!

  • Sam Jordan says:

    I don't understand this sudden fascination with unicorns from like every makeup brand out there lately? Like yeah, they're cool I guess, but why the sudden obsession?! Lol

  • Denise Sheffield says:

    All this time I thought your name was Phyrra, lol. Love your tee shirt.

  • Caylagh Bailey says:

    I just got the storybook cosmetics palette and it is honestly gorgeous! They are super buttery, have really good pigmentation, and are really good quality.

  • Karolina / makeupandbeautybykaro says:

    Is Huda Beauty cruelty free? I can't finde this Information πŸ˜¬πŸ™ˆ

  • Gabrielle L says:

    Your Anti Haul videos are such a breath of fresh air in a sea of hot air hype. Thank you for your honesty – and your wit.

  • The Good Life says:

    I have to agree with you on the Story Book Cosmetics-Charley & the Chocolate Factory for $55 which is a waste of money, because everyone has the colors in another eye shadow palette. I purchase Kat Von D; Saint & Sinners limited edition eye shadow palette which I will get use from it and better quality of eye shadows.

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