Archeage Unchained – Is It Worth Buying?

Archeage Unchained – Is It Worth Buying?

Archeage Unchained, the fresh start, newly
branded and updated version of Archeage is finally here. The original game, just called Archeage, was
released previously in the west, on Steam as a free to play title in march of 2015. A korean MMORPG that was massively anticipated
in the genre before arriving and was pretty well received to start with. The game seemed to taper off as most mmorpgs
do after initial launch month and took a pretty big nose dive shortly after this due to the
game being firmly considered pay to win…Which if you’re familiar with mmorpgs and Eastern
games specifically in the genre, you’ll know happens more often than not. In this video I’ll give you my take on if
the game is worth buying or not. Quick disclaimer, most the footage used in
this video is from the original archeage and doesn’t feature the improved graphics that
the unchained version will have. I’ll shamelessly self promote my affiliate
link here before we get started. If you do decide the game is worth your time
and money, you can buy the game on steam or you can go to the link in this video description
and buy it that way. This link directly supports me and my content
and I’ll love you forever if you do that. And hopefully me having an affiliate link
doesn’t make you think I’ll be bias towards the game or favorable just because of that,
I’d like to think most of you know me better than that by now. So what’s the differences with Archeage Unchained
and why should you care now? Archeage Unchained takes what the original
game was, the hybrid themepark, sandbox mmorpg and removes the one major factor that prematurely
ruined the game, yes the p2w is entirely removed as of launch. Archeage Unchained is now a buy to play title
with a future monetisation model of battle passes and a cash shop, both of which have
been vetted by the community tirelessly for weeks now and are entirely cosmetic in nature. Absolutely zero pay to win and also as of
this moment, zero convenience items either. This being an overview video designed for
people who are potential buyers of the game, I’m going to go over what makes archeage great,
what to expect from the game and then stick around towards the end for a little history
lesson on the previous version, why we can have at least some trust that this won’t go
the same way as before and my personal concerns, recommendations and verdict. For people new to Archeage , it is a game
with many unique features in a mostly stale genre, not a themepark, not a sandbox and
definitely not a typical eastern mmorpg experience. Personally I’d describe the game as pvp oriented
and a heavy focus on open world, group content. I only played the first launch of archeage
for the first month or so, but it was probably the most fun in any mmorpg launch I’ve ever
had and I’ve played…a lot. The top features that people will probably
be interested in is the fluid, tab target and targeted AoE style combat which has always
in my opinion been one of the most fun combat styles in the genre, a lot of the combat revolves
around comboing abilites together for extra effects like cc, more damage, dots and stuff
of that nature. The class system is unique in that there are
basically 12 skillsets in the game, you get to choose 1 to start with, and then another
2 as you level up, all the skill sets level up as you use them and the combination of
the skill sets is what makes up your overall class. This means there are hundreds of combinations
of classes to be made, each skill set you choose from has their own abilities you can
learn using skill points and this is how you make your build. The abilities within these skill sets have
their own play style and typically interact with other abilities from different skill
sets in ways that make your overall class synergy. You’re also never limited to the class that
you create because you can level up every skill set quite easily and freely swap between
them at will, reseting your skill points for a small in-game gold fee and changing to another
class to play. But you are limited by what gear you have
for that playstyle. There’s very few instances in the game, this
lends itself to the sandbox experience of archeage, there are a few end-game pve dungeons
but most of the content is entirely open world, such as world bosses. Archeage has one of the most satisfying and
robust housing systems in the genre, with entirely open world housing, land having actual
value and meaning. Customisation of said housing is absolutely
incredible and the land also plays a role in gameplay in the way of growing crops, raising
animals and things of that nature. There’s consequence based trade running, with
players having the option to create trade packs and move them from location to location
to sell for profit, but of course you could get killed and the killer could then take
your trade packs and sell them, skipping the cost of making it and taking all the money
for themselves. Then there’s the naval content, yes this is
probably my personal favorite. Build ships, go out with your friends or guild
and be a pirate. Kill your enemies on the high seas or fight
sea monsters such as the kraken. The game is definitely focused at the top
end on pvp and faction warfare, with castle sieges, the pirate faction which is independent
of the two starting factions of east and west. But that’s not to say there isn’t something
for everyone. The economy is almost entirely player driven,
there’s a lot of opportunity for crafters and casuals who just like to tend their land
and make money. Overall, Archeage is for me, a very unique
and fun game that was only ever ruined by the greed of the previous publisher. Now , for returning players or people who
know of archeage’s shady past with the p2w, what are the concerns of the general population
that have been following Archeage Unchained? The major one is of course, will this also
be p2w like the previous version? That’s not something I can answer for certain
because i’m unfortunately not a wizard. At least not that I know of. Currently, the game is absolutely, categorically
not pay to win. The cash shop is purely cosmetic, the battlepass
system is purely cosmetic and there is no player trading of any of these items. Nothing you buy for money can ever be traded,
it’s all bound on purchase and there is no gifting system. So what about the future? Well yeah that’s the part I can’t really give
you a concrete answer on, I can just speculate. It’s always possible they go back on any number
of these features and go p2w, or creep in p2w into the shop. The reason I don’t think this would happen
is that they have gone the extra mile in making this release as good as humanly possible in
terms of removing everything anyone had even a slight concern over. Within a day, they have removed features that
could be considered p2w, they delayed the game to give us an extended access to the
current patch so we could go over everything with a fine tooth comb and bring up any concerns
and anything that was an issue, was promtly addressed. I think at this stage, after doing all of
that, to then turn around and go back on it would be the actual death of a project that
they know could otherwise run and be massively profitable for years to come. They know that if they were to do that, their
company repuation would be worth less than zero in the genre for as long as anyone can
remember. So, personally, I think it’s unlikely this
happens. Though still entirely possible. What is different about Archeage Unchained
to Archeage? Well of course Unchained is buy to play, to
be treated as a totally seperate game, never interacting in any way with the original,
with a different monetisation system and is the brainchild of a totally different publisher
to those who most people blame for what ruined the original. A little backstory, Trion Worlds was the publisher
who were responsible for bringing archeage to the west, Trion Worlds in late 2018 sold
all their assets to German publisher Gamigo. Gamigo still uses trion’s branding and backend
systems as far as I can tell, but they are an entirely different company to those who
published the original. So it’s not just a case of them saying it’s
a new , fresh start, it actually looks to be one. To date I personally haven’t been given a
reason to distrust Gamigo. Archeage Unchained also launches with a brand
new patch, bringing the game to the modern era. With a 64 bit client update, making the game
run smoother than ever, a new class, new content, bug fixes, new graphical update and much more. Now my personal concern is always going to
be that of if it turns out p2w in the future. I feel like Gamigo and the team behind Archeage
Unchained has done enough to temper that concern. While it will always be there because we have
been burned in the past, I am more confident in this project going the way they say, then
I have ever been in an eastern mmorpg before in this regards….That may not be saying
a lot when you think about it but yeah, there you have it. My only gripe with the entire game is that
they’re allowing people to have 3 accounts per person which a lot of people agree could
give some advantages in progression due to using the limited time based resource called
labor to make money and trade it to your main character. I can’t personally attest to any kind of numbers
of how good this is or how big of a deal it will be, especially considering we have a
new system that affects this massively, called the korean labor system. I will just include it in this video to be
entirely transparent and allow you to make up your own mind on if that is a big enough
issue to turn you off. For me, it definitely isn’t. So would I recommend buying archeage unchained? Absolutely. It’s a unique enough game, it’s a brand new
launch which immediately makes mmorpgs 10 x more fun and it’s a game that by most accounts
was always great, just ruined by greed. You’re never really going tto get a guarantee
with a persistent online product that it stays what it was upon purchase, so we can only
go on what we have right now and for me, that is a product well worth the price of admission
and the way I look at it, even in the worst case scenario that it goes badly, i’ll definitely
get my entertainment value out of the game on the current build for that price. You can either purchase the game via steam
on release day of the 15th of October and get in after the servers come up, or you can
go to the website and buy the game directly, depending on when you’re watching this video
there are pre-order packs available with a few added bonuses like cosmetics, titles and
things like that. Special thanks to the people supporting me
via youtube membership subscription which is basically patreon but for youtube, you
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Rowan, Jack, Joe and Marathon5150. Thank you guys so much and thanks to all you
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and , I’ll see you guys on the next one, PEACE!


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  • KiraTV says:

    For you guys that already follow the channel and or the game , yes this will be a lot of stuff you already know or have heard me say. This video is more for the mass of incoming new people that will inevitably arrive looking for info and reviews on the game come the 15th and official launch. Still , I hope you enjoy the video either way!

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    What is archeage end game? Also do I really have to grind up and join the land rush to avoid gimping myself for the future? I’d like to just enjoy the game and learn as I go but it seems that if I do that I’ll just miss out and probably end up quitting the game later anyway if it really is a big deal

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    I like grouping up i like a trinity where it actually matters if you can tank or heal and boss mechanics etc in dungeons.
    Are there endgame raids/dungeons like in wow which reward good endgame gear?
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    US: Wynn

    EU: Alexander

    No luck? Refund or Uninstall.

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    Now it's a different story, evolved version, closest ever from the original Korean one in terms of patch, a new publisher, and the more important : NO P2W !!!
    So it's absolutly worth buying, for 25$, it's the best 2019 puchase !!

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    People really do not think enough when they consider these types of games, KR MMOs that are being managed by business-first publishers. There are numerous examples in Black Desert and Bless Online, just on the buy to play side. Black Desert even proves that you can be successful and there can still be a dramatic change in business practices. I would not be at all surprised if this is just a ploy to get as many initial players as possible to make as much money as possible with their "pre-order bonuses" and founders packs. Every MMO has done it and the B2P ones are certainly no different.

    Even if there was a reputable company handling the Western publishing of these games, you have to consider that KR devs have a lot of the power in how these games are fundamentally designed, with what seems like little influence/impact from Western publishers, how much power is not known for obvious reasons. Therefore you have to consider that a lot of the additions and decisions are indeed influenced by XLGames over in Korea, so you can't really give Gamigo much credit until there is definitive proof that they are actively listening to consumers and actually taking action.

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