Are We Gay Enough?! [CC]

Are We Gay Enough?! [CC]

and there’s great miniskirt now okay we’re going to be doing a quiz to find out how gay we learn when we were teenagers you there’s quite a few quizzes online about that you can if you’re not sure if you’re bisexual gay or straight didn’t quiz in the no no no sir we’re going to realize how is the quiz games be able to tell you something that you don’t really know the Internet has dealt interpreting those people were telling you what kind of waffle you are reading a difference in age girls like actual with anything you’re going down so there is the fluo 15 wrote a good thing yeah so see and they were sixteen something are you a lesbian bisexual straight from scenario but we’re walking down the street I can’t go about subdued an update you say oh my god yeah please hell yeah was the toilet for you I guess do know as friends yeah I’m taken oh yeah I’m taken well I would have had to say I’m say goodbye oh boy hello yeah I had a boyfriend so do it again you or me let’s pick it of you because we know everyone’s gonna be okay I’ve taken my boy sorry or two if it work no sweetheart boy walks up to you about the other day you say Greg please go to me that’s not true I was like I can build a new day is a time to pull through I’d be like I’m a good boy this is the fun point when you check out we go would you go I face might be jealous could just straight up if you’re straight go you look up another girl Oh clearly all cuz all straight girls car many check out guys I think her body has been a bum I wouldn’t be checking out girl last night it’s a little emergency and I would be checking out how like a and her body but that’s not a trick then I guess I have I’m a rapper 16 euros you have been checking out this girl’s body only not I think embodies the whole package who do it is in looking at the budget to find healthy feelings with yes a emoji I um Wendy Jenna bomb what when you check out a guy what you look at his face I’d be in love his body his package ah I was dairy cattle but do that it does thing just drink I’ll see you around and they look down there and I like em I wouldn’t really be checking out a guy on a different packet if you ever had or are planning to work for what time is or war this and should i purely Gao LAN Gao thrash fan fiction girl girl girl a boy Boyle boys going on boy and go longer well I don’t mind whatever time wait girl or boy or girl girl girl boy and girl girl oh like but I lost boy on boy haha do you have a person someone it’s say what gender ago I have a deep passion someone okay I have a real crush on a guy I have a girl crush – or a girl for sure okay come on you have crushes on girls when your teenager yeah I was now I’m going to crush them boys or just be like a boy I think I forsake a girl and a kiss the same gender this is my things up yes and I liked it yeah I like kissing boys too you know I thought about it the only other kiss boy that’s good yeah I liked it I’ve never kissed the opposite gender ah no times less than I can beat want to bomb is what my 16 euros over say but also myself today mine would be yeah but I like kissing girls to that question how far would you go same gender I’d like to me vaginally so you know I’m not sure if I’m straight is do avoid actual me verges are me kissing measuring our goal same with boys in no way I thought about it the never utter limit so I’m taking a boy that I think 16 Romeo just like anything any cute girls I know look how far which goes opposite gender that was questionable I’m same gender again I want to go opposite gender you were like spoon away I would rather die ETF oh I’d be like I’ve never been kissed boy it just yeah well I might I would have to be you know when I was well submit my answer every survived yeah I’m good I’m sorry honey haha the day my my quiz ruins our relationship isn’t being straight okay you love men oh do I do i back up that kind of damage you’ll come to meet you wrong cute my wife and I will fight a jewel that any man who tries to take us in my bed my business I actually like them and I watch my old man taught me maybe that’s what I compute right because you’re actually a gamer and trapped inside a woman okay that makes so much then what you have a day happiest man no matter what the internet was ideal good pairs or gun deals good mmm yes there’s a cap your focus Lizzy I buy our own [Music]


  • GAIA H says:

    I love you two so much, your love for each other is so beautiful to watch!


    I've never kissed a boy, either. And I'll never will. 😛

  • Ginny Pikachu says:

    You are so gorgeous together ❤ Im bi btw. ^^

  • Allison Ranieri says:

    YOU TWO ARE SO CUTE ❗️❗️❗️

  • Gina Sigman says:


  • Anna Goldberg says:

    "disgusted lesbian yelling" is my new favorite sound description 😀

  • greenstinkingeggs says:

    This is so sweet! Seeing other lesbians in happy, healthy, adorable relationships gives me hope for my own future!

  • FleurDeCerisier says:

    I have never seen anyone as gay as Jessica tbh and I know some pretty fucking gay girls 😂. Seeing the extremes of the spectrum in general makes me realise once more how bisexual I am.

  • Alea Hassell says:

    As a bisexual girl I can say I have checked out a man's package… Not proud lol

  • couchmermaid says:


  • Erin Lisa Aulfinger says:

    When you're asexual and the first question makes you so confused because do people actually accept dates from random strangers?

  • Platinum Trio says:

    “boy on boy porn” *cues me screamig

  • Antonín Dvořák says:

    [continued lesbian yelling] and [horrified gay gasp] Jessica you are hilarious! Love both you and Claudia ❤️😂

  • RoSeLi Nuñezzz says:

    I love your boobs 😂

  • Abstract Moon says:

    Love the CC: ~[disgusted lesbian yelling]~

  • Leigh-Anne Dennison says:

    OMG, you two are so adorable! What a wonderful example you show the world of love (sorry, American here — where we're having serious societal problems with, well, women, LGBT, race, religion issues).

    What a strange quiz considering how many teenagers experiment or sometimes "practice" kissing or more with best friends, etc. As a straight woman (former female teenager), I don't and didn't check out men's "packages" unless their, er, uh, so obviously looking at someone's chest and bum that their package is difficult/impossible to not miss.

  • chuu berry 2.0 says:

    this is so cute omfg

  • c_20 says:

    I love your style!

  • littlemonster says:

    "you're actually a gay man trapped inside a woman" omfg I'm dead 😂

  • Naeira K says:

    Im primarly straight… but i just remembered i had wild drunk sex with my ex lady friend once :p it was alright.. i rather just make out with a girl or if i find someone i really really find attractive i would date her

  • HowCome Seriously says:



  • Kate Brown says:


  • grey roses says:

    The Horror brought on by Package 🎁 Checking made my whole day. 😂 You guys are such an adorable couple!

  • Dan Avangard says:

    the last seconds when they were cuddling made my heart melt. I can't, too good, too pure…

  • PalisBee says:

    Lol! 😊

  • Molly Burnett says:

    I love the way they say darling

  • Steini Stein says:

    [disgusted lesbian yelling]
    But disgusted straight yelling as well, who the hell does that

  • Ames says:

    [disgusted lesbian yelling] should be the new title of my blog

  • Katlyn says:

    the end though xD

  • Aline Bastos says:

    The name of the video reminded me of very stupid annoying girl who my girlfriend and I had just met on the street and she looked at me and said « no, you’re not her girlfriend. » I was like ???? And she wasn’t hitting on my girlfriend. She just decides by looking at us for 2 minutes that I did not look gay enough and that we did not look like a couple. Like « i’m sorry, am I supposed to be making out with her while we talk? »

  • theaprilthing says:

    You made me giggle so much, youre darn adorable! I love the videos with the both of you 😍💘

  • Estelle Archer says:

    As a bi chick, girls kiss waaaaaay better honestly

  • Alyssa says:

    So cute! I'm binging all of your videos right now!! <3

  • Cristaliana Ivor says:

    Well as a bisexual girl: no. I don't look straight at the package. But sometimes I have to look. Like a car crash… You simply can't look away 😳

  • ThatSpazChick says:

    These two make me want to get in a lesbian relationship and I'm not even a woman.

  • cutelittledevil88 says:

    His 'package' is not the first thing I check out, but sure will before I do anything other than kissing. (put your feet aside his foot, use your leg to feel if he is excited while hugging/kissing) I thought this was a common thing, but since it came up in conversation I started asking friends, and I might be the only one (fair enough, most of my friends are men)

  • M. Helldén says:

    You two are so cute, aah! Adorable!

  • YeongHo's mommy says:

    They're absolute goals

  • Thora F says:

    I'm straight (as far as I know, but I would love to live with a woman but not have sex with her, other way with men haha so sadly alone, so need to find a man with a feminine personality what ever that is) but I would never check out some strangers package, gross, but lot of straight girls seems to do, am I confused or just a respectful person. The face though. Are you gay enough ridiculous, we are all a different way of gay in the end I ques haha.

  • Mel BunBun says:

    Claudia must have let her Gay Card (TM) expire. Now she’ll have to go through the whole lesbian application process again and present her case for reinstatement to the Tribunal 😜

  • Kat Marshmallow says:

    Gonna take this quiz as a pansexual 😂

  • E K says:

    “Oh do I? DO I BECCA?!” 😂

  • Essey Molla says:

    You guys are sooooo cute. I can't even. I want a relationship as healthy and happy as that

  • m4siTa says:

    I've been straight all my life but seeing you two and the way you interact with each other makes me question myself.

  • Singette à roulettes says:

    You are so cute together OMG

  • 梦鹿鹿 says:

    My face reaaaally reallyyyyy (sings Winner's song) hurts from the continuous smiling and squeelingggg

  • Strawberry Kitty says:

    You two are the cutest!

  • Julia Foster says:

    Jessica is so GAY lmao

  • GettingFatFitter says:

    2:33 Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sometimes. 😛

  • Stephanie O'Regan says:


  • EmzBabes97 says:

    😂😂😂 This has to be your funniest video ever. Claudia is a gay man in a woman's body, and Jess has a dog under her skirt 😉😉😂😂
    Love you Jessica. Found your channel a couple of months ago and been binge watching your videos ever since. Would LOVE to meet you as I've a similar sense of humour, love your vintage style, and your dog's are the cutest, but I'm in Scotland 😕😕

  • Shelby Brasfield says:

    I have never related more!

  • Lauren Van Bever says:

    Imma let you finish but [disgusted lesbian yelling] is the best CC of all time.

  • KingSoap88 88 says:

    i bet in a couple years she wants to breakup cus she realizes she straight . i cant tell u how many times thats happened where someone who is straight goes through a trend or faze of thinking they are gay and once the trend runs its course shel be out the door looking for a man

  • Elizabeth Johnson says:

    I was having a bit of a day, and this video helped quite a bit. Thank you for getting me to laugh!! I loved this!!

  • Bookhouse girl says:

    Okay, I've binge-watched many of your videos over the past few days, and I'm afraid I can't hold it in anymore….. SQUEEEEEEE 😍😍😍. The pair of you are the most picture perfect couple I've ever seen!

  • Roberta Lanzafame says:

    "I'M STRAIGHT! …I'm sorry darling :D" HAHHAHAHHHA

  • Annika says:

    Sometimes i wish i was lesbian so i wouldnt have met all the stupid boys i met in the past…

  • Kelsey Howell says:

    Ew I got straight???? Nooo. This quiz is terrible to bisexuals. XD

  • Deanna Nettles says:

    Yes! Straight girls check out the package! 😂

  • Redar says:

    wait a minute… if she's a gay man trapped inside a woman body, she should marry a man, since she is a gay man! I think she is a straight man trapped inside a woman's body… that explains the result of that quiz 🙂

  • Minty Madeline says:

    I love your channel so much! <3

  • Becca Williams says:

    I'm just trying my best

  • Sil Fir says:

    When started to say 'I will fight'
    I thought she was going to say 'I will f…uck her"

  • Mel Webb says:

    Omg you two are sooo cute together! Arg!!

  • Chelsey Abbott says:

    Claudia looks cute in that sweater

  • I’m just your average band trash says:

    Claudia is a gay man trapped inside a woman.

  • Tiana Matson says:

    You guys are hilarious.

  • Anne says:

    you gals making up gay words again? "is there a dog under your skirt?"

  • Falcon says:

    lesbian cring at "package" lmao

  • Nikolai says:

    I'm obsessed with your videos! You girls look so adorable together! Best wishes!

  • literally dead says:


    I'm personally still questioning??? I mean I'm pretty sure I'm not straight but I honestly have no idea. I'm definitely not grossed out by the thought of making out with either gender though???? Someone help i'm dying

  • Flor Bálsamo says:

    I'm so like you Jessica!
    I've never even kissed a boy and I'm 34! I'm now studying theater and I probably will have to kiss a boy at some point… but just acting!
    I love your relationship girls! I've been watching some of your old vídeos… I wish I could meet someone that gives me what you both have! Wish you the best! ❤💛💚💙💜

  • Natalie Parker says:

    If you're taking one of those quizzes then you're probably gay (or at least not straight).

  • Amira Lina says:

    I wish there was a girl like Jessica near me…all I have are "straight" girls that just like kissing girls…which I don't mind actually

  • Bonnie says:

    * points at the camera * EUPHAMISM

  • macos730 says:

    Jessica makes me feel so validated in my disgust at the thought of being with a man. I’m pretty young (still in teenage years) and get a lot of the “you can’t be sure if you’ve never dated a guy” nonsense. Which is so dumb. Like I’m fairly certain that if the thought alone makes my skin crawl then I don’t need to try it. LET ME BE GAY IN PEACE PLEASE AND THANK

  • Danielle Northrop says:

    I am straight and i dont look at a mans package. His face first and then his body. I like chest and butts. Thats me. I have questioned if Im gay or not as a teen but im and totally straight. I want to treat men the way I want to be treated by them. I don't like them to look at my body with respect. I don't mind being told im beautiful or have nice eyes or smile. Don't single out a body part. I am a whole. I would look at men the way I want to be admired by them.

  • Rodger B says:

    🍓It’s common for butch lesbians to watch male on male porn.

  • Harriett Maskell says:

    haha I'm late to this but I'm bi and yes accidentally…sort of absent minded…checked out a guys package, then I realise jeans that most trousers can be quite misleading but I still find it amusing in an embarrassing sort of way if I catch myself doing it.

  • RAY says:

    Im literally Claudia. xD

  • Saadet Taş says:

    claudia, can you be my friend 😀

  • Aly Burr says:

    I put the "you know *wink*" option for the opposite gender question at the end but it still put me as lesbian lol

  • Charlie Mayne says:

    Beard Zoned

  • Lindiwe Ngwevela says:

    Oh, this was delicious LOL

  • Yana Tarkhaeva says:

    such a weird test. "I'm taken by a girl" as an answer that you can check while guessing are you a gay person. wtf

  • JuMixBoox says:

    I had the same problem with a quiz like this! They were like "Which gender would be in porn/FanFiction you read/watch?" And I had to go men. The results turned up as straight although I'm asexual because there was no box for "as far away from me as possible aka man/man".

  • ThatDutchguy says:

    Is there the need for a class system in the gay community than ?!

    How does that work ?!

    Your hair is long=we deduct 10 points.
    You wear heels=we deduct 10 points.
    You are not capable of handling diy projects=we deduct 20 points.
    You wear feminine clothes=we deduct 20 points.

    You are now just 40% Lesbian according to the crazy gatekeepers manual.

    You have had a boyfriend=we deduct 10 points.
    You have male friends=we deduct 10 points.
    You have seen a penis IRL=we deduct 10 points.

    You are now just 10% Lesbian according to the crazy gatekeepers manual.

    You have had sex with a man,…aha, you are Bi/Pan sexual aka thirsty and confused=we deduct 110 points. (Just +10 points if you didn't, sorry, rules, read the crazy manual;).

    You are now -100% Lesbian,.. GAME OVER😩 according to the crazy gatekeepers manual.

    Get a score of 100% and receive a 🌟 STATUS from the crazy gatekeepers society, comes with many bragging perks and free air miles for your flight to Lesbos Greece.

    Is that how this works 😕⁉

    Hope not.

  • ThatDutchguy says:

    Jessica, straight girls even stare at a man's package and bum, to the uncomfortable degree.

    You even have videos on YT were women and girls get caught doing exacly that.

  • morgan price says:

    Every video I watch I fall in love with them more. Such a good couple.
    Makes me question my own sexuality

  • Luis Rodriguez says:

    This is cute but lol aw love u accept her I agree it's on person she can be bi n love u be only into u u you guys are a great couple big fan xoxoxo ❤️

  • Lucy M says:

    Quiz: Claudia’s straight!

  • Sarah says:

    But why is asexual not an option on this quiz?

  • Chris Frank says:

    It told me I was straight…what? I had the exact same answers for the same and opposite sex scenarios, except what I look at when I check out men (body first) and women (face first).

  • Kenneth Hathaway says:

    Sorry to hear your marriage is ruined. But this is what you get for marrying a straight woman. BTW that was sarcasm for those of you that take things way to seriously. I still think you and Claudia are a wonderful couple even if she is straight.

  • J0s3ph D34n says:

    English is auto generated captions?

  • Something Dreadful says:

    'I don't mind whichever type.' -Said no one ever.

  • I am pi says:


  • Molly Atherton-Walby says:

    I just took the test and I’m pretty ok with my answer…

    there’s just no girls I know rn that are the same or interested in finding out 😕 crossing fingers for college…😏 or new girls 😅 or girls that turn 😅

    Bi bi bi 😜

  • Reauna says:

    All these questions are hard for me to answer right now bc I’m bi and date mostly boys (bc i think my mom would be more approving of a guy than girl) but i think i will most likely end up marrying a girl bc i prefer that ????? Is that confusing ?

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