Are you really too busy for your friends?

Are you really too busy for your friends?

– When was the last time you
hung out with your friends? Yeah, I mean like in person, I’m Michelle from Cup of Zest and
today, let’s talk about hanging out our friends
and that excuse we use way too often to get
out of it, “I’m busy”. If you’re like most
people, you think you are way too busy to hang out
with your friends in person. You work crazy hours,
you’ve got a long commute, there are tons of chores to
get done, and you know what there’s a new show on Netflix and Instagram is there too, right? You are too busy to hang out
with your people in person. Life is getting in the
way, you are just too busy too tired, but you know
what, maybe you’re not. Maybe you’re not too busy. You ever see people
out having a great time on Instagram say like,
“Oh my God, things are so “amazing, look at me and my friends, we’re “hanging out”, and you
wonder, “Wow, how do they “have time to do that,” do you ever wonder if you really should be watching that new Netflix show,
think maybe I should be doing something else with my time. If you’re feeling that
way, even just a little bit you need to choose to spend
your time differently. You have the power to decide
how you spend your time and you know what, maybe
it’s time to ditch that excuse of, “I’m busy” and
choose to hang out with your friends in real life. Now, I totally get it, I sometimes have a really long commute,
sometimes I’m working 12 hour days, I really do get it. And on those days, nobody is allowed over. No one’s getting invited over, for real. But what about those weekdays when you get home at a reasonable hour? What about Friday night and the weekends? Yeah, I totally get it, we’re adults now we do have chores to
get done, but there are so many hours during the weekend when you could hang out with your
friends in real life, right? You’re going to choose
to waste another hour online or have your friend over, are you really too busy to hang
out with your people in person, I don’t think so. And here’s why, we, the collective we, spend at least four hours a day, four hours a day, on our phones. That’s a lot of time. That does not even
count the amount of time we’re spending online on our computers or even binging another show. If you choose to cut back
on the amount of time you spend on your phone, on your TV, on your computer, you can
definitely find the time to spend with someone in
person, and you know what it doesn’t even have to be anything crazy. Just an hour is enough time
to reconnect with a friend. And here’s the deal, it doesn’t have to be a whole shebang, that
you spend hours getting ready for, you can invite them over for a glass of wine for an
hour, you can even invite them over for dinner if
you’re already cooking some food for yourself, why not
make a little extra and really connect with someone
you haven’t seen in a while. So, are you ready to ditch
that, “I’m busy”, excuse and choose to spend some
time with your friends or are you going to
continue to make excuses and watch another show? Choice is yours. All right, let’s go
ahead and finish up our conversation in the comments. I want to ask you one
really important question. Have you found yourself
making excuses instead of spending time with
your people in person and why, why have you
been making those excuses? And then if you have
been making those excuses what are you going to
do differently to change things up so you can
spend more time with your people in person. All right, if you have
any questions I am always here for you, go ahead
and send me an email and I will talk to you soon. Bye. Muah, muah, muah, muah.


  • Pam P. says:

    I saw a old friend that I had lost contact with many years ago and was so happy to see. We exchanged numbers and she said she doesn't talk but she will text with me if I wanted to reach out to her. I was very sad because I really enjoy talking with people more than texting. It seems to be this way with so many people nowadays. I have also noticed that when people do get together there is always someone who can't stay off their devices when out. But I agree with you that we should really try to make time to get together with others.😊

  • Christineeve says:

    I think you just helped me realize that it's a housekeeping issue. I have cats and dogs and work a lot. I just don't feel tidy enough to have friends over.

  • Sheri Fierro says:

    I love you!! See you Monday!

  • Nicole McClellan says:

    This is amazing! I complained to my dad that I never have time with school and my job but like…how much of that do I spend on my phone just sitting in my room. Big wake up for me! This is such a good video! 👏

  • Recipe Archaeology says:

    Great advice! There are many times when I think that I'm too tired or too busy…but when I really make the commitment and spend quality time with my people I never regret it!

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