Are Your Dating Preferences Colorist or Racist? Let’s Chat! | Jackie Aina

Are Your Dating Preferences Colorist or Racist? Let’s Chat! | Jackie Aina

– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel, it’s your girl Jackie Aina. ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ Just calm down now. ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ ♪ Jackie, Jackie, Jackie ♪ So I know this is different for me, I usually give you the before. Are we really gonna deny
the fly this that this is? This is from Minaa Monroe, I’ll link this outfit down
in the description box below. But that’s not why you’re here. You’re here because I’m
gonna be creating a look using my pallette, my collab with ABH. It is a little something
for the matte girls, a little something for the purple girls. I’m gonna try to give you guys as many color stories as possible. I’m filming all these
videos before vacation, so this is me being very
proactive, presetting everything. Today’s color story is
going to be matte purple. The topic of today’s video is
colorism, dating preferences, saying I don’t date xyz. I’m goin’ in, I hope you’re ready. Sit down, because you may be scout. If you aren’t a part of
the Jackie Aina family, what you doing? Go ahead and smash that subscribe button because you know you probably already watched like 10 videos anyway. And without further ado, let’s get to the trash
talkin’ and the table shakin’. I’m Jackie Aina and I’ve
got somethin’ to say. I think my underarms probably
got a lot more to say than me. – [Man] No, ma’am. No, ma’am. No, ma’am. – First, I’m gonna prime with
my Too Faced Hangover Primer. I don’t even know why I’m priming. I’m not going anywhere. But nonetheless, I love
a good skin prep moment. I’m gonna go right in with a little bit of the FARSALI Skintune Blur. I was prompted to do a
video on dating preferences, preferences if you will. This video came to light recently after the whole Chris Brown scandal that took place a couple weeks ago. By now, it’s probably been a month by the time you’ll have seen this video. There’s beauty in talkin’ about a subject after it’s died down a little bit because that way the annoying stance, like, stands are just like, annoying. – Electric Chair. – If you’re a fan account, cool. But I just didn’t want this to be a video where people would swarm. They’re probably gonna do
that anyway, but whatever. A view is still a view, honey. I’m gonna powder up my skin using the Pat McGrath Translucent Powder. I use the shade D5. This isn’t really a powder for bare skin, especially not when you’re
applying it with a sponge. Bear with me, we’re gonna
put liquid foundation on top of it so it don’t matter. You try doin’ your own stunts in 4K and see you won’t have a couple patches or somethin’ unblended once or twice. Basically Chris Brown got
this conversation started, but I been wantin’ to do a video on this for a while because honestly, most dating preferences are BS. I’m sorry, but they just are. Okay, this looks crazy. (laughs) If you’re living under a
rock, Chris Brown made a song, and in the lyrics basically
said like, “I only wanna, “bleep, black itches with the good hair.” That was the particular
lyric that people picked and was like yo, we need
to shut this down quick. That went viral. Chris Brown responded in the way that a typical colorist would. I’m gonna take one pump of
the Born This Way Foundation from Too Faced in the shade Chai. We haven’t hit Spiced
Rum territory just yet. We’ll be there by the time
this video is live, honey, because I’m gonna be sippin’
pina Coladas in Greece. All kinds of lactate, it’s my birthday, I can do whatever the hell I want to. Anyway, Chris Brown was just basically on some real cloutery. When you say I only prefer
black women with good hair, we all know what that means. So a lot of people, their
knee jerk reaction was, Well, if it doesn’t apply to you, then you shouldn’t be offended. No, no! That’s not how it works! I can be offended about a lot of things that don’t apply to me. I’m offended anytime somebody
gets on their platform, unprovoked, for absolutely
no reason, none at all. Like literally, nobody. (crickets chirping) Black men, I can’t stand
black girls with no good hair! Like we didn’t, bro, no one asked. Literally no one asked. I think I have great hair. I’m still offended. Chris Brown responded the typical
way that a colorist would, he responded by basically
saying, oh, well, pull up if you don’t agree. Only the bald-headed and
ugly girls don’t agree. You’re proving the point
that you are a colorist. Everybody who responded was
mainly dark-skinned black women with the so-called not good hair that he was basically
discriminating against in that song lyric. I don’t even think it’s usually about hair because I’ve never seen Chris Brown dating dark-skinned women with good hair. There’s plenty dark-skinned
women with good hair. Good hair is not just
a loose curl texture. I’m not just saying like,
oh, you have exotic hair and you’re dark-skinned. Like good hair is not just synonymous to being racially ambiguous. I’m tired of that. Good hair is just healthy hair, no matter how dark or light you are. So for him to sit here
and say like (mumbling) your dating pattern clearly
shows the kind of women that you’re talkin’ about
and anybody with a brain and a pulse knows what the hell you mean. So now you look stupid, fall back. I feel like this opens
a bigger conversation about dating preferences
as it relates to colorism and all that good stuff. Honestly, I’m just really tired of it. I’m honestly tired of it
because it doesn’t stop. Him coming out in the end
saying, well, I made one song in 2008 about brittle skin. He even went so far as to
pull up one picture of him in the club in Atlanta with a black girl. First of all, she looked confused. She didn’t even look like
she was in that section. She didn’t even look like
she was supposed to be there. But he pulled up that one
pictures like, see, I let black girls into my section in the club ’cause that was another conversation after this whole thing happened. A lot of women were comin’
out sayin’ like, oh, and also, by the way, he doesn’t let
dark-skinned black women into his section when he has parties or when he hosts things. First of all, the girl in the background looked like she was
lookin’ for the waiter. She looked like she might’ve
even probably worked there, so I don’t know what the
hell he was tryin’ to prove, and who even gave you
that picture, your agent? Your manager? Girl, bye. Points have never been made about this whole preferences
argument and about this whole I like what I like argument. Every single excuse,
every single rebuttal, every single justification for
it has always been the same, and I’ve always felt the same,
and I probably always will feel the same because
you can not convince me that you saying you’re
against one group of people is a preference, it’s not a preference. I’m gonna go on record to
say, if that’s how you feel, you’re good, because I
don’t want you anyway. Chris Brown is definitely not my type, and all of the men that were hyping him up are never gonna be my type. Intellectually, physically,
emotionally, none. Period. Just call it for what it is
so we can all keep it moving and you can stop
insulting my intelligence. Just stop, just stop. You’re foolin’ yourself,
you’re foolin’ yourself, and you’re also gaslighting
and manipulating the very women that you don’t like that
also buy your albums. That’s why people don’t
ever wanna come out and just say it with their chest. They refuse to because
they know that they pander. Chris Brown knows what his
average fan looks like, that’s why he came out and was huffin’ and, well, what about the club? That’s why he was doin’ all of that to try to prove his case. Speakin’ of prove my
case, I’m gonna contour, okay, ’cause you’re guilty of not lookin’ very snatched today. This is the Born This Way
Multi Use Sculpting Concealer. The shade is Sable, or Sable, depending on how you drunk you are. Before I blend that out,
I’m gonna throw Chestnut under my eyes to highlight. Let me make one thing
very, very, very clear. Here’s the distinction between your stupid
preference and the reality. Preference is not going out of your way to not date a specific group of people. Preference is not anti, it’s just not. Wrap your wiry noodle
heads around it, black men. You especially. Love black men. Was birthed from a, well, he contributed. I am with a black man. I love black men. I prefer black men, but I’m
not anti everything else. I feel like I would have a
very different set of struggles if I dated, well, I shouldn’t say if because I’ve dated outside
my race and yes, it’s true, it is a different set of struggles. I’ll be honest, sometimes
it’s not even worth it because culturally, there’s
just so many different things. But comma and however,
if the man of my dreams was wrapped up in a different
race, I’m not gonna say no! If God is just really tellin’
you, sis, like I get it. I know you have challenges, I know you have your preference, I know you have a vision for your life, I know that this isn’t
what you saw for yourself, but I need you to trust me. This is the man for you. If he’s Asian, if he’s
white, if he’s whatever. Like go with it. I’ve been in that position before. Definitely wasn’t the man of my dreams. I still dated outside my preference, even though I still had
one, you know what I mean? Ruling out a specific group
of people permanently, permanently, will never be a preference. Like, it’s just never
gonna be a preference. Just say you’re anti that, just say you’re colorist, move on. You’re being intellectually
dishonest, as my girl Chrissy here on YouTube likes
to say, love her videos. I’m just like fed up with people. I ain’t about this
conversation, and like givin’ the entire history black
people have had in America, you’re really gonna convince me that you don’t wanna date black women because it’s just a preference? Okay, yeah, sure, all right, mm-hmm. Let’s give the girls a quick
spray of some Go Hangover! I’m not even gonna just say black men. Even though I feel like
the biggest problem, and the biggest perpetrators
and the most loudest about their dating
preferences are black men. This is basically for everyone. You people just don’t
know how to just shut up and enjoy your preferences without talkin’ about everybody else, without keepin’ our names
out of your mouths, period. Honestly, if you like what
you like, that’s fine. This video isn’t about you. But I’m talkin’ about the
people who date other people, date outside their race
and their community, but they won’t stop
talkin’ about black women. Like they always. This is when you know the
problem runs real deep. Sometimes you have these
men, these black guys, that their partner has an equal level of hate against black women. That’s when you know. Y’all got a common enemy, oh
so y’all are really mesh well. How long is that gonna last, though? You both really just don’t like, for whatever reason, black women. After you’ve both
acknowledged that, then what? What else do you got in common, boo boo? What else do you have in common
besides wanting mixed kids? Like there has to be more to life. Now it’s time to set it and forget it with Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r
Powder in the shade Cashew. I like to brush her on first
just to do a little soft set. This is the Morphe M501. Really, really good for under
eye ’cause it’s really small, it gets in the corners, honey. And then I go over it with
the sponge right after that. This powder smells. (laughs) It just smells so good! And I’m gonna leave a little
bit extra on for our under eye. ♪ I can’t feel my face when I bake you ♪ Before we get into the eyes, I’m gonna bronze with the Lip Bar Bronzer. The shade that I use is, wait,
did I grab the wrong one? I grabbed the wrong one!
(dramatic music) Okay, the shade that I meant to grab is Just Got Paid, boo! (laughs) But we brought you in so
you could see the eyes a little bit better, and
we’re going to be, of course, using my coveted palette
from Anastasia Beverly Hills. That just has a great ring to it, Anastasia Beverly Hills,
the Jackie Aina palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills,
Anastasia Beverly Hills, Anastasia Beverly Hills. This is the real tea of what a very used and a very loved palette looks like. Don’t judge me, she’s
clearly getting a ton of use. We’re gonna prime the
eyes with a little bit of Too Faced Born This Way
Multi Sculpting Concealer, and I’m gonna add a dash,
just a slight smidge, of the ABH Eye Primer, just a little bit. To me, this kinda acts
like as a concealer. I don’t wanna get too carried away. I’m gonna just put like one dot. That was two, but, you get my drift. And then, I will blend that
out with my beauty sponge. So we’re nice and tacky for those shadows. Oh, I forgot my brow gel. Don’t mind me. Much better. That was Dip Brow Gel from
ABH in the shade Medium Brown. So, I’m calling this eye look matte, but also a little spicy. All my other looks that I’m
gonna be doing for this palette are really shimmery, so I’m
gonna switch it up a little bit and give you just a straight, no, well, we’re gonna use inner corner
highlight, let’s be honest. I’m gonna start off with Pinker,
right there, boom, pinker. I came up with that name
because whenever I describe the color pink I just think
of myself going that (mumbles) little bit pinker, like a
little bit pinker, you know. And pink is my favorite color. So pinker, we’re gonna tap. Tap, tap, tapity tap
along our transition area where we would apply our buffer color. This color is so freakin’ pigmented. You know how sometimes you put on a color, you look at it in the pan
and then you put it on and you’re like, but that’s not what, you wasn’t with me shootin’
at the gym, what happened? Pinker doesn’t do that. Like, she stays the color
that she is in the pan. Sometimes I wipe the brush in between just to get the edges
really soft and blurred. That helps a lot. Okay, so we’re gonna
switch over to Big Wig. Big Wig has the range, okay? You know how they say
big, you know what energy? This is Big Wig energy. So, Big Wig is going to
be stamped onto my lid, and I’m really gonna
take my time with this because I really wanna build this color up and really make it pop. Like I really want this to
be a strong matte woman. Purple looks so good on chocolate skin! As I blend this color out,
I’ma try not to go up too high because we not tryin’ to get kicked out. Y’all ever feel like your eyeshadow coulda potentially been the thing that got you out of a parking ticket? Have you ever been there? I feel like I’ve definitely channeled that a couple times in my life. So miss purple has blended up
as high as I need her to be. The line is pretty harsh, so we’re gonna start softening it up. I just really have an appreciation for how dark this color runs. Going in with Morphe M441, something really sharp and tapered. Dab that color into my outer crease and really soften her up. More patting, less swiping. And then goin’ back to
Pinker, I’m going to pack that in between the two colors so
they may airy and they merge. So that way if you end
up with that dark line, this basically just smashes it away. And then just for depth, I’m gonna add a little bit more purple, kinda close to my lash line, though. My waterline, I’m gonna take
Viper 24/7 Glide On Pencil from Urban Decay, you guys know I stand forever these freakin’ pencils. They come in every color, every color! I want a nice little pop of
color along my bottom lash line. And then okay, fine, we’re
tight lining, we’re doin’ it, okay, here we go, it’s happening. ♪ Brown skin girl ♪ ♪ Your skin just like pearls ♪ Whoa, I expected there to
be way more fall out, hmm. I’m impressed. Okay, I’m gonna jump into Shookington, the sister to Big Wig, but
just the shimmer version of it and just pat her along
my bottom lash line, and then we’ll start blending out like once the color’s placed. Okay, time to dust this off. Ah, ah. I’ve reached my final form. I’m confident, I’m happy, I’m settling. Well, not settling, I’m
definitely upgrading. I’m gonna take a darker liner, the shade’s called Delinquent. I mean, I feel like
that’s kind of intense, but okay, Urban Decay, I won’t judge. And I’m just gonna hit the lash line just to basically add
the nice darkened layer. This is basically just for the lash line. ‘Cause sometimes I feel like shadow doesn’t quite get in there
the way I really want it to, so that’s where the liner comes in. For the eyes, I’m gonna take
my favorite lash at the moment, it’s Saucy from Baddie B Lashes. I’m an affiliate, by the
way, if you wanna save money on Baddie B Lashes on the
website, use code edges. We’re just pretty much gonna ride edges ’til we can’t no more. Like, that’s just gonna
be my discount code for everything from now on. While my lash glue’s drying,
I’m patting in Pat’s powder all over my face. I’m gonna take my Sasha Powder Blush in the shade Barely Plum for my cheeks. My lash glue is still drying, by the way. Back to dragging colorists. I just think it’s funny how, no like, I literally just think it’s funny how when it comes to preferences, those only apply to men in our community. Issa Rae told black women that
they should date Asian men and black men lost their minds! They were draggin’ this
girl from here to Toontown, like they were going in
on her Twitter talkin’ about that’s why you’re ugly
anyway, blah, blah, blah. Boycottin’ the show, nevermind the fact that they don’t even watch the show, that’s beside the point. Girl, all kinds of chatter. Where was all that
energy about preferences? Don’t like it when it’s reciprocated? Check mate. Also, I don’t really know the names of the people on “Love
Island” so please forgive me, it’s not my show, it’s Dennis’. One of the contestants on the
show was a biracial woman. She was like, “I don’t
even date black men. “I’ma not even check for them.” And oh, honey, the ego. Black guys who didn’t even know who this girl was were pissed. Suddenly, you know what it’s like to be on the other side, Cinderello. Hah! I’m not wanted? I’m not desired by the
very women I fantasize? How dare a biracial woman not want me after I’ve been worshiping
and fantasizing them all my life, how dare they? That was everything that I got. Like, that’s what all of the
black men complaining about, that’s the whole thing,
and I was just like, I wouldn’t have said that, but like, I was low key here for the
reciprocacy, what’s that word? Recipro recipro, recipro. That’s what auto correct is for. Reciprocity, it took me a
second, it’s a mouthful. My teeth, you know, sometimes
they just get in the way. Sometimes it’s really funny
how when you give a person a taste of their own medicine. (coughing) Oh, suddenly you sick. (coughing) Oh, you need a doctor’s note. (coughing) Got a taste of your own medicine, you don’t like the way it taste, do you? It’s not the wrong
prescription, it’s yours. Handle it, boo, #baddie from Baddie B Lash was originally my favorite, but I definitely have to say #saucy. #saucy honestly made Guinness
Book of World Records. Several valid points. The last couple things
that I definitely wanna say for black men is, you’re not
pro black if you feel this way. If you genuinely feel it’s okay to prefer to not date black women, it’s not that you prefer
dating outside your race, it’s you prefer to not date black women. That’s what your so called preference is. If you think that’s okay,
you’re not pro black. If you’re not pro black,
that’s fine, that’s you, that’s your journey, God
can judge you, I can’t. You’re not pro black,
you’re pro black men, and all of queens out there
who are a lot of times checking for these stupid
rappers and Chris Browns and these guys who are so rude and loud about only wanting a
certain type of black girl, you really don’t wanna
be with those kinda men. Those men are a headache, okay? They’re not your type. I’m just so glad to be with a guy that embodies the exact
opposite of all those qualities and we’ve had like very
honest and open conversations about colorism and there’s
still so many things that like Dennis and I talk about together that he never even
realized or thought about and I’ve had to school him
on things and he’s been like, “Wow, I’ve never thought of it that way.” And he’s very open, he’s also very honest. Like he’s even told me like, he, coming from the places that he’s been, coming from just being
around guys all the time who hype up a certain
aesthetic, a certain look, he’s like, “Yeah, I used
to think that way, too.” It’s not necessarily that he wouldn’t date dark-skinned women ’cause
his exes have definitely been dark-skinned black women. That’s just something that
I think a lot of people don’t even realize they
subconsciously think and feel for a lot of different reasons. You know, looking at
the media, music videos, popular culture, so many other things. He just grew out of it. You grow up and you realize
there’s more to people than what they look like,
like seriously, grow up. If you’re still dating for preferences that are all physical, grow up. Because I promise you, someone’s race is not going to stop them from displaying qualities that you’re looking for in a partner. Now, will someone’s race shape
a lot of their upbringing, their ideals, their morals, their values? Absolutely, but that doesn’t
necessarily mean you can’t find the same qualities that you’re looking for within your own community. ‘Specially if your damn mama is black. If your damn mama is black,
you really have no excuse. Not to say you’re supposed
to be attracted to your mom, you’re absolutely not, but, you without even realizing it, are running away from
everything you represent. It’s not a bad thing to
look for the same qualities in a partner that you saw growing up. Now, unless of course
there’s like abusive factors, we’re not gonna go there. What I’m saying is if you
did grow up in a happy, healthy home, or you know
from the outside looking in, I’ve definitely seen
some people that have had a pretty normal upbringing
who have lovely moms and they just don’t,
there’s just a disconnect and I don’t know what that is, but some people are really
escaping from everything that embodies who they
are and it’s really sad ’cause I could never imagine doin’ that. Like, I could never imagine
not wanting my future children to not look like me. ‘Cause we all know people
who also date outside and marry outside because
they don’t want their kids to look like me. I mean, look at the homegirl’s
video, the YouTubers, I don’t know their names,
but they had a baby and for 45 minutes just talked
about the baby’s skin tone and the eye color and complexion and why he didn’t look a certain way, and it was just like, wow, grow up! That’s my take on that. Ladies, don’t limit yourself
to try and chase somebody that doesn’t want you. I’m gonna take Penny4UThots and highlight. I almost feel like this
goes on more like a bronzer ’cause it’s so hard pressed that it doesn’t really
pick up all that well. You have to kinda dig in there, but it is what really pretty. Speaking of browns and girl,
this is like my opinion, like every chocolate girl
needs this highlighter. Then on top of that, I’m gonna highlight with Purple
Dream from Artist Couture. We just wanted to use that
brown as a little base. How pretty is that? Ah, I just feel very zedis
lapedis, interstellar, all kinds of Zenon! Girl of the 21st century! We’re going to put a
little bit of the lituation in my inner tear duct
as a cute little base and then we’ll put Purple
Dream on top of that. Why driving through people’s neighborhoods like you’ve got a damn problem! Okay, here comes Purple Dream, here she comes, here she comes. Just a little bit, though. Oh, that was really pretty
on top of lituation. To complete this very
fabulous slay, honey, we’re gonna throw in a Brown Lip Pencil and Pretty in Pink from Mented. This is actually a brand new tube. Ooh, I just love the
way brand new lipstick’s been looking, just I
don’t even wanna touch it. Oh, she is very cute, and
eligible, but very cute. Let me see if I can find a
little purple shifting gloss. So, I have this gloss from Pat McGrath. It’s in the color Astral Flash Dance. And it’s literally exactly
what I was looking for. I don’t think it’ll change
the color of the lipstick ’cause it is kind of a dark purple, but we shall see. (dramatic music) Oh, that’s, It’s very blue… Little bit okay, I’m cool with this. I’m very tolerant to this. Actually, I really like
it, it’s really pretty. I just didn’t want it to clash with eyes. Well, Heathens and Demons, I’m kidding, some of
y’allwatching this video probably are demons, definitely does not represent
the majority, though, ’cause the trolls stay
watching Jacki video. Okay, thank you guys so much for hanging with me on today’s video. I really hope that you
guys enjoyed this chat. I’ve been wanting to get off
my chest for a while now. I feel like I finally articulated it in a way that made sense, I hope. If you’re not black, you’re still invited to the conversation. But if it’s too complex for
you, please don’t contribute. If a lot of these conversations and a lot of things that we talked about are brand new to you, and you just went to the comments
and you’re like (mumbles) because it applies! This video is not for
you exit stage left back. Oh, I love the way this looks. Honestly, purple
highlighter was a good look. Hope you guys are enjoying
and excited about my palate as much I am. Don’t forget to check it out
and to follow all the stories, I’ll also link it down below. If you are bored, hungry,
thirsty, bald-headed suffering from mesothelioma, watch another video because why not? You’re not doing anything else. (coughs) Let’s be real. You ain’t got anything else to do. I know you’re probably
snowed in somewhere. Just forgot the fact
that it’s August, okay. That’s not the point.


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    The different between " I find purple hair and orange eyes really attractive on women" and " I don't date girls with green hair and purple eyes" is huuuuge. One is admitting to a preference and the other is just being an asshole. They are not the same thing.

  • Jasmine Contreras says:

    Jackie Aina is so pretty



  • Mimi Wey says:

    "Was birth by a black ma- Well he CONTRIBUTED"

  • Ashley Hodges says:

    If you notice many black males will ONLY brag about their biracial daughters NOT their sons. They're out here trying to make grown black women "jealous" of 5 month old baby girls. They don't talk about those light skinned little son's they have. They're not about to make it seem as if their baby mamas (usually white) whiteness makes the male child better the same way that their whiteness makes the girl better. Black males will not out a half black male child out as their representative. If women really paid attention they'll realize that CB abuses light skinned women anyway. These guys brag about only liking non black or lighter black women and those women are still treated like s**t so WHY no one should feel any way about it. You wanna be in the line to get your ass handed to you? I didn't even know that restraining orders could be for 5 years until Karrreuche got one against him. Whenever they brag about their woman not being black it's always what those women are doing FOR THEM. Black women are jealous for not being overworked and used? Those women aren't getting anything but ๐Ÿ†. Most women have no problem have that applied okay. I'm not seeing the benefits.

  • MsAngiesWorld says:

    โ€œI canโ€™t feel my face when I bake youโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚ I just love you Jackie and I donโ€™t even wear makeup! I just come to hear the rants ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ’•

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    ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ I have my preference but thatโ€™s doesnโ€™t mean I hate or arenโ€™t open to dating different races.

  • G M says:

    I mean if you like what you like, then thatโ€™s it…but itโ€™s fucked how he bashes other women who donโ€™t meet his mold.

  • Anna Nguyen says:

    I am going to buy this purchase this palette just to remind myself of this bomb as conversation you've just served me.

  • This black girl Over here says:

    I dance when you sing Jackie Jackie Jackie Jackie….๐Ÿ˜‚

  • This black girl Over here says:

    I hate it so much when I see black women in the coloristsโ€™ comments making excuses for them. Black women do it with white racists too.

    Yes, my makeup has gotten me some big discounts in stores. Once, I was told that it was because I looked amazing.๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Eboni Caprice says:

    Love the outfit Jackie!!!! You look amazing!!!!!!๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ

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  • k i k i says:

    me, watching this with a black dad and white mom and only ever have dated white boys, rethinking my whole life : ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • KCK ROX says:

    Your honesty on this is so FN refreshing his fans are delusional. ๐Ÿ—ฃ I have NEVER seen chris with a woman that look like you Ms.Jackie ever!!!!!! His gf are AlWAYS part Asian or racially ambiguous. I prefer my men blue/black dark. I Always have even when it wasnโ€™t cool to be dark, but I have dated Asian, white and Hispanic men. CB is absolutely and obviously a colorist. Itโ€™s so sad watching women he would never even consider looking in their direction defend him as if they are being paid. As always, continue being honest.

  • miss_sporty says:

    Amen – thank you Queen Jackie

  • Jasmine Saulsberry says:

    Girl i just open mouth cackled when you started singing brown skin girl! Thank you for blessing us with your intelligence, goofball- ness, and beautiful soul

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  • T BLK says:

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  • T BLK says:

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  • purochavira1 says:

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  • Tara Gold says:

    I didnโ€™t even know about this whole Chris Brown scandal (I do indeed live under a rock) I had only heard things about him in the past that he abused Rihanna. Thank you for talking about this and making all of us aware of this issue, I didnโ€™t know anything about it bc Iโ€™m white but I try my best to learn about issues outside of my race and not support people who discriminate

  • Jasmine Renee says:

    White boys is the only thing that I like ๐Ÿ˜Œ

  • Symonne Peters says:


  • natalieshani84 says:

    Iโ€™m a CB fan I wasnโ€™t offended because I feel like my hair is nice… but now Iโ€™m starting to think am I a colorist? I prefer dark skin men ๐Ÿ˜

  • Lisa N. says:

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  • NikiSyl78 says:

    THANK YOU!! I just had this convo with my sister recently. I know Black women who literally said they DON'T date Black men…periodtt. It's not just the Black men unfortunately. I just don't understand where the root of this is, but hey what can you do?

  • Kimberly Black says:

    People still care about Chris brownโ€™s abusive ass? Boy, begone !

  • ultimategav says:

    Chris Brown should become irrelevant because he's trash. Once trash always trash.

  • Taylor N. says:


  • Taylor N. says:


  • Pics Heart says:

    Your dating preferences include married men…..that should have also been included in this video

  • Charlie, Princess of Angels says:

    I have been friends with this boy for soooo long (yes heโ€™s white) and weโ€™ve been friends ever since he smashed my face in my birthday cake when I was 4 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚, but every since then heโ€™s been there for me and you could not BELIEVE the amount of shit I get from my own race! Itโ€™s ridiculous and unfair. I once went to church with him and we sat together with out hands in one another and we kept getting dirty looks. Why is it like this in the black community? Itโ€™s stupid

  • Breanna Fobbs says:

    I LOVE YOU FOR THIS VIDEO!!! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  • Breanna Fobbs says:

    No one else was willing to tell the truth on this subject!!!! Thank you for being honest!!

  • Breanna Fobbs says:

    Like wtf do I care what you like??? Keep your preference to yourself!

  • Cheryl Jackson says:

    Great insight ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

  • Breanna Fobbs says:


    Preference is not going out of your way to not date a very specific group of people.

  • Rheagan Lee says:


  • Stefanie B says:

    yes yes yes yes and more YES!!! thank you so much Jackie for using your platform to talk about really important shit…. Beauty guru inside and out!!

  • Stefanie B says:

    I feel like Joe Budden & Cyn Santana realized this…..there was nothing they had left in common besides their dating fetish and having a beautiful mixed baby. but Cyn is a real sweetheart and growing and learning so I'm glad she's out of that relationship

  • babybeluga says:

    "Cindarello" had me in pieces. Girl, you are a personality champ and a natural entertainer, nevermind an artist. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    I love that outfit.

  • Fikile Mahlangu says:

    I cant feel my face when i bake you๐Ÿคฃwill be singing this when i bake it and forget it hooonneeeeyyyyy.

  • Tashina Wilborn says:

    I have a dark skinned male cousin that when he sees a very deep skin female he will make comments make faces and even went as far as to say women that dark dont look right in make up…i told gim he clearly has an issue with his own black ass…smh…keep em coming with the convos auntie these types of topics are past due for discussion….oan i hate youtubes alerts this vid went up almost a week ago and im just now seeing it ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  • Marc Eggenberger says:

    here to learn and listen, thank you <3

  • Wenchede Wenchede says:

    I don't understand the headline, what kind of race are you referring to? when you write racism , to white people , dark people , black people , Asia people ? WHOm ?

  • Abisola Abiodun says:


  • Pamela Scott says:

    I absolutely LOVE your work. You keep me ROTF. Stay true to you. Love love love the pallet. Thank you younglady for following your spirit. The hell with the haters you are still growing with their help.๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

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    Come for the makeup, stay for the intellectual conversations! โค๏ธ your videos!!

  • Safa Shamma says:

    I absolutely love your videos

  • Lilli Mango says:

    if there is "good" hair…what reasonable description would be given to "bad" hair? How EFed up is it, to make people`s (cough) natural features a politica and social issue?

  • Myriam Bigras says:

    The editing though!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephen Acosta says:

    There's sooo many parallels among Hispanics/Latinos when comparing the colorist BS that black men throw around. Some of the mess I've heard growing up, like I and my sisters need to "date lighter skinned/white" to "mejorar la raza" ("better the race"), that dating black men/women would "stain" us as a family and race…๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„ Now fast forward a few years, as far as who I date, I love black men (as well as women!) and pay no mind to the colorist bullshit I was raised with. As you've stated far more eloquently than I, most of these "preferences" are total BS. Thank you for speaking so truthfully on this often uncomfortable topic…sometimes I think it's for this reason you don't receive the props you deserve!! โค

  • EASRIU LLC says:

    I only date ppl who treat me like a goddess

  • Nappypuff says:

    Im responding to this convo form 2025 and I just wanna say IM HERE FOR IT

  • AllThingsLove One says:

    Boooom theyโ€™re PRO BLACK MEN not pro black

  • dearbryan says:

    whether a person smokes or not is a preference.
    wanting to date someone who lives close by is a preference.
    wanting to date someone who has the same belief system is a preference.

  • Scoring57 says:

    These dudes call their anti-black attitudes a "preference" cause they don't want to be honest about what it really is.

  • Katherine Miller says:

    god i love you, you always talk about serious things people are hesitant to speak about and im so here for it

  • Humaira Ahmed says:

    Anybody know which youtuber she was talking about that talked about their mixed child? I wanna see that foolishness

  • Foni Paul says:


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