Arvin Goods Review // sustainable socks & underwear

Arvin Goods Review // sustainable socks & underwear

(static) (upbeat music) Hi, friends! Welcome back to my channel! If
you guys are new here, hello. Welcome. My name is Kristen and let’s talk about a
sustainable sock and underwear company. Yeah, you’re not gonna want to buy socks
and underwear secondhand, obviously. So, I’ve been doing a lot of research into
finding something that is more sustainable and ethically made. And I
came upon Arvin Goods. Now, I have known about Arvin Goods for at least a year
now. But I’ve never tried them out. So, I bought some goodies and yeah. Let’s talk
about them. Let’s talk about the three sustainable fabrics or yarns that they
use to make their socks and their underwear. First off, they use reclaimed
cotton. So we’re talking about like recycled cotton, scraps, textile waste,
stuff like that. And turn it into a yarn with their recycled plastic pellets and
make their socks, which I think is so so cool. Cotton is great for us because it’s
a nice breathable fabric. But it’s really not the most sustainable fabric out
there for clothing because it is heavily sprayed with pesticides, which obviously
has a ton of problems. Goes into runoff. Pesticides get into the oceans, waters,
like streams, etc. Not a great thing and then obviously cotton is super water
intensive. So, it’s just not the most sustainable fabric. But I think it’s
great Arvin Goods is using reclaimed cotton. And then the second fabric
they’re using is called econyl or econyl, like eco-nylon, basically. They said
on their website that 64 thousand tons- scratch that. It’s actually
640,000 tons of fishing nets, nylon fishing nets,
that are below the ocean’s surface. So they’re rescuing these fishing nets from
the oceans. They’re taking those carpet pieces, that would otherwise be going to
the landfill, and they are creating them into their products. Instead of creating
more and more of this nylon, they’re using recycled nylon, which is awesome.
So the third material that they use is called polylana or polylana. Polylana
is a sustainable alternative to 100% acrylic and wool. They take recycled PET
flakes and modified plastic pellets to create a yarn, which is then woven and
made into their products. Let’s see how they feel. Let’s see how they do
throughout the day and let’s test them out. Shall we? So let me show you guys
what I got. First of all, I got the casual sock. They have super fun colors. So, of
course, I went with fun colors. They just came out with like their summer
collection, I believe. I got these in my favorite blue. They have some stripes.
Then I got the short sock. Got ’em in orange.
I’ve been kind of liking orange, recently. They also have their little like
embroidered logo on all their socks, which is super cute. But, first off, they
feel very soft and then these are the no-show socks. I actually don’t have any
no-show socks. I’m super excited to use them with my Rothy’s sneakers. If you
guys haven’t seen that video, I’ll link it up in the cards. But, yeah. I’m excited
to wear them with these. I’m trying their underwear because uhhhhh- yeah. That’s
something else I’ve been really looking into and researching. I just- I used to
buy socks and underwear at Costco and I think it’s time I get a little bit more
sustainable and know how things are made and how they are ethically made, da da da. So, I bought these. They’re known for their socks, though. So I got these and
the bralette and yeah. Let’s go try them on, shall we? Okay. So, first off, let’s talk
about their packaging. It does come in a recycled polymailer, made with recycled
plastic from EcoEnclose. They also come with a little
strip, that you can like peel off and it has that little sticky strip, so you can
reuse the polymailer really easily. So I definitely will be reusing it when I
resell some other items on like my Poshmark or Mercari or whatever. So, I do
like that. It’s not like paper. But I do think recycled polymailers are still
a good thing. Not fresh virgin plastic polymailers… that’s a different story.
But, I do like the fact that they use that. Now, when it comes into the
packaging itself, like they do use paper. But, they have those tiny little plastic
things to hold the tags on and to hold the socks together and they were on the
underwear itself. So, I’m not the biggest fan of that because those little things
of plastic are kind of unnecessary, in my opinion. And I wish they would have used
something like a safety pin. And then these were covering the socks. So it’s
not perfect. But again, I still think this is a great company to support, obviously.
But that is something to just keep in mind. But, yeah. Let’s get into the review
of the items themselves (music) Okay, so, I will say the socks themselves
are really really comfortable. The no-show sock has this- it’s not a sticky
material, but it’s like this extra almost plastic material, that they put on the
back to have on like your heel so they don’t fall down. I don’t really know how
necessary that is. I didn’t notice a big difference of it like staying on my feet
or anything. But I really like them. They do peek through my Rothy’s a tiny bit,
which is totally okay with me. But that is something to keep in mind. So maybe it
will show in some shoes because it does come kind of high up. It’s not like it
stays near your toes or anything. But overall, they’re super soft, super comfy. I
really like the design of them. And yeah, let’s move on to the next sock, the short
sock. Now, the short start was kind of interesting. It’s like an ankle sock. So
it does cover my ankle and then there’s like a flappy bit on the back. I don’t
know how to describe it. I’ve never seen a sock like this. But it has like this
extra little flap on the back, which I feel like is good to prevent blisters
and it’ll like peek out of shoes and stuff. I guess this is good for shoes
that you’re worried about the sock going under your heel and kind of
slipping under. You can keep kind of tugging at it, so it stays above the top
rim of your shoe. So, there is that. But overall, again, I really like the design
of these. They feel really soft. They feel like a good quality sock. You know those
stripes along the arch of your feet and kind of around that area? They do have
that bit, so it is like tighter in that area, which I like. It’s not just like a
loose sock. I feel like because these are made with recycled plastic, these are
actually gonna keep you pretty warm during the winter time. Obviously, it’s
summer, so I can’t really test that theory out. And let’s get into the third
sock, which is a blue color. And this is called the casual sock. It goes up
higher than the ankle. They have stripes at the top. I like this fun blue color that
I chose. Again, it has the pennant flag logo. They’re on all the socks and these
ones are on the side, of these taller socks. But again, they feel super soft.
They feel really good. They’re not too tight in my legs or anything. They feel
perfect and I really like them. I think they’re a really great brand, so far. And
then, let’s get in to the underwear. (music) Okay, so let’s talk about their underwear. So,
it reminds me of like Calvin Klein, I guess. They have this like thick band and
it says Arvin Goods on it. And I would say these run pretty small. I’m typically
a size medium in everything. I’m like a 6 or an 8 in pants.
I got a medium and I had to order the large. So I would say these do run a
little small and they don’t have a ton of sizes. I think they only have a small
to a large. I wish they had a bigger size range. The band is a little tighter, but I
think it’ll probably stretch more when I wear it. They did fit. They both fit in
the size large. The band isn’t like the most comfortable thing ever, but it still
works. They’re really comfortable. I would say I prefer the socks to the underwear.
So, I’m still trying to find a good sustainable underwear brand. But, I want
to know if you guys have any sustainable socks, basics, brands that you guys really
like that you want me to try. Let me know because I know this is fairly new to me
(looking for more basic underwear type pieces). So, yeah, I hope you guys liked
this video and until next time, remember: you do not have to be perfect to live
more sustainably. So I will see you guys in my next video.
BYEEEEEEE. (music)


  • Strolling Through Life says:

    Hey friends! Have you ever tried Arvin Goods or another sustainable and ethical socks/ underwear company?

  • Erika Whitfield says:

    This is perfect timing, all of my socks are getting holes at the same time!

  • Miss Mary Lu says:

    Omg recycled nylon??? And cleaning oceans?!? I'm so in love 😻

  • Kapil Swarankar says:

    Too bad they don't sell in India 🇮🇳🙃, how about jockey ? I use them, how is their sustainability rating ? 🙂

  • Nomadic In Nature says:

    Great video and I just may need to try these socks. Thanks for the great review!!

  • Shaleesa Moreno says:

    Ooo I’m interested. I’ll definitely have to check out their website. I didn’t even know this brand existed. Thank you for a very helpful review. 😁

  • House of Solomon says:

    Thanks for posting- Arvin Goods is lucky to have you as a sock model 🙂
    The used nets into clothing is an interesting concept ♻️

  • Rabbit Food Fitness says:

    Its so cool! I think I may have found my new type of socks!! I tend to go through socks because I am always walking, running or lifting. These sound perfect! Thanks for this!

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