ASMR Doing Your Living Coral Makeup💄Beauty Stylist

The right side is bright and cheerful makeup. Pads are cold. The gel-texture… (This is) a bag with a Twilley scarf. Elizabeth Arden’s 5th avenue. Hello 🙂 I’m your beauty stylist, myaling. Let me explain a coordination you reserved in advance. To celebrate the 2019, you wanted a makeup for this year’s color “Living Coral”, a hair style to match the makeup, and an accessory to match your clothes. You’re not wearing makeup, right? I see. Then.. I have prepared the coordination you reserved, Let’s start with the wash your face. First of all, I will gently wash your face with only water. It’s a cleansing power cleared out impurities in your pores. And this is a slightly acidic cleanser that is mild and gentle. I will dispense moderate amount of powder onto palm, and make foams with water, and gently massage it on your wet face. I will rinse with cleansing sponge several times ahead. I’m going to dry your face with a clean tower. So next, before the moisture’s gone, let’s use a facial mist. It has layered pink oil and moist essence water, I’m going to spray on your entire face
after shake it enough. Next… I’ll be using a rose water toner pad. This toner pad is incredibly gentle because of
free of animal ingredients, mineral oil and etc. Especially when your skin is sensitive, this pad will help to soothes your skin
during you put it as a sheet mask in the morning and night. Today, I will use it as toner, wipe out along with skin texture. Since i put it in the fridge, Pads are cold. Pads are cold. And.. let me pat gently for absorption. After that, I’ll put a cherry blossom shaped slice mask pack on your cheeks and forehead. It contains extracts of aloe Vera leaves, which moisturizes dry skin due to cold winds. I’ll put it on the back of my hand and show it to you. Now… I’ll put one on your cheeks and forehead. It’s cold. Now, I’ll explain about the two Living Coral makeup while i leave pack on for a moment. Living Coral makeup can be created in two different moods. The left side is warm and calm makeup, the right side is bright and cheerful makeup. The left side is good for daily makeup, the right side is good makeup when you want to look refreshing. The products I use are the same, but the color combinations are different. Which mood do you want? The right side? All right. Now… I will remove the mask pack from the top to bottom lightly. Now I’m going to use a gel-type cream. It’s perfect for anyone to use, the gel-texture.. (the gel-texture) has a moist yet silky finish, so it leaves your skin perfect for makeup. You can also apply it anytime your skin feels dry. Your eyebrows are gown up a lot. Let me trim your eyebrows using a eyebrow razor. Since lip chaps and dry in wintertime, I will apply a lip essence before a base makeup start. Next step is a base makeup. You know you have to wear sunscreen even in winter, right? It’s good to apply it lightly several times
rather than many at a time, to effectively block UV. So… I will apply sunscreen using a cheery-blossom shaped puff. Next…. I will be using a tone-up cushion. Case and… (Case and) puff are perfect living coral color. XD I will use the puff to cover your face. Now I’m going to cover your dark circles and freckles using a concealer. Next, I’m going to use a powder pact to blot the oils. This pressed powder is really fine, so… this isn’t as cakey. I will completely cover the tiny bumps
using a puff inside. To give a blur effect, I will use a puff. It’s contour time. I’m going to use Benefit’s product. I will use a hoola color for shading, and… watt’s up color for high-lighter. I will show you the colors. This is a hoola color and.. This is a watt’s up color. After that…. I will be using this eyebrow pencil. I will brush your eyebrows and draw a soft and smooth straight brow. Now, let’s eye makeup using a VDL’s palette. It has a living coral colors and other matching colors for different looks. Today I will use these three colors… one… two.. three.. that matched coordination you chose. First, I will apply widely “190 color” on your eyelids. And i will apply “16-1546 color”. (=Living Coral color) Lastly, I will apply “7904 color” on your underline
to serve as a point. Next, I’ll be using… this cute black eyeliner. I will draw very thin line. After that, I will be using an eyelash curler to curl your lashes. Would you look up, please? Thank you. Now I’m going to apply mascara. I will apply a fuller coat for your top lashes, and a light coat for your bottom lashes. And converse. I chose a Living Coral lip color. This lip color gives off a fluorescent vibe
when applied as a full lip, so, I will apply this lightly on your whole lip. I will blend it using a lip brush. And.. ! I will put a Armani’s lip tint on top of that.
(it’s not a ysl’s lip tint..TAT) Now let’s use a VDL’s Living Coral blusher. It’s a liquid blusher. Today’s Living Coral Makeup is done. Do you want to look at the mirror? Do you like it? I will loosen the pins and brush your hair neatly. And I have prepared an accessories that will match with the makeup. This is…. a bag with a Twilley scarf. Also… Also I have prepared a jill stuart wallet with navy and… soft pink. The ring on the side is very lovely, right? I will present the wallet, and tone-up cushion… and.. lip stick I used today in this bag as a gift. It’s useful to carry for correction makeup. Umm.. Let me see. Can i recommend perfume for you? Today, perfume matching you is an … “Elizabeth Arden’s 5th avenue”. It’s a scent suitable for late winter and early spring. I will present you with this perfume, too. Then, have a good day and please visit our beauty salon again next time. Good bye.

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