Austin Dental Implant Treatment (512) 476-2336

Austin Dental Implant Treatment  (512) 476-2336

Here’s an example of an all-on-4
dental implant bridge I guess we would call this maybe an all-on-5 dental
implant bridge. So basically this is a bridge which is replacing all of the
patients lower teeth and basically it’s screwed into a connector to the implants
with these tiny little screws that fit into these tiny little holes. So
basically this is how the bridge teeth look and again it basically connects
into these housings that are placed over the implants and that acts as our
connector to connect the implants to this bridge and again it’s screwed into
place so it’s a permanent and fixed into place option for patients who are
missing teeth. And we generally use all-on-4 or all-on-5 or all-on-6
dental implants, here’s the upper teeth, for patients who have had a history of
teeth that are breaking down, they’re missing probably several of their teeth
and they’re just at a point where you know the final solution is to remove the
remaining teeth and give them a good permanent option to replace their teeth
and it ends up working out really well for our patients, they end up getting a
brand new smile, they end up replacing you know a lot of their broken or
missing teeth and basically just having a better quality of life with being able
to chew and eat the foods that they like, not having to take teeth out,
not having missing teeth in their smile, no longer having infected teeth, or
broken teeth, or recurrent problems. So yeah the patients we end up
helping out with these all-on-4 o all-on-5 dental implant cases definitely see
a dramatic improvement in their quality of life as well as the
way their smile looks.


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