Babe With A Mobility Aid Lookbook [CC]

Babe With A Mobility Aid Lookbook [CC]

I Was born as a disability that affects my nerves and muscles I’m really quite wobbly as my feet are numb. But since I had peripheral pauses I can paralyzed limbs occasionally my legs go But that’s not the most important thing about me I love huge skirts. No, I really love huge skirts It’s a bit much Due to my disabilities I sometimes use mobility aids Especially when happen about my wheelchair is really light and awesome. Watch me glide Which is great because they get me twice as far with half of the energy and they take weight off my hips if they hurt However, I do have to think about how to be stylish with my aims That means tucking in skirts to avoid them getting dirty on my tires And knowing that a bag has to be over your shoulder on crutches, but around your neck in a wheelchair or your waist back Heels with my crutches which places people directly it might be taught injured. Why do I have to subject them to ugly shoes? I’m kidding So I find it hard to roll my feet and easy to see heels I also really love heels so I wasn’t kidding I Think my mobility aids are great They give me more independence and freedom when I’m out and about They’re also pretty useful in making it clear to people that I’m struggling and could do a little consideration I have lots of fun in my aides. I can’t exactly run anywhere, but I can go super fast in my wheelchair It’s the most common thing I get told and I’m out is you’re too young and beautiful to be in a wheelchair. Um Thanks, should I just be young and beautiful but sitting on the floor Using a mobility aid is never something to be ashamed of and it isn’t horribly tragic It’s just a thing I think about me and it means I can zoom around with my wife. Maybe the gay thing is more important Share your own shots Are you being a baby the mobility aid by tagging me on instagram or twitter and for more fashion inspiration? Check out these gorgeous Souls feel instagrams. I’ll link to you in a comment down below I Hope you’ve enjoyed this video, please like subscribe and share with your friends You know people you just like I mean, whatever Spread some happiness, which they’re great brave souls


  • Derrick Williams says:

    As someone who knows a few "Babes with Mobility Aids", I wanted to say..thanks for this video!

  • Freja A says:

    This meant so much to me, you really look gorgeous and I really need to be reminded that I can too – even when using mobility aids and feeling like an old grandma.

  • Juliana Figueira says:

    So cute! 😍

  • Chapstick Addict says:

    You hve adorable fashion!

  • Patrick O'Connor says:

    Start a clothing line!

  • LizTiddington says:

    Shoutout to Lolo @sittingpretty another awesome #babewithamobilityaid – love you Jessica, your sassy expression when that cyclist got in shot made me giggle 😀

  • jun e says:

    ur so hot im sweating 😍😍😍

  • Arleigh Atkinson says:

    Loved all of these outfits!! Particularly the one with the white top and lilac skirt. Your positivity and beautiful camera work never fail to brighten my day xx

  • The Cursed Potion says:

    This was so funny and hopefully raised awareness of disability. 🙂

  • says:

    Hahaha you are such a lovely person!!!

  • Tara Gelhaus says:

    LOVED this! So doing this sometime soon! #BabeWithAMobilityAid

  • coffeegirl18 says:

    I need to use a cane at times, my knees occasionally go out…I need to find a cute one though 🙂 I have lupus and I have to deal with weaknesses/pain and pins and needles sensations up to bee sting sensations.

  • Xan Overton says:

    Hey Jessica! I have a couple of comments for you. One, beautiful lookbook! I’ll be getting my new wheelchair in August after four months of waiting and fighting insurance, and this has given me inspiration for some looks I could do in my new chair! And second thing: I’d like to make a video request! I was watching one of your hair curling tutorials recently (I think it was one of the older ones), and you mentioned needing to trim your hair because it was getting too long to curl properly. I have super long hair and plan on continuing to grow it out, so I would love to see you do a video talking about super long haired vintage styles (by “super long” I mean lower back/butt length hair).

    Thank you for taking the time to read this! You are lovely and awesome! ❤️

  • WhenD Newzum says:

    I love the positivity and happiness you bring to all! Really enjoyed the u and Claudia on the skateboard and wheelchair!

  • Emma Rose says:

    your style is AMAZING <3 love your videos

  • Marta Aldama Cervantes says:

    God bless you gorgeous Jessica! Tuank you for your complete beauty.

  • deyn nyel says:


  • toastyjules says:

    Your taste in fashion is so gorgeous omg

  • Sarah Barry says:

    I have the SAME red & white shoes, I also have them in blk & white and pink & white! I love them!

  • Claire Lefalala says:

    Best title of the year haha

  • el says:

    so cute!!!

  • Lucy Buglass says:

    Love this!! I was just wondering if you have any advice for those who are a bit wobbly but would love to wear heels more? I sometimes really struggle to walk in them. Thanks so much 🙂

  • Mar Rus says:

    No idea how people walk in flats, flats with no heel or arch whatsoever. My feet are very prone to seizing up/cramping (so I shall be walking along in my supportive shoes then SUDDENLY STOP (people behind me Are highly unimpressed,) do my little foot wobbling dance, then continue on.) Seeing people walking around in them makes me wince.
    Edit: this same problem is why I cannot wear heels higher than 1 inch. I still find beautiful shoes, but I am very protective of them.

  • Ely S. says:

    hi beautiful human being❤ have a great day ❤❤❤❤

  • Katie Revell says:

    I love the fact that this was filmed in my home town, Brighton! This is a work of art

  • C xx says:

    I know this may sound cheesy but this video gave me so much confidence. I have to use mobility aids and I get so self conscious but to see someone wear the clothes I wanna wear with the confidence I want to have is honestly so empowering

  • Revile Paragon says:

    Huge skirts do suit you!

  • J. Moore says:

    love the editing and music on this video!! So sassy and funky!!!

  • BarbieUnicorn says:

    wow! u r so amazing!!! <3

  • Meg Delaney says:

    Jessica – I know disabilities make us very tired most of the time – I want to ask how you stay in such great shape? – Exercising takes a lot out of me – Could you make a vid of gentle exercises we could try?

  • muhd nabil says:

    uv got rly hot uper arm.

  • Mick Daubney says:

    Hi Jessica. I must admit I have been very surpised about your disability. Have worked with disability for some years and have been a great admirer of their courage. One of my dearest friends suffered with a serious disease which gradually deterorated over the years. Although she was confined to a wheelchair, she was determined to be as independent as possible. For that I admired her greatly..Another reason was the she looked like ( and had a voice similar to) pne of my favourite redheads, Rula Lenska. Sadly, she is no longer with us.
    of course, people with disability should be treated as people with limitations, but never with pity. You speak right of people with grey, grey, souls. How will they react when disability strikes them?

  • eanoheah says:

    Darling this was delightful 💕 Your positivity is a ray of sunshine. This is a wonderful video 🙂

  • arsenalo14 says:

    Jessica, your channel rocks!! So glad I found it…thanks for educating & spreading your lovely sense of humor always

  • Rim Maâlaoui says:

    Your style is very mezmorizing!

  • Jill Woodhams says:

    If I had a dollar for every time someone felt that I'm "too young" or "look too ___" and therefore couldn't have chronic illnesses… Hmm, maybe I should set up a swear jar type of thing.

  • Logan James says:

    I use a stick, though without the heels as they don't really suit me :P. My chair (when I stop acting like a petulant child and actually use it when my MS is being an ass) is nowhere near as nice as yours ;_;. It's huge, and ugly, and I hate it soooo much! I do not like the attention being in a chair gets, the stick was bad enough initially.

  • maria kara says:

    oh wow i didn't know you have a walking disability too. im happy that it doesn't stop you from being yourself & dressing up. ☺️💘👏🏼

  • Sabina Rooney says:

    Oh my god I love the way you dress! It’s so elegant!

  • RosieBlue16 says:

    You are so beautiful, and damn you know how to dress

  • amy phillips says:

    jessica i LOVE YOU

  • King Khan says:

    I really want this vintage style back! What a beautiful era! So classy.

  • CAR Jones says:

    Hi Jessica! You're so pretty and effervescent. Thanks you for posting this review. I've seen a couple of video prior but did not know you were disabled. I am too, MS. I'm in w/c most of time.. tired of always being in workout clothes for pure comfort plus I do do exercises to improve strength etc.. I went looking for pretty dresses, tea length with a vintage look and I found your wonderful channel. You're inspiring me to get my act together. Do you wear make-up everyday? Looking forward to more reviews. I tried the rose dress you have on but for my 5' 9" height it comes at my knee and much prefer below the knee a couple inches. Otherwise, it fits beautifully and is a lovely dress.

    Love your style and joy. Cheerio!

  • E Jets says:


  • Salvo Daze says:

    Jessica, you are the awesomest.

  • Sage says:

    Question….I think I remember you saying Claudia is a dentist or dental hygienist…but what is YOUR career? Is it youtuber? Or is that a side hobby/side gig?

  • Cari Del-Rio says:

    Great looks. I love your smile! It makes me smile

  • Sonia Hawes says:

    Just love this, well you hooked me in straight away as I love shoes!

  • ButterflyNerd007 says:

    You make me miss my long hair! I have a pixie cut right now. I also use a wheelchair, sometimes a cane, with a service dog.

  • Skeptic Eye says:

    A girl with 1001 disabilities and she looks much happier than the average person who's completely fine.

  • Ty Claps says:

    I hope you didnt bang your knee too hard! Great video! People forget that aids are there to help! Crutches are no different than glasses in the fact that they said the wearer. You look gorgeous regardless of your aids my dear!

  • K Young says:

    Love this video

  • Meggi S says:

    My legs/have been deteriorating thanks to. EDS, and it looks like crutches or a wheelchair is the next step. Thank you so much for making this!! Also, if anyone has tips, do let me know

  • Shaye Eller says:

    I have EDS and just spent two weeks in Ireland. Every time someone took my picture I tried to hide my cane. I didn’t take it everywhere, but if there were hills or climbing over stuff involved, I certainly needed it. Definitely couldn’t have clambered all over the Giant’s Causeway without it! I think it’s that I’m really new to using a cane and not everyone in my life knows yet. I didn’t want my vacation photos to be the way they found out? Hopefully I’ll be able to embrace #babewithamobilityaid more fully in the future.

  • Lo Riddell says:

    there is no way you are from this era. you're far too elegant!!!

  • Rebecca's randomness says:

    Your happiness makes me happy

  • Monique Rowe says:

    I really loved this!

  • mrsschneche says:

    i like the video not just for the content, but the creativ way to show of looks!

  • Emily Smith says:

    I think this is the badass-est, posh-est (in a good way) and best look book ive ever seen on youtube.

  • Emy Sayer says:

    I freaking love your personality. You just are so lovely and sweet and funny and I found the gay thing hilarious being gay myself

  • detectiveleepuppy says:

    omg i just love u so much <3

  • Rosie Posie says:

    What do you do when children ask you about why you use a mobility aid and thier parents get upset about that. Does it bother you. Personally I love the questions! Gives me a chance to educate. I was at the zoo today and a 2ish year old kid asked me why I was in a wheelchair, and his mom said "because her legs hurt" and dragged him off. I was very upset because if this had been a matter of pain I wouldn't be using a wheelchair nearly as much. It made me feel categorized as weak. I'm like, my legs don't hurt, the problem lies in my brain…

  • I’m just your average band trash says:


  • J F says:

    so effortlessly gracious , with an infectious sense of self effacing humor….true beauty…shining through

  • Annie208.rattay says:

    Wondering what your secret is to finding such appropriate music for your videos with being deaf?

  • Kirsty Turnbull says:

    Fav YouTuber and fashion icon!!!💗💕💖 also ur humour is the best😂

  • heartstoaces says:

    really well edited and amazing, i love watching your channel, style, and talent grow <33

  • Rebecca Aira says:

    I'm here because I can't find positivity within myself

  • SimSpencer says:

    Jessica is for sure my favorite youtuber.

  • Algrenion says:

    [my disabled, young and beautiful ass, sitting on the floor] what the heck is a wheelchair

  • Astate Nidyth says:

    I'm a #BabeWithAMobilityAid too! Love the video! I also use crutches (I have MCTD too), but sometimes I can't use them because of shoulder pain. But you are right, they do help a lot to alleviate the pressure on the hips(which is espescially important for me when I have a flare up, since I also have a hip dysplasia). I also have a wheelchair now, because I recently broke my kneecap and couldn't do with just the crutches, since I had to get around a lot. It's healed now, but I kept the wheelchair. It can be so nice to be fast for once, during a flare! How well do you people deal with uneven walkways?

  • Elizabeth Gutierez says:

    Um, can I steal your style?!? lol so gorg!

  • Alex Lunders says:

    Well done.

  • grimesreaper says:

    omg if you ever collab with annika victoria, i'd be so happy! y'all could make the cutest dresses together or something 😊

  • DacooX5 says:

    Hell yea you go girl

  • FleurDeCerisier says:

    You are such an inspiration and I love your clothes and sunglasses

  • Unspoken Voices says:

    I really liked this video 💚💜 I also loved your outfits

  • Emily Thompson says:

    You certainly "spread happiness into (my) grey, grey soul!" Thank you for your encouragement and upbeat attitude. I use a wheelchair myself, outside my home. Sometimes I feel like it holds me back from my potential. Thank you for reminding me it doesn't have to. That means so much coming from a person whom I will likely never meet. Love and hugs!

  • K Labeck says:

    Excellently done! Good on ya!

  • Susanna Wallwork says:

    This is so cool! Awesome video. Keep kicking ass! You and Claudia are awesome together! Keep it up girls!!

  • Cassandra McVay says:

    I've only just discovered you, but you're so inspiring. Just getting out there and finding the positivity and humor in everything… Something I struggle with. Also, your style is amazing. I'm on a weight loss journey right now, and when I get to my goal weight, I plan on buying lots of cute dresses just like yours. <3

  • Moon Cat Laboratory says:

    Hi. I've only just come across your channel and after having watched some of your other videos, I just wanted to say, that videos like these are absolutely wonderful. As someone who is also not only disabled but also part of the LGBT community (I'm a MTF transexual), I do find your content extremely uplifting. I also adore your sense of style.

  • lucymarie100 says:

    This is by far and away one of the best videos I have ever seen, possibly the best. Absolutely Fabulous. You have lightened my grey grey soul.

  • Elise Weusthuis says:

    Hey I’m not super sure but I feel like I once saw a video of you with a really fancy patterned cane? If it was you (or if you know what I might be talking about) I was really wondering what brand/store it was from.

  • CrystalSparklyDreams says:

    Making disability look glam! Your outfits are so fun and I'm in love with those beautiful red heals!!

  • Alice Q says:

    I too am a #babewithamobilityaid ! I also I want to start transitioning into wearing vintage clothing. I love your channel so much!

  • bee says:


  • Mercedes Mairs says:

    I have Tourette’s and I get paralyzed legs so I have to get a wheelchair is well

  • Gecko Lord says:

    How can you use your crutches without your hands and wrists hurting? I have a weak right leg but i cant use a cane or cruth bc of my hands D:

  • Ayu Pambudi says:

    Beautiful lady and from ur video I know new information and more knowledge about quakerism.. IAM a Islam but I appreciate what I see and what I read. It's interesting and loves from me from Indonesia Jessie.. say hi to ur good wife. My mom passaway last year. She's stay in the bed long time 4 years because bone cancer n see did so many cemothrapy u remind me to her because she always dream have a (chair) I just don't know how to say in English. Things that u use to sit.. but I can't buy it. I am sad. But I think she's in the heaven now. I want make a book about her life cz since kids she's unhappiness..

  • Alaina R16 says:

    I love how you always wear vintage style clothes and hairstyles 😄 Vintage is the best

  • JahJJMac says:

    You could add side guards on your wheelchair to prevent your clothes getting dirty

  • Anonymously Beautiful says:

    I always felt shame needing aids growing up. Now I'll say it's just a thing too. Could you do tutorials on your hair & makeup? & you fabulous fashion?

  • Emily Anderson says:

    I walk with a crutch and AFO’s but usually take my wheelchair to car shows because it’s too much for me to walk

  • Norman Valentine says:

    good, incredible, I'm impressed with you…very inspire me…

  • super_sad says:

    I love my mobility aid, although I've had people tell me "oh don't walk up and down the stairs if you're sore" and "don't do x because x" and "you can't be disabled because x" and "if you were really disabled you wouldn't do x" well I can only carry so much with one hand Sharon so I'm gonna have to make two trips to the fridge, still hurts but not much I can do.

  • jkmakeupmaster143 says:

    I say that, but I’m say it sympathetically.

  • Fleur Pomponne says:

    God I needed this video last year, I would get so anxious about using my wheelchair when I wanted to go out that I just wouldn’t go out, I’m so happy to finally have found you + your channel x

  • Shapiro's DEAD Cat says:

    How do you do this with bad shoulders? I have all over pain including hips and knees, so it's hard for me to walk. The worst pain however is in my shoulders. You said in a later video that your right shoulder is really troubling you, so I was wondering how you're dealing with trips out now? Thanks if you get time to respond!

  • yo merengues says:

    I Will be a Stimming babe and Tag you!

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