back to school #1 || neutral makeup look

back to school #1 || neutral makeup look

Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel!
So today I am going to be doing my first video in my back to school series. This is going
to be my go to makeup look for school. So I know a lot of people don’t wear makeup to
school or they don’t feel like it’s necessary and if you do feel that way – that’s completely
fine, this is just what I like to wear to school, you can modify it to make it the way
you like, if you don’t like it this dark or if you want it darker, whatever you want to
do, it’s all about what you want. This is just my go to makeup look, so I hope you guys
enjoy it. If you have any back to school video requests that you really want to see, leave
them down below and I will be sure to take those into consideration. So let’s just get
right into the video. Alright, just starting out I am taking my Revolution Concealer palette
and I’m just going to take two of the lightest colors and start concealing my problem areas
and my under-eye circles. I’m not going to do a full coverage face, I just want enough
coverage that my skin looks even and I don’t have any spots left. So I’m just going over.
And then I’m taking Maybelline’s Better Skin foundation and just taking two pumps of that
and blending it all over my face. And again, I’m focusing on any problem areas I may have.
Now I’m taking my Revlon translucent powder and just setting my whole foundation. I’m
not going to put any bronzer or highlight on, just because I’m trying to keep it fairly
natural for school. If you do want to add that, you totally can. Then I’m taking itCosmetics
Naturally Pretty Palette. Starting I am just putting a base contour in with Mocha from
itCosmetics. Then taking the contour in with Java also from itCosmetics. I absolutely love
this palette, because I think these mattes are fantastic and so amazing for any eye color,
any skin color, they just look amazing. Then I’m highlighting with itCosmetics transforming
pearl. Then I am taking my NYX Gel Eyeliner in just black and I’m just doing a basic line
here, right next to my lash line. I am not going to do a normal wing that I normally
would do on some days, because I’m just trying to keep this fairly natural, if you want to
add a wing you totally can, but again I’m just keeping this fairly simple. This brush
is also a real techniques brush, I love it. And this is the itCosmetics Hello Lashes.
I’m just sticking this all over my lashes, but you can use any mascara you have, I really
enjoy this one, but you can use any you have. And then finally for my lips I’m taking my
Chanel lip gloss in color number 108. I think this is a perfect natural color for any lip
color and I think it looks great on everybody. So that is the finished look, I hope you guys
enjoyed it, if you did give it a big thumbs up and I will see you back here later.


  • Joyce Moments says:

    Perfect look for school:)

  • Robin Seplut says:


  • kay g says:

    can you please do a back to school clothing haul

  • beautyfavors says:

    Love this look!

  • nat a says:

    I love this look! Can you try and do tips for Jr. High maybe? I know a lot of people are going into high school, though, so it's totally fine if you can't!

  • Aislyn Annette says:

    For some reason you kind of remind me of NikkieTutorials. Like when you talk. And you kinda look like you could be her daughter

  • Miranda Fisher says:

    omg your so gorgeous and look like Taylor swift love the tutorial definitely subscribing and liking 😘

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