Basics of Permanent Cosmetics : About Adding a Beauty Mark With Permanent Cosmetics

Hi! I’m Cherie Terry of Cherie Terry’s
Permanent Cosmetics in Sedona, Arizona and on behalf of I’m here to
show you a birthmark not a birthmark but a beauty mark. We have decided to put a beauty
mark on this side of the face right up in here. Joyce has requested it to be in brown
you really don’t want that to be in black. If you are thinking of having on done don’t
let them convince you to it in black. Black is made with blue as it fades it turns to
blue. The brown has a more of a red base to so as it fades it will look more natural on
her. She would come back in probably in 3 weeks to have it checked, to have enough color
put in. Color builds with color so when you put two on two it would actually last longer.
She would also do the same with the brows. I’m going to lay her back. You don’t need
any anesthetic or anything for this. This is a two second procedure. So you just go
in there you add the color and you come out and she is done. She would keep it clean and
keep it moisturize for the next week. If it scabs color could pull scab so she would keep
it moist with Vaseline as it is healing. Okay and we are done.

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