Beauty 101 | 5 Minute Natural Makeup Tutorial!

Beauty 101 | 5 Minute Natural Makeup Tutorial!

hey guys so we’ve been getting a lot of requests for a no makeup makeup look I actually have not wanted to do because I love where I make I like wearing a lot of makeup part of who I am but because you guys want it I’m gonna give it to you guys and actually I was in London I kind of had a no makeup makeup look on we’re gonna basically go ahead and start out with correcting certain things and lifting certain parts of the face I’m going to start with concealer I think that’s probably one of the first issues that people have naturally you have pigmentation around your eyes acne and other parts your face I started using recently this zueva sealer spectrum palette you can see I’ve pretty much annihilated it it gives you a lot of Correction with a little bit of product because I want to be very natural I’m going to use this soft brush I’m just going to apply a little bit of product if you have a color that’s perfect for you that’s great this palette has colors are a little darker a little lighter but I think quite perfect so I’m mixing it around because I want to make it super natural I’m gonna grab our Sully old oil it makes everything kind of a little diluted smoother and more natural so I’m just going to go ahead and I’m mixing a small amount with my concealer so I’m just gonna go around the eyes I’m small not here I think any time you’re going for a no makeup look you can always use your fingers it will just give you that very skin-like finish which is great you can use a blender as well but I just find that your hand with the heat of your skin just naturally makes everything so much better especially when you really want to look very natural give you much more of a natural finish I’m gonna do a little bit of a correction around the mouth as well and it’s bit of an orange tone to it and I’m just placing it in areas that need a little bit more writing we’re now just going to apply a foundation and again the process of application of the foundation will keep it really natural this is honest as a new tan stick foundation and I’m just applying a small amount and then I’m going to blend it into my skin I use that lighter color around the under area here where I like to highlight generally and so now I’m going to use a darker tone foundation and we’re gonna keep the contour very natural and most people for their foreheads don’t generally need a lot of makeup so I’m actually just going to take a little bit my fingers and just start to blend it out I’m gonna pile up the darker foundation on the nose so you can see I have a little bit of a breakout right here a little deepness right here so I’m just gonna correct those last things we can see there I’m going to use a Unser brush for the correcting and clean off any excess product on the pallet and this is just for correcting that we’re going I’m going to add a little bit of contouring i’m going to use Aesthetica contour series cream I’m going to use more of the lighter color and I am also putting that onto my palette where I had the concealers and I’m just blending it with the oil to make it very light so it gives your face a lot of structure but in a very light way so it doesn’t look you’ve actually contour it it might look like you’ve just wronged up so the forehead oh you do too much contouring I’d keep it as light as possible now to give my cheeks a little pop a little hint of color I do want more blush I like to mix that especially in with a bronzer when I have like a very natural look so I’m gonna use icon and gossip girl you can use either one or both I always like to mix tones see I’m gonna mix this and I’m going to use this as my blush I think blush is a really great way to warm up the face I’m going to just put a little bit of highlighter onto the cheeks where this is called moon dust from our auras go palette and I’m just gonna go ahead and apply it it’s really important to make sure that you do use your hands whenever you’re doing the no makeup makeup look I just feel that your hands just kind of make your makeup seep right into your skin and it looks so much more natural it really does give you that skin finish for the eyes I’m going to be something really basic I always loved bronzer on the eyelid so when we actually created this color one of the colors that we emulated was bronzer so it makes bronzer we made it a little warm and I think it’s like the perfect color for in the crease so I’m just going to go a little bit sandalwood and that’s all I’m gonna put in the crease just to add like a little pop you can always use that moon dust put it right underneath your brow bone or just one of the closet a really small amount of color there and if you want just to add a little bit of warmth there – you can grab shy or let me go I’m gonna mix both and add a little bit of warm still essential just looks very fun if your brows to keep it super super natural I’m just gonna go ahead and start brushing them up and I’m not gonna overfill them if you have a lot of brow hair this is great you don’t have a lot of brow hair you might want to just fill it in a little bit so I’m just going to use the pomade this is Cobra from Benefit definitely define the outer area but the front should be very bushy and nice and full for the lashes I like to keep everything really simple so I’m just gonna like slightly pull my eyelid up and I’m gonna line this lashline right here just gonna go ahead and apply a little bit of this dark eyeshadow and by doing it with a shadow just looks a lot more natural as opposed to a very distinctive lie on your face I’m going to actually add a little mascara I think curling your lashes after you file a little mascara just stays a little longer a lot of people get a little worried about their lashes breaking if you have an issue with that you can heat up your eyelash curler using a blow-dryer just be careful it doesn’t get too hot because it can burn you you just ply it for like two three seconds feel it and then put it on your eyelash and let it curl and I’m using the Dior a conic / curl if I don’t want to apply any powder I will just grab the tips of the lashes and just pull off mascara that’s at the very ends and now I’m just going to move on to live always wear lip line right I think lip liners are so important it gives you a very natural-looking lip that is also perfect and I can see here there’s a little bit of pigment I’m just going to blend out my fingers I’m also going to shape the keep it full of butter and by blending it looks like a real lip to kind of finish things off and keep it really pretty on the lips I’m just gonna add a little bit of this gloss of course you can skip this if you don’t like glossy lips but it gives you a very very attractive mouth it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard this is really great for work this is the complete look I hope you guys enjoy it please don’t ask me for any more looks like this so we can save as rent please make sure you guys check me on instagram tap chat and i’ll see you guys next time bye guys


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  • sweet sugar says:

    I absolutely LOVE this kind of make up, been doing it for ages and my skin always looks amazing when there is less make up on it. PS. I DONT HAVE PERFECT SKIN JUST LIKE HUDA I HAVE ACNE IN THE SAME PLACES SHE HAS.

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    The acrylic palette you use for mixing your products can be found where, please? I'm going to search for the gold oil. Wish me luck! Best wishes to you in your beauty products!!!!!

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    Cinema Secrets 506-15 Ultimate Foundation, 0.50 oz $24.00
    Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation Primer 1oz / 30ml $28.00
    Cinema Secrets Ultralucent Colorless Loose Powder, 0.67 oz/19 gm $22.00

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