Beauty Fails of 2017 | cruelty free @phyrra

Beauty Fails of 2017 | cruelty free @phyrra

Hey friends. Welcome back. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Courtney,
and I have my two standard poodles, Phaedra and Nyx, in the room with me so you may see
them in the background. Today I’m going to be sharing my makeup fails
of 2017 and these are all the products that I feel really sucked and I’m going to tell
you why they sucked. But before we jump into this video I want
to ask you to hit the little subscribe button down below so you won’t miss any of my videos,
like my Best Beauty Products of 2017, that’s coming up soon. Okay, so the first product that I want to
talk about that absolutely sucked and was a big fail for me was the One Two Lashes. Now, these are magnetic lashes and I tried
wearing them and they are just really difficult to make them look right. I bought these because of YouTuber Stephanie
Lange. I absolutely love her. She does the best hooded eye makeup videos
of anybody on YouTube and she put these on, she made it look so simple, but I swear the
pair that I got don’t match up. It looks like I’m putting moose antlers on
my lashes. They just look so weird and I really wanted
them to work because they’re easy to put on. You just can’t adjust them to make them look
proper. No matter what I did, they would still just
stick up funny so one would be up this way and the other one would be this way so they
just didn’t ever want to look right on my eyes. So, I gave up on them. I’m going to try and return them to see if
I can get my money back but I don’t know if I’m within that window to do so. So, the next product that really sucked for
me was from one of the DCM companies called Niod. It’s their Photography Fluent Primer. Let me read you what the website says it’s
going to do. It says it’s a novel approach to creating
the foundation for skin that reflects even radiance and life and very specifically, for
the camera lens. This serum textured product contains a wide
array of refracting prisms, toning hue correctors and topical finishing technologies to offer
even radiance within seconds. So, this thing sounds amazing. It’s in a little dropper. I tried the Pure Found Photography Filter
and actually really like it but the one from Niod sucked for my skin. Basically, what it did one me was give me
a white gold glow all over, which, okay, that’s really cool, but it basically clung to every
single dry patch around my face and if you don’t know, I have dry skin. So, basically, it emphasized all kinds of
dryness and looked terrible. It looked even worse when I tried to put makeup
on top of it. I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. It sucked and I was unfortunately unable to
return it. I have major regrets over wasting my money
on this primer. Next up is the Glossier SPF35. So, I like most of my Glossier products. There are a couple misses that I have had
but most of them have been hits. I really loved the Perfecting Skin Tint, I
loved the Boy Brow. Those two products are really great for me. The Milky Jelly Cleanser, I really like as
well. The SPF product, no good. For me, if I got the SPF anywhere near my
eyes, my eyes would start burning. My eyes are sensitive. Okay, I get that but even worse, it caused
me to break out. I really was hoping that this product would
be something I could love cause it’s one of those colorless sunscreens so it doesn’t leave
a white cast, which I personally don’t mind a white cast but I know a lot of you really
hate white casts so I wanted to be able to recommend it but nope, can’t. It sucks. The next product that was a big fail for me
is probably one that’s going to cause a fight because I feel like everybody else says it’s
a holy grail but it was the Tarte Shape Tape. Now, the Tarte Shape Tape that I got smelled
like bug spray. I’m telling you, it smelled like Off or citronella
candles or something just terrible. I didn’t really like how thick it was and
chunky and the color that I got, I think I got Fair Neutral cause I ordered it from Ulta’s
website because they had the color but then when I went in store to see if I could exchange
it for another one, they didn’t have the shade in store. So, the formula didn’t work for me, the color
didn’t really work for me but the smell was the worst part. I don’t understand how anybody could put that
on their face when it smells like bug spray and be okay with it. Somebody else said that theirs smells like
citrus but mine smelled like straight up bug spray. It was disgusting. My husband smelled it and he was like, “Don’t
put that on your face.” This is after I dabbed it on, tried to use
the beauty blender to blend it out, nope. That is not for me. It was terrible. Give me my Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème
because that shit is awesome. Tarte Shape Tape, nuh-uh. Throw it in the trash. The next product that I tried that I thought
would be good was the Makeup Revolution Blush in Nude and it’s one of their matte blushes. It just really wasn’t anything that wowed
me. The formula and texture wasn’t that great. Yeah, it’s a drugstore blush so it’s really
cheap but I didn’t like how it settled on my skin and usually I like matte blushes and
prefer them because I think that they look really flattering, especially since I like
to wear more blingy highlighters but I just didn’t like how it looked on me at all. So, the next product that was a total bust
for me was the Smashbox Photo Lid Primer in Smokey this is supposed to make it easier
to do really dark, dramatic and smokey looks and I thought this would be a time saver and
really, not for me. It didn’t work very well. In my crease, it would crease and wear away
so that kinda defeats the point of an eye shadow primer if it’s not going to stick around. I wanted to love it but couldn’t. The next product on my list that I can’t stand
is the J Cat Beauty Pearl Illuminizer. Now, this came in a jar and it looked very
similar to a lot of the Ben Nye powders. I have the Ben Nye Cameo Powder somewhere
in my makeup stash. I don’t know where it’s at this minute but
the Pearl Illuminizer, I thought, it was supposed to give you a nice ethereal glow. When I put it on, it was like I put on a white
frosty eyeshadow all over my face. It emphasized every single line, every single
pore, was not pretty, was not flattering at all. It was terrible. So awful. Do no recommend. Okay. So, the next product is something I really
wanted to love and I bought into the hype so I bought it and that was the Kat Von D
Lolita Blush. I love Kat Von D. I love almost all of my
Kat Von D products but not this. This is supposed to be a Rosy Neutral, Rosewood
Brown or something like that, Reddish Chestnut, anything. I think Rosy Brown is how she described it. Well, when I put it on my skin, it goes … Actually,
I can’t put it on this hand cause I have a bunch of weird swatches on here. When I put it on my skin, which my skin tone
is basically like a cool yellow, it pulls very orangy brown, not rosy brown, orange. I don’t think it looks
flattering on me at all so I can’t really wear it as eyeshadow. I can kind of wear it as a blush if I want
to wear an orangy blush, which I don’t necessarily think that looks good on me. So, I was really just disappointed that this
awesome product that’s supposed to be a cult favorite that everybody loves, looks like
crap on me. I guess that’s because of my cool yellow skin
tone. Next up, I bought the Smashbox Studio Skin
Face Shaping Foundation Stick in the shade 0.5 Porcelain, I had to look it up, and it
was like $42. I thought this would be cool because it’s
basically a foundation on one side and a contour on the other. The contour shade actually worked pretty well
for my skin tone so I was really pleased about that but the foundation was another story. It was not good. It basically turned sorta peachy orange on
my skin. It also was one of those foundations that
really clung in my dry patches. So, while it was a Vegan Foundation, it just
didn’t work for me. And on the subject of foundations not working
for me, next up we have the NYX Total Control Drops in Pale. Now the pale yellow color was a really great
match for my skin tone. I give NYX props for making a really inclusive
shade range. They had a ton of shades and I actually had
a match. I was really happy about that. That’s about the extent of all I was happy
about because the formula itself looked like shit on my skin. It was another one of those things that just
clung to all of my dry patches. I felt like basically, I was dribbling half
the bottle on my face to try to get it to cover all over because if you just put three
drops, I couldn’t get it to cover anything. It was ridiculous. I saw so many people loved this or hated this,
it was very polarizing, but I am definitely in that hate camp because it was terrible
on me. Next up, and I feel bad saying this, but it’s
the Fenty Pro Filt’r Foundation. So, the formula, I know it’s more geared towards
oily skin. To counter that, what I did was bought some
vitamin E oil to put into it, which made it much more comfortable for me to wear on my
dry skin. The shade that I bought was shade 100. This shade is supposed to be a perfect match
for my skin tone. When I put it on and it was wet, it matched
perfectly. It looked great. Once it dried down, it turned this coppery,
orangey color. So, my face would be coppery orange and the
rest of me would be this light kind of yellow toned skin so it looked very weird. Between the lack of a good shade match and
the formula being more geared towards oily skin, I went ahead and returned it to Sephora. I felt bad but it just did not work for me
at all. I also tried a couple of the Fenty Match Sticks. I tried Ivory, which was supposed to be either
a foundation or a concealer but either way, it looks terrible on me. It basically emphasized all kinds of skin
texture and dryness. It was really dry and cakey. I don’t think it looked good at all and I’m
also not a fan of Amber, the contour color, which I know everybody has been raving about
this color but I just didn’t feel like it did a lot for me so I returned both of those
because I wanted to love them but didn’t like how they looked on me at all. Under more foundations I found that I hate
this year, the Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation in Porcelain. I thought this was going to be my perfect
drugstore match. The color’s not bad. I still have to add white to it to make it
a perfect match for my skin tone so it’s not just a foundation I can just put on and go
or else I have basically a dark head, light neck, which I don’t think is attractive, but
the real problem I had with the foundation was the formula. It really was cakey and would basically cling
to my dry patches and then turn cakey so it did not work for my dry skin. Next up, we have another foundation. It’s the Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation. I bought the shade Snow. I thought initially I really liked how it
looked on my skin. I liked the finish. The color on it’s own was too dark. I needed to add white to it to make a good
match. The fragrance was overpowering, the peachy
scent. Ultimately, that’s probably the downfall. The fragrance that was in that foundation
caused me to break out really bad along my chin and my jaw. It was very painful. So, while I wanted to love it because I liked
the ingredients aside from the fragrance and I liked the formula, because it made me break
out and the fact that I had to add white to it to make a better match, I just had to return
it. I don’t understand why companies continue
to add fragrance to foundation when it causes a lot of people to break out, not just me. It’s very rare that I can wear any sort of
foundation, or even a skincare product, with fragrance because most of the time, they make
me break out. The rare exception I can think of right now
is the Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation in Milkshake. I’m really shocked that does not cause me
to break out because the fragrance. So, Too Faced, if you’re listening, I would
love it if you made your Peach Perfect Foundation without any fragrance in it and in a lighter
shade because Snow is not Snow. Snow is about the color of peachy orange. I don’t know. It’s just not Snow. Or if your Snow is that color, I don’t want
to play in it. Next up is the Wander Beauty Flash Focus Hydrating
Foundation Stick in the shade, Fair. I assumed that because the shade was Fair
and it had a very limited shade range, that, hey, this is going to be a match for my skin
tone. I was wrong. I really like the formula on this though because
it’s super hydrating. It is great for my dry skin but the color’s
too dark and unfortunately, I realized that it was too dark and not going to work for
me after I was already outside of the Sephora return window and that kinda sucked because
it’s expensive. I think it was like $42 or $45 so I had to
basically eat that. I think that’s all the foundations for you. I tried a ton more foundations this year but
these are my big fails. Next up would be the Anastasia Beverly Hills
Subculture Palette. Now, I bought this palette when I was doing
a review for Silk Naturals on the collection that they made that’s basically a vegan in
dupe of those colors and I gave it a try. It’s not as bad as everybody says it was but
I still don’t think it’s a great palette and I’ll tell you why it’s on this list. In my opinion, because the formula is so powdery,
it’s very wasteful. I’m used to working with pigments like loose
pigments and stuff so I know how to carefully tap in to get product off but even when I
would carefully tap in, a ton of excess powder would kick up so it just felt like very wasteful
every time I would touch the palette. I don’t understand what Anastasia was thinking
with that formula because their eyeshadow singles are actually, in my opinion, very
good but that palette sucks. The next product on my list is the Wet n Wild
Micellar Water. Now, this is a makeup remover and initially
I thought that it was a great product because it did a pretty good job at removing my eye
makeup, my face makeup, but I don’t know what happened to it when I was about halfway through
the bottle, it changed. It smelled like, I would almost describe it
as a burnt rubber type smell, but it smelled bad and I was like, “Oh, no. This isn’t good.” So, I experimented with trying to take my
makeup off with it once the smell changed and it basically kind of burned so I just
tossed it out right away. Don’t know why it changed, don’t know what
went on with that but I was very disappointed in that because that’s the first time I’ve
ever had any micellar water go bad on me and I use a lot of them. I mostly use Pacifica’s Coconut Water or Yes
To’s Coconut Water but I was trying the Wet n Wild because it’s like, “Oh, hey, it’s a
new product from Wet n Wild. I should give it a shot.” It sucked. So, last but not least, is the It Cosmetics
Bye Bye Redness Neutralizing Correcting Cream. This stuff comes in a little pot and in the
pot, it looks promising. When I put it on my skin, it’s like a peach
color but then it dries down to like an orange. I’m pretty sure I’ve shared this on my Instagram
stories whenever I first got it and I was so disappointed because I got my hopes up
really high because I thought it was going to be one of those products that I could just
dab on my worst areas of my redness, then put my foundation on and be done, but no. When I put it on my face, it’s like I put
blotches of orange all over my face. It does not look good. Then I still have to cake on foundation and
cover it up. So, what’s the point? I really wish that It Cosmetics would fix
their shade range that they have, truly fair shades and truly deep shades as opposed to
these shades that claim to be “Fair” like Transforming Porcelain Beige because to me,
that sounds like, hey, that would be a color that would match me. But in the cream, it does not. I did have a friend of mine, my friend Britney,
gave me the Transforming Porcelain Beige in the powder and the powder actually is light
enough for my skin. So, if I was going to use all powder foundation,
this would work because I could just put it on the areas where the redness is worst and
then put on a light foundation anywhere else to even me out and be done. Here’s hoping that someday It Cosmetics fixes
their shade range. So, anyway, I hope you enjoyed hearing me
rant about my worst products of 2017. Make sure you let me know what products sucked
for you in 2017 in the comments below. If you liked this video and found it entertaining,
fun, informative or helpful, please give it a thumbs up and share. It really helps me out when you share my videos
and I really appreciate it. Thanks so much for hanging out with me and
I’ll see you in my next video.


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    I have the same problem with foundations, my skin is super dry, which is not the worst thing here. But there is no foundation shade that is light enough for me. Even if it is the moment I apply it, it oxidizes as soon as it dries. I always have to buy completely white mixing drops to lighten my foundation and use like 50% foundation, 50% lightening drops.

  • Maryam Yasmin says:

    Amazing video! Thanks so much for this! I had the same issues with most of the items you talked about.

    Where did you buy the NIOD because Deciem has a 365 day return policy. I've def tried things out and returned way later cuz skincare takes a while to show results.

    Also, you should try the Cover FX sunscreen. I have sensitive skin too and it's transparent and didn't cause me any issues.

    And IT.. the need to sit down. I'm a solid medium skin tone and their products are orange as hell and medium is too light. Medium tan (their new, extended shade smh) is just medium with orange added 🍊

  • Madison says:

    I use the It Bye Bye Redness all the time. I think it’s a shade range issue for you. My skin tone is light and very yellow (not nearly as fair as you), and I use Transforming Porcelain Beige. The aloe in that product really helps my sensitive skin while I’m wearing it. I love your eye look in this video, btw!!!

  • manic hispanic says:

    Have u done any vids about SPF that worked well for U under makeup? How do u preserve ur milky white skin living in Florida?!

  • Chrisa says:

    People either love Shape Tape or hate it. Mine has no smell at all. It's one of my favorites. The Smashbox foundation stick I bought in a darker color and use it for contour. Your eye look today is AMAZING! So so gorgeous!

  • Frida says:

    I have a theory that they put a lot of (unsupportably sweet) fragrance in products/brands who aim for the younger market. Maybe the school kids prefer products that smell like candy? Some hair styling products I bought are completely unwearable.

  • Ashley Griffith says:

    Thank you for this! I was planning to get some new makeup in the new year and I almost prefer knowing what not to get versus having to search for a specific product. Some of these sound super awful!

  • prcdnvl28 says:

    LOL @ “if your snow is that color,… I don’t want to play in it!”

  • Brae Owen says:

    I hated the Tarte Shape tape concealer too ! It broke me out Soooooooo bad I was not happy especially with how much it costs

  • Christine Anaya says:

    I absolutely love your eyelook in this video.❤

  • Christine Anaya says:

    I tried the Wet n Wild Micellar Water but it left an oily residue on my face. It was difficult to remove and apply makeup the next day.

  • Porgdaporg says:

    Too faced foundation in “snow” was the first makeup I ever returned in my life. When one of their reps was at Sephora, she said they were coming out with lighter shades. I said “that’s great! Snow just didn’t work for me at all because it was way too dark.” And then she said “oh”, and turned around and didn’t talk to me anymore. Like, I was ready for her to sell me on anything else they had out at the time, but ok. They lost a customer for life. And I am willing to drop some money on makeup.

  • Ellen Beauty Joy says:

    You are so beautiful! !

  • jenny koppy says:

    Hi! How are the liquid to matte lip pies from Black Moon? Do you find them true to color? I love "deranged" and "grave," but am hesitant to buy. Their return policy sucks! They begin saying they want us all to be satisfied, yet if we return something, it must be unused?? HELLO, how the hell are we to try the product?

  • jenny koppy says:

    WOAH! Just saw you were 39! I had you pegged for 28 or 29!

  • Rachel Runyan says:

    Great video! I so agree with you about fragrance in foundation. In most makeup, actually.

  • Norma Pérez Carrillo says:

    I clicked on this video because of your awesome hair 😬

  • jenny koppy says:

    Random Question- that you've probably already answered, but….Where did NYX get her name?

  • velvetscrushed says:

    I had the same problem with Wet n’ Wild Photofocus Foundation in Porcelain, it stuck to all my dry patches and looked awful. I was really disappointed after seeing so many people looking great in that foundation. I have a lot of trouble finding a foundation that will suit my (also) pale yellow skin tone AND not cling to my dry patches. I've yet to have any luck. I've been using Besame's vanilla powder. That is the only thing that kind of works.

  • Dominique Simmons says:

    I’m sad that tarte shape tape didn’t work for you because I love mine!

  • Valerie Cats says:

    Thanks for the helpful video. Love this look on you!

  • Lisa Heath says:

    I really wanted to love Shape Tape and everyone seemed to rave about it – but it was so disappointing

  • Jess in king says:

    holy cow i loveeeee the glitter/metallic of this red lip!!!! goes to see what you used!!!

  • Jess in king says:

    oooo it's black moon cosmetics of course it is!!!

  • Alison P says:

    Too bad the niod didn’t work for you it is way too much as a primer but I tend to mix it with my foundation to give my skin a glow it works perfect with Estée Lauder double wear

  • Sarah L. says:

    I had the same problem with the WnW micellar water

  • The Alternative Non-Conformist says:

    1: thanks for talking about tarte shape tape concealer. I was thinking about purchasing because of tge shade range but if it smells even remotely like you say I wouldnt use it. Im going to try the kat von d lock it concealers instead .
    2 I dont know how much you have noticed this in any other products but when you said how the blush looked more orange than brown on you it made me think of the products Ive used that look far from having any orangey tones in the pan or pot to looking orange on the skin. I wonder if it has to do with the fact of having such pale skin that those products just arent designed with enough skin tone range in mind.

  • hmforrester says:

    Your makeup in this video looks exceptionally beautiful. Love the combo of colors you used and how they're blended and spread across the lid.

    I was mos disappointed about the Subculture palette. I really liked the colors and wanted it to go along with my Modern Renaissance palette but can't bring myself to spend the money.

  • Angela Wheeler says:

    Thanks for all your awesome videos!

  • Jo Smith says:

    I agree with you about Shape Tape I wasted a ton of money on that and here in the UK we cant return stuff! grrrr — I disagree about the IT cosmetics Bye Bye Redness – I love mine – its even a little light for me, but I have the first version before they brought in a range of colours xx

  • Silvia Khan says:

    Thanks for this review I have skin on the dry side also to know what to skip. I’ve recently heard of some KatVon Dee lipsticks not being rock stars also. Hmm?

  • Silvia Khan says:

    That eye color! 😍

  • Jacqueline Albin says:

    Hey, fellow dry-skin girl here. I tried the WnW Photo Focus foundation too and hated it! Then one of my friends told me to mix it with a moisturizer and now it's one of my go-to products! It sucks that we need to do that extra step for it to be usable though, they really need a dewy version of it. It seems like so many foundations with a good shade range end up being matte and drying.


    Agree that IT Cosmetics needs to do something about their shade range.  They claim that lots of their shades are "universal" but they certainly aren't.  It's also too bad about the Fenty foundation.  I was thinking of trying it out until I saw your video review of it.  Thanks for that!

  • valkolakk says:

    The It foundation was too dark, but the powder matched! I hate when that happens. I don't see how products make it past testing stage before these brands get everything consistent.

  • orchidlady01 says:

    Have you contacted the companies directly to talk about some of these issues with the products?

  • Lisa Falzetta says:

    No fight from me on Shape Tape! When I finally got to try it, it just didn’t work for me! 😄

  • Cole Cherise says:

    Awesome video I love how you get to the point and keep it real ❤️

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