Being A Mother Inside Britain’s Legal Red Light District | Sex, Drugs & Murder – Episode 7

Being A Mother Inside Britain’s Legal Red Light District | Sex, Drugs & Murder – Episode 7

SIREN WAILS I’ve got some bobbles.
They’re pretty, all different, look, pink to make
the boys wink. So I don’t have to use condoms
any more as hair bobbles. I’ve opened the condom, like,
ripped the elastic bit off end, and used that. Improvisation, yeah. They’ve all put their own lives
on hold to raise my children. They’ve done what I should
have done, but failed to do. It’s just a matter
of surviving, so I have to come out
and earn some money. Get myself on this
prescription. Stop using, like, as much. It’s hard, though, especially when you’ve got
a certain someone around you who doesn’t want to give up. I’ll go to a clinic… say, uh… ..every couple of months. But in between that, I’ll get them self-test kits
off internet because even though I use Durex, right, there has been times where,
like, the Durex has split or… Do you know? So… You can never be too careful,
can you? It’s bad enough being near
someone’s genitals, do you know what I mean? When they’ve been sweating
all day or whatever. Because some of them actually,
like, do proper stink. And I normally have baby wipes
with me, do you know what I mean? Before I put Durex on, or… I’ll clean the dirt,
genital area. Just so it doesn’t smell
as bad, and I don’t have to keep
sniffing it. When I first started doing it, I used to have to sit
and like think of somewhere else, somewhere
that I actually enjoyed being, but, like, now, obviously, cos I’ve been
doing it that long, it just… You automatically zone out. I’ll sit and play bingo
on me phone while they’re
having sex with me, when I’m bent over,
just to take my mind off. Looks nasty. And painful. Why do you do that
if it’s so dangerous? Two. If I’m not here when you get
back, you know I’ve gone. Yeah. DOOR CLOSES (Fuck off.) I love him, but he just… He’s not bothered, is he? He’s not. Cos I’d been homeless,
I couldn’t claim my benefit, I couldn’t legally claim
my benefit because I hadn’t
got any fixed address to claim my benefit from, so I’d got no money
coming in at all. One of my friends, she did
that job, working down there, and I just went along
with her one night, so she really got me into it. Obviously she didn’t force me
or anything like that, but… it was talking to her that
led to me going down there. I just needed to earn some money while
my benefits were being sorted. It’s just been hard for me
to keep in touch with my mum. I’ve not got a phone
or anything like that. And lack of money, that’s been
the problem for me. We’ve always been close. There’ve never been any problems like that with me
and my mum, no, so… Yeah, we’ve always got on. She knew about me being
on drugs and that, but she didn’t know anything
about me working down there. Obviously she does now. But… I’m just going to just sit
and just wait for her to come and see what she says. It’s nice, isn’t it? Well, basically they’ve put
everything in from pots, pans, they’ve even put stuff like
wash powder in. Washing-up liquid,
down to your little touches. So that’s nice, I like it. Probably be the first brand-new bed I’ve slept
in since a child. I can feel the cold difference
up here. Might get a bit artistic, turn it into like
a little workroom and get some
canvases and that. They might not be
right good paintings, but doesn’t matter, does it? So what’s next for you, Adele? Oh, just settling into here, and getting methadone
‘scrips sorted. And once I’ve got that sorted, start to get back in touch with
me dad and me kids and that. It’s just going down, isn’t it? Facing the music. Your dad does know about
your lifestyle, or…? Yes, obviously people have
seen me up here and told him, never had the discussion
with him, like, but… It’s not something
you really want to discuss with
your dad, is it? Got me keys in there. Don’t even laugh at
my slippers, by the way. Have you seen my slippers? Claw feet. Great, aren’t they? Will be, when I’ve found
the other one. Yesterday, altogether,
you know, out of the whole day, I had two less altogether, and the ones that I did have,
I spaced them out. So it shows I’m trying
a little bit. Me mum said she didn’t like,
erm… ..seeing me as I was, as well, and that can’t be a good thing,
can it? Don’t know why they’re so
fucking concerned, now, though. Never have been before. He’s had his chance, hasn’t he? When I told him I was
going to get sorted, he weren’t very
supportive. What did he say, she won’t last
long, or something? That is not supportive, is it? Oh, well. Life’s a bitch, isn’t it? Good riddance to this shithole. Fuck you all. Oh, my God,
this weather’s gorgeous. Oh, that’s pretty, isn’t it? Oh, my God, how am I
going to put this up? I don’t even know
how to do this. It’s just from what I’ve done
in jail, really, picked it up in prison. I find it therapeutic, and… When I get settled into it… erm… mind just is on the
painting and nothing else, it’s…something I find helps
me take my mind off all the shit that’s
usually on it. I’m not thinking about owt,
I’m just… Me mind’s just lost into this. I’d got picked up by a guy for
business, I’d fetched him back here, and anyway… the next day, he’s just turned
up at me house, uninvited, I’ve opened the door,
he’s walked straight in, I’m telling him to leave, he’s grabbing at me boobs
and all stuff like that. Eventually managed to get
him out of the door. He was sat outside me house
for an hour. It’s like he’s got it into his
head that I’m his girlfriend. “Love you, always will do,
you’re special to me. “Can I see you today?
When you free? “I’m feeling horny,
my cock is long and hard.” So, yeah. ‘It’s got to the point
where it’s actually scary.’ My mother’d go mad with me
if she saw that. Putting an umbrella up
at the doorway. Brings you bad luck,
and I don’t want no bad luck. If my parents said I can
go back, I’d go in a heartbeat. In a heartbeat. Yeah, there’d be no two ways
about it, I’d be on the next train. It’s like if I had
something going on, or having a shit day, I needed to talk, whatever,
I’d be on the phone to me mum. You know? And, erm… Yeah, obviously
I’ve not had that, recently. So Stacey’s had to
put up with it all. I don’t know what I’d do
if I didn’t have Stacey. I don’t. Especially, like,
right about now. The same goes. My God. What an area. I just hope she’s pleased
to see me. She’s been missing for
two, three years. Erm… I knew that she had become
an addict, and just the kind of people
that she was involved with, erm, had got me quite worried. I’m going to ask, why have
you not been in touch? Because it’s not for the lack
of me trying cos I’ve tried. You know, I can’t force her. But I just need to know that
she wants to get clean, and get off what she’s doing. KNOCKS AT DOOR Hello. Hello. How are you? All right. Give us a kiss. Come here. ANGIE SOBS I’ve missed you so much. I know! Why haven’t you been in touch? Mum, I ain’t got a phone. At least you’re not dead. Course I’m not! Oh, come back with me. I can’t, I’ve got no passport,
I’ve got no money, I’ve got nothing. Well, if we can get help
to get you a passport… You know, Mum, it’s hard. Life in general is hard. Because I’m on gear and stuff, I’ve got to earn some money
today to get something else, cos when I don’t have
any gear on, I’m poorly. I can’t cope with it, Mum. I can’t. You’ve never seen
anybody rattle, Mum. And it’s not nice, believe me,
it’s not. It’s horrible. I’m getting cold shakes,
cold shivers, hot shivers, I’m being sick, got diarrhoea, my eyes are streaming,
my limbs are aching, I can’t walk,
I’m physically just… I may as well be dead. Don’t say that.
No, but that’s how I feel, Mum, if I don’t get what I need. Cos that’s how it
makes me feel. I’ve got three quid,
I need seven quid, Mum. Just to get what I need to feel
normal. You know, sometimes the… ..the right decisions
aren’t always popular. I know, I know,
I’m just asking for your help, and I’m being honest. I just need seven quid. I’m not giving you
money for drugs. Then I’m just going to
have to do what I do… earn some. What, you’re going out
on the streets tonight? What else do you
want me to do, Mum? I don’t want you to do that. I want her to come
and get help with us. Come back with us. I can’t do it! I couldn’t
let my mum see me like that. I’ve hurt her enough already. And I could not, on my heart, could not sit there
and let my mum see me rattling. Come give us a hug. Get yourself sorted. I will when I get some money. I love you. I love you. You know I do. Please, please
look after yourself. I can’t believe she’s
doing what she’s doing. It’s… It’s not what I’ve
brought her up to do, you know? I know tonight
she’s going to be out and it’s pouring down
with rain. But that’s her choice.
That’s her choice. It’s difficult. I don’t want to admit, yeah,
my daughter’s a prostitute, it’s horrible. It’s not what I’ve brought her
into this world to be. ‘I’m all right.’ Yeah, I’m all right. I just don’t like hurting her. It’s what I seem to do, though,
isn’t it? You all right, babe? No. No? Are you
going out like that? What? Are you going out
like that? Yeah, I’ve got to.
I’m rattling, I’m poorly. Keep yourself warm. Just drive safely. We will. All right?
You be safe as well. I will be. I’m all right.
Love you. See you later, love you, bye. Come on. Come on. Come on. ANGIE SOBS


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  • Derrick says:

    This is beyond riveting, and quite difficult to watch at times. I had people in my family in Sweden, who were addicted to drugs at various times. What the women here go through is extremely familiar. Off topic, the British are hands down the number 1 best documentary makers there are. The can turn any subject matter into something that you just HAVE to watch.

  • Caitlin Greenham says:

    Dated an addict for 2 years never enable them once you do it the first time it makes it easier to keep doing it.

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