Benefit’s CONTROVERSIAL New Ad! + Melt Cosmetics Goes Ganja! | Makeup Minute

Benefit’s CONTROVERSIAL New Ad! + Melt Cosmetics Goes Ganja! | Makeup Minute

Hello! I’m Jen and this is your Daily Makeup Minute
for July 18, 2017 Benefit has done it again. The company has now reached a new level with
this ad, featuring a woman seemingly regretting a one-night stand…although the photo seems
to show both parties fully dressed, and the man shouting at the woman. Many are asking, what exactly is Benefit’s
game here? So far, they’ve appeared to shame women for
their bodies, for intelligence, for wanting education, and now for being sexual. So let us know in the comments…has Benefit
gone too far? The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette is restocked
today at 11am eastern time – still $38 Melt Cosmetics has introduced its first shadow
shade of the Hot Box collection’s Haze Stack – GANJA – Lisa Eldridge Shared Part of the Lancôme
autumn collection, “Olympia’s Wonderland Palette” with powder shades for eyes, cheeks, and even
powders for lips. That’s it for now and we’ll see you same time
Tomorrow. Don’t forget our full-length weekly newscast,
What’s Up in Makeup, every Sunday morning, 9:30am eastern on Youtube!


  • This Beautiful Life says:

    It's definitely a confusing ad from Benefit….love you're reporting, Jen!!

  • Emily Marberry says:

    Yes Benefit has gone too far I will not purchase from them anyways because they test on animals but their advertising is truly disgusting and a disgraceful insult to the makeup community!!!!

  • paleprincess 77 says:

    I hadn't seen the other ads from Benefit before watching this video. The only product I've liked from Benefit is the Porefessional primer. I am also changing to cruelty free products. There are lots of other options.

  • Christina F Lucci says:

    Managed to get my hands on the Jaclyn Hill Palette before it sold out! 🙂

  • Jenny Grace says:

    I don't think I'll be buying from benefit in the future

  • BeingPlainJane says:

    Benefit has gone to far. What's their end game?

  • Amber George says:

    I THINK I got the Jaclyn Hill palette. Lol the site was super glitchy, I finally got the page to load saying my order was complete, but still haven't gotten an email. I'm waiting in suspense. 🙏😂

  • lee ree says:

    Seriously WTF Benifit? What IS their marketing game and who is the head of it?? I returned my last purchase after the 'school' ad…..Seriously what is really going on here? Boycott Benifit and bring it more in the open so people are aware of ALL these ads……This negative bombardment on women is NOT ACCEPTABLE especially now when the LAMEST things are considered to be 'politically incorrect'……Wake the hell up people

  • Shayelle K says:

    I'm so over Benefit. 😟

  • Amanda Gard Makeup says:

    Wow benefit, not ok…

  • Rach31 says:

    Yes, I saw that benefit post in my feed and right away unfollowed. Not the right message to go along with makeup.

  • Beth says:

    As someone who's been in an abusive relationship I'm having trouble seeing anything funny about the benefit ad and I'm very good at finding humor in most situations.

  • Liz Pena says:

    Didn’t find anything wrong with his benefit ad especially when we have names like better than sex, orgasm blush etc but benefit doesn’t make products for my skin tone or darker so I don’t purchase from them anyway & they test on animals 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Caroline Marie says:

    Speaking f bad marketing, anyone see the pipes that melt sent out with their Hot Box collection PR kits? I think its so lame when makeup companies try to be 'edgy' by naming products after drugs. Urban decay is a HUGE offender as well (ounce, blow, etc) It's not cute and funny. Drugs destroy peoples lives, and overdose is the leading cause of death in people under 50 in the US. I know a lot of people see weed differently from "hard drugs" but imagine if they named shades after tobacco? It would be in poor taste, right? Just something to think about.

  • Bettina D. says:

    People look for stuff to be offended about. Lighten up!

  • Shayri says:

    Ganja😂😂😂 it's a drug you know?!

  • Shayri says:

    Ganja😂😂😂 it's a drug you know?!

  • Jennifer Lyons says:

    I no longer purchase any items from Benefit. They're on my "poop" list!

  • christine ronewicz says:

    no no no WTF Benefit !!! I'm done !!!!

  • Hristianna Mushkova says:

    Really Benefit? Again… I think they are over

  • Lynne Murphy says:

    Benefit has gone too far in my opinion.

  • Rose Ella-Grace says:

    Is 'Benefits' ad not just more makeup related than that old adage, 'wake up and wanna chew your own arm off' – come on, we've all been there. At least there's a concealer that'll cover my eyes, granted, I won't be trying it. I do wish they were cruelty free because Emily Noel makes me hate they're not every time she talks about their erase paste.
    It's clearly a joke, and I'd imagine most of us have all been there.. it's not shaming women for being sexual, at all.

    EDIT: wow, a lot of comments about THIS making people boycott them – they're not cruelty free, which is not something I usually push on people, but a silly / dumb / insensitive / ad can make you boycott a company? That seems ass backwards to me.. it's an ad that's physically hurting nobody versus torturing and killing animals, this though, this is the last straw!! LOL, goodness!

  • Steph the Word Wizard says:

    The worst thing Benefit has done is test on animals. Their poorly planned ads are nothing in comparison.

  • Drink Your Nail Polish says:

    As PT Barnum once said "there's no such thing as bad publicity"

  • ShyShineBlondie says:

    So benefit thinks women need to skip class and wake up next to strangers apparently. I think these ads are just stupid and stereotype that women who like makeup are just stupid bimbos.

  • Katherine Medellín says:

    Im not offended i just think benefit is stupid…oh and they test on animals i dont like benefit

  • Bea Lucile says:

    I understand both sides of the new Benefit ad – we should be able to joke about things and not be so serious all the time (some of us HAVE, in retrospect, laughed about regretting a one night stand), HOWEVER, seeing as this is not just ONE ad that could be taken poorly….it's one of MANY degrading ads…that's where its less funny and more, "wait, what?"
    I was upset about the fat-shaming where they tweeted about making a game of turning movie titles into fat people names like "The Fat and The Furious." I mean, I weigh 105 lbs and have never been weight conscious, but THAT is not something a makeup brand should be getting themselves into. It's just not relevant or appropriate to making concealers, if you ask me.

  • Giulietta Ciambotti says:

    Benefit.. aren't they female owned? Wtf.
    Melt, just got Dark Matter.. it's amazing!!!! I'm ready for more mattes from them.. holy moly

  • Kristin Deanne says:

    This is the final straw for me with Benefit. I won't buy anything from them anymore and will be sure anyone thinking about buying from them knows my stance.Once is an oops… Twice should lead to new advertising company… Three times shows they don't care.

  • Jerrad Trahan says:

    I think some people should get over themselves and stop being offended by everything. not everything is about you, in fact, you don't matter much at all.

  • London Calling says:

    I've never bought from benefit because of there cf status but the ad is in poor taste.
    I'm interested in melt cosmetics. do you like there makeup and is it worth the money?

  • Sarah Hoesly says:

    Yep, that's going too far. Shame on them.

  • Shannon Kahermanes says:

    I've just kind of had it with Benefit. There are wayyyy too many of these sexist ads that they do… I'm not mentioning them on my Blog or Instagram anymore and I'm not buying their products anymore. I think they have good stuff… and honestly I've had benefit like my posts on Instagram and I think that's really nice for a big company to do that… but I'm not going to talk about them anymore until they change these sexist, horrible ads.

  • Sunfish OutOfWater says:

    Love the look if that MELT shade!!
    Been wanting to try the brand for awhile now; I really need to stalk their IG so I can jump on their next sale!

  • Ivy Chickering says:

    thank u

  • Ivy Chickering says:

    2017 where u cant make a joke without SOMEONE being offended 😮
    sorry benifit
    safe space wussies 😕😄

  • Adeleine Loves says:

    The ad is just really odd. I can't tell who exactly their target market is, because you would assume women, but that was not appealing to me at all.

  • Melanie Vee says:

    Is it outrage marketing? Meant to be controversial in order to spark a social media trend? As in, negative press is still press.

  • Sarah Webb says:

    Thanks for today's video can't wait to see the weekly segment. You have a great voice I could listen to you speak forever, lol very news reporter like. You should start doing storybook audio for children lol you have comfort in your voice like Morgan freeman 😂 lol this is a compliment by the way !! I'm terrible omg. But honestly, your a great youtuber I love the effort you put into your channel I'm so suprised your not in the millions yet wit your subscribers, but your very loyal to the ones you do have besides, you usually got to be some shitty level of manipulative to get super big on YouTube in the beauty community anyways lol it's crazy what some people will do and say for views. Thanks for being honest, devoted and respectable. I love that your growing your channel organically without all the click bait, controversy, shady brand deals, and questionable collabs. You are more devoted to your subscribers than most . And I enjoy your content and hope to watch your channel expand. Have a great day❤️

  • Life in Style says:

    Maybe I'm seeing something different, but it does NOT look like he's "screaming" at her. Her face looks like that because of the "coyote ugly" syndrome. Look it up. She probably just regrets that one night stand (which she's entitled to have if she wants it because she is an adult). It's funny. Moving on…

  • Maria says:

    Elba's Makeup Isle I have been thinking about this ad for a while today. I think the joke is not bad , i just think the add was not well done. If I worked in marketing , I would've made it completely differently. It would've put the guy still laying in bed ( maybe half naked?) so he would've been a passive character in the picture , so the girl would've been the only main character. I would've put the girl in a more kinky 'ooooops' kind of faced, it would've been funnier. In that picture she just looks like she was in pain or something. I know they wanted to go for a walk-of-shame reference but I think it is far from that. I think the people like me , that dislike the ad, it's mainly because of the picture, the way it was presented , not about one might stands themselves…. or that's my opinion. I don't mind about the joke, it's not particularly funny but I don't think it's particularly offensive either.

  • Tracy Howard says:

    I can see the humor in this ad, its benefit so Im not offended. No, i dont like animal testing but people who critisize (sp?) benefit for testing on animals probably have gotten sick in their lifetimes and have taken medication. Animals have been tortured so humans can have medicine so we dont have to be in pain.

  • Tracy Gomez says:

    Miles too far…and no, it's not about not being able to take a joke. It's about using misogynistic attitudes to shame women for things that are perfectly normal for men to do. Are we in the 1950s again?

  • melissa laforce says:

    My teacher 💔heart melted when I saw the ad about not going to class. I think they have gone too far. I normally can find humor in things but I think promoting skipping class, one night stands, etc., is nonsense. 😒

  • Thicc N Buttery says:

    people need to stop being professionally offended over everything. Those ads are meant to be spoofs. As a woman I find it really irritating that other women want to stop being "victimized" yet they always try to play the victim of something.. Society needs to lighten up and get mad at things in the world that are actually affecting us.

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