Best and Worst Christmas Present / Vlogmas Day 15

Best and Worst Christmas Present / Vlogmas Day 15

It’s like that time I said ‘Do you like my house?’ When we first met and you were like ‘ oh, oh I do like your arse, yes’ Yeah, I did like your arse, yes, it’s very nice, thanks House Arse Arse Say house Do you like my house? My house! House House House House, not House, not everything has to be said with a smile That’s not true House Everything is said better with a smile Best, worst Christmas present I mean like, worst is like, because it has to be like, bad enough that it’s memorable Yeah There’s lots of really bad presents, like a book that you didn’t really want Nail varnish, when I don’t paint my nails is quite common She’s got no nails So, worst, it has to be like something… yeah
J: Really bad. Yeah
J: So it has to be pretty bad, really bad I would say, I’m not sure if it was my birthday or Christmas, But I’m going to say it anyway, because my birthday’s quite near to Christmas I got this doll, erm, it was like, i can’t remember what it was called, but it was It was like a really big doll A life sized kind of thing? Well, it’s probably about this big now to me, but I was like five years old, it was like huge, it was half the size of me And it was really scary, like Mum and Dad bought it for me and it was actually because my sister wanted it We were all sat on the bed and we opened it together, and I was just like… Juno was like ‘Yay!!!!’ Wait, did you get matching dolls? Or one doll to play with together? It was my birthday, Juno chose the doll for me Because she wanted it Yeah, because she was like a bit older and she was like ‘I think Claudia would really like that dolly Mummy’ And then I was like ‘Arrggghhh I don’t like it arrrggghhh’ I was actually really scared of it And Juno was like ‘Oh, well I really like it’ And then my mum was like, ‘Claudia obviously doesn’t so we’ll take it back to the shop’ Juno says that she was really upset because she was quite sad because she wanted the doll That wasn’t really the worst present, but I think it’s probably the only present that I’ve received and actually looked at in absolute terror and burst into tears My other, my actual worst, not worst Christmas present but.. I got some insects that you could eat, that was a bit wierd, but actuall quite cool in a wierd way, but I didn’t eat them. There was like, erm, eau de toilette of natural smells Like manure? Or grass was one Who wants to smell like grass? Grass was one. Like those gel pens that are supposed to smell like natural stuff, but they smell disgusting I think mud was another one I have to say, my worst was about that age as well I was about thirteen, I think i was either twelve or thirteen And you know that kind of age where you’re really becoming a teenage girl And what you really want, if you’re me, obviously, not you, nail varnish, make up, clothes Or books about history, because, you know, we all have layers Erm, but no, the present I got given, and it was really bad because I think she meant it in a really loving way was from one of my aunts, she gave me this incredibly heavy box And it was like, Jessica, I feel now that you are twelve/thirteen, you are old enough To fully appreciate and look after this gift And treasure it for what it is I was like whoah!
C:What is it This is a deeply deeply symbolic, significant moment here
C: Yeah, family heirloom Passing from the matriarch of my family down to me And what was it? Oh my gosh! And I opened up the box, and what was it? A bloody fossil Fossils? Have I ever declared an interest in such? No. A twelve year old girl, I got given edible insects and eau de toilette of natural smells, I was like, err, bit wierd but okay A bit wierd, but kind of went along with who you are, you know? And what you enjoy Have I ever liked fossils? Best presents? Best present ever, mine’s really easy My best present ever I actually bought for myself is that allowed? Yeah, he was my christmas present and I bought him. It was Walter! Best Christmas present. I was like, Mother, I’m going to get myself a dog So, i got myself a dog, and brought him back and I was like I have a puppy now But also I’m really ill So we went and bought another one What’s your best christmas present then? You weren’t at Christmas time. I met you in summer Im a present every day I will tell you one of my best presents, as I remember it, Was my skateboard Because like, I really wanted a skateboard. I probably went on. When I really want something I go on and on and on about it yeah, you do And I like research to the death She researches hard. Yeah, I think I must have made some subtle remarks about my want of a skateboard to my parents. But then I thought that it hadn’t sunk in and I thought that they wouldn’t get it for me So that was really nice because then I was… a skateboard!!! Whatever I’m going to give you this year will obviously be your best present ever What is your best ever christmas present and actually, what’s your worst? Which is far more exciting, let us share in your gloom of disgusting horrible gifts that you have received And talking of gifts Who’s going to get the awesome giveaway that we are giving this year? Because christmas is all about giving etc etc And Jesus And Jesus, but we’re super inclusive so it would be open to even Jesus, you could still get given this gift Super inclusive, that’s what lesbians do.


  • Rainbow Plus says:

    I am Muslim, so we dont have christmas.. love you guys ♥♥

  • thatgirlavery says:

    You two are so awesome! I just subscribed and shared this on social media, if you ever stop by my channel and find something you like feel free to do the same. Have a great day! 😀

  • John Feliciano says:

    you guys look so adorable together

  • John Feliciano says:

    Hey what ever happened to your tv show

  • Malin Ingermark says:

    I was just wondering, how does it work for you Jessica when you have a set up like this, sitting side by side talking and not facing each other at all times? How do you manage to lip read then? I absolutely don't mean to offend you, just curious. 😊 I'm fascinated.
    Also, I just wanted to say how you, when I recently found your channel, just made my day. You combine two of my favourite things in the world, gay and sign language! 👌🏼
    Love you both ❤️❤️

  • Wilder Wilde says:

    my dad recently gave me a backpack (no big deal right). but it's a custom backpack that he wouldn't normally give to my sisters. he gave one to me and my brother and for me it was like a ticket to the "boys club" or something and it was his way of telling me that he finally accepts me for who i am after three long years.

  • andrea bloomfield says:

    I'd like to hear more about this fossil please! It must be a good one. Do you know what creature it is?

  • StrawberryLil says:

    The best present I ever got were tickets to my very first concert. In general I think the best presents are selfmade things or a little "adventure" that you can do with the people you love – like going to my first concert with my mum!

  • McElliot dawson says:

    Hi Jessica and Claudia
    My best Christmas gift occurs every Christmas…it's watching my children open their presents on Christmas Day.
    And having them all at home for Christmas. They are 36 yrs and 42 yrs and have family of their own. and we always collect at my home every Christmas and have Christmas Day together. How wonderful is that

  • Faye Simms says:

    Worsties: I got an internet explorer CD. My dad, bless his technophobe socks, thought he was giving me the internet.

  • Nicole Piechocki says:

    Worst present ever: my poor uncle forgot my birthday this year, so he sent me a Christmas card with the "Merry Christmas" crossed out (not even blocked out, or covered with white out, it just had a line through it) and "Happy Birthday" written over it in sharpie. It came in the mail a good two weeks after my birthday had passed. It was sweet of him to think of me, but like…he was already late getting it mailed, so why not go to the store for a $1.00 birthday card?

  • odingirl1 says:

    My worst present was from my cousin. she painted a baked bean can this horrible green colour, poked holes in it and put a small candle in it.
    And my best
    My god daughter was born on my birthday and i got the privilege and honour of watching her come into this world! I am one lucky god mother!!

  • vikingqueer333 says:

    anti aging cream – I was 15 and in my family its super unnecessary anyway my 35 year old sister still gets Id'd for R18 movies

  • BunnyReads says:

    I know that this is 6 months late, but I only just discovered your channel and fell in love with your charm. ^.^ My worst came in stages of seeveral Christmases in a row. I got every Twilight movie and several Twilight action figures… even though I hated them. My mom just wanted the movies and used me as an excuse to buy them.

  • Candy Books says:

    super late by like almost a year but i must say I've never really had any bad gifts? Maybe a doll or a justin beiber shirt which were like 'I mean I'm not that big of a fan but okat' but my best gift would probably be one of the following 1. a cd shaped chocolate thing that was literally in a cd case and it was wonderful 2. a really cute christmas dress that I wanted when I was like really young and still into gifts or 3. my phone but tbh my parents have never been super into gift giving and I've always been a very simple child so I mostly just get like candy and money, which tbh is still quite nice but average

  • 2starw says:

    how can you not look deaf not even the slightest ?! wooow you understood everything she said even though she has high notes

  • RoSeLi Nuñezzz says:

    I don’t believe in Jesus I believe in OUR DARK LORD SATAN 😂😈

  • Miles Mangajag says:

    Worst Xmas gift made me cry, it was a water cocker but I already had a better one and I could really use some food money. Best, my iPad Air that I still use today, so that when I travel I won’t use up all the battery of my phone.

  • Vulpes Obscura says:

    I got a photo album for every birthday and Christmas from my grandmother for about 8 years as a teenager. 16 photo albums for the girl who hates cameras. Sigh.

  • J Kilde says:

    Some members of my family act out really badly on holidays, so the best gift ever is when everything is quiet and nothing horribly dramatic happens.

  • Monbonful says:

    “I’m a present everyday” …. lol, love it!

  • Ayu Pambudi says:

    Why you two are look like best friend than in love couple 🤗🤗🤗🤗 maybe because shy.

  • 🌟anastasia🌟 says:

    my worst? probably that time that my grandparents didn't get me a gift and got my older brother a really expensive sketchbook and my younger brother a big pack of trucks, but then on my twelfth birthday (January 8th), I got a sheet of Frozen stickers (mind you, i was a huge tomboy (somehow)), and a miniature coffee crisp, which I can't eat. my best was either my dog, Luna, she's a German Shepherd/Black Lab cross (we got her a year ago on the 27th but that's basically Christmas), or the necklace my girlfriend gave me this year that she's had since she was really really young

  • Charlotte Bertram says:

    I got a Barbie doll when I was 13 and an age 7 T-Shirt

  • Angela Gallant says:

    I got a brick one year, I was 16 maybe. There was a hospital that was imploded and the bricks were sold off for charity.
    Donations to charity = Good
    Giving a brick as a Christmas gift = not so good.

  • Sarah says:

    One year, my aunt wrapped her Christmas gifts to my brother and my cousin (both of whom are her godchildren) in the same wrapping paper. My brother, who was about four at the time, got a doll for Christmas that year. Now, I fully support the idea of people of all genders playing with dolls, but my brother had no interest in them. And, more importantly, the intended recipient of the babydoll was an infant who didn't yet have the motor skills required to operate the remote-controlled car that my aunt had meant to send to my brother. Oops.

  • yo merengues says:

    I got an interaxtive book… Which was only interactive with the using of an app. I didn't even have a phone.

  • A Thomas says:

    My worst was some earrings I got when I was like 7 from my grandma, I’m now 17 and I’ve still never had my ears pierced, I ended up giving them to my best friend at the time (she was actually quite horrible to me but that’s ok we’re not friends anymore). Best was a laptop with minecraft on it when I was 12 and going into high school.

  • Angela Gallant says:

    I have a story similar to the fossil gift. When I was 15 (? Maybe). My grandmother gave me a gift was rather heavy… I jokingly asked if it was a brick. I opened up and it was, in fact, a brick!!! Just a brick!! Lol. A local hospital had been imploded earlier that year and the local United Way sold off the bricks as a fundraiser. 🤦‍♀️

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