Best Moisturizers to Help Every Skin Type for Clear Skin ✨Dry, Combo, Sensitive & Oily Skin

Best Moisturizers to Help Every Skin Type for Clear Skin ✨Dry, Combo, Sensitive & Oily Skin

Hey guys welcome back so today we’re back
with another skincare basics video, and this one is probably the most
important one in my opinion, and probably a lot of other people’s
opinion, and it’s moisturizing. I think a lot of you already are pretty
good with moisturizing, but you probably didn’t know how
important it actually was, because it has everything to do with things
like anti-aging keeping oily skin not so oily, keeping dry skin hydrated, but also you’re actually protecting the
skin from harmful environmental factors. So today we’re gonna be covering basically
what moisturizers are, what do they do to your skin,
the three different types of moisturizers, do we really need them,
and of course there’s so many moisturizers out there, you need to find which texture
suits your skin type, at the same time when to know
to switch up your moisturizers, and of course our recommendations
on what we like, and what we’re currently using, because Mia has more dry skin type whereas
I have more oily combination, we’re gonna be sharing with
you guys our tips, and just the things we’ve
learned over the years, so that you can pick the best moisturizer
when you’re out buying up in a store, if you haven’t subscribed already,
make sure you subscribe, make sure you’re following us on our
Instagram and all our other socials, and let’s get into the video. So what are moisturizers, so moisturizers are creams or lotions that are designed to
help hydrate and retain moisture in the skin, they typically contain beneficial
ingredients to help the skin, such as essential oils herbal extracts
and chemicals to handle oil control, and also reduce irritation, so you guys might not know this,
but there are actually three different types of moisturizers, occlusives emollients and humectants, so occlusives basically help to trap the moisture
that’s already in your skin from kind of evaporating out, and then we have emollients to refer to products
that soften to protect to moisturize and also lubricate the skin, so this is like a conditioner for your hair,
but for your skin, and then we have humectants which are moisturizers
that help encourage young cells to emerge to the surface of the skin, and reduce any flakiness and dry skin, moisturizers with the added emollients and humectants actually help
keep the skin moisturised but also keeps it soft and supple and glowing, so normally our body already naturally
performs all these functions, but moisturizers are adding an external factor to help
our skin stay soft and supple like a baby, here’s a little history about
moisturizers, Mia. Moisturizers have been around for
about ten thousand years, so of course there are a lot of interesting recipes
that have been created from people to try and moisturize the skin, just a disclaimer because they used in the past
doesn’t mean it’s gonna work for us nowadays, so don’t try this at home,
some of them are quite interesting, and some of them necessarily not
be a hundred percent safe, so early indications of moisturizers, some people actually smeared animal fat on
to their skin not only does it retain moisture, it keeps your skin supple but also keeps you
warm in the harsh environment and weather, in ancient China, a well known concubine mixed egg white with powdered vermilion which is
actually a very bright red pigment that’s actually laced with
mercury and is very toxic, so definitely would not
suggest this, also I don’t know why you
want to look red all over, makes no sense, but she believed it keeps
her youthful, okay so ancient Romans on the other hand
believed a mixing of bread milk and honey, and like a mash-up and lace it on their face, I never knew that breakfast
could be so anti-aging, so during anglo-saxon England, a lot of the moisturizers were made
for the hands other than the face, and a lot of them were made from like
leftover lard as well as old wine, and then they put like essence of lilies so
it kind of brighten up a little bit, so it doesn’t smell terrible,
now let’s talk science people, because you guys seem to love that. How important actually
is moisturizing, on the outermost surface of our skin
lies the stratum corneum, which is like a barrier that separates
our body from the outside world, this surface layer is naturally kept
moistened by our body’s fats such as fatty acids ceramides cholesterol
and also corneocytes, corneocytes are like the bricks
of the wall barrier. while natural oils and fats are like the
cement holding the wall together. So when were going about our days skipping
around doing whatever it is we do, our skin actually goes through a process
called transepidermal water loss, aka TEWL, so because our blood vessels only deliver
moisture to the dermis layer of the skin, the water travels upward through the
epidermis and eventually evaporate, so when the moisture level
in the air goes down, the fatty protein links of the corneum starts to break
apart and leave fractures between the groups of corneocytes, so when you apply a moisturizer, that barrier is able to trap and
replenish moisture in your skin, and stop it from evaporating into
the air throughout the day, so when you don’t moisturize or
if you haven’t moisturized enough, the skin’s barrier actually crumbles
down even further which then allows your skin’s
moisture to evaporate, which leaves your
skin dehydrated, and this is actually where
dehydrated skin comes from, dehydrated skin is
a loss of moisture, and that’s why a lot of you think
you have combination skin, it’s not that you’re dry and oily
at the same time, it’s your skin is lacking moisture, because you’re not holding in and restoring
and retaining all the moisture that should be in there, so now that we understand why
we need to use moisturizer, let’s talk about how to properly use them so we get
the best benefit and full potential from them, so of course after cleansing and
toning and all your serums, when it comes to moisturizing, this is what I love to do is scoop out baby
like a cashew or pea sized amount, and dot it onto my face,
so I would go blob blob blob, and then starting with my cheeks,
I would do slight gentle strokes, just so make sure the moisturizers are massaged into
the most driest area on your face which are your cheeks, so the skin around this area is super thin,
cuz it’s very close to your eyes, and also very delicate,
and turn to be the first area that gets dry, because if you think about it
when the sun hits your face, your cheeks are always popping out, so you would like to use
upward motion as well, because you want to avoid
creating wrinkles or sagging, so after the cheeks is done, you move on to your forehead your nose and
then your jaw and then down to the neck, so you want to do this whole
area and when you’re done, just patting the moisturizer
into your skin, just cupping your face
feels really nice, and just making sure that your
skin is absorbing all the moisturizer. Now moving on to the different
types of moisturizers that you’ll see, because I’m sure some of you
have seen things like gels, there’s thicker lotions there’s creams, and you’re like what is the difference
and which one is better for me, generally speaking moisturizers come
in four different types, gels lotions creams and ointments, so let’s start with the thinnest
consistency which is gel, so this is personally one of my favorites because I
have very oily and combination but also sensitive skin, gels are really lightweight,
they have very thin consistency, and they also sink the
quickest into the skin, this is really great for people
with oily skin types, because you don’t want a
greasy film over your face, and gels never leave that kind of texture, but whereas if a dry skinned
person was to use it, it probably wouldn’t offer enough moisture to actually
keep them going for a really long time, lotions are a thicker texture than gels, but they’re still very lightweight, because the majority of the
ingredient is water, but they do contain moisturizing ingredients
such as emollients or humectants, and they do help moisturizers to
go deeper down into the skin, creams is kind of like a general term because even within
creams there’s like different consistency, so depending on the brand, creams and lotions can be used
kind of interchangeably, but the main thing is trying out
the actual consistency, putting it on your hand, you can feel it because with creams you’ll notice that
it stays on top of the skin for a really long time, on the other hand ointment are probably the
thickest type of moisturizers you can get, especially for those who want
your skin to be hydrated, and they are considered an occlusive moisturizer because
they do tend to trap moisture into the skin, so you guys remember
we talked about the TEWL, our skin’s natural water loss system, basically pointment cut deep
TEWL by 98% amazing, so to prove this one step further, you know Mia and I are always about
seeing if things really work or not, so we’re going to be using moisturizer on
one side of our face like we normally would, and skipping moisturizer on
the other side for an entire day, and at the end of it we’re gonna actually measure the hydration levels, and show you guys what happens to the skin when you don’t moisturize. Okay so my face is clean, I only like to use a face
towel and just wipe away, it is currently summer
and really hot in Australia, so the humidity level is quite high, and even with that humidity I can still feel like
this tightening effect starting from the eye area down, I’m just going to go ahead and
just moisture one side, so this is eye cream first I just
dotted it on and then spread out, okay so with the
face moisturizer, I’m currently using the Tatcha
water gel during the day time, you just don’t want to layer too much on,
so I’m just pumping. that immediately
feels so much better, this getting tightening
effect disappeared, now it feels comfortable,
and you can probably see on camera, this side is like glowing,
and this side is just pale dry, and it’s got a pimple so it
makes it even worse, alright guys so here comes
the scary part, so like Mia I’m only going to moisturize half
my face which is going to be the right side, and I’m gonna be using my
current favourite, it’s the Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA Miracle Cream and this also has Centella which is good
for calming and for inflammation, and especially if you
are acne prone, and it’s a really lightweight gel consistency, so I’m just gonna take a little bit here,
and then put it on my right side, you can even though it’s kind of
like sinking in or whatever, you can still see that glow on top of the skin,
it feels more bouncy, it feels more subtle and
this side just feels dry, I started to feel a bit painful almost
like this side over here, it’s crying out for water, but actually what I’m interested in
seeing is how well my face copes with producing oil, so that’s just like a really
lightweight moisturizer, so how I’m going to make it a little more scientific is
I got this little instrument off Amazon, and basically it measures the
moisture level on your skin, it actually got a bunch of really good reviews,
right here it’s only like 30 bucks, so I thought we would test this out
on my skin right now, and also after a couple of hours
of leaving it on, and at the tip it has these like readers and it
just picks up the moisture level on your skin, it’s called the moisture monitor, turn it on and then you wait for it to stop blinking,
and then you put it on your skin, so just for those of you who are interested
in also getting this, and it will beep and then it will show you,
okay so this is the moisturized side, okay so on my moisturized side it is
52.6 hydration or moisture, now let’s try this side, my moisture
on this side is 38, that already clearly tells you that
this is much more moisturized, I’m gonna try like the forehead area,
cuz I did the cheeks just then, alright so this one is 56.7%,
up here it’s 35.5%, So this overall face has around 35%
moisture, this has around 50%. and we thought we’d utilize this because it’s not
always helpful to say it feels really dry, or it feels really moisturized, sometimes it’s better to actually show
the numerical value of it, so we’re gonna wait for maybe
one or two hours, I’m gonna go about my business, come
back and we’ll do the same thing, bye for now bye for now, so it’s
been about two hours, no actually I lied it’s probably not
even an hour, but I can’t stand it, I’m about to head out and I’m just in
absolute fear of not having moisturizer or SPF on, I don’t know if you can see
but like in some lights, you can see like there’s a distinct line in the middle
of like where I’m moisturized and where I haven’t, and I feel this is still quite tight, normally
like when I was in my teens, honestly I didn’t really need moisturizer,
because my oils would have come out by now, and I would have felt really oily, but right now I don’t feel like
this is going to moisturize itself, okay so I want to do a little
update for you guys, this is about one hour in
just a little bit more, and I want to show you like
what my skin looks like now, okay so this side was
the moisturized, as you can see it is like
gleaming and glowing, on this side was the unmoisturized, but actually what I am finding surprising is
that it’s not totally uncomfortable, I thought my face would just be like so taut
and so uncomfortable, but I think because I do have oily skin, my skin is naturally starting to produce oils, and maybe a little bit of like sweat to kind of seal
over and re lubricate my skin by itself, and that’s just one of the advantages of
having oily skin I think, because it can kind of look after itself,
because I’m gonna head out, and it’s gonna be like sun and everything,
I’m just gonna have to moisturize, I’m sorry guys, but that’s just basically my two cents,
this has been a really hard challenge, I don’t think I can ever live without
moisturizing my skin, yeah I’ve said it, like I actually feel I’ve aged just from
not moisturizing within that hour, I’m a moisturizer holic, okay it’s time to measure our face again,
so it’s been two hours now, and I have to like head out, so I’m gonna
turn this baby back on, I’m actually so interested to see if my natural oil production
has caught up to the level of actually applying moisturizer on, because I do have oily skin, and it’s like just
dry on the outside as I said before, 43.1%, 31.2%,okay so in terms of hydration
even though it feels similar now, the hydration levels are definitely
still very different, it’s about like ten to fifteen percent
different on the cheek area, let’s try the chin, okay the chin on the
moisturized side is 38.2%, It’s 28.6%, still very dry especially
on the outer portions, if you have oily skin or
combination skin, most of your oil is on the cheek, the nose the forehead and
maybe on the chin, 40.6% a very moisturized
forehead if I say so myself , and then on this side 23.8%,
that’s about half the hydration level of this, this is what we mean by how important moisturizing
is because moisturizing helps with anti-aging, it helps fight breakouts because if I
did this to my skin every day, I can assure you that I will
probably get breakouts, because my skin is just trying to
produce so much oil, and then that just increases the chances that I break out
if I don’t like properly exfoliate or cleanse and stuff like that, whereas this side you’re already
hoping it do its job, you’re controlling and managing
the oil production, and it’s keeping in and locking
in that moisture, key point is you can’t go
by how you feel, you definitely do have to take the steps
into properly moisturizing, because as we can tell with this, the moisture is definitely
starting to evaporate, and it’s only probably going to get worse and
more dehydrated throughout the day, wasn’t that interesting folks,
moral of the story is to moisturize. Now let’s look at the moisturizers which
are best suited for your skin type, if you’re oily and kind of
breaking out a little bit, you might want to look for
moisturizers that have a AHA, which is a chemical exfoliant,
but it’s very sensitive to use on your skin, so you want to find moisturizers that help balance
and control the oils in the ingredients, so here are my favorites, the Ole Henrikson Balancing Moisturizer, this one is so good, it’s not a gel but it’s so thin, when you spread it on, it instantly absorbs into the face, by the time you touch it a minute later, it just feels really comfortable and
it’s not greasy or anything like that, if you find that moisturizers are a
little greasy and you have oily skin, I would recommend you stop using it, because that’s what’s going to
cause you breakouts, but this one also has AHAs, which is lactic acid which help to control
the production of oil on your face, so I really love this one, there’s also the origins ginseng energy boosting
gel moisturizer which I’m currently using, now that it’s a little bit colder I’m switching up
to little more heavier consistencies, but in the summer I definitely
love this moisturizer, it’s like the perfect morning moisturizer
to put under your makeup, another gel moisturizer that I really love is the
L’occitane Aqua Reotier Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel Moisturizer, and this is such a nice gel moisturizer
for those of you with oily skin, because of the consistency, it’s so lightweight and it instantly absorbs
into the skin and leaves it smooth, and it’s not sticky as well, so it just instantly plumps up
and hydrates the skin, gives it that shot of hydration, next moisturizer that I really love for all skin types is the
Natural moisturizing factors plus HA from The Ordinary, so HA is for hyaluronic acid, if you’re all about a really affordable no-fuss moisturizer
that works for basically all skin types, I would definitely recommend this one, it’s kind of like a cream, it’s really hydrating and a
little bit thicker in consistency, and it’s non greasy but when you apply it on, it kind of leaves a little
bit of a white look, but then it sinks in really
quickly afterwards, so if you need a little bit more
hydration than something like a gel, because I’ve used all of these
for years and years, I would highly recommend that
you guys try any of these out, they’re all really good so good, moving on to combination skin, combination skin isn’t dry it’s not oily, but it’s a little bit of both
right on your t-zone, and I am combination, so you want to make sure
first and foremost, your skin isn’t dehydrated, because a lot of combination
skin is the result of dehydrated skin, which means you’re just not
moisturizing enough, so everything that I
mentioned for the oily girls, you can also use for combination skin, the CeraVe works great for
basically all skin types, because this one has hyaluronic acid as well as the
ceramides which help to lock in moisture to your skin, but it’s not greasy it’s not too thick, and it’s really fast absorbing as well, probably not for dry because
it’s not rich enough, but there’s also the Aveeno daily
moisturizing lotion which is really good, there’s also the Laroche-Posay
Daily Moisturizing Cream, with combination you can kind
of stick to this medium, not anything too thick because
it might break you out, or you can even create like a cocktail
moisturizing situation on your face, so to do this cocktailing method, I really love using two creams, so the gel one I use is the ginseng, which I apply in the t-zone area, so basically the areas that have the most oil which
is the cheeks the nose and the forehead, and then along the outside, oh my gosh I love the COSRX
Centella Blemish Cream, this is probably shout to one of
my all-time favorites creams, it’s a little bit heavier, but the star ingredient is centella
asiatica which is a high antioxidant, it comes and reduces
acne scarring and spots, so when I use this the
very first time, any sort of redness or pigmentation
instantly reduced, it was really crazy, so I would highly recommend this for you
guys who have problematic skin, acne prone oily and even dry, because it is nourishing. Sensitive skin if you’re someone who
reacts to products really easily, or if you have like itchy sometimes burning
very painful when it comes to certain climates, then you probably most likely
have sensitive skin, what you want to do is look for moisturizers that
are very simple with fewer ingredients, minimal as possible,
no fragrance no AHAs, just plain moisturizing components, and you find them a lot in Cetaphil as well as
Laroche-Posay and Dermalogica, so for all you dry skin people out there, what happens with dry skin is that we don’t have
as much oil production in the pores, we don’t have much sebum, why mostly genetics sometimes it’s hormones, I went from really oily to combination
and now dry which is really really weird, so for people with dry skin you just
need a little bit more TLC, because we don’t have the natural oils
to help protect our skin, so then if you fall into the
category of normal skin, why are you even watching this, you’re already blessed, but you want to just make sure you
keep doing what you’re doing, if you’re not terribly oily you’re
not terribly dry, but you are breaking out, then maybe it’s because the moisturizer
you are using is too rich, try a lighter moisturizer something that’s
maybe not as thick, or maybe it’s even the ingredients that are in your current
moisturizer that you’re kind of reacting to, for normal skin girls,
I don’t know what to tell you, you already got like jackpot, but a great moisturizer if you are looking for
suggestions is the Kiehl’s ultra facial moisturizer, I also use for a little while when my skin was on
its good days when it was being obedient, okay so now maybe you’re questioning, how do I know when to switch it up, or is it okay to use different
moisturizers on different days, or alternate the different types
of moisturizers that you have, you definitely can, and I think it all comes down to like
actually looking at your skin, feeling your skin, so sometimes
I wake up and my skin is really oily, and then it signals to me that I
don’t need a heavy moisturizer, but if I wake up in the morning, and sometimes the heater
has been on all night, I’m just like I’m so poached, my skin is also equally as poached, and you’ll see flaking on the nose
on the forehead on the chin, and then I’ll dive into maybe a moisturizer
that’s a little bit thicker, so it’s perfectly fine to switch it up, and the things you want to look out for is the
weather or temperature or climates, wherever you are, generally you can stick to lighter weight
moisturizers in the summer, you’re already producing oils and sweats
and things like that, and you don’t want the moisturizer to kind of
trap the bacteria in there, whereas in winter a lot of the moisture is being evaporated
by just being outside with the harsh cold winds, but also things like heaters which are like
sucking all that moisture out of you, so if you feel that your face is feeling
a little more congested, make sure you use a moisturizer
that has salicylic acid, which is also BHA and also AHA
to help shed the dead skin, and you’re good to go, so now you know why it is so
important to moisturize, and if you haven’t seen our cleansing and our
toning and our serum and our exfoliating, make sure you’ve watched those, because all the steps leading up to
moisturizing is also just as important, and we’re also going to be talking
next about facial oils, which is kind of a step further in the
nourishing and moisturizing of the face, so the important thing is to actually
know how to read your skin, and know how it’s feeling on the day, so that you can pick and choose the
right products to use on those days, and remember if you have any
other video request, also leave them down below, thank you guys for watching, and we will see on our social medias bye.


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  • María Gabriela Cano Portocarrero says:

    Oily: hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and retinols.
    Normal: hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and antioxidants.

  • Name Fit Name says:

    (feel free to correct/add more notes/information)

    Skin already has natural moisturizers but this is an external factor that helps. TEWL=Transdpidermal waterloss. TEWL is when the enviroment becomes too hot so the body naturally releases water from within to hydrate. Because it's so hot, the water evaporates off our skin. This in turn gets to the lipids under our building blocks (corniocytes), breaking them apart and making our skin dry. Moisturizers are a protective layer on top of our skin that keep TEWL from happening. If you have oily skin, your oils will mass produce to try to keep your skin hyrdated. This in turn causes you to have more acne.

    Types of skin moisturizers
    • Occlusives: Help trap moisture in skin
    • Emollients: soften, protect moisturize, and lubricate (Like conditionair for your hair, but for your skin)
      -Examples: jojoba oil, squalene,      cetyl alcohol
    • Humectants: Moisturizers that help young skin cells emerge to the surface/reduce flakes
      -Examples: glycerin, lactic acid, and honey

    Use after cleansing, toning, essencing, eye cream, and seruming.
    Use a peanut/cashew size amount and dot it all over face. Massage using circular upward motions starting with cheeks (cheeks are the driest part of the face because the skin is thin due to close approximation of eyes). Once done, pat excess moiturizer from hands onto face using cupping method.

    Moisturizers come in 4 different types:

    ■GELS (thinest consistency): best for oily skin, not for dry skin. Gels are lightweight, thin, and soak quickest into skin.

    ■LOTION: Thicker texture than gels but are still good for oily skin because they are mostly made up of water and some oil. They go deeper into the skin than gels do. Contain Emollients and Humectants.

    ■CREAMS: Can be interchangeable  with lotion, just have to feel consistentcy. Creams are thicker, and stay on top of the skin longer than lotions and gels.

    ■OINTMENTS: Considered Occlusives. These deter TEWL by 98%, but probably not good for oily skin because it'll make you look more oily and causing more breakouts

    BEST FOR OILY SKIN: AHA (chemical exfoliant), hyaluronic acid (HA), retinols,  niacinimide, AHA BHA PHA help control oil.
    ▪Some by mi 30 day AHA BHA PHA Miracle cream. Has Centela: calming and good for inflammation (acne prone) it is not greasy, not too thick, fast absorbing
    ▪Ole Henrikson balancing moisturizer $34 (very thin, watery consistency)
    ▪ Origins Genzing gel moisturizer $30 (Heavier than Ole Henrikson, better for winter)
    ▪L'occitane Ultra Thirst Quenching gel $29 (thinner, and more lightweight  than Ole Henrikson, not sticky. Absorbs instantly)

    ▪The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA $8 (Cream, thicker consistency, sits on top of skin leaving kind of a white film)

    Combination skin is a result of dehydrated skin. Can use a cocktail of dry and oily skin products that cater to problem areas.
    All of the Recommendations for oily skin including
    ▪ Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion $14
    ▪Cerave Daily Moisturizing Lotion $14 (containes HA and cerimides [locks in moisture]) Probably not good for dry skin because it's not hydrating enough
    ▪Laroche-Posay Daily Moisturizing Cream $34
    ▪ COSRX Centella Blemish Cream $15. Contains Centella Asiatica which is an antioxidant rich herb that calms and reduces acne marks and scars. Richer than other creams but not like for dry skin.

    People with dry skin don't produce as much oil and sebum like people with oily skin do. Look for thicker creams and ointments that have ingredients like HA, Glycerin, and ceramides. These ingredients help keep skins protective barrier intact.

    Look for products that are simple, have few ingredients, no fragrance, no BHA's, and no AHA's
    ▪ Cetaphil
    ▪ Dermalogica
    ▪ Laroche-Posay

    If skin is not necessarily dry or oily but is breaking out, look for products that have HA, niacinamide and antioxidants.
    ▪Keil's Ultra Facial Moisturizer $21

    When skin starts to change-if it is drier or more oily than normal, you know you're using too heavy of a cream, or not Moisturizing enough.
    Pay attention to weather, temperature or climate. Use lightweight moisturizers in the summer to account for more sweat/oil production. In winter use thicker  more hydrating creams to keep skin hydrated. If you feel like your face is getting a little more congested, use products that have salicylic acid (BHA) and AHA (help shed dead skin)

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