Best Ways to Apply Loose Eyeshadow

Hey guys. I’m Courtney and I’m here with Phaedra and
Nyx, my two standard poodles. They’re sleeping on the floor at my feet. Today I’m going to be talking all about how
to apply loose eyeshadow. As you know I use a lot of indie Eyeshadows
and I happen to love loose eyeshadow. I know that a lot of you are intimidated by
loose eyeshadow because you feel like it’s messy to apply. So I’m going to tell you today how to apply
it and the best ways to use it, so that you can feel more confident using loose eyeshadows. I do really feel like the most beautiful complex
eyeshadows you will ever find are in loose eyeshadow form and they’re from indie brands. So first let’s talk about brushes. I typically find the best brushes to use with
loose eyeshadow are brushes like these. This is the Urban Decay Moondust brush, this
is the Kat Von D Glimmer Effect brush, and this is the Makeup Geek Foiled shadow brush. These brushes all work really well with loose
eyeshadow. I think that they make it very easy to pack
shadow on the lid. So there are a couple of different way that
I like to apply loose eyeshadow to the lid. One is to take a brush such as the Moondust
brush, dip it into the loose eyeshadow, tap off the excess, and then brush it on to my
lid. Brush or pat, depending, like so I’m either
going to brush it like this, or pat it like this. The reason you tap the brush is to minimize
any fall out to your face. So when you apply it dry it’s not going to
be as intense as if you applied it wet, or on a sticky base. If you’re going to be applying a super sparkly,
like glittery shade, one that has a lot of complexities and stuff going on, I recommend
that you use a sticky base, or you apply it wet. So the order that you would apply things would
be your regular eyeshadow primer, your base shade or translucent setting powder, then
I would put on your normal eyeshadows that are not super, super sparkly, then I would
grab a sticky base. One of the best sticky bases that I have is
Too Faced Glitter Glue, I also really love Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy, and then there’s Darling
Girl Glitter Glue, which I think this was renamed but I don’t remember what it was renamed
to. But any of these sort of sticky bases are
basically going to really grab a hold of that extra special sparkle, and make it show up
better on the skin. So I’m going to show you on my hand. All right so this is Darling Girl Don’t Teal
Me You Love Me. I’m going to first apply it just over regular
Too Faced Shadow Insurance. So it looks pretty good, but you know it doesn’t
capture the extra special sparkle. So now I’m going to put on the Too Faced Glitter
Glue, and I just patted that on, and you can see just how much more intense it is. It’s super intense. So now the third way is to use it with a sticky
base, and to make the brush damp. This is what I do if I want to have a really
big impact. So I just put more of the sticky base on. I’m going to spray my brush with Urban Decay’s
All Nighter Spray, and it’s this top one right here. Makes it even more intense. So you can see that when you apply it dry
it’s kind of soft, sticky base really makes it stand out, and then sticky base plus damp
makes it even better. So if you want to apply it wet, which is what
I often do, the easiest thing to do is dip your brush in the product, tap off the excess,
then spray your brush with the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray, or Elf Studio Makeup Mist
and Set, or whatever sort of dampening agent you’re going to use. Then you apply it and pat it on the lid, or
brush it on the lid, whatever’s going to be best. I do know that if you’re going to use Fyrinnae
Pixie Epoxy you should only apply the sticky base to one side at a time, and you should
brush it on, and you only want to wait like 30 seconds or so for it to get sticky. Now after you’ve applied your eyeshadow wet,
if you’re having trouble blending it, one of the things that I recommend to do is to
take a separate, clean, dry brush, dip it into the loose eyeshadow product, and then
start to blend the edges where the damp was applied, so that the color melds with the
other colors that you’re using. If you’re softly blending the seams of the
two colors with a fresh brush, it should blend very easily. One of the really cool things about using
loose eyeshadow is that you can custom mix your shades very easily. You can just use any sort of like little mixing
tray, or even the back of a little eyeshadow lid, and put a little bit of each color into
the lid, and then use your brush to mix it together, and then apply it. I used to do that more frequently, I don’t
do it as much anymore. One of the other things that you can do with
loose eyeshadow is create an eyeliner, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to use
something like Inglot Duraline. What I’ll do is basically put a drop of Inglot
Duraline on the back of my hand, I’ll take a little bit of pigment, mix it together with
an eyeliner brush, and then brush on the liner, and it makes it very, very intense, much like
this looks really intense. So one of the other ways to use loose eyeshadow
is to mix it with a moisturizer, and you can do that to either make a crème blush, or
a highlighter. I put a little drop of moisturizer on the
back of my hand, this is CosMedix Emulsion Intense Hydrator, and I’m going to mix it
with a little bit of Aromaleigh Ostara. It creates this really pretty iridescent pink
highlight. Now while you can obviously make a blush in
the same way, what you can also do is take a brush and spray more All Nighter on it,
and then dip it into a little bit of a loose eyeshadow. This is Aromaleigh Kupala, and you can turn
this into basically a crème blush, and it’ll just kind of meld with your skin. It’s really, really pretty when you do that. It basically gives it like a sheer wash, and
it functions I guess in the same way as a crème blush because it’ll basically just
blend in easier with your skin, and it’ll last all day because of the All Nighter spray. One of the other things I really enjoy doing
with loose eyeshadow is tapping it onto the center of my lips to add some dimension. For example this is Sugarpill Ghosted, I’m
going to tap a little bit onto the center of my lip, and you can do it very subtly,
or obviously you can make it really blingy, it’s just up to you. One of the easiest ways to use loose eyeshadow
is on top of an eyeliner pencil, or a gel eyeliner to really intensify the color. So this is a dark gray pencil, and I’m just
going to grab an angled eyeliner brush, and apply some eyeshadow on top of it. This is Aromaleigh Megistomela. You can see it’s this little line right here,
that I’ve put on top of that gray. Makes it nice and shifty. And finally one of the other ways that you
can use loose eyeshadow is mixed with like a clear nail polish to create nail polish. So you could take any loose eyeshadow that
you like, or you can mix together several different eyeshadows to create a custom color
to make a nail polish. So anyway I hope that you find loose eyeshadow
less intimidating and you”ll give it a try. Please be sure to let me know what you think
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