next one and welcome to my Channel today
I have a video which is talking about a brand and I just wanted to talk to you
about everything I’ve been loving in this brand which to me is one female
outstanding brands in makeup and I’m going to show you my favorite products
from this brand I actually thought let’s do a very similar video to this about
the Too Faced and I thought I would want to see this before I didn’t actually I’m
not actually a person who buys a lot of products from the same brand like I
don’t tend to do that but actually you can see fast brands in makeup but if
somebody told me you can only purchase one run for the rest of your life in
makeup then this is the brand over cheap and it is actually Charlotte Tilbury say
I want to go to all my favorite products in that front and you know what I have
lost in all the time that I’ve been using
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start of that long ago it actually started I think maybe what two or three
years ago but actually I do not know what we were doing without such an
amazing brand before and it’s obviously been started by a Charlotte Tilbury
herself with a celebrity makeup artist and she’s obviously wonderful but the
room and amazing thing about the brand I think is because she’s a makeup artist
himself the products are super user friendly and they just work so well and
I pretty much about every product in her range and and you know how sometimes you
can get your makeup done out and I’m usually quite reluctant to do
that because I sort of like one thing from one brand is another thing for
another brand and the only brand I have ever done it with was Paris and it was
in Charlotte probably is because I pretty much lost everything in her whole
brand and I just fine for it’s a very very good piece I think it really shows
that there is a makeup artist behind the brand and so this one is blue team’s not
available everywhere in the world but it is available in the US and it is
available in the UK and honestly I’ve even got my mom hooked on to the brands
which means that because she gives the speed I wear a lot of products for her
and take them for her when I go visit her but it just has so many good things
and ornery are perfectly good her tools are also really amazing so especially
some of my favorite stuff so the first thing I want to mention is something
that I actually did with me at mode and it is Charlotte’s arithmatic cream
you’ll see if I became famous amongst models because of this concoction that
she used to come up with it it was this amazing Queen which made you look
beautiful and radiant and leave your skin moisturized and plump is looking
amazing and in something she’s to create yourself
but when styling a French incited to bottle this and set it out and honestly
is such an amazing moisturizer it looks and it feels in texture similar to be
classic Nivea cream you know the one that used to come in a boob tub it was
really thick but unlike that this is not greasy or oily and it just burns and
super beautifully into your skin if you can skin with plump and moisturize it
never broke me out even though I have pretty skin and it just fits so well and
makeup it also has a CS but it’s not too high which means it doesn’t give you a
flashback and it can especially design to wear on the makeup it fits basically
and if you just can see with sliding to the cony which means you’ll make up
sticks on really well on sort of the cream and just makes it last longer so
it’s a beautiful cream and if you’re looking for a good face for under makeup
I would definitely recommend that and I’ve run out of it which is the reason
why I can’t show you the actual tub of cream
stay on the topic of skincare actually another actually lot from her raise is
the goddess skills playoffs and this is a mark unlike anything I’ve ever tried
before the packaging life is all shots of you probe is absolutely stunning it
comes in for the news bottle and then it has this gold rose gold top which most
of her have and 5g this is just such a great
mark is a clean mark but it is a hydrating clean mop it was clear that
your impurities Cora fighting skins use that different super smooth and super
nice at the same time actually fuel to skin moisture which is really really
dissolved because move cleanups are very drying on the skin but this one actually
leaves your skin looking moisturize and actually know what it has and it makes
your skin feel much I so it just is it’s smooth and it is sort of like lifts your
skin and just leave your spaceman really tight and your contours really fun I
just really like this but it’s really kind of smoothing and leave the skin and
very nice and clear this is good clay mask if you don’t want anything too
harsh on your skin I would say there are other play mask but do you kind of clean
your pores out and order this one but if you are prone to breakouts marks that
really really kind of penetrate your pores in a very harsh on your skin if
your skin is very dry can actually lead to more breakouts kind of learn
inherently they will clear out eventually but momentarily basically
Tamila breakup whereas v mass doesn’t do that which means I can use it kind of
every week because it’s not too harsh there are other ones that I use when my
skin really needs the deep deep cleans but on a regular basis this is a great
remark another part of some shallots agree that I love that’s actually not
medicine supermodel body and cream and it up with this you would call this a
cream but basically comes again in a beautiful packaging with a ruffle top
and what this is is a football picture and we do if you put this on your body
and it just gives it a really beautiful kind of shiny
glow it just maybe like a highlight like a liquid highlighter for your body but
it doesn’t seem it does a mexico strategy it just dries off and it is
this beautiful it has a sort of golden shimmer running through it so it isn’t a
glittery but the light gets in it your body does some glimmer and it’s just
beautiful I love it and it definitely definitely makes it look better I could
be apply it on the center of your legs center of your arms it definitely kind
of makes for like hit on that central point and it
makes it look kind of contours there’s basically a body contouring and I never
because it’s so easy to apply it to connect the lens and super quickly into
your voice and some of moisturizer and just penetrates the skin super quickly
which means you can quickly get dressed after putting it on and it won’t stain
your clothes if I would really love this one and I haven’t found one from another
brand grand up as much as this one and he had a bunch of tools I haven’t
actually tried all her makeup washes and everything else because I already have
stuff and I didn’t want to repurchase a lot of the stuff I already had some
other brand but I tried a very early on this which is a little kind of wonky
because it speed in my eye and I think it sort of been pressed inside but this
is a hat chic brush and this brush is honestly amazing I use this for
contouring for highlighting for blush and it’s just perfect if quite small and
papered which means it fits really nicely into the hollow of your cheek it
blend in the powder really well it is so fit perfectly where it’s supposed to fit
which means it kind of does have to work for you
I didn’t realize angled brushes to do other contouring to sort of F times they
don’t blend in so well but this one’s sort of very tapered and it sort of has
a pointy end but it’s still pretty fluffy and it blends in really well and
I love this brush and I’ve had it for in two years now and it hasn’t shed it’s
just perfect when you wash it and it’s just beautiful it’s an amazing comedian
brush another brush fundamentally I absolutely love is this really tapered
pencil brush then you just to kind of apply the quant or shade underneath my
bottom lash line and I just love it it again it hasn’t shared it’s super soft
but it’s still a little firm which means it’s easy to kind of control because you
want the brush that you’re using there to be sort of sponge but it doesn’t kind
of scatter all over in the end up with eyeshadow everywhere so I really really
like this one and again the rose gold this does it for me it just looks so
beautiful on your vanity and you’re moving on please now the first product I
ever tried from Charlotte Tilbury was actually how I show a range and this is
the first eyeshadow palette I ever bought from how I would just be
sophisticated oh and I still use it as you can see a hit pan on those colors
because it’s just so amazing it’s got the most perfect shade I love every
single shade of this chord and which is quite very active usually when you buy a
palette with life sunshades and not the other ones but
every single shade in this palette is just perfect
I love a neutral tone and never kind of too warm or too cool or this is perfect
they blended like a dream like honestly they blended so beautifully there’s
hardly any fallout which was my one gripe with Urban Decay because I know no
eye shadows are really good and they leave us and it’s a blend and visiter
with a service for that and they have way too much limitation which means that
sometimes you can actually go overboard if you just apply a little bit too much
these ones have a great amount of pigmentation but at the same time it’s
not easy to go overboard with them and they blend into each key and they’re
just the most perfect I said I would have to say that these are my favorite
eye shadows in the market if you’ve seen my tutorial you’ll know that I use them
in pretty much every single tutorial I do and I might write a quote that I love
from her and I to mention in this video is the Dolce Vita palette which I know
so many celebrities love because it just has the most beautiful shade all these
shades are sort of shimmery and not glittery but they are shimmery they’ve
got like a golden shimmer running through them and it’s got the most
perfect reddish brick tone that just sort of enhanced everybody’s eyes in god
we know it is amazing a photo of my mom and she’s got green eyes it’s exciting
as it was it actually vehicle with blue eyes but even with myself that I have
brown eyes kind of quite boring and so full it’s still it’s amazing it just
brings that really kind of color eyes in them and it’s got this pinky champagne
shade either the beautiful highlights but my favorite color in this is this
glitter shadow these were pressed onto your eye and it just sticks on really
well I love the fact that it’s not used because loose glitters creates a huge
mess whereas this one is nice and compact and it’s easy to apply a part
with my fingers press it onto the center of my lid and it just makes any look
look so glamorous I’m using so many of my tutorials and lifting it a million
times but I just love this eye shadow palette and I have to mention it and
I’ve had it I’ve had to mention and we have mentioned that about every video
lately is the Charlotte silvery instant look in a palette and this is the
limited edition but I do think they still have it is a few I will link it
below and this is just email a perfect palette if you’re traveling or
carry company no.5 if I think you’ve got the to blast shades like she usually
gather more neutral one and the pinky one and it’s got the bronze & Glow but
it’s a little softer than the original bronze & Glow palette and he has three
eyeshadows and one mutual pinky one that’s great as a base shadows really
luminous but very matte and then just got a champagne color in the middle and
a perfect perfect contour shade using a very cool toned Brown and I’ve hit pan
as you can see because then a micro favorite shader I honestly haven’t ever
been able to find a shade that contour so well as purpose about your crease to
create that hollow in your eye and just make it look deeper especially for me
that I’ve got quite fitted eyes and I just think it’s perfect everything it’s
got an amazing texture they’ve learned in super well and I just love every
single item in this palette and I think it’s great with your traveling because
you’ve got pretty much everything in here
honestly you still need your pencils and your foundation and stuff but in terms
of powder products we’ve got pretty much everything is color and it’s super
compact I quite like the fact that it’s because Square and since it’s and
everywhere and yeah I love it and it’s bonus it’s got a huge huge mirror which
means perfect for other go and correct some chance that we’re gonna have is at
this powder and this is the Everest reverse finish powder and I have to say
I love everything on her range and this is not my main favorite thing but it is
still a pretty good powder I didn’t sit when you reapply it basically the first
time you apply it it just beautiful it’s super finely milled and it just looks
like your own no powder at all is better your makeup basically of what my water
quite for this product is that when you reapply it for the second time in the
third time do with it if you do get in the ladies sometimes it can actually
separate and it can make your makeup look a little weird and you can actually
look a little patchy so I don’t know that for reapplying that the fastest any
applied is a beautiful essential makeup and it looks like you’re wearing
absolutely nothing is super super natural and if I’m after you love from
childhood we all have blushes and this one is my most favorite shade it is a
big color ecstasy and all how posh is comments
so the more neutral shade around the outside in a very kinky shade in the
middle instead of that she’s very similar to the one you get in the
instant look and palate and it’s absolutely gorgeous I love the fact that
you can kind of use a little pink shade or will need to shape you can combine
both or you can apply it like she suggests this is the final will neutral
shade on your cheekbone and then the pop shade which is the middle shade on the
apple of the cheeks to bring it to life and give you that kind of flush turn and
yeah I just love the textures beautiful big lemon super well they last the whole
day they do not budge whatsoever they don’t kind of fade or look patchy
throughout the day they’re just very very long-lasting and you’ve got really
good shades super flattering for everyone the more on the pinky side then
the peachy shine peachy shy term the peachy side again they look super
flattering on pretty much everyone information for a lot of colors and I
really really like them and it got less and not fully matte but they’re not
shimmery either they’ve got a kind of golden shimmer running through them but
it’s very very subtle within not glittery and he favorite shades of this
one in the color spatula I’m not going to open this one because it’s fully
broken Bosnia’s fell on my bathroom floors in my makeup today and and yeah
it’s just all become little little pieces though I think I might have to
buy a new one but I’m going to use it like this in the meantime another reduce
production charge wi pencils Airport very textures and elastic texture and
the gel texture I’ve got one blue and one run and I absolutely love these
paper beneath the brown one for so much this one is in the classic sort of
pencil texture and this is in the color Audrey and it’s a dark brown and then
I’ve got the liquid eye pencil which is in the hold gel texture of what this in
a midnight beautiful cheek and it both really good season immersing the advice
they don’t say it is a transfer review of my mental village they don’t transfer
because they dry and they stay put for many hours and they’re not as pigmented
as some of the other brand but they still have pretty good segmentation and
I love the durability so these remain and then another pencil
product from how to end up is the eyebrow pencil this one is in the color
coracii and I own quite enough pencils the eyebrows for me and second if I’m
going to have very very dark hair this might not be dark enough for you
and that’s a darker shade but there we go and that’s what they have a three on
one side and then it’s a retractable pencil on this side so you don’t have to
sharpen it and staff around sharpener they are in an annual chip which means
it’s quite easy to kind of draw in your hair because it’s got a very kind of
pointy tip on this side and not stands and that one’s I do have to say that I
wish they were a little bit thinner but they’re really good and the favorite for
a really long time and we’ve set them with powder on top they last forever
without Tyler I say they are full of after 5 or 6 hours but with higher they
last forever and I mean like it so that’s it those are all my favorite
Charlotte Tilbury products I hope you enjoyed this video and going through one
of my favorite brands in makeup if you do want to try it out and I would
definitely suggest trying her eye shadow a space for me with a star of everything
she had well I don’t really love her foundation
and hair concealer products because they don’t have enough coverage for me a
foundation is not bad and it’s got a really nice texture and stuff but I
wouldn’t say they’re anything amazing that other brands don’t have and have
concealer products to me and to light coverage and I read dark under-eye
circles so I need more coverage which is being why I do have them and I haven’t
purchased them but yeah I hope you enjoyed this video I was going to get to
subscribe to my channel if you enjoyed and I give it a thumbs up and I will see
you minute company search for watching bye guys

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