BH Cosmetics 88 Color Neutral Eyeshadow Palette Overview

BH Cosmetics 88 Color Neutral Eyeshadow Palette Overview


  • lillysmalls says:

    it says its a review in the title…

  • lillysmalls says:

    great showing of pigments in this palette, love it!

  • Yesenia Pena says:

    Hey There! Finally Got The Neutral Palette I Will Order Soon && Do A Review (: Your Company is The BEST!!!

  • tphonda says:

    i will be buying one next week!

  • Tray says:

    Got this palette today and it is very nice. Extremely pigmented with a wide range of color.

  • BritkneeRose says:

    im soooooooo exited im gettin the Neutral and matte 88 palettes for christmas woot woot

  • MsDena610 says:

    My husband purchased their 120 Color Palette 1st edition for me and I LOVE it!!! the shipping was great nothing was broken and it's just fabulous. I have a video of me un-boxing it as well if you'd like to check it out.

  • negra18soccer says:

    YES! I have the 2nd Edition the 88 shimmer, 88 Matte and The Blush Set! They are all amazing. I dont know how I was living without them!! I love them all!!! and will be buying the ones I dont own yet 🙂

  • abbie says:

    where did u get ur shirt? i love it!! <3

  • kdnm9996 says:

    I LOVE ur shirt it's cute and would u recommend this for teens?

  • Tyler Albarran says:

    I'm getting it tomorrow 🙂

  • Regan Gray says:

    You really need to change the title of the video. I don't think I'd buy a product from a company that misspells their title so blatantly. It shows what else they might be neglecting in their products!

  • BH Cosmetics says:

    @reganjanegray regan we spelled check the video. Which part is not correct? Some people will spell words differently, but for the most part we use the MLA style when we write. Anyway we do test all of our products and pay attention to the quality in which the products our made. We know where are chemicals are derived from and we visit our plant 3 times a year to ensure quality. If you ever have any concerns we are always available to answer questions.

  • BH Cosmetics says:

    @fionawuzhere Oh! It may have been. We actually went through and checked everything. When these were first uploaded a while back ago someone didn't spell check them, but we've gone through and double checked. The promoted videos should be showing up with the title of the video. If not that may be an error on Google's part. We will look at see what's up.

  • Atta Girl says:

    I just bought this palette and I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail.

  • Kay Monet says:

    I am thinking of buying this 88 Nuetral pallette and I am glad you showed the pigments. I agree that this pallette could work for everyone since I have dark skin. I have never bought their cosmetics before but have seen so many different Youtube videos on it. I am so excited since I am new to shadow and trying to learn all I can. Outside of this pallette; what other products from them would you recommend? Thanks in advance.

  • elias10311 says:

    can i review your prodect because to show people it really works great wroth

  • Sofia Bubble says:

    @BHCosmetics also, on the matte eyeshadows, it used to spell matte, "matt" i was just wondering if you changed that! thank you! and i really like the shimmer palette, i think its the color palette 3rd edition!

  • BH Cosmetics says:

    It's currently on sale for $15!

  • Rachel Thomas says:

    hey i just wanted to know if the arrangement would be different than this when i ordered it because i watched a review of a girl who ordered this and had pinks and colors that were not at all neutral.

  • BH Cosmetics says:

    Hi there! It's possible that the palette looked different due to lighting. The palette showcased here is that palette that we have for sale. There are some light pinks, but this palette is mostly earth-tones. Hope that helps!

  • Skyekins says:

    Thanx! I think imma buy the nuetral palette! I don't know I'd I'll get the big palettte or the small palette! But I didnt know about bh cosmetics till now! So thanks again!!

  • 312cecile says:

    at 3:01 she was was showing the nono finger

  • Amanda Z.Azam says:

    does the color last long?

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