BH Cosmetics Foundation Primer Overview

BH Cosmetics Foundation Primer Overview

bjbj Hello, I’m Catharine. I’m a makeup artist
with BHCosmetics. I’m here doing a little review on a new product from BHCosmetics,
it’s the BHCosmetics’s foundation primer. You use a foundation primer to kind of even
out your skin texture, as well as sometimes helping to smooth out the application of a
foundation. Whether it’s cream-based or powder-based foundations, you will really notice the difference
in application when you do use a foundation primer. This specific foundation primer has
vitamins A and E, as well as grape-seed extracts. A lot of people are familiar with vitamin
E, it’s an excellent moisturizer for the skin. But if you’re oily complected, do not worry;
this actually imparts a very smooth, almost an HD finish when used underneath your foundation.
It won’t make you oily or shiny, so you really never have to worry about that. It’s something
that I worry about. But it’s good to have the vitamin E in it. Everybody can use a little
bit extra moisturization. It helps keep you young, helps keep your skin nourished, it’s
always good for you. Vitamin A, which this also has, is a good defender against wrinkles.
It helps to prevent wrinkles, as well as helps to prevent age spots, or sun spots, and even
heal dark spots caused by blemishes that you may have now. And so it’s an excellent ingredient
in this. A lot of people are not too familiar with grape-seed extract. Grape-seed is actually
more potent in its anti-oxidant value then vitamin E. A lot of studies have shown that
it’s a lot stronger and more potent then vitamin E. So as an anti-oxidant, it will help you
fight free radicals, cancerogens in the air. It’s really, really good for your skin. So
the fact is that this has all three in one bottle, at a pretty reasonable price. It gets
you a good foundation, it’s a good start to a complete makeup look. And it’s not just
a cosmetic, it really is something that’s helping to improve the quality of your skin
and help you maintain beautiful skin underneath beautiful makeup. That’s pretty much; just
a little review of BHCosmetics foundation primer. This can be found on the website,
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  • Bahama❤Beauty says:

    i really wanna try that and the eye primer! great review of the primer!

  • heather Hutchison says:

    When I am done with my foundation primer I am going to check this one out.

  • BlackAsianBarbie says:

    I like that I will have try a primer with my foundation.

  • nxyass says:

    Its not really a review if you work for the company…

  • BH Cosmetics says:

    @tattime Hi we are happy to answer your questions and we often answer these on Facebook as well. All chemical used in our products are listed on the website and packaging and our safe to use on human skin. We do not test on animals and our products are cruelty free. We visit out manufacturer three times a year to ensure quality and safety of the products. If there is ever an issue we have a 30 day return policy. Not everyone reacts to chemicals the same so we suggest reading the ingredients.

  • BH Cosmetics says:

    @tattime before purchasing. Some people have had effects to the parabens we use, but otherwise no one has reported any real issues. We also do comment often about skin types and such on Facebook. During the filming process on the videos we sometimes will leave out information and will address it later if someone asks. Hope that helps.

  • OhDianaCanScream says:

    I can't trust a review from the actual company that makes it. :/

  • BH Cosmetics says:

    @katiedyerx Hi katie, this is only available online, but we do deliver to the UK.

  • BH Cosmetics says:

    @BHCosmetics right now it's only around $11 and we are always having sales as well.

  • Sarah Ferguson says:

    I like these video overviews but they also help me fall asleep x]

  • thejessta says:

    LOL Raquiza

  • BH Cosmetics says:

    We are currently in the production stages of our upcoming foundation line. We hope to carry powder or foundation powder in the near future as well!

  • DEISY L says:

    Can you please do a video on the concealer pallet and how to use it ?

  • Taylor Ann says:

    Im thinking about getting this because I wear glasses and I dont want my foundation/powder to smudge or anything.Everybody says its a great product so I cant wait to try it out! 🙂

  • BeautyStore4u says:

    you can purchase from our shop based in UK with free delivery in 2-3days

  • Christine A says:

    Which palette is featured in the background?

  • Kathi Lewis says:

    I am adding this to my order!!

  • Samah Qaid says:

    I'm trying to figure out if its silicone based or water based. you can't mix and match a primer and a foundation that don't have the same base.

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