BITE Factory Tour – DIY Prismatic Multistick & Custom Lip Gloss! + GIVEAWAY

I’m at the BITE offices today, and
we’re doing a tour. And we’re also going to be making our own prismatic
highlighter. So this is the head office, and there’s also a lab downstairs, but
this is going to be our lab room. And we’re making a lipgloss, it’s going
to be like a whole field trip! So it’s very exciting. Hope you guys enjoy our DIY makeup! We’re going to tour downstairs really quick. I’ll probably take you guys around the office so you guys can meet some of my wonderful coworkers. So then we’re going to upstairs and
we’re going to – you guys are going to get to custom make a prismatic pearl from beginning to end of your choice. I know I asked some of you what colors you wanted
before so we have all that preset up for you. And then we’re gonna have some lunch together, and we’re going to be making another treat so we’re gonna be making
the prismatic pearl creme gloss so you can mix all the pearls and make it as
vibrant and as gorgeous as you want. You might be covered in pearl when you leave here today. This is our production office so you’ll be able to see here various versions of same color, so we actually test every single batch of lipstick to make sure that it matches
the color, texture, and consistency of our benchmark batch and that’s how can we
make sure that every small batch is to our very high standards of quality.
This is where all of our batches are forged so on this side of the room this
is where all of the bases come together so all the oils, and waxes are blended
according to our formulations. And on this side the pigments are milled with a
fraction of the base so we’ll get a little bit of the base, it’ll be mixed
with the pigments, milled three times, and then it gets mixed back together This pot that you see here this is one
batch at BITE beauty. Then it comes back here to be homogenized. These batches are mixed upwards of two hours on low heat to make sure that all the pigment and base is mixed together. An interesting insight into how our production schedule actually is, so
when we like for example we just launched our prismatic pro multisticks,
we were making those down here in November so it’s a very quick turnaround between product development and launch and store. We’re on an episode of
how it’s made. You’re going to have two activities today. So double fun, all around pearls and everything. So the first activity that we’re going to do is the prismatic multistick. Taking this, which is like liquified multistick, it’s still warm. Now I’m gonna go here. This is the
guide. Here you have air coming, and it’s expanding the mold. That’s how they do downstairs. instead of just bring by hand they have
the machine pouring for them, but after for the unmolding and everything is the same way How you can really give dimension to pearl is that for example, if I take those two. If I apply on my head
it’s pretty flat, it’s not a flat but it’s pretty thin right so it’s giving me one
layer and if I take this one over here, which is way bigger. If I put
it alone it’s pretty on it’s own but you can still see through like the particle
size is a bit bigger than this one right but if I actually combine that thin one here, and this one together…you get way more dimension to one pearl by having a combination of different
particle size. So that’s basically how prismatic pearl was formulated. So you
see it from here to here the difference so that’s the secret. I just give you my
own secret. For example I’m going to take those and now let’s try black. You can see when you’re starting mixing, see you don’t need that much to actually start having something pretty intense. So it doesn’t add opacity? No…well after you can build it on that’s fine yeah. Your turn now to just play around with it. So if
you want before dumping it and if you don’t like it just play on your hand. thank you thanks a lot! So for this giveaway, I’m giving away the entire box set of the new prismatic pearl line that
also includes an agave lip mass and I’m giving away one of my custom DIY lip
glosses. This is the formula that I made for myself, it’s a beautiful glitter gloss that goes on over really nice nudes. Just look at
these beautiful prismatic colors! And all you need to do is subscribe to my
channel @letitiakiu and also follow me on Instagram and follow the rules over
there! This giveaway is open internationally so good luck! I hope you
guys enjoyed this video and I’ll talk to you next time bye!

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