Blepharoplasty Before and After Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery in Los Angeles

Blepharoplasty Before and After Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery in Los Angeles

[Your eyes are the window to your soul
Trust your eyes to an oculoplastic surgeon] [Kami Parsa M.D. Oculoplastic Surgery] [Dr.Kami Parsa]
Christina, her complaint is probably one
of the most common complaints. [Christina]
My eyes look droopy and I just kind of had a
tired look on my face and I wanted to have that corrected. [Dr.Parsa]
Most patients that
see me they just want to look like themselves, but rested. [Christina]
When I first met
Dr. Parsa, I was pretty amazed because he’s a very
nice person first of all, he’s a very professional person, and he’s sweet and
he makes you just feel very comfortable. [Dr.Parsa]
First thing I do in my office when I see
a patient, I ask him how can I help you, it’s the most important thing and I just
listen to them talk and it’s their chance to tell me exactly what bothers
them. [Christina]
I came in here and I wanted his opinion about what what I could have
done to look, you know to avoid this kind of droopiness on my eyes, and he
suggested me to do an an upper eyelid surgery. [Dr.Parsa]
So in Cristina’s case, she just
needed an upper eyelid blepharoplasty. This is not a cookbook method of fixing
people, we all have our own unique characteristics, a blepharoplasty for her
is going to be different than a blepharoplasty for some other person. We
individualize a treatment program for the patient and it could be an upper
eyelid blepharoplasty, it could be a brow lift, it could be other things. [Christina]
When I met
him, he just went through the whole procedures, how long it would take and
the healing process and what I could expect of the results. [Dr.Parsa]
It’s a very simple
procedure, it’s an outpatient procedure. The procedure itself takes about an hour
and a half, could be done under local anesthesia and they just go home the
same day and recovery is quick, it’s about five to seven days.
We see them a week after surgery and take out the stitches. [Christina]
The results that I
had with this surgery, first of all I wanted something that looked natural, I
actually did not want anybody to know
[Before] that I had a surgery. [Dr.Parsa]
As you see, Cristina
she looks fabulous I think, she looks
[After] natural. You can’t tell there was
anything done, there is no lines of
[Before] incision that you see, everything just
healed so beautifully.
[After] [Christina]
That’s where I like him a lot because he goes the
natural way and he he goes all the way to make sure that you get exactly what
you want. [Dr.Parsa]
And the key is to make the patient look
like themselves, but just refresh and rested, and I think that really is what
defines a good plastic surgery is when nobody else can tell what you had done. [Christina]
Nobody has even said anything, but people notice that I looked fresher, I looked
healthier, and I looked younger so they’re like, what what did you do, what
did you do, so you know that makes you feel good. [Dr.Parsa]
You look amazing really. She came up to me and she she said this is exactly what I wanted, and I am so
happy I did, this one of the best things I’ve done. [Christina]
I feel I look 5-10 years
younger and that was the whole point of it, and he made sure that that happened.
He’s a very good doctor, it’s just amazing, I love it, I love the job
he did. [Kami Parsa M.D. Oculoplastic Surgery 465 N.Roxbury Drive, Suite 1001 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310)777-8880]
[Your eyes are the window to your soul Trust your eyes to an oculoplastic surgeon]


  • Kami ParsaMD says:

    cost for eyelid surgery is b/w 3000 to 6000
    there are multiple factors and it depends on what type of surgery you will need.

  • Amy Sidious says:

    Any long term possible complications 5 10 20 30 yrs later?

  • NinjaOutfitInTheWash says:

    I'm young but I have naturally small eyelids. I really want a surgery like this.

  • ButterflyRedrum says:

    She has bedroom eyes. She shouldn't be complaining.

  • NinjaOutfitInTheWash says:

    @Laaatiiina I want more eyelid space.

  • Amber M says:

    Her upper results llok great. I think she would have looked even better with a lower eye surgery as well because th hg end skin under her eyes look crepey with those fine lines.

  • Grimesessed says:

    I have the same problem, even though I'm only 16, it's in my genetics, eveyone from my dad's family had droppy eyelids. It really bothers me, it cannot be seen that easily because I raise my eyebrows like all the time, but when I forget to do that I look horrible, like I'm mad/tired/eventually fat. If I ever have cash to do this surgery, I probably will.

  • Jen9784 says:

    @NatiGTW if you have insurance, it is most likely covered…especially if the lids block your visual field like you said. go see an ocular plastic surgeon. I'm having the surgery done in two days….I'm 27 didn't even know my eyelids were droopy for legit my entire life until my eye doctor told me, because it's not that noticeable on me–and my insurance is covering it 100% and I don't even have that great of a plan thru my employer.

  • Grimesessed says:

    @Jenlyn1984 they do not cover my eyes at all, but they do cover my eyelids and then I look not pretty, but they probably will as soon as my skin will start aging, I noticed that my dad and uncle have way more droppy eyelids. But maybe I will see a doctor and then maybe lie a bit, that it actually bothers my eyes ?! I'd really like to get this surgery, having a surgery at the age of 16 isn't right, but well, it's really what I want and it's a really rational decision.

  • AcidPresident says:

    @NatiGTW Man I know its really vein but I just realised I am in the EXACT same situation too (From the men on my mothers side). In fact this is the first time I have discovered why I actually have creases on my forehead (because ofsubconsciously raising my brows so ). It's probably really taboo for a guy to be thinking about this sort of stuff but thanks for helping my find the one true thing that has always bothered me about the way I look. And @Jenlyn1984 thanks for the info too.

  • pineappleupside says:

    Looks very natural.. I may look into this as I age..

  • Vicky S says:

    ummm hugging your patient is not professional

  • lalaland2199 says:

    Can a 15 year old black girl get this ? I have bags & droopy eyelids and i defenitly consider getting this (:

  • xELyZx says:

    same here. I'm 18, when i put on make-up, I raise my eyebrows, get an awesome eyeshadow look done and look kinda pretty – then I stop raising my eyebrows and can't even see the makeup and look completly grumpy x.x When I can talk my parents into letting me do this, or got the money myself, I will also get this done.

  • Grimesessed says:

    It's incredible how a little detail like that can change my face, I'm so insecure about it, I can't even go through a conversation with a guy and not think about my eyelids. I hope we'll both get our eyes done. And the worst part is how people don't understand how much it effects my life and my family saying "but maybe you're pretty because of them" is certainly making it x5 times worse. I wanna be able to take photos and not think about how my eyes will look.

  • Grimesessed says:

    woah, thank god it's not that expensive in my country, but it is still pretty hard to get my parents to give me 600 euro for a surgery they don't even approve of .
    same here, it is not a part of the way I look, it is not my flaw( it is but you know what I mean) it was a genetics mistake, people's eyelids should be saggy when they're in their 60's, not when their teenagers that should enjoy their life instead of worrying about how there's too much fat on their eyelids.

  • GregoryTheGr8ster says:

    I was thinking the same thing. A Fraxel treatment on her lower eyelids probably would reduce or eliminate those fine lines — and without surgery. It would be the perfect complement to her upper eyelid procedure.

  • Saz adel says:

    wow natural appearance and no scar,, do you correct enophthalmos? or it is done only by craniofacial surgeon?

  • Kami ParsaMD says:

    Yes we do that all the time. Please call our office to set an appointment for evaluation at 310 777 8880
    Hopefully we'll see you soon at the office.

  • nino revishvili says:

    great video, great work !! tank you so much..
    I am 27 years old and I have upper eyelid drooping. It's my anatomical configuration, I want to make blepharoplasty. Do you recomend me to do in my age?
    Thank you in advance

  • Angelique Gabriella says:

    i feel what you're going through sister, i really do.
    best thing to do is try to be not so selfconcious about it and meanwhile pray that one day you might win a lottery ticket to get the surgery done lol.
    best of luck to you, my heave eyelided friend.

  • Annabells117 says:

    Thanks- great video! I'm a corporate exec, former model, & always had hooded eyes like Blake Lively. They're pretty but I dislike the pressure on my upper lids. My friend, a facial surgeon, says it's from fat pads that should be removed. In my profession I don't want eyes that look too "done." Can fat be removed & eyes still look natural?

  • S lunan says:

    omg me too im 17!

  • S lunan says:

    what? thats terrible?!

  • holdem5180 says:

    I had this surgery and now one eye is wide and one eye is way to small after one week and stitches out tomorrow .. I think im gonna have to come to see you to fix this cause I don't think they are just gonna magically fix after stitches come out.. unless you can recommend surgeon in Chicago area who is good … ty

  • Baum Olive J. says:

    It is very dangerous as well as spend some time to healing. There have few way to strengthen vision naturally with out making any hazardous surgery, you ought to study that when considering operation.
    Take a look at below web site for more info:

  • Emily Way says:

    I have the exact same problem! I have droopy lids too, and when I lift my eyebrows to put on makeup it looks really good, and just like you said, but when I lower them and you can't see it because of the extra skin. Ug.

  • Carlos Silva says:

    Does one have to pay up front in full or can there be monthly payments?

  • Chungakwan Chan says:

    And after this video, everyone knows what she did.

  • amina sayyed says:

    Dr parsa
    Please I have ptosis in my left my eye
    Tell me a doctor like you
    In india or qatar

  • James Catutero says:

    Stupid!! Secret exposed!! This is what u call marketing!!

  • SophieEvax says:

    I hate having hooded eyes! Mine is genetic and one is worse than the other and it makes me look so serious or grumpy all the time! My friends' make up looks so pretty but mine never looks as good and it's so hard to find helpful tutorials on youtube as all the best have perfect eyes!

  • Toni Lamb says:

    this video put me off when he walked in and hugged his patient. that is not professional behaviour, what is that all about? 

  • Melina U. says:

    please also watch my eyelid surgery video 🙂

  • hayleypdowd says:

    i'm 26 and i was born with really hooded eyelids. i don't know when to get this surgery. they're not hooded from age, so i don't see the point in waiting until i'm older b/c its ALWAYS been there.

  • x B. Drizzle says:


  • Cutie Wong says:

    I'm so regretted after had my double eyes lids in Thailand in march I noticed my right eye go higher than left eye and whenever I smile it showed I had small/big eyes also I get during the surgery they just cut a pieces of my eyes lid but not removed the fat underneath no wonder it does show on top of lids swollen also I had tear come out most the time and really bother while driving I thought I chose the top hospital very famous and I would have received the best operation I get not Sad piss off

  • Sandra G says:

    I have bags. 😢

  • Olivia R says:

    How much does this procedure usually cost? I have pretty uneven eyelids and they always put a sense of self awareness in my head. It’s something so small but it bothers me so much.

  • IconKumiho says:

    Asian eyelid surgery; they left a scar

  • Hsiu Hsn says:

    دكتور إني عيوني تصغر وتكبر نفس وقت ماثبتا حجم ريد عرف سبب حالتي نفسيه تعبانة

  • Sandra G says:

    He's so handsome 😙😙

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