Boss 101 | My Journey: How I Got Started! | كيف بدأت مسيرتي المهنية!

Boss 101 | My Journey: How I Got Started! | كيف بدأت مسيرتي المهنية!


  • Vianka I Okoli says:

    goodness gracious, I love this woman. I really feel like I can relate to her on so many levels and I really look up to her as a role model. She is literally want I want to be but better <3

  • Vithika Rastogi says:

    Do you really need chemical knowledge for launching ur own cosmetic or beauty brand ?? Can anyone help.

  • Davia Brown says:

    Such an amazing ideas, but being a beauty entrepreneur i faced a lot of ups and downs, if any one want to know details about what kind of challenges a beauty entrepreneur facing or have been facing, check this , great business insights!

  • عاشقه القمر says:

    تررجمه 😩😩😩😩😩

  • ككو ـ says:

    لوك فد شي تخبل طالعه
    احنه بالعراق لادعم مادي ولامعنوي ولااي شي كلها تكولج حتفشلين ومحد ينطي مجال للبنيه تشتغل

  • Uzma Latif says:

    You are so Lucky and blessed Mashallah. I am an makeup Artist . My teachers always told me that you have naturally talen for it. So I got my International MUA from Art of make Copenhagen. I was doing all kind of makeup even it wasn't in trend at that time. I was 10years ahead with ideas which are out now but growing up in middle class family with no support from them. I got married have 2 beautiful kids. But Allhumdulillah ❤💖💟😗

  • Uzma Latif says:

    I am Proud of you and love the way you never gave up I got trears in my eyes it's so inspiring . Its Eid today so Eid Mubarak to you and your family May Allah bless you with more Success Ameen.

  • r. dvega says:

    You are so sweet ! I look up to you in every way ❤️

  • المندوبة ملاك says:

    😘زوري العراق

  • Rabia Makouf says:

    Hey huda. I don't know whether u r gonna read my comment or not, but I wanna tell u that ur brand is very super expensive in my country Algeria 🇩🇿.. For instance, a pallette costs more than a 1/3 of my salary, & I'm a teacher 😩

  • jana jana says:

    الي يكول منعرف اشتحجي اكول ثلاث نقاط ع اليسار اضغطو ع الترجمه وتشوفون الترجمه وتسمعون كل الحجي

  • Dina Salahat says:

    This just gave me goosebumps!

  • mara andrei says:

    I really enjoyed watching this video! So inspiring and motivational! I am glad that now I know the story behind the fabulos brand Huda⚡️
    lots of love from Romania🇷🇴💗

  • Make The Glam Oficial says:

    U are such an inspiration 😊

  • Shivangi Shukla says:

    I am your biggest fan 😍

  • Emma says:

    this is so inspiring! you really realize your dreams without giving up! my dream is not to have a makeup company but it's to own a restaurant or some hotels!

  • fatima ali says:

    i just love you , you are such ahumble person and kind please continue smiling bc ilove your smile be healthy and happy because you deserve it with all my respect 🌷🌺💙❤💚💜💛🧡

  • Svete says:

    What make up school have you studyed or your sister?

  • Vaira V'Nathan says:

    omg i LOVE your personality <3 and you look amazing <3

  • chayma kasdallah says:

    You rock 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • chayma kasdallah says:

    You are just perfect ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • بدايه أمل says:

    اتمنا استخدم مستحضرات هدى بيوتي 😭😣😞😧

  • sally tu says:

    You are the best 👏👏👏

  • Mihri Omar says:

    Love you huda 😘

  • amna ak says:

    اغلب التعليقات عراقيه..علما انها ابد ماذكرت انها من العراق

  • Maggie says:

    What is wrong with the World that people have idols that do nothing significant for the world? Make up….

  • Soaad Mohmed says:

    هدى انا من متابعينك من مصر واحبك كثيييير ومعجبه بيكى ونجاحك بس ياريت ترجمه عربى لفديوهاتك عشان الإنجليزى بتاعى ضعيف 💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

  • Kay Song says:

    So sweet and real. Love your laugh!

  • Solaf Salih says:


  • Julie Achleitner says:

    She is so inspiring!!! I think she has such a great story and is amazing

  • HALAFAKHER198 7 says:

    You are beautiful in all cases,love you huda❤❤❤❤❤

  • Rg Fuf says:

    ليش ماكو ترجمه

  • Miriam Bhurrah says:

    This is inspiring ❤

  • Mimi Sidhu says:

    Mona guided you a lot which is amazing. Sister strength.

  • Muskan Narula says:

    Hey..i wanna say that i love u sooo soo much and i dream to be like you one day!!
    I really wanna go for a career in makeup..but i dont know how to start. Im in 12th grade in commerce stream right u suggest that i do a degree or do I directly start with my career in makeup by doing a diploma from a makeup school??
    I know that this is not something i should be asking you to waste your precious time on… but i just admire you soo much that i really wanna know what you think about it because your views and suggestions would mean the world to me♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Active English says:


  • Cheima Fekiri says:

    The story of how Huda's sister is the one behind everything 😂

  • Pratijna N says:

    I was so emotional throughout this video and teared alot 💕💕 You are amazing huda. Im sorry you went through bullying online 🙁 and im so proud of you for being where you are. You are strong confident and wonderful woman. Love you ❤️

  • uzma sadaf says:

    Allah bless you.. ..true inspiration from you….ntg is achieved without patience and believing….love from india

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