Hey guys welcome back to my channel I hope
your weekend is off to a great start so far I thought I would kick off the weekend with
a Boxycharm video so today I’m going to go through and show you what is inside
the March box I think this is actually the first box where I haven’t seen a spoiler
I usually see at least one spoiler ahead of time but I haven’t seen seen anything. So I’m going into this with no expectations
well I’m hoping it’s good but I have no idea what they are going to include. If you guys are new to these videos Boxycharm
is a beauty subscription service it’s my personal favorite you get full sized beauty
products and when you sign up you pay $21 a month but the value of the box
is usually over a hundred dollars. So I am excited to see what they include Boxycharm
has really been great the past few months so we’ll see but if you guys are interested
in signing up I’ll put a link in the description box below you can use my link you can go to
their website whatever you want but it is worth checking out if you are into full-sized
beauty subscription boxes because I think it is the best one out there. Okay the theme this month is la vie en rose
I love rose scented products so maybe we’re getting something rose themed. So the first thing in here is a brush duo
by the brand Moda it comes with a powder brush and a soft glow brush these are one hundred
percent vegan I love using a brush like this for highlight I usually use a little bit
of like a small tapered brush but this one could work really well too or if you want a really
light soft blush application this would be a great option and then this brush is going
to be great for powder application so I would use it for like a powder foundation or if
I want a little bit more of a targeted powder application you could also use it for blush
or bronzer I’m planning on coming back at the end of March and updating you guys on
my first three boxes of the year so I will review all of the products in that video once
I get a chance to test everything out thoroughly but these seem really promising okay the next
thing in here comes in really beautiful pink packaging as well this is by the brand Wander
Beauty it is the Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Peel Off Mask we’ve gotten a few things
from Wander Beauty in our Boxycharm boxes the last Wander Beauty product that I really
loved was like that brush highlight duo no it was a trio but it came with two blushes
and one highlighter and I thought the formula was so beautiful so I’m definitely up for
trying more of their products so I will actually try this one out tonight and try it a few
times and the let you guys know at the end of the month how it worked for me. Okay the next thing in here is from Ofra is
it one of their Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks in the shade Monaco I love Ofra’s new packaging
they rebranded I want to say a few months ago and I think their rebranding is really
beautiful so oh it’s a metallic liquid lipstick okay I kind of wrote off metallic liquid lipsticks
but I will say this one… is it metallic? I think it’s metallic it’s a little bit
more subtle than some of the other metallic liquid lipsticks that I’ve tried in the
past I really like the Ofra liquid lipstick formula I had a couple of them in my collection
and then when I did my lipstick declutter I got the chance to use them a little bit
more because I got rid of things I wasn’t really using and now that I’ve been wearing
them a little bit more I really like the formula it’s a little bit more lightweight a little
bit more comfortable and they have some beautiful colors so let me actually try this one on
because it is kind of similar to what I am wearing today I’m currently wearing the
ColourPop lip liner in the shade Oh Snap and the Fenty Gloss Bomb in Fussy that has been
my favorite combination so I’ll test this one out because I’m kind of curious how
it’s going to look on the lips. So it’s definitely a metallic liquid lipstick
as you guys can tell on the lips it definitely looks more bold than it did on my hand when
I swatched it and I don’t know, I just don’t like how they look on me I feel like this
is giving off like a bad nineties makeup vibe maybe like early two thousands I just personally
don’t love the look of metallic liquid lipsticks on me personally I love the Ofra Liquid Lipstick
formula but I think this color combined with the metallic sheen it’s just not doing anything
for me. I’m actually going to take it off. Okay the next thing in here is by the brand
Appeal and it is a liquid eyeshadow this is a gorgeous color so I just swatched it on
the back of my hand and it’s very beautiful let me see- okay so it blends out it’s very
very lightweight but it has like a nice metallic finish and it does have some glitter in it
so you definitely can sheer this out this would be so pretty all over the lid especially
during the summertime with maybe just like a brown in the crease or even just this all
over the lid by itself so it’s only been like a few more seconds and it is definitely
dry and it’s not coming off on my finger at all so this actually looks like a really
promising formula okay and the last thing in here is from Cover FX which is awesome
they just included Cover FX not too long ago this is the Perfector Face Palette so it comes
with six different products so it looks like you get two highlighters a brightener a finishing
powder a blush and a contour so you get all different products in here these colors are
really beautiful like these are the types of colors that I would wear sometimes when
we get cheek palettes in subscription boxes they’re very bright they’re very bold
and I think that could be beneficial because a lot of times that will work well for medium tan or dark
skin tones but I personally am not that big into like very vibrant cheek products
so this looks like something more I would wear these highlighters are very beautiful
I think they would work well for a variety of skin tones and then you could use this
shade on a lot of skin tones as well these would also make really beautiful eye shadows
as well if they are eye safe so this one is the contour this one is the finishing powder and then of course the blush these would work really well for my skin tone I don’t know
if these palettes come- this one says light to medium so I don’t know if they’re sending
out different palettes depending on your skin tone so let me know what you guys think I
am excited to try it because the Cover FX products that I’ve tried have always been
really high quality if I haven’t liked them it’s never been because the quality let
me down it’s just because that particular color or style of product wasn’t for me
but I’ve never been disappointed in the quality of their products so I’m excited
about this so overall this seems like it’s going to be a pretty high value box- just
under $150 I mean Wander Beauty and CoverFx are sold at Sephora is Ofra sold at Sephora? I know they’re at Ulta I’m not 100% sure
if they’re at Sephora but they are high end brands which is awesome and then these
products seem really nice too so I am personally excited about this one I don’t know if I’m
as excited as I was about the February box but I do think it was worth the $21 for sure
so if you guys are interested in signing up I will put a link in the description box below
or of course you can just go over to their website to check it out and sign up but if
you guys got something different in your box I would love to hear from you so let me know
what you think in the comments section below and I’ll see you guys on Sunday with my
eyeshadow palette declutter finally I’m so excited to share it with you guys but I
hope you have a great rest of your weekend and I’ll see you then bye


  • Andréa Matillano says:

    I totally thought it was Friday all day today so that's why I kept talking about how it was the start of the weekend. 😂😭 I still hope you have a great weekend! Come back Sunday for my eyeshadow palette declutter!

  • Ana Alonso says:

    Thats not what i received..
    The Boxyluxe Was Amazing!

  • Kristen Trep says:

    I was looking forward to the cover fx.., but they sent me the medium/dark. This was my first disappointing box so far, and I got the luxe box. (My lipstick came in red which was the only color I said i never wear on the quiz lol) I do hope they start to utilize the quizzes soon tho!

  • Nancy Webb says:

    I can't wait to get my box this month! I'm really looking forward to that Cover FX palette!

  • KathieStevens Designs says:

    Have a wonderful weekend Andrea ❤

  • Lilly Shewandagne says:

    i’m new to boxycharm (just signed up for it yesterday) and i was just wondering, how do they know what your skin tone is in order to send products that would work for you? i took a quiz after i paid for the box, but i didn’t see how that would correlate to the box being sent. i have a deeper skin tone, and often times i’ve found that the products i get in beauty subscriptions are too light for me/don’t work. is there a way to make sure that isn’t the case? i have heard so much about boxycharm and really want it to work out, cause it seems so great! these products seem lovely, it would be a shame if i didn’t get the right shade of the cover fx palette 😭

  • FancyThatwithCandice says:

    Your makeup today!!! I always love your unboxings, and I agree…boxycharm is the BEST!

  • maya rios says:

    i’m SO excited for all of these brands!

  • Babu Moon says:

    So disappointing boxycharm shipping last month…I didn’t get mine till the end of the month 😑😓

  • Anita Riggs says:

    The Ofra liquid lipstick looked great on you !!!

  • Noa Shaindlinger says:

    Getting my boxyluxe on Monday. Here's to hoping they didn't screw it up this time.

  • Jessica Morris says:

    I’m so excited to be upgrading to Boxyluxe for the first time this month!

  • Annie Stoaks says:

    Sad that the ofra lipstick is metallic. I’m seriously so over that trend. I actually was never into it lol hopefully I don’t get it lol

  • Meaghan Pavao says:

    I was so excited to see that I was getting the Monaco liquid lip, since it looked like I was FINALLY going to get a wearable lip colour from my Boxycharm… then looked it up and found out it was metallic… yup… checks out I guess… 🙄

  • Misty Parsons says:

    BoxyCharm did say they were going to incorporate the beauty quizzes this month to make sure customers receive the correct shade. Another awesome BoxyCharm unboxing!! Love you, Andréa!!❤️😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Alexandra Saliba says:

    I love you videos I watched this as soon as I could😍😍 I would love for you to do a try on while you unbox!!

  • cheri williams says:

    BoxyCharm went by peoples profiles and had 2 shade ranges in the ColorFX.. I am light skinned like you and will get the light to medium one.. Others with darker skin will get the medium/deep range. 🙂 I am so glad they did it this way!!!

  • Marcela Silva says:

    I never thought I would say this, but this has to be the most underwhelming boxycharm box in all the boxycharms they had, nothing is really special IMO. I know a lot of people will like it and the value is still great, but I don’t know it just didn’t convince me lol

  • Sheena says:

    Looking forward to your declutter video. I love those for some reason they're really therapeutic to watch lol. I dunno that may sound weird oh well 😆

  • Summerrose Thompson says:

    I got the cover fx palette in medium deep and I'm very fair… So I'll only be able to use it as an eyeshadow palette unfortunately but I love every else in my box!

  • April Hernandez says:

    It was a good box this month

  • Tahreem Sadaf Rehman says:

    Great video

  • Erica Olmos says:

    Nice collection..thank you😂

  • My life Over makeuo says:

    So, I really loved the way the Ofra lipstick looked in you! I also feel like metallic lips dont really do much for me, but you could totally get away with that lip. On the other hand, once you mentioned the bad 90's makeup, lol, I'm like DAMN, she's right!!! It really did look beautiful on you and I totally dkdjt get the bad 90's makeup vibe from you, but just metallics in general now. Look what you've done!!!!! 😉😉😉😂😂😂 love your videos!!!

  • Makeup with Mariela says:

    I’m most excited to try that cover fx palette

  • My life Over makeuo says:

    I forgot! I'm actually replying to a video you filmed last month but I just remembered I didn't give you a suggestion I really wanted to. You have mentioned leaving suggestions for colorful liquid liners and eyeliners are my favorite makeup product and the product I have the most of. Actually, it's embarrassing how many I have. 😬 my absolute favorite liquid eyeliner is by Skone Cosmentics. They aren't a super well known brand, yet, but I would love to see them talked about more. They have amazing customer service and are super responsive to suggestions from their customers. They have some beautiful deep shades that I feel like will be exactly what you're looking for. ♥️

  • Rita Moreira says:

    Any small youtubers want support eachother ?♥️

  • Grace Diana says:

    Love your hair and look, absolutely flawless! The Ofra liquid lip looks beautiful on you❤️

  • jennifer Kleinrock says:

    Hey! Was wondering if you or anyone who sees this could recommend a good dupe for Glossier's boy brow specifically in Brown. I'd really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

  • Tracey Rusthoven says:

    As much as I love Boxy (i got the Luxe) I am sad that they sent me the med/dark palette from CoverFX. They made it right by giving charms to those who got the wrong palette but I really wanted the light/med palette. Otherwise the box was awesome!!

  • Laura Watson says:

    I still watch these videos every month even though I live in the uk and we can’t get these 😂😂 I really hope they bring them over to the uk! They look amazing … the companies we have have nothing on boxycharm 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼xxxx

  • Love & Laughter says:

    Loved so what do you think of that milk primer? I'm thinking of purchasing it trust your opinion. Thanks for always keeping it real love you sister!!

  • Christina Fisher says:

    They raised the price to $22.58.

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    I'm so excited for your palette declutter. I hope it wasn't too hard for you to do💕

  • Lyreitza Cardona says:


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    Your hair looks so beautiful 😁 I feel like there's something different about it. Maybe not I don't know 🤣

  • Marilee K says:

    Your eye look today is #goals. So beautiful. Grabbing my Sultry palette! Great review. I’m getting the ofra Monaco (not sure about metallic either) in my box but the eyeshadow is a variant so waiting to see what I get in that spot.

  • Crystal's love of Beauty says:

    I'm so excited I just signed up for boxycharm and am wIting for my box! Love the pallette!

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    I like how they've been giving us mascara!! You have a great weekend too and thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

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    This will be my first boxy charm this month. They have medium to deep in the cover FX (hope I get it). They sent a sneak peek email.

  • metrini says:

    I liked the contents of the box this month! And it's Friday today! So have a great weekend =p

  • Seven Saturdays Travels says:

    I haven't gotten my box yet but it is sooooo fun watching other people unbox this one! Some of those palette shades would be gorgeous on the lids, did we find out if they are safe for that?

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    I don't regret that I canceled months ago – haven't seen anything I'm super excited about lately.

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    Love an eye tutorial on that ABH sultry look you did, it looks beautiful on you! Sweater colour and your hair are on point too.

    Can’t wait for that box review video. I was all excited about the OUAI conditioner in fff until i tried it, smell was ok, then once my hair was dry and I used the flat iron oh my did the smell get worse with heat…

  • StarlidTopCleric says:

    If you upload at midnight, I can’t be first lol love your videos! ❤️❤️ what do you think about Boxycharm now adding deluxe size samples such as the bum bum cream or the rosarco leave in? Curious to know if you still consider it worth it

  • Cassidy Lynn says:

    Boxycharmm….metallic lipsticks…. WHYYYYYYYY hahaha I'm so excited to get my box because of that palette! Great video as always. xx

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  • Obailu Keen says:

    I tried to avoid spoilers aaaaaannnnndd then you posted this so here I am 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m the worst at waiting

  • Drleeds 15 says:

    Thanks for this video. I agree, we got bombarded with the spoilers and videos for Feb and Jan boxes and have heard nothing about March. ♥️

  • Valeri Reilly says:

    There are two color options on the cover fx

  • emily hawes says:

    im so pale and blonde and got the med-deep. boxycharm didnt apoligize or offer me any charms. or anything. They just told me to sell it online. How can u tell some of your customers one thing and others another thing ?

  • Patricia Paquette says:

    Cant wait to receive mine…yay!

  • Tracy Frederick says:

    The ofra lipstick looks great on you!

  • Tara Dactule says:

    Im getting my luxe today woop woop! Hope you feel better love! Aaaand ya look gorgeous! Ohh aaaand the appeal looks amazing on the eyes and Im sad I'm not getting it..okay im done now lol

  • Kathy Stacy says:

    How do you determine if the cover fx is “eye safe”?

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    I’m kinda over ofra liquid lipsticks 🤦🏼‍♀️ again lol

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    I haven't got mine yet but I was personally way more excited for the last two boxes. I'm not saying this one's terrible I'm just saying it's less my vibe

  • Jen Edwards Fazio says:

    I usually don’t get my box until the latter part of the month, so not sure my variation yet, but I’m teetering on canceling. I have been super underwhelmed lately and I’m really tired of getting liquid lipsticks. I was hoping they’d have more customization now for preferences and skin types, etc but it doesn’t seem to be going that direction anytime soon. It was so wonderful for a while, but not adding a lot of excitement to my already too large collection haha.

  • Kimberly F says:

    I downgraded from boxyluxe to regular boxy charm bc all the items I wanted were in the regular box. No need to pay for items I won’t use. I’m excited about the box. Hopefully i get the correct shade because it seems a lot of people didn’t get theirs.

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  • Life Of Jenn says:

    They sent me the deep cover palette and I can't even use it and they won't replace it. I'm completely mad about my Box this month because so many of the things that they sent me are for a deeper complexion and I am fair so basically I wasted 50 bucks this month

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