hey you guys it’s a girl
A.MaRee if you don’t know who I am and if you don’t know who I am then that means
you’re new so welcome to the family thanks for stopping by by my channel now
if you clicked on this video you already know we have foxy lux I’m super excited
you guys this is my first boxy looks box and I am excited you guys I actually
tried to get on the list for a boxy looks back in December
somehow I didn’t get it or I signed up too late or something I don’t know what
it was but we have it now I seen reviews I’ve seen some unboxings
and all that good stuff but nothing like having your own show the hell up okay so
if you’re interested in my boxycharm unboxing or should I say my book boxy
luxe unboxing then just keep watching and let go into this unbox here is the box
I want to unbox it idea cut it open I’m super excited so we do have my Bonnie
grows its what the card says I think I love on eros so I have everything that’s
a big pencil it of everything that’s in this box and the price so I believe
these box oxy looks are $48 or a right at $50 every three months and I think
it’s a value of $200 $200 or something like that I can’t remember but I do have
a link for a boxycharm down below in the hot box if you guys would like to join
sign up check it out however you feel oh but I’m excited so
first thing is a yeah I guess see Kelly stress stress starts I think is her name
here on YouTube she did get this makeup bag – alright so we do have a bag makeup
bag and it’s cute I think I’m gonna use it for Austin I’m going to Austin and
you guys probably already seen my what’s in my makeup bag travel in addition if
you haven’t you need to go watch it but uh here is this boxycharm inside and
it’s pretty big pretty pretty big so I’m super excited for that oh it’s called
the boxycharm train case just another part of being a charmer this exclusive
boxycharm the boxycharm cosmetics case is not only extremely chic but very
spacious and perfect for any charlo who has to take their glam on the go and
it’s worth 20 bucks I like it I like likey yay oh my gosh you guys there’s so
many so much stuff so the next thing I see is
a pair of Lily lashes which is my first pair of Lily lashes and this is in the
style Jia Jia I believe and they look like this you guys these are gorgeous
and they’re limited edition lashes and I’ve always wanted to try Lily lashes
but they are more on the expensive side I have never purchased them so I’m super
excited for me getting Lily lashes and they are exclusive faux mink lashes in
Gia it says add volume says add volume length and drama to your lashes with the
new limited edition faux mink g a pair of Lily lashes the wing style cruelty
free lashes are durable enough to give you up to 20 wears you guys these are
$24.99 oh my god these are $24.99 you guys see I told you Lily lashes is
always on the more expensive side so thank you boxycharm and Lily lashes for
those lashes okay so the next thing is this Becca ultimate lip love rush
lipstick and this is an sorbets looks like this let’s see Becca a moisturizing
8 hour long wearing silky satin lip color infused with the next generation
of hyaluronic acid this is $24 so let’s see sorbate looks like it may not be my
color but I love the packaging okay it’s like a road wood sorbets this is like a
dusty rose type of color and it’s a moisturizing lipstick it has Becca on
the inside so let’s swatch it and see oh it almost matches the color I have on
right now so here’s the color it feels very soft it almost matches the color I
have alright now let’s magnetic you guys look
we’re gonna run around oh okay sorry you guys I’m super excited for this box it
looks I’m sorry it I really wanted to test out the box he looks just to see if
I would be hyped to get like the next round and this far
I am so the next thing I pull out the box is o iconic London eyebrow cushion
then medium maybe I need to go change my stuff up in boxes on my description and
profile it’s a medium looks like this I’m sorry you guys the box came like
this it’s cute I’m sorry I’m excited so it comes looking like this Oh gorgeous
fancy oh okay sculpting boost I bought cushion iconic eyebrow cushions give
your brows the wild they deserve with iconic iconic sculpting boost eyebrow
cushion the innovating to shade liquid brow compact is liquid fuller looking
brows with half of the effort the highly pigmented liquid formulae formula glides
on effortlessly effortlessly while the angled brush makes the precise
application each time it’s 40 bucks this iconic is 40 bucks okay it has a
mirror in it okay right oh this is cute it has a little angle
brush the angle brush and it slips in half
that’s so cute so the cushion is covered you guys I’m gonna blonde the hell out
of y’all all 15 hours later oh it is not medium that is not medium that is pretty
frickin dart so the cushion looks like this and it doesn’t look medium at all
and since it’s on this top I’m gonna rub a little
look how dark that is I’m gonna rub this top and see oh let me it may pass for my
brows oh wow okay I’m super excited to try this
okay the next product I see is the wonder wonder Beauty Wonder Beauty lift
off purifying and brightening peel-off mask oh right it’s a pill off mask it
looks like that so let’s find wonder Beauty okay
containing a blend of skin loving Acula Joji
jouji Barry blueberry Lin Chi Magnus teen and green tea leaf airstrikes yah
what is in here yeah that was a whole lot and this is $34 whoo I cannot wait
to try this I know everything that it says to do don’t know what half of the
ingredients are but I’m interested to try it I wonder how many times you use
this pretty sure you use it like three to two three times a week and you guys I
will be testing this out and if you guys would like like an update or review or
sit down and talk about video about this product let me know down below in the
comments because this is it sounds interesting like oh I didn’t eat it oh I
did get it hey I did I’m super excited you guys I got the motor powder and soft
glow brushes oh I’m excited you guys motor is sold in Walmart I know for a
fact in Walmart cuz I have some motor brushes from them but they never have
stuff like this so when I seen Kelly here on YouTube unbox this I was like
like I was so hoping this was here so it is it’s two brushes let’s see motor
brush your new motor 2-piece powder and soft glow kid is a ultimate dynamic duo
the two brushes were designed to give you and yours know to give
you your desired look the elegant rose gold tapered handle handles are
two-toned synthetic brush here’s synthetic brush hair makes the brush the
perfect addition to your burst collection yeah I have to slow down when
I’m reading this is ridiculous these are worth $29.99 oh my god I see
why they’re not at Walmart they’re gorgeous oh oh my gosh this is the
highlighter brush oh my goodness this is the soft glow sweeper luminous glow onto
the high plains of your face using a highlighter for a lit from within look
oh you guys this brush is soft and flexible like look at it okay and the
other brush looks like this oh it’s a little stiffness it is what is this a
powder brush this is cute yes powder Pat translucent
powder on to the face to create a flawless finish oh you guys I wonder if
this brush will work with the fancy Beauty new sitting powders
oh these are so gorgeous you guys for $29.99 I would have left them in the
store though two brushes I would have left it in the store
Deborah let me just fingernail polish never let men Lippmann it’s too finger
nail polishes this is cute it’s a nice design and stuff that is really cute oh
the dual patented formula is your nude Deborah Lippmann two-piece it lets you
bring the nail salon home the tentative ingredients help deliver health shine
and long wear – no – your nails given the giving you the effects Jesus
giving you the effects of gel polish without the damage so these are twenty
books I wonder are they twenty dollars a piece or do they come in two sets like
this and I wonder on these full-size they’re
cute that is a cute bottle nice detailing on
it this one is in the shade Oh Donna and it’s a nice nude shade a nude it has
gold in it okay so this is like a rose gold color okay they said ma vie that ma
vie nude okay this one is modern love that is cute I love the detailing in the
glass okay Deborah Lippmann alright thank you girl okay so the next thing I
see and I’m kind of skeptical on this because I seen Kelly I’ve seen Kelly do
her unboxing and I seen this and I almost got excited but then I seen the
shades and I was like oh I don’t know it’s the new cover of face is not new
but it’s new in my life cover of fakes perfect her face palette
that’s why it’s in light to medium come on boxy charm I’m a medium to dark
why would you send me light to medium like come on
y’all gotta know y’all people if y’all gonna try to sell us on these boxes
y’all gonna do your homework y’all access to feel like the profiles
and stuff in then y’all send us light to medium why what am I gonna do with light
to medium besides putting my kid and I don’t have many light to medium clients
the six months must have complexity essentials in one travel friendly
palette the talaq free formula provides a seamless blending and flawless
application sculpt with contour blush it up and illuminate with two shimmering
highlighters find the perfect finish with the brightener and the finishing
powder for a glow multi it’s a bit multi-dimensional look anywhere and
everywhere you go this thing range how this thing retails at $45 which is
pretty good is about the right price for
coverfx but you guys look at the shades look at this what am I gonna do with
this I can’t use the blush I can’t use the contour both highlights look like
they may be too bright for my skin tone the brightener is a no-go in the
finished powder I know it’s a he’ll know what am i okay let’s let’s see like
that’s soup inky for your girl that is too pinky
they are soft don’t don’t face off and this one’s too light maybe I’ll move I
don’t know maybe I can move this over into my eyeshadow drawer and make it my
eyeshadow palette because on it I could get this dirty really fast like I
already got smudge prints all over it but I mean yeah I’m pretty sure I could
probably do it for I look with this um if you’re light to medium you would love
this the contour shade is very light so now that I know we have it cosmetics we
have the income in cosmetics this is for all skin types
it’s the it cosmetics confidence in a cream oh yes
transforming moisturizes super cream is the anti age and armor rejuvenating
concentrates yes okay so developer Plastic Surgeons confidence in a cream
is your number one anti-aging moisturizer perfect for all skin types
even the most sensitive this quick absorbent super cream immerses your skin
in moisture restores visible radiance reduce the looks of pores discoloration
lines and wrinkles and improvise the looks of firmness you see powerful
results instantly and more dramatic results over time this is 48 bucks
I’m excited because I’ve heard so much this is heavy I thought I was tripping
this bottle is heavy it has weight to it I’ve heard so much good stuff about this
and I do see it in Sephora all the time Sephora and I think Ulta not for sure
but I think I’ve seen it and also but don’t quote me on that this smells good
oh and it’s a full size y’all that’s the thing I like about boxy charm and boxy
looks everything you get is full size that’s why I wondered if the nail
polishes was full size or does it come in smaller size because you get two
instead of one but I am super excited to try this I would give you guys updates
on this because of course I will be using it okay last but not least boo boo
Yong this is what I’m mostly excited about I got the more I got the 15 in
nightmaster eyeshadow palettes what y’all younger I have a lot of morphe
pallets or not that many but I have a lot of more few pallets and Jaclyn hill
and morphe palettes but I never purchased one of the small ones and this
would be great for travel when I go to Austin this weekend oh so it’s cutie
right on my alley okay wait let me read it it’s the art of
street art art history palette is a 15 shade eyeshadow palette indulge in
indulge and infinite eye looks this mirror palette features 15 crazy creamy
powerful powerfully pigmented shades so you can mix and match and blend the
rules and the sixteen dollars right with more oh this mirror is good it’s a good
sized mirror okay you guys look at the shades oh you can do some nice smoky
eyes if I ever did smokey eyes don’t do smoky eyes I don’t know how to
do smoky eyes but it would look good if you did a smokey eye but all of this
side I mean you can still use the smoky colors for a normal look but all this
right here my goals my brows my coppers and stuff
and so that is everything in the box see lux unboxing and you guys it’s only one
product I didn’t like which is super freakin good like ah well done boxycharm
oh my gosh let’s calculate this up and see how much we actually got in this box
301 dollars in 98 cents let me let me make this bigger for y’all 301 98 I’m
excited to play in this stuff and see what I actually do like maybe you’ll see
some stuff in a monthly favorite or whatever or maybe it empties and I’m
over it you never know if there’s any products that I got in this box and
let’s unboxing it you want me to do a video on or using it in a video let your
girl know down below in the comment box if you got a boxy looks let me know what
you got in your box I am super nosy I’m super nosy so I want
to know what you got in your box and it wasn’t anything that you just didn’t
agree with like my one product I didn’t agree with which is the cover effects
but I’m gonna still try to make it work I love you guys I hope you guys enjoyed
this video don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe click the notification
bells come apart at the d4l game come and join the family I would love to have
you here as well as the rest of the diamonds and you until next time you
diamonds I love you all and I’ll see y’all in the next one you


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